Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e12 Episode Script

Last x Test Of x Resolve!

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! I'll tear your body apart.
Last x Test Of x Resolve During the exam's Third Phase, which requires applicants to reach Trick Tower's base within seventy-two hours, Gon and his friends have incurred a penalty of fifty hours.
Meanwhile Gerreta, applicant #384, is the fourth to pass.
Total time, twelve hours and twenty-seven minutes.
Eh Not bad, I guess.
If you hesitate on the first step, you'll hurt yourself.
Got it.
Hey, Kurapika.
Once we've spent fifty hours here, we'll have fewer than ten hours, right? Yes, that's correct.
That's way more than enough time! You're a fool.
What's that? Phase Three lasts seventy-two hours.
And each phase is designed to weed out half of the remaining candidates.
So, on average, it's meant to take seventy-two hours.
Just more proof that you're an idiot.
Well, our chances of reaching the goal within ten hours will depend on the remaining trials.
Yeah, that's true.
But when we've got a guy who's so down on his luck, he can't even win a simple game of rock-paper-scissors What was that?! You deliberately lost a bet, just to satiate your libido.
Then you chose rock-paper-scissors, a contest you couldn't win.
Shut up! You surrendered without even a fight! I I give! Sure, I surrendered.
But I only wasted a second of our time.
You lost, squandering fifty of our remaining hours.
Take some responsibility, huh? Besides, what kind of Hunter is so bad at gambling? Shut up! You don't even want to become a Hunter You only care about ruining our chances.
And now, you'll have the guilt eating at you for the rest of this exam phase.
Hey! What are you doing? Sorry about that.
Don't skateboard inside this tiny room! Aww Can't sleep? That's not it.
I can go two or three days without sleep.
Ten hours have passed, huh There aren't any windows, so it's hard to tell.
But it's probably morning.
Most likely.
Hey, pipe down.
Let me sleep some more That stinks! What's wrong with you guys? That wasn't funny.
Bastard, you'd better not be pretending to sleep.
Damn, now I'm totally awake And we still have forty hours left? Oh, I thought you just had to stick bait on a hook, and you could fish.
You have to think like a fish.
Think like a fish? Yep! How would a fish feel if it saw bait dangling in front of it? Give me that.
Wow! Let me try.
Like this? You missed.
Just watch.
H-Hey What are you doing? Hey Just as planned! Nice.
Hey, you'll tear my pants.
Stop it See? I caught him.
What's that supposed to mean? I'm a fish now?! You don't have to get so mad.
It's not like I'm gonna grill and eat you.
Don't mess with me, fool! Man, I can't even take a nap.
What are you smiling about? Nothing, really.
You must be up to something again.
Of course not.
I just want to spend the rest of my time here peacefully.
Liar! I don't trust you, got it? The feeling's mutual.
Yes, the goal! Pokkle, applicant #53.
Goz, applicant #371.
Both arrived simultaneously.
Total time, thirty hours and four minutes.
Old timer In a tie, the applicant with the lower number wins.
These guys must be very skilled.
I would love to fight them eventually.
You lost, squandering fifty of our remaining hours.
Take some responsibility, huh? Ow! One more hour Sommy, applicant #118, is the thirteenth to pass.
Total time, sixty-one hours and fifty-four minutes.
Man, still ten hours left? I finished too early.
Okay Ready to go! One more minute.
This is one long minute.
Ah Wait up, Gon! Hunter Vocabulary Bored Thirty minutes of running, just to end up where we started.
We should have taken those stairs down.
Shut up! We all agreed on this route! Man, I'm covered in dust.
H-Hurry up.
We only have an hour left We're supposed to vote on whether to open the door? We need to move on.
So obviously, we want to open the door.
I've had enough of your crap.
Wait, I pressed O.
Don't lie You specialize in ruining other people's chances! Sorry, Leorio.
Eh? I accidentally pressed the wrong button.
What? Oh, I see.
Huh? You owe me an apology.
I can't let that slide.
It's your own fault, for doing things to make me distrust you.
I don't owe you anything.
You make it sound like I'm to blame for everything that's gone wrong.
What? Have you forgotten who cost us those fifty hours? You're the one who made a critical mistake.
Hey, Leorio Shut up, Kurapika! Stop this, guys.
It's my fault for pressing the wrong button.
I'm moving on.
Wait, Killua! Hey, Gon We're getting close to the goal.
What? Really? Let's see "This will be the last decision made by majority rule.
Are you ready? Choose O or X.
" That's it.
Am I ready? You bet.
Bastard Stop! We don't have time to argue about this! Please select a path.
There are two choices.
One path allows five to pass, but is long and difficult.
The other path allows only three, but is short and easy.
Incidentally, the long and difficult path requires a minimum of forty-five hours.
The short and easy path leads to the goal in approximately three minutes.
Press O for the long and difficult path, and X for the short and easy path.
If X is selected, two people must be secured to the wall with handcuffs, before the door will open.
The two chained members will be unable to move until the time limit expires.
The examiners were very prepared.
I think they have every weapon under the sun here.
Two out of five So we're supposed to fight, to decide the three who pass? Let me make this clear.
I'm going to press X.
But I have no intention of staying behind.
I'll do whatever it takes to be one of the three You're shameless.
Had you not wasted fifty hours, we could have taken the long path.
Shouldn't you take responsibility and stay behind? What?! I'm sure everyone else agrees! Have I said anything inaccurate? Hold on.
I'm going to press O.
We made it all the way here together.
I want us all to pass together.
Gon Even if it's a big risk, I want to give it a shot! Come on You can't really call this a risk.
We have less than an hour.
Gon, there's only one choice if you want to pass this exam.
There you have it.
Now we have to decide how to choose which three pass.
Well, I'm planning on two of them being you and me.
Heh, I've made it this far.
I won't fail now.
Whoever makes the first move wins.
Must we really fight amongst ourselves? Tonpa, that was dirty! In a fight, there's no such thing as dirty! Bastard! Stop this, you two! Come on Let's do it together.
Before we start fighting, we have to choose O or X! It's too late for that! Time to put you in your place! Right back at you.
Seems our only choice is to fight.
What should I do? Three minutes remain.
It's finally over Yeah, that took forever.
Made it in time He's dead.
The fool.
Better to live and try again, than to pass and die.
One minute remains.
Looks like it'll just be the nineteen here.
Kurapika, applicant #404, is the twentieth to pass.
Killua, applicant #99, is the twenty-first to pass.
Gon, applicant #405, is the twenty-second to pass.
Total time, seventy-one hours and fifty-nine minutes.
My butt hurts I didn't expect a slide for the short and easy path.
Three of them Thirty seconds remain.
That was really close.
My hands are covered with blisters.
Same here.
Leorio, applicant #403, is the twenty-third to pass.
Tonpa, applicant #16, is the twenty-fourth to pass.
Total time, seventy-one hours and fifty-nine minutes.
My hands are blistered, but all five of us cleared the tower together.
All thanks to Gon! We entered the long and difficult path.
Then cut a hole in the wall, to sneak into the short and easy path.
Man, I can't believe you actually came up with that idea on the spot.
I realized that we could break the walls, using the weapons.
But it took over fifty minutes.
In an extreme situation, you were able to calmly evaluate our two options and circumvent them.
That's what makes you special.
The Third Phase of the exam is over.
Twenty-five applicants have passed.
One has died.
Though the team members had their differences, Gon was able to bring them together, to overcome the trial.
However, a friend today may become a foe tomorrow.
Gon doesn't know that before long, they'll be pitted against each other, in brutal, individual battles.
Next time: Letter x From x Gon! Now I'm worried.
Because of me?