Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e13 Episode Script

Letter x From x Gon

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Letter x From x Gon "Mito-san and Grandma, how are you doing? I'm doing fine.
I just passed the Hunter Exam's Third Phase.
Isn't that great? But it's been a tough ride.
First, after leaving the island, the boat I was on ran into a big storm.
But that's where I met Leorio and Kurapika.
" You can't buy class with money, Leorio.
That's three times now.
Step outside.
I'll end the filthy Kurta bloodline, here and now.
Take that back, Leorio! Take that back! That's Leorio-san to you.
Take back what you said! Take back your words, and I'll forgive you, Leorio.
How many times must I repeat myself? You should show me some respect.
I won't back down.
Then I have no choice Damn it! Thanks, Gon! You saved my life.
I couldn't have done it alone.
These two helped save you.
Huh? Thank you very much! No, you don't need to thank me.
Well Yeah, I'm glad you're okay.
Yeah! So I'll be returning to my station! What? I apologize for my rude behavior.
Sorry, Leorio-san.
Wh-What's with the sudden change? We sound like strangers Just call me Leorio Leorio works.
I'm also sorry.
I take back everything I said.
I was wrong.
"This led to the three of us traveling to the Hunter Exam site together.
But the journey wasn't so simple.
" Exciting two-choice quiz! Here is your question Your son and daughter have been kidnapped.
You can only rescue one.
Select 1 for your son, or 2 for your daughter.
Which will you rescue? She's making fun of us Don't stop me, Kurapika! I won't be satisfied until I've taught this hag a lesson! Calm down, Leorio! How am I supposed to calm down? You'll waste our correct response! Correct response? We gave the right answer.
Silence was the correct response.
Please Please save my wife Leorio, we'll leave the injured man to you! Kurapika! Who are you? How can you tell that I'm not the same one? Huh? Your face is completely different.
And your voice is a little higher and thinner.
What? Did I say something funny? Your superhuman physical ability and powers of observation make you worthy to take the Hunter Exam.
You pass.
"Finally, the Hunter Exam began!" I apologize for the wait.
The entry period for Hunter applicants has ended.
The Hunter Exam will now begin! You must follow me to Phase Two.
This is the exam's First Phase.
"That's when I made friends with a boy around my age, named Killua.
" Hey, how old are you? I'm twelve years old.
Hmm We're the same age.
Huh? Guess I'll run, too.
Wow! That was cool! I'm Killua.
I'm Gon.
Hey, why do you want to become a Hunter? Me? I'm not really interested in becoming a Hunter.
Huh? I heard the exam was supposed to be really hard, so I thought it'd be fun.
But this is disappointing.
What about you? Well, my dad's a Hunter.
So I want to become a Hunter, like my dad.
Hmm What kind of Hunter is he? I don't know.
That's kinda weird.
Really? You want to be like your dad, but you don't know anything about him? I was raised by Mito-san, so I've only seen my dad in pictures.
Who's Mito-san? Aunt Mito.
Oh When he was twelve, my dad took the Hunter Exam.
He passed and became a Hunter.
Then he left the island.
I want to find out why he chose to be a Hunter over being with me.
The exit! Whew Goal! Yay! I win! What are you talking about? I was faster Now, I'll go over the rules of the game.
If you can take this ball from me, before the airship reaches its destination, you win.
It's mine! I commend you on your efforts.
"Thanks to Killua, the Hunter Exam's been a lot of fun.
We're best friends now.
" Hunter Vocabulary Letter "Applicants come from around the world to take the Hunter Exam, so there are lots of amazing people.
" Not bad, little boy.
Is that a fishing pole? What a fascinating weapon.
Allow me a closer look.
Your fight is with me! You came to rescue your friend? Such a good boy.
And that expression Very nice.
I'm getting excited now How wonderful I really do love that look.
Do not fear.
I will not kill your friend.
He passed.
Yes, you pass, as well.
Grow up and become a fine Hunter.
But I was pretty excited, as well.
I was so scared, I wanted to run away.
But I couldn't.
And at the same time, I was excited.
Isn't that strange? "At the start of the Hunter Exam, there were 404 applicants.
But by the time we reached the Third Phase, only 41 were left.
" Ahem Everyone, the exam's Third Phase will begin here, at the top of Trick Tower.
Trick Tower? To pass this phase, you must reach the tower's base alive.
The time limit is seventy-two hours.
Wh-What is this place? Look over there.
Allow me to explain, gentlemen.
Before you are some of Trick Tower's prisoners.
The Hunter Exam Committee has also officially hired them as examiners.
You will be fighting against the five of them.
There's too much at stake without knowing what they have up their sleeves.
Given that, I shall No, I'll go! Tonpa-san? Let the fight begin! I I give! Huh? What? Did he just give up? M-Maybe he meant "Give me a sec"? We each light a candle at the same time.
The one whose candle goes out first is the loser.
Hey! Look at Gon's candle! The flame suddenly became stronger! He must have hidden gunpowder or some other highly flammable substance inside, to make the candle burn faster! If the fire is stronger, then a little breeze won't extinguish it.
He's fast! I win! A tattoo of a spider with twelve legs That's I'm Majitani, one of the Phantom Troupe's four kings! Consider that first strike my way of saying hello.
This is your last chance to surrender.
I'm still willing to Huh? Wh-What's wrong with you? Huh? Wh-What? Right! In that case, we'll use rock-paper-scissors! A bet on who'll win a game of rock-paper-scissors! What? It's so obvious what you'll use.
I can read minds.
Liar! Your bluffing won't scare me! You'll believe me soon enough.
Let's do this! Rock Paper Scissors! Well? What will you use next? Think hard.
Come on.
Damn! Man, I have no idea what to think! Here we go! Here comes the draw! I win! How are we settling this contest? Contest? I believe you're confused.
This will be a one-sided massacre.
I have no interest in the exam or any offer of amnesty.
I just want to hear you scream.
Really? Okay.
Then the loser is the one who dies.
Yeah, that's right.
I'll tear your body apart.
That's mine.
G-Give it back.
Please select a path.
There are two choices.
One path allows five to pass, but is long and difficult.
The other path allows only three, but is short and easy.
I'm going to press O.
We made it all the way here together.
I want us all to pass together.
Gon Even if it's a big risk, I want to give it a shot! We entered the long and difficult path.
Then cut a hole in the wall, to sneak into the short and easy path.
My butt hurts I didn't expect a slide for the short and easy path.
Three of them Thirty seconds remain.
That was really close.
My hands are covered with blisters.
Same here.
Leorio, applicant #403, is the twenty-third to pass.
My hands are blistered, but all five of us cleared the tower together.
All thanks to Gon! The Third Phase of the exam is over.
Twenty-five applicants have passed.
One has died.
"And so, I've completed the exam's Third Phase, Mito-san.
I don't know how many are left, but I'll pass them all and become a Hunter, just like Dad.
Until next time, Gon Freecss.
" Ging, your son is following in your footsteps.
Well? Are you happy? Next time: Hit x The x Target! Be sneaky like Hisoka! Hit and run.