Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e14 Episode Script

Hit x The x Target

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! We entered the long and difficult path.
Then cut a hole in the wall, to sneak into the short and easy path.
In an extreme situation, you were able to calmly evaluate our two options and circumvent them.
That's what makes you special.
Hit x The x Target The twenty-four applicants who have passed the exam's Third Phase exit Trick Tower, one by one, for a long-awaited breath of fresh air.
Ladies and gentlemen, congratulations on having escaped Trick Tower.
Only the Fourth Phase and the Final Phase remain.
Two more The Fourth Phase will take place over there, on Zevil Island.
Let us proceed.
I will need you to draw lots.
Lots? For what? To determine who will hunt and who will be hunted.
In here are twenty-four numbered cards.
In other words, your ID numbers are on the cards.
Now, I need you each to draw a card, in the order by which you exited the tower.
Will the first person come forward? Guess I'm next.
I'm next.
Hey, Killua.
Huh? He said something about hunting and being hunted.
Does that mean we'll be fighting each other? Yeah, probably.
I don't know what this is all about, but I draw with style Everyone's taken a card? Then, remove the seal from your card.
The card indicates your target.
This box has recorded which card each of you drew.
This means that you're free to dispose of the cards if you wish.
The objective is to steal your target's ID tag.
Oh, so we don't need to kill each other.
Naturally, you're free to use any method you choose to steal the ID tags.
Including killing your target and taking the tag off the corpse.
That sounds like the fastest way.
S-So that's what this is about? Fool, there's nothing to be scared of.
Listen carefully! Your target's ID tag is worth three points.
Your own ID is also worth three points.
All other ID tags are worth one point.
You need six points to advance to the Final Phase.
So while on Zevil Island, you must gather enough ID tags to total six points.
That is the condition for clearing the Hunter Exam's Fourth Phase.
I'd like to commend everyone on board for their excellent work during the Hunter Exam's Third Phase! I will serve as your guide.
My name is Khara! It will take two hours for this boat to reach Zevil Island.
All twenty-four applicants remaining here are automatically qualified to take next year's exam! So if you fail this year, don't feel bad.
Please try again next year Th-This is so depressing.
The battle has already begun.
Yeah, everyone's removed their ID tags, and hid them.
Well, you're free to do as you like, for the next two hours.
Please enjoy the boat ride.
Speaking hypothetically If you happened to be my target, I wouldn't show any mercy.
If you happened to be my target, I would say the same.
Am I your target? I was speaking hypothetically.
Oh, right Don't worry.
You are not my target.
I-I see And you aren't my target! Yo.
What number did you draw? How about you? Secret.
Don't worry.
You aren't my target.
And my target isn't you.
Show each other our numbers at the same time? Okay! Ready, and #44 is Seriously? You have really bad luck You think so? Who's #199? You don't know, either? Uh-uh.
I didn't bother to memorize everyone's numbers.
After the initial explanation, I started checking tags, but everyone had already removed them.
That's so lame Gon Huh? What? Are you happy? Or scared? Both, I guess In a straight-up fight, I wouldn't stand a chance.
But if I only need to steal his ID tag, then I have a real shot.
Right now, I might actually have a chance.
That scares me a little But I think it's worth it.
I see.
Well, let's do our best.
Make sure you stay alive, Gon.
Uh-huh! You, too.
Thanks for your patience, everyone.
We've finally arrived at Zevil Island! Now, please disembark in the order by which you cleared the Third Phase.
Tsk This again.
After each person disembarks, we'll wait two minutes before the next person's turn.
That means we'll be waiting here a while.
You will stay on this island for exactly one week.
During that time, you must amass your six points of ID tags and return here.
All right then, the first person may start! I understand Those who disembark earlier hold the advantage.
They can hide and monitor their target's movements.
Two minutes have passed.
The second person may start! The third person may start.
Yeah! The seventh person The eleventh person The fifteenth person The twentieth person may start.
Two minutes have passed.
The twenty-first person may start! See ya.
Well, guess I'll begin by scouting the island.
Two minutes have passed.
The twenty-second person may start.
Okay! See you Yeah! First, I need to find Hisoka! Hunter Vocabulary Zevil Island How do I steal Hisoka's ID tag? Such a good boy.
Very nice.
I'm getting excited now I won't be able to steal his tag with a head-on attack It's another applicant.
And another one is behind him.
He's targeting the guy in front.
He blew it! Hey, that was close.
Sorry, but it won't be that easy That easy Wh-What? B-Bastard The arrow was coated with a fast acting tranquilizer.
You won't be able to walk for the next week.
Don't worry.
There's water nearby.
You won't die.
I'll be taking this.
See ya.
He was able to mask his own presence as he stalked his prey.
And his target was able to sense the shot being fired, and quickly dodge it, avoiding serious injury.
However, the other applicant anticipated this, and poisoned his arrow This is how you hunt! If I have any chance at stealing Hisoka's ID tag, this is it! First, I have to sneak up on him without being noticed.
Then I wait for my chance, and steal his tag! Yeah! But unlike this target, Hisoka will be moving Regardless, I'll only get one shot.
I have to hook Hisoka's tag when he isn't paying attention.
Okay Read his movements Now! Hmm This isn't quite right It's too easy to predict how a swinging target will move.
That's right.
I shouldn't forget that Hisoka will try to move out of the way.
If I can't get a bird by watching how it moves, I'll never be able to steal Hisoka's ID! Huh? Oh, well! I won't catch a bird on the first or second try.
There! Whose number is this? The sun's about to set I should probably stay in one place until tomorrow morning.
Damn I didn't think it would be so hard.
It's too dark for me to see anything.
And all the birds are gone Okay I'll catch one tomorrow! Right! Back to training! It's no use.
Maybe it's not possible, after all.
To catch a bird, with accuracy, while it's in flight Birds can catch fish that are swimming.
Go! I get it There's a moment when I know exactly what my target will do next! Now! I did it! I figured it out! I have to aim for my target as he hunts his own prey! Heh.
He actually mastered the art of hunting.
Impressive little boy But that intense concentration will be your undoing.
Gon finally mastered the trick that would help him hunt Hisoka.
However, Gon was also being hunted.
Next time: Explosion x Of x Deception! Explode! Explode Ka-boom! Oh, mushroom.