Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e15 Episode Script

Explosion x Of x Deception!

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Now! I did it! I figured it out! I have to aim for my target as he hunts his own prey! Explosion x Of x Deception Zevil Island, day two.
Gon has learned the technique which will enable him to capture his target.
Ow! My hands are all bloody I've been swinging my fishing rod for two straight days.
But now, I have perfect accuracy, catching birds as they swoop after their prey.
If I utilize this technique properly, I'll be able to steal Hisoka's tag.
All that's left is to find Hisoka! Ow But how am I supposed to find Hisoka? I guess I'll just have to walk around, and trust my instincts.
What? Why are they gathering around me? These butterflies They're attracted to the scent of blood.
Hisoka, have you taken your target's tag? No, not yet.
You don't even know who your target is, do you? No.
Want me to tell you? No, it doesn't matter.
I'll just find three others to hunt.
I remember that, back at the tower, Hisoka was injured.
If this works, the butterflies might lead me to him.
Ah It's the guy who was grazed by the arrow.
Better luck next year! There he is! Stay calm Stay calm! I just need to wait.
For Hisoka to make his move.
Man, where is everyone hiding? I haven't seen anyone for the past two days.
Who's there? Oh, hold on! It's just me Tonpa! Don't tell me that your target is Hey, wait a second! Just calm down.
You aren't my target.
Prove it.
Right Here.
Good thing I didn't throw it away.
Fighting people who aren't my target is a waste of time and energy.
Don't tell me that I'm your target! Unfortunately, you're not.
Ponzu, huh? Huh? You know who this is? You didn't already know? Uh, er, well I wouldn't put it that way.
I just didn't have a chance to find out Heh.
Want me to fill you in? What? Your target's appearance, weapons, special abilities, and weaknesses.
However, I have one condition.
Huh? I think I ate some bad fruit.
Bad fruit To be honest, I can barely stand You want to become a doctor, right? Do you have any medicine on you? I got it Don't soil yourself.
I have all kinds of anti-diarrheal and stomach medicine.
Oh Thank you so much! First, tell me what you know.
F-Fine Ponzu is a female applicant.
Female? As far as I know, five of the remaining twenty-four applicants use some sort of chemical weapon.
Ponzu is one of those.
So she's the one.
This girl happens to specialize in all kinds of drugs.
But her strategy is simple Hide and wait.
Hide and wait? She sets a trap and waits for her target to show up.
I see You shouldn't have to worry about anything else.
If you make it a close-quarters fight, you're guaranteed to win.
If you find her, watch your footing, and note which direction the wind is blowing.
Sh-She's fully aware that someone else is targeting her.
Th-That's pretty much it.
G-Give me the medicine Okay.
To be safe, back up a bit.
H-Hurry I-I can't hold it in! Damn! Your tag is mine.
I knew you were keeping your tag in your suitcase.
Tonpa! You two are working together? Exactly so.
I didn't need your medicine.
I have my own.
And I might as well confess that you actually are my target.
Wh-What about the card you just showed me? That's my target.
This is Tonpa's.
We swapped cards.
And you fell for our little trick There you have it.
Damn you! I'll make you pay! Uh-oh Tonpa! We'll meet at the usual place! Gotcha! Hold up! I'm gonna kill you! Hey, now I'm not the one with your tag! Shut up! Good grief You still haven't learned your lesson, rookie? What was that? It's your own fault for letting us trick you! Besides, working in teams during the Hunter Exam is common sense! I agree with the latter, but I cannot accept the former.
Huh? You shouldn't be tricking people, in the first place! Kurapika Leorio, want to team up? Hunter Vocabulary Target Please Do Not Feed!! Hey! Return my tag! If you want it back, catch me.
Okay! I retrieved my tag.
And we have the tags for #16 and #118, as well.
So, Kurapika, Tonpa was your target? You saved me back there.
You needn't thank me.
I didn't want Tonpa to notice me, so I stayed hidden while you were jumped from behind.
What? Well, that was because I figured there'd be no point in teaming up with you if you couldn't withstand that attack.
I suppose that you barely qualified.
You really are full of yourself Well, I can't deny that it's easier to work as a team.
Let's stick together for the remaining four days.
You got your target's tag.
So with your own, that adds up to six points.
Assuming he doesn't take it back.
The #118 tag is only worth one point for either of us.
But it might still come in handy.
Next, we need to find your target, #246, Ponzu.
Stay alert, in case we're being followed.
You shouldn't be talking.
Yeah, yeah.
You're absolutely right.
I know you've been following me since the exam began.
You fail at hiding.
Show yourself.
Let's play.
Well, come on out.
I know you're there.
He noticed me? If you won't come out, I'll come to you.
I guess that's it In that case, it's all or nothing.
When did he arrive? I challenge you to a duel.
You'll die.
This is my chance! My chance is about to come In the moment Hisoka goes to finish off his prey! Why? Why isn't Hisoka fighting back? Hisoka, explain yourself Why won't you attack me? If I continue to avoid your attacks, you'll die eventually.
I can tell from the swarm of Hemotropic Butterflies that your wounds are grave.
Someone else has already dealt you a fatal blow, yes? Though I do understand your desire to die in battle.
If you If you understand so well, why do you still refuse to fight me?! I have no interest in the dead.
What? I'm not yet You're already dead.
It's in your eyes.
Sorry about that.
I carelessly let him escape.
He probably begged you to grant him one final wish, yes? Well, I felt sorry for the guy.
Given that he was dead either way.
You should cease pitying enemies who serve no purpose.
You've done it before, haven't you? You've walked away from opponents before finishing them.
I have standards.
I'm not interested in people who have no purpose.
I only spare those whose deaths would go to waste.
What about his tag? Oh, I already took it.
I have six points now, so I don't need this one.
You can have it.
Whose tag is this? It belonged to some guy who tried to snipe me.
He ticked me off, so I killed him.
Well, then This is always so fascinating to watch.
It's pretty hard on me I feel much better.
Well, I'll just sleep here until the final day.
Good luck.
It's completely dark now.
Keep your guard up.
Night provides the perfect chance for someone to attack their target.
I know that.
Well, I need two more points.
I suppose I should go hunt someone I'll get him this time! Found you Hisoka targets Kurapika and Leorio.
Gon targets Hisoka's ID tag.
Four days remain before the exam's Fourth Phase ends.
Next time: Defeat x And x Disgrace! Let's shake hands! With a firm grip.