Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

Defeat x And x Disgrace

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Sorry about that.
I carelessly let him escape.
He probably begged you to grant him one final wish, yes? Well, I felt sorry for the guy.
Given that he was dead either way.
You should cease pitying enemies who serve no purpose.
I have standards.
I'm not interested in people who have no purpose.
I only spare those whose deaths would go to waste.
Defeat x And x Disgrace Hisoka targets Kurapika and Leorio.
Gon targets Hisoka's ID tag.
In the silence of the night, something is surely about to happen Now! Oh, it's them Amusing.
Hisoka has found his prey.
Leorio! Kurapika! I didn't expect him to go after Leorio and Kurapika.
What should I do? Don't stop! Stick to the plan, and when Hisoka attacks his prey, go for the ID tag! That's my only chance to take Hisoka's tag! No, I can't just ignore them.
If they start fighting, I'll change plans.
So I've figured out who my target is, but how am I supposed to find her on this huge island? Isn't walking around aimlessly a waste of energy? Constantly whining would be an even bigger waste of energy.
You already have six points, so you're finished.
But if I don't find my target Hey.
Hisoka! Imagine meeting you here I keep running into people I don't want to encounter.
You see, I need two more points.
Could you give me your tags? What was that?! Screw that! I'm not gonna Leorio! You said that you need two additional points.
Which implies that we are not your targets, correct? I'm the one who's asking the questions here.
Will you give me your tags or not? That depends.
We currently have four tags.
Mine, my target's, Leorio's, and a tag worth only a single point to us.
Of these, only two could be the number of your target.
Mine, or the tag only worth a single point.
Leorio's number is #403.
He was the target of #16, Tonpa.
And my target was #16.
Each person was assigned a different target, so #16 and #403 are out.
Indeed Neither of those is my target.
So? That leaves the other two tags.
If you're willing to take the tag worth only one point to us and leave, you can have it.
Huh? But I will not let you have mine.
And the same goes for the other two.
If you insist on taking them by force, you'll have to fight me! Out of curiosity, what is your number? #404.
Very well.
You have a deal.
I'll only take the one tag.
I'll leave it here.
Don't worry.
I'll be standing here for a while.
In only a few days, they've grown so much, I barely recognize them.
But they have much more to learn Why must unripe fruit be so tantalizing? A pity.
This is the wrong tag Whew But now I only have one more chance.
When Hisoka locates his next prey.
Wait! What if the next person Hisoka finds doesn't fight him either? That's right! If that person also hands over a tag, I won't get another chance! I'm so stupid! I never even considered that! I'm scared No more.
I don't want to be here! I can sense his blood lust from here Uh-oh.
Those boys got me all tingly I must calm it.
Time to go.
I can do this! His blood lust has calmed, but the look in his eyes doesn't even compare to before.
I'm certain he'll attack the next person he sees, even if that person surrenders.
I know! I should move ahead and locate his next prey! I also need to find a good spot from which to steal his tag There! At this rate, Hisoka will spot him in the next minute.
I have to figure out where their paths will cross Over there! I've gotta hurry.
Hisoka will attack, as soon as he notices that guy.
This is my chance to steal his tag My last chance! Hunter Vocabulary Chance Hisoka has completely hidden his presence.
Oh, no! He's going to notice me! I have to conceal my presence, too.
Completely conceal my presence.
Here he comes! Hisoka! Damn Bring it! He's going to fight back.
I did it I took Hisoka's tag! Approximately, seven thousand.
Do you know what that number represents? The number of chances I had to kill you.
It's also the number of times you swung your fishing rod when you were training.
You were completely open when you were swinging your rod.
But I admit that I admired your concentration and accuracy.
That swing just now was especially impressive.
But you didn't pay attention to your own surroundings.
Next time, remember to watch your own back.
So long.
Damn it You surprise me.
You hid your presence, while waiting for your chance? Waiting for me to attack another? Did you teach yourself how to conceal your presence? Marvelous Like a wild animal.
And your timing was impeccable.
You concealed all traces of your attack by timing it with my own attack.
A splendid job.
His poison darts completely relax your muscles.
The effects last ten days in a normal person.
Only three days are left.
I'm sure you will have recovered by then.
Wait Didn't you come to take back your tag? No, I just came to commend you.
Turns out that he was my target.
So I don't need that anymore.
I don't need it, either.
Don't say that You owe me one now.
Feel free to pay me back when you want.
I don't want to owe anyone You can have it back now.
I refuse.
Right now, I'm letting you live.
And I'll continue to keep you alive, until you've grown enough to be worth killing I'll only take it back when you're able to punch me in the face, just like that.
Until then, I shall leave the tag with you.
Gon was completely helpless against Hisoka, who knocked him out with a single blow.
What must he be thinking, alone in the darkness? Next time: Trap x In The x Hole! The end the end I wanna be your friend! F-Friend? Y-You're so embarrassing