Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e17 Episode Script

Trap x In The x Hole

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Right now, I'm letting you live.
Until you've grown enough to be worth killing I'll only take it back when you're able to punch me in the face, just like that.
Until then, I shall leave the tag with you.
Trap x In The x Hole Gon was humiliated, after Hisoka recovered the tags taken by Gerreta.
As for Killua You're wasting your time.
I'll never give you an opening to attack.
Tremble with fear.
Wear yourself out.
I am a very cautious man.
I go to any lengths necessary, even when facing a child.
Once he exhausts himself, and has no choice but to sleep, I'll attack! I am a very cautious man.
Man If you're not gonna show yourself, I'll come to you.
Huh? What a pain You're only worth one point to me.
He wants to fight? I can't possibly lose, right? He's just a kid.
But Why is he so calm? Is he really that strong? Right I am a very cautious man.
I should esca— I mean, I should back off.
But My brothers will yell at me! Actually, if I go back without taking his tag, they'll definitely yell at me! Bro! We ran into some trouble.
You're done, right? You idiot! You can't even beat a little kid? Y-You got it wrong, Amo! What do I have wrong? I-I didn't want to hurt a little kid.
So I figured I'd take it while he slept.
You're lying through your teeth! F-Fine! If you insist, that leaves me no choice.
Time for a beat down.
If I start to lose, my brothers will come to my aid.
Hey, kid.
Just give me your tag.
Do as I say, and I won't hurt you.
Aw, don't say I didn't warn you.
Right in the gut.
Must hurt like a bitch.
Huh? What? Did you go easy on him? You're too nice, Imori.
Y-Yeah #198, huh? What? No way Since it's only a number off from the one I'm after, maybe #199 is one of your two buddies? Umori Yeah.
Get in formation.
Time to get serious.
This is no ordinary kid.
It doesn't matter how strong he is.
He stands no chance against our teamwork.
We three have defeated many tough opponents with this formation.
Just you wait We're gonna rip you to shreds.
A-Above? Don't move.
My fingers are sharper than knives.
Huh? You're #197? I'm so bad at guessing these things Hey.
Are you #199? Yeah Hand it over.
Now, for the tags I don't need And the other one goes this way.
You still have three days.
Good luck finding them.
See ya.
Damn it! #197 was always accompanied by #199 I didn't expect that little kid to deal with them for me.
Good thing I was watching from the shadows.
Made it easy to grab the tag I wanted The kid noticed I was there I've failed Man, that was boring.
Wonder what Gon's doing.
Hunter Vocabulary Too Bad Six days have passed.
Only one day left It's been four days since we ran into Hisoka.
And we haven't seen anyone else.
Wanna head back to the starting point? It's possible that people have already finished.
No, we won't find anyone there.
This phase is unique because you have a chance to recover your tag if you lose it.
On the other hand, you might have six points in tags right now.
But that doesn't guarantee you'll have them when the phase ends.
You can't finish it early.
I see.
But it's worth a shot.
Only one day remains.
People who already have six points will be inclined to wait near the goal.
I would do the same.
Okay, let's go.
Well? Anyone there? No No one that can be easily spotted.
Damn Perhaps we should split up to search, after we decide on a time and place to reconvene.
It'll go faster with three people.
Gon! I guess we all had the same idea.
I've been watching from up above, and a number of people are nearby.
Really? I see We should search from above.
That won't work.
It's only possible if you have eyes as sharp as Gon's.
Huh? Do you have the tags you need? Yeah, I guess Damn, so I'm the only one without enough points.
Who's your target? #246, a woman named Ponzu.
I heard that she uses chemical weapons.
Gon, did you see any women when you were up there? Nope.
I see.
We can assume that there are four possibilities.
She's in good shape, and she still has her tag.
She's in good shape, but she's lost her tag.
She's out of action, but she still has her tag.
She's out of action, and she doesn't have her tag.
Is it really likely that she'd still have her tag if she's out of action? If she were caught in a sudden accident, or if she were defeated after hiding the tag.
If she died after concealing her tag, we won't be able to find it.
Sounding grimmer by the second.
Hey, do you know anything else about Ponzu? Does she wear a special perfume, like Leorio with his cologne? Oh, that's right.
Gon can follow her scent! But she might not wear perfume.
He can smell the chemicals she uses.
She's known for using drugs, right? Some of them must have strong scents.
Well, Gon? Okay, I'll give it a shot.
That's why I'm here.
Is she in there, Gon? Yep, definitely.
What do you want to do? I'm going inside.
You guys, wait here.
There don't appear to be any traps.
I'll head inside.
Don't enter until I give the okay.
Thirty minutes.
Huh? If we don't hear anything from you after thirty minutes, we're coming in.
If that happens, you guys should return to the start.
I can't do that.
Since we've teamed up, I won't abandon you now.
Then I quit the team.
It's selfish, considering all the help you've given me, but I'll do this alone.
What did you say?! We're staying here, no matter what you say.
Still got a problem? Do whatever you want.
Hold onto that for me.
I have to go for it Isn't that Bourbon? I'm guessing that I'm your target? Ponzu! There's no point.
We gain nothing by fighting here.
I have everything to gain.
It's just as you said You're my target! Let's pretend that a miracle occurs, and you defeat me.
You still won't be able to leave this cave.
What? What do you mean? He's taking too long.
Is Leorio okay? Yeah.
It's been nearly thirty minutes.
Kurapika! Gon! Don't come in! Leorio! Leorio! You fools Why did you enter the cave? He has bites all over his body! If those snakes were venomous They're vipers.
Their poison isn't that strong.
But he's been bitten too many times! S-Stop it! If you have any cavities or open wounds in your mouth No problem! Leorio, do you have any serums in here? If I did, I could have saved you guys Leorio! Anyway, we have to stop the bleeding.
Uh-huh! That should do it.
We need to take him to a doctor! I would stop if I were you.
You cannot leave.
What do you mean? When someone tries to exit this cave, snakes attack them.
Bourbon, the snake charmer, set this trap.
If you're bitten, you'll end up paralyzed like he is.
And then you'll die.
Bourbon! You're looking for tags, right? We'll give you every tag in our possession.
So let us out of here! It's no use.
He's already dead.
D-Dead? Gon and his friends have been caught in Bourbon the snake charmer's trap, and can't leave the cave.
Will they pass the Hunter Exam? Will Leorio survive the venomous snake bites? Next time: Big x Time x Interview! Thank you, Kurapika.
Thank you, Gon.