Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e18 Episode Script

Big x Time x Interview

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Leorio! Leorio! Big x Time x Interview Gon's group has been trapped by the vipers that block the exit.
But the vipers' master, Bourbon, is already dead.
The one who set this trap is dead? How? I killed him.
I won't tell you how.
Gon, take Leorio.
It's no use.
You won't be able to search his body.
The snakes are trained to attack the moment anyone tries to touch their master or to leave the cave.
So you used poison to fight poison.
Judging from his wounds, you must have used Neurotoxic Bees.
He probably died from anaphylactic shock.
Anaphylactic shock? When a bee stings a human, the human produces antibodies to counter the venom.
But if that human is stung again by the same kind of bee, they experience an allergic reaction.
An extreme allergic reaction is known as anaphylactic shock.
Depending on the circumstances, it can be fatal.
You got me.
That's exactly what happened.
So you used bees to kill him? Bourbon was my target.
After confirming that he'd entered the cave, I sprayed sleeping gas into the entrance, and waited until it was safe to enter.
Bourbon was sound asleep, but he'd already set his trap.
The sleeping gas didn't reach most of the snakes that were hiding in cracks at the back of the cave.
Well, I jumped back in time, so I wasn't bitten by snakes.
But that triggered my attack switch.
You keep bees up there? If I scream or collapse, they'll attack any nearby humans.
I didn't expect him to die.
How could I have known that he'd already been stung once? And I couldn't help him because of the snakes.
Well, it was beyond my control anyway.
You can come back now.
The problem is that he's dead, but the viper trap is still active.
And we can't ask him or look for a way to disarm it.
We're trapped with no escape.
Leorio I've already given up.
We just have to wait for the examiners to come and save us.
The examiners? You're saying that they'll rescue us from this cave? You didn't know? Our ID tags contain a tracking device.
The examiners can locate each applicant.
If someone hasn't returned by the deadline, the examiners will look for them.
Though this won't work if you lose your tag or if someone takes it from you.
Fortunately, there's only one day left.
The best course would be to give up for this year and wait for help.
We cannot do that.
Leorio's condition is worsening.
We must take him to a doctor immediately.
The examiners won't move until the deadline passes.
If you don't have your tag, you'll basically be left for dead.
It's his own fault.
I warned him.
Kurapika! Gon! Don't come in! The snakes! All you can do is pray that he holds out until help arrives.
No, there is still a way.
With a good chance for success.
But if he isn't carrying any on his person, we'll have another victim.
Look after Leorio.
Gon? I'm sure we'll find some! Gon Hey, Gon! Wait, what are you doing? Didn't you hear what I just said? Hello? Gon! H-He's crazy Found it! Kurapika! Gon! Use it on Leorio quick All right, you're next.
Yeah I don't believe it He jumped into a nest of poisonous snakes to search for an antidote, not even knowing if he had it? The odds were in his favor.
What? If you're going to poison someone, you'd need the antidote at hand, as a bargaining chip.
That's true, but That said, it took an incredible amount of courage to do what he just did.
Leorio's condition is stabilizing.
He should be fine.
You must be really good friends.
Hey, do you have any sleeping gas left? I do Would you trade it for this? Ah! That's Bourbon's! This gives you six points, right? Yes, that's right.
But what are you going to do with the sleeping gas? Put all the snakes to sleep, so we can escape.
It'd be more effective than when I sprayed the gas from outside.
Within five minutes, the entire cave will fill with gas, and the snakes will be asleep.
But it'll take five minutes! No one can hold their breath that long.
There's no point if we put ourselves to sleep in the process.
Nine minutes and forty-four seconds.
Huh? That's my record.
I'll hold my breath and carry everyone out of here.
I can't trust you.
You might escape by yourself.
You really think he'd do that, after jumping into a nest of poisonous snakes to save Leorio? Trust me.
I'll get you out of here! It's ready.
On my signal, release the gas.
Got it.
Yes! Well, I'll leave Bourbon's tag with you, so the examiners will find you.
If I give Leorio your tag, he'll have six points and pass.
Consider it the fee for carrying you out of there.
The Fourth Phase of the exam has just ended.
Will the applicants please return to the starting point at once? You will be given one hour of extra time.
If you do not return during this time, you will fail the exam.
Furthermore, you are not allowed to exchange tags after reaching the starting point.
Anyone caught swapping tags will be disqualified.
Hunter Vocabulary Ponzu Then we will now check the tags of everyone here! #44 Hisoka-san.
#53, Pokkle-san.
#99, Killua-san.
#301, Gittarackur-san.
#191, Bodoro-san.
#294, Hanzo-san.
So six applicants have passed? Oh? Gon.
Ah, three more arrive at the last second.
And now for the last few members #404, Kurapika-san.
#403, Leorio-san.
And #405, Gon-san.
These nine applicants have passed the Fourth Phase of the exam! Six of the nine are rookies? Marvelous, marvelous.
Has this ever happened before? Hmm, there's a trend where we'll go many years without a single rookie qualifying.
Then suddenly, we'll have a whole bunch of promising newbies.
This is the fourth time I've seen it happen.
By the way, what are we doing for the Final Phase? Oh, right.
You haven't told us yet.
Yes, about that I intend to have them participate in a rather peculiar fight.
Hmm? A rather peculiar fight? First, I want to talk to each of the nine remaining applicants.
Pathetic I needed the two of you to do everything for me during the Fourth Phase.
I promise I'll return the favor.
So Thanks.
I have an announcement for all applicants.
The chairman wishes to interview the remaining candidates.
Interview? When your number is called, please come to the first reception room, on the second floor.
Then we will start with #44, Hisoka-sama.
Well, have a seat.
Don't tell me that this is the exam's Final Phase.
It may be related I'll just be asking a few questions to satisfy my curiosity.
First, why do you want to become a Hunter? I'm not particularly interested in becoming a Hunter, but But? A Hunter License can be very useful.
Oh, any examples? For example, Hunters usually can't be punished when they kill someone.
I see.
Then I'll move on to the next question.
Which of the other eight applicants are you keeping an eye on? #99.
Ah #405 is also on my radar, but it's #99 I'm keeping an eye on.
I would love to take him on one day.
One last question.
Which of the other eight applicants would you least want to fight? That would be #405.
Though #99 is also up there.
If you're asking whom I least want to fight at this moment, my answer would be #405.
Ah, I understand.
I should mention that the one I most want to fight at this moment is you.
Yep, nice job.
You're excused.
That old man is too crafty He left himself so undefended, I lost my edge.
I'm watching out for #404.
He looks to be the most balanced applicant left.
I definitely don't want to fight #44.
To be honest, I doubt I can beat him.
Has to be Gon.
Since we're the same age.
I don't want to fight #53.
I don't think it'd be a very interesting fight.
I've got my eye on #44.
He has real presence.
#405 and #99 are still children.
I couldn't bring myself to fight them.
Who am I watching out for? #44, Hisoka.
A lot's happened, so I've been watching him.
I can't choose one out of #99, #403, and #404.
It has to be #44.
He's the most dangerous one here.
And #44 is the one I least want to fight.
I'm watching #405 for positive reasons, and #44 for negative reasons.
If I'm given ample reason, I'll fight anyone.
If not, I would prefer not to fight anyone.
I owe him, and I hope that he passes the exam.
So I'm hoping I don't have to fight #405.
Hmm, the results were more lopsided than I was expecting.
We've reached the Final Phase of the exam.
Heart Yes, that's good.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I've drawn up the bracket.
Huh? What is this? Ch-Chairman? What? Are you serious about this? Dead serious.
He certainly has a serious expression.
Th-That's a serious expression? Winning will make them Hunters.
Gon Hmm? Did something happen during the Fourth Phase? When we met up, you were acting a little strange.
And you've been somewhat subdued since we left Zevil Island.
My target was Hisoka.
I waited for the perfect chance and stole his tag, but someone else was tailing me, and he got me with a poisoned dart.
Soon after, Hisoka took back his tag from the person who got me, and he left it with me.
He said that I owed him now.
Hisoka said that? I told him I didn't need his help, and he sent me flying.
I'll only take it back when you're able to punch me in the face, just like that.
I was so mad that I couldn't do anything against him After that, I was pretty miserable and lonely.
I felt so helpless, I wanted company I wanted to help someone, I guess.
That's why I was looking for you two.
Leorio and I have only been able to make it this far because of you.
We're truly grateful.
I'd also like to thank you.
Gon has deepened his bond with his friends.
And the nine remaining applicants are about to begin the exam's Final Phase.
Next time: Can't Win x And x Can't Lose! Then how am I supposed to win? Just do it!