Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e19 Episode Script

Can`t Win x and x Can`t Lose

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! What? Are you serious about this? Dead serious.
Those who win will join the ranks of the Hunters.
Can't Win x And x Can't Lose Nine applicants: Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio, Pokkle, Bodoro, Gittarackur, Hanzo, and Hisoka, head to the Final Phase, having passed the exam's Fourth Phase.
Well, gentlemen.
Did you get plenty of rest? This hotel is owned by the Hunter Exam Selection Committee.
The place is all yours until the battles have concluded.
For the Final Phase, we will be holding a one-on-one tournament.
So only the last person standing passes? No.
One win is all you need to pass.
One win? Then, in this tournament The winners are removed from competition, while the losers continue up the bracket.
In other words, the person who finishes at the top will not pass.
Does everyone understand now? So you're saying that only one person will fail.
And here is the bracket.
Impressive, right? After all, everyone has at least two chances to win.
But some people, like #294 and #405, get five chances.
Why didn't you use a balanced bracket? A question that must be on everyone's mind.
This bracket was assembled based on your performances throughout the entire exam.
Those who performed better received more chances.
That doesn't sound right.
Can you explain how you scored our performances? No! Why not? Your scores are classified information.
So I can't tell you everything.
But I can explain our methods.
First, we consider three major criteria: physical strength, mental strength, and overall impression.
For physical strength, we use an aggregate of agility, flexibility, endurance, and perception.
For mental strength, we use an aggregate of resilience, adaptability, judgment, and creativity.
However, this information is only used as a reference point.
After all, you were strong enough to advance to the Final Phase.
However, we are most concerned with your overall impression.
This refers to any intangible factors not previously mentioned.
You could consider this an evaluation of your potential as a Hunter.
And we also incorporate the opinions of your peers.
That was our process.
Based on performance, I should be ranked higher Do I have less potential than Gon? The battle rules are quite simple.
Weapons are allowed.
No cheating.
If your opponent admits defeat, you win.
However! If you kill your opponent, you will be immediately disqualified.
All remaining applicants will pass, and the exam will end.
Are we clear? Then, we shall begin the exam's Final Phase.
The first match is Hanzo versus Gon.
Please step forward.
I will serve as the referee.
My name is Masta.
Best of luck.
Hey, good to see you again.
You were tailing me during the Fourth Phase.
You noticed? Naturally I'm assuming that each applicant was assigned an examiner for the Fourth Phase.
Well, I'm sure everyone else noticed.
I had no idea.
I obviously noticed.
I thought it wasn't worth mentioning.
Y-Yeah How was I supposed to notice that? You have my thanks.
My rank was higher because your reports on me were accurate.
Though the outcome was never in doubt! Y-Yes Moving on, I have a question for you.
What is it? We only win if our opponent surrenders, correct? It doesn't count if we knock them unconscious.
No TKOs allowed, either.
Yes, that is correct.
I see.
This one could be difficult He looks tough, but we should be even in terms of strength and speed.
I can use my speed to keep on the move until I get an opening.
Now then, it's time to begin.
Get him, Gon! How well can he do against Hanzo? Begin! Put some distance between us You must be confident in your legs.
You have my respect.
You did well for a kid.
I could have easily dodged that attack.
Well, this would already be over if it were a normal fight Here, wake up.
You must feel terrible.
I hit you hard enough to make your brain bounce around.
Do you understand? You have no chance against me.
Might as well give up now No way Think about it.
If you surrender now, you'll still be in decent shape for your next fight.
There's no reason to be stubborn.
Just surrender.
Never gonna happen! Surrender.
Gon! Don't be silly! You'll still have another chance! You should Leorio! If you were in Gon's position, would you surrender? Hell, no! That guy thinks he's hot stuff Gon feels the same way! I know! I know that But there isn't any other choice! You're contradicting yourself, but I understand how you feel! Yield this fight, Gon! It's suicide! Honestly, the chairman's nasty streak is in a class all its own.
What do you mean? The applicants who've made it this far are unlikely to simply surrender.
This goes beyond a "rather peculiar fight.
" This system is just plain crazy.
That kid's in danger.
Hunter Vocabulary Hanzo It's been three hours.
There's nothing left for him to vomit.
Get up.
Enough, already I'm gonna kill you! I'll fight you in his place! If you can't take it, leave.
It's only going to get worse.
What was that?! No one may interfere in a one-on-one match.
And if you step in, Gon will be the one disqualified! It's okay Leorio.
This is nothing I-I can still fight I'm going to break your arm.
I'm not joking around, so give up.
Never! He really broke his arm.
There you go.
You can't use your left arm anymore.
Kurapika, don't try to stop me.
If that bastard does anything else to Gon Sorry, Gon, but I can't stop myself.
Me? Stop you? Don't worry.
There is no chance of that happening.
I'm sure you're in too much pain to listen, but hear me out.
I am descended from the shinobi, a clan of covert agents.
From the day I was born, I was forced to endure harsh training in order to master the art of ninpo.
For eighteen years, I have trained my body and technique, without rest.
By the time I was your age, I had already killed a man.
Heh, that's nothing to brag about.
At this point in time, you cannot defeat me in combat.
I'm trying to be nice.
Admit defeat— Ow Damn it! My head's cleared a bit, after all the pain and that long explanation.
Yes! Gon, go! Kick him while he's down! If you're eighteen, you're only six years older than I am.
Besides, this isn't a battle to see who's stronger.
It's to see who's willing to surrender first.
I let you kick me on purpose.
Liar! You don't understand This isn't a warning.
It's an ultimatum.
Was it too hard for you to understand? Then I'll make it easier for you.
I'll cut off your legs, so that they can't be reattached.
A permanent injury should help to wake you up.
But first, I'll ask you once more.
I won't accept that! I don't want my legs cut off, but I don't want to surrender.
So let's find a different way to fight! Hey Do you understand your own situation?! Excuse me.
You don't get to make demands! Are you trying to insult me?! I'm seriously gonna cut off your legs! But I still will not surrender.
Besides, if you do that, I'll bleed to death.
He'll be disqualified if that happens, right? Oh, yes.
See? Neither of us wants that to happen.
So let's think of a better way.
I think he's okay now.
Gon's taken control.
He's so self-centered But he's succeeded in convincing Hanzo and the rest of us.
Honestly What is this? The situation hasn't changed.
Gon hasn't gotten stronger than his opponent.
His arm is still broken! So why is the brutal atmosphere from before suddenly so much lighter? You really don't get it If you die, you'll never get another chance.
If I kill you here, I need only try again next year.
We are not on equal footing! He's right, Gon.
You can try all you want to talk your way out of this, but he's far stronger than you.
That isn't something you can neutralize on the spot.
It all comes down to power.
Why won't you concede? It's easy to do.
You can try again next year.
You value your pride more than your own life?! You're really willing to die for your pride?! I'm going to find my dad.
Your dad? My dad is a Hunter.
So I'm going to become a Hunter and find him! I believe that I'll find him one day But I have a feeling that if I give up now, I'll never find him! So I won't surrender.
If you don't yield, you'll die He defies reason.
I give up.
You win.
I can't kill you.
But I can't think of a way to make you surrender.
I'll take this loss and take my chances in the next battle! I can't accept that.
That's not fair! We both have to think of a way to settle this fight! Heh, I knew you would say that.
You fool! There's no point, because you'll never surrender! But I don't want to win like this! What am I supposed to do? We can work together to figure it out! In other words, I've already given up on this match, but you want me to try to win again, while helping to determine a way to make you feel good about your victory! Is that right? Uh-huh! You moron! Hey, ref.
I lose.
Let's move on to the next match.
But I want to tell the executive committee something first.
When he wakes up, he'll probably refuse his passing judgment.
Because he's a stubborn boy, as we've seen.
Only one person will fail this round, right? If Gon fails, wouldn't that make the rest of our fights meaningless? Gon's victory has been assured, following Hanzo's concession.
The Final Phase, to determine the single failing applicant, has only just begun.
Next time: Baffling x Turn Of x Events! They got Gon, too!