Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e20 Episode Script

Baffling x Turn of x Events

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Baffling x Turn Of x Events You're awake? Where am I? A waiting room, next to the arena for the Final Phase.
Upsie-daisy Right.
I was in the middle of the Hunter Exam.
Your arm will heal quickly.
The break was very clean.
In fact, once it heals, the bone will be stronger than before.
In any case, congratulations on passing the exam.
Satotz-san, I You can't.
Just as someone who has failed the exam can no longer pass, someone who has passed the exam can no longer fail.
The rest is up to you.
If you feel you are unqualified to be a pro, you are free to destroy or put away your license.
You can even sell it, since no one else will be able to use it.
However, a person who has passed the exam will not be allowed to take it again.
Professional Hunters are treated well, largely due to our predecessors' efforts.
Hence, there are many applicants who harbor ill intentions.
If it weren't for them, we would accept every person who applied.
Most professional Hunters consider this card more valuable than their own lives, yet no more than a worthless scrap of paper at the same time.
The important thing is what you accomplish once you become a Hunter.
What I accomplish Gon-kun, you can decide for yourself when you're ready to use this card.
I have faith in your judgment.
A lot of people helped me reach this point.
I'll use this once I've returned the favor.
Then allow me to congratulate you.
Thank you, Satotz-san.
What about the other applicants? The exam is still going on, right? No, the exam is over.
Really? Yes, you slept for nearly an entire day.
Really? The others who passed are currently completing a brief orientation.
You will undergo the orientation later.
Who failed? It was Killua.
Why did Killua fail? First, let me fill you in on what transpired after you were knocked out.
That will help you understand what occurred.
After you fell unconscious When he wakes up, he'll probably refuse his license.
That sounds like something Gon would do.
Only one person will fail this round, right? If Gon fails, wouldn't that make the rest of our fights meaningless? Don't worry.
Gon has passed.
Nothing he says can change that.
If Gon were to throw a fit and kill me, we still wouldn't be able to revoke his license.
Very well.
Why did you let him win? Let him win? I'm sure you knew how to make Gon surrender without killing him.
Given your skills.
When I torture someone, I expect that person to hate me for the rest of their life.
It's more effective and less stressful.
When someone is in pain, their eyes show a gleam of hostility toward the one responsible for that pain.
Even with extensive training, it is difficult to suppress that gleam of hate and rage.
But there was no gleam in Gon's eyes.
Can you believe it? I had just broken his arm.
But his eyes had already forgotten about that.
I guess you could say that he won me over.
If you need a reason, there you go.
Gon-kun, you were able to win over your opponent.
Hanzo said so himself.
After that, the second match began.
The second match is Kurapika versus Hisoka.
Begin! After the two of them fought for a while Wha— I lose.
Huh? And Kurapika won.
What did Hisoka say? I don't know, but Hisoka voluntarily conceded.
The third match pit Hanzo against Pokkle.
Pokkle found himself in much the same position as you, but he admitted defeat immediately.
Sorry, but I won't go easy on you.
That sealed the deal.
The fourth match was between Hisoka and Bodoro.
The match was extremely one-sided, but Bodoro refused to give up.
However, while Bodoro was lying on the floor, Hisoka whispered something in his ear.
And Bodoro surrendered.
The fifth match featured Killua and Pokkle, but as soon as the fight began, Killua walked away.
Confidently, he declared Sorry, but I'm not interested in fighting you.
He must have felt that he could win his next match.
However, Leorio requested that the sixth match be postponed while Bodoro recovered from his injuries.
So Killua and Gittarackur fought first.
Begin! That was when Killua made a fatal mistake.
It's been too long, Kil.
Brother Hunter Vocabulary Illumi Huh? Gittarackur is Killua's brother? Yes, his name is Illumi.
Killua's brother? He used those needles to change the shape of his face?! I heard that you cut up Mom and Milluki.
I guess.
Mom was crying.
Anyone would cry if their son did that to them.
Tears of joy.
She was so happy to see that you'd grown up.
But she was worried about you leaving home, so she asked me to check up on you.
What a coincidence.
I didn't know you wanted to be a Hunter.
I'm trying to get a license for my next job.
I don't really want to be a Hunter.
I just felt like taking the exam.
I see That's a relief.
Then I have some advice for you.
You're not cut out to be a Hunter.
You were born to be a killer.
Is that really what he said? Killua mentioned his family before, but they sound crazy He wasn't finished yet.
You're a puppet of darkness, without passion.
You don't want anything or wish for anything.
As one who lives in the shadows, you can only feel pleasure when people die.
That's how Dad and I raised you.
What would you accomplish by becoming a Hunter? True, I don't desire to become a Hunter.
But I do have something I want You don't.
I do! There's something I really want! Tell me what it is that you want.
What's wrong? There's nothing you really want, is there? That's not it! I want to become friends with Gon I'm sick of killing people I want to become friends with Gon, and to live a normal life That's impossible.
You'll never be able to make friends.
Your only concern when you meet someone is whether you should kill them.
That's how you were trained.
You just don't know how to classify Gon because he's too dazzling for your eyes.
You don't actually want to become friends with him.
You're wrong If you stay with him, you'll end up wanting to kill him one day.
You'll get the urge to see if you can kill him or not.
Because you have the soul of a killer.
As we mentioned before Yeah, I know! Killua! I don't give a damn if he's your brother.
He's a worthless piece of crap! Don't listen to him! Just beat the crap out of him like usual and win! You want to become friends with Gon? Are you daft? You already are friends! I'm sure that's how Gon feels! Really? Hell, yeah, idiot! Really That's no good.
He considers Kil a friend.
Okay, I'll kill Gon.
A killer doesn't need any friends.
They'll only slow you down.
Where is he? P-Please wait! The match is still Where is he? The waiting room over there Thank you.
This won't do.
I need a Hunter license to do my job But if I kill them, I'll fail, and Kil will pass automatically.
Oh, darn.
The same thing will happen if I kill Gon.
I know! I'll pass the exam before killing Gon.
Bastard If I wait until after passing the exam, I can kill everyone here and still keep my license, right? Yes, according to the rules.
Did you hear that, Kil? You have to beat me if you want to save Gon.
Will you fight me for your friend's sake? You can't do it.
Because you're more worried about whether or not you can defeat me.
And you already have your answer: "I'm not strong enough to beat my brother.
" "Never fight an enemy you can't beat.
" I drilled that into you Don't move! If you move an inch, I'll assume that the fight has begun.
And if our bodies make contact, that will also mean the fight has begun.
There's only one way to stop me.
You know what that is.
But don't forget If you don't fight me, your dear Gon will die.
Take him out, Killua! We won't let him kill you or Gon! We'll stop him, whatever it takes! Let him have it! I surrender.
I lose Oh, that's good! Then the battle's over.
I lied, Kil.
I was lying about killing Gon.
That was just a little test.
But now I have my answer.
You don't have the right to make friends.
Nor do you need friends.
You should just listen to Dad and me, and do your job as you always have.
When the time comes, I'll tell you to take the Hunter Exam.
You don't need a license yet.
After that, he was reduced to a shell of himself.
Leorio and Kurapika tried to help, but he wouldn't respond.
The sixth match was between Leorio and Bodoro.
Bodoro had recovered, but when the match began Begin! It was over in a second.
Killua had killed Bodoro.
The committee disqualified him.
Gon-kun! Where is everyone? You need more rest, Gon-kun Gon.
Apologize to Killua! Gon was angry.
Illumi had trampled on his brother's desire to become friends with Gon, abandoning Killua to despair.
And Gon was angry.
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