Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e21 Episode Script

Some x Brother x Trouble

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! Gon-kun! Where is everyone? You need more rest, Gon-kun Some x Brother x Trouble After Gon learned why Killua had been disqualified, he was furious with Gittarackur Rather, Killua's brother, Illumi.
Apologize to Killua! Apologize? For what? You don't know what you did wrong? Nope.
You don't have the right to be his brother.
Must I earn the right to be his brother? He doesn't need to earn the right to be my friend! This boy is Don't bother apologizing.
Just take me to see Killua.
What will you do then? That should be obvious I'm gonna rescue Killua! You make it sound as though I kidnapped him He walked away on his own.
But it wasn't by choice.
He was being manipulated by you people.
It's the same thing as kidnapping him! We happened to be discussing this very subject, Gon.
Kurapika and Leorio have both lodged complaints.
The committee has been discussing the fairness of Killua's disqualification.
Killua had been behaving in a strange manner during and since his battle with the man who called himself Gittarackur! I believe that he was hypnotized into committing murder.
Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible to use hypnosis to induce a person to kill.
However, as Killua was raised in a family of assassins, murder was a part of his daily life, so it's natural that he would lack the ethical restraint of most! I want to mention that the attack happened during the match between Bodoro and me.
It's possible that he was trying to help me.
Given that, the one who should be disqualified is me.
In any case, Killua was not in control of his own actions.
Thus, he should not have been disqualified! That is mere speculation.
There is no proof.
There were no clear signs of manipulation.
In fact, I would question the claim that he was hypnotized.
I agree that the incident occurred after the battle between Leorio and Bodoro had begun.
At that point, both fighters were evenly matched.
Bodoro had more experience.
But in terms of raw combat ability, Leorio was the stronger.
There was no need for Killua to interfere.
There was some other funny business happening.
Like when you fought Hisoka.
Back then, what did he say to you? Neither of you seemed particularly tired.
But Hisoka whispered something in your ear, right before conceding.
That's pretty strange.
I'd understand surrendering after your opponent whispers something to you, as happened with Hanzo and me, or Bodoro and Hisoka.
Because we were under considerable pressure.
But in your case, the exact opposite happened.
I have to wonder if you struck some sort of bargain.
If you're going to question anything that seems odd, your own victory was quite odd, indeed.
If you have nothing to hide, you should tell us what he said.
Right now.
I have no obligation to tell you.
Maybe not, but I believe you owe it to us.
Not really.
If you consider my victory to be odd, a victory by default would be equally odd.
What?! None of that matters Come on I want to get this lecture over with so I can leave.
Hey, now None of that matters! It's pointless to argue over whether someone should have passed.
If you aren't happy about passing, keep working until you're satisfied.
If Killua retakes the Hunter Exam, he'll definitely pass! It's unfortunate that he failed this time, but it is what it is.
What does matter If you've been forcing Killua to kill, against his will, all this time, I'll make you pay! Make me pay? What, exactly, will you do? I won't do anything.
Only, once I rescue Killua, I'll never let you see him again! Ahem.
Is everyone finished? Gon is absolutely correct.
You must decide for yourselves if you were worthy of passing.
You may complain about the results all you like, but we will not be changing our minds.
Killua has been disqualified.
And the rest of you have passed the exam.
Okay, then I shall continue the orientation.
The cards I've passed out are your Hunter Licenses.
This card allows you to enter 90% of the countries that limit immigration, as well as 75% of the restricted areas in the world.
Crazy This card also provides free access to 95% of public facilities, and a line of credit that rivals large corporations.
If you sell the card, you'll have enough money to last seven lifetimes.
And if you keep it, you'll still be living in comfort.
So take extra care that your license isn't lost or stolen.
You won't receive a replacement.
According to our estimates, one in five Hunters lose their card within a year of receiving it.
As a Hunter, your first challenge is to protect your card.
The rest is up to you.
Rise above challenges, believe in your own strength, and fulfill your dreams.
Then, we now declare the seven members here to be new Hunters! Hunter Vocabulary License Gittarackur Tell me where Killua is.
Are you really going to take him away? I think that's a bad idea.
I don't care what you think! Killua is my friend.
I'm taking him with me.
Do they feel the same way? You bet.
I doubt you'll be able to make it there anyway.
Killua went home.
Home? Kukuroo Mountain.
Our family lives at the very top.
Kukuroo Mountain? Got it.
Is it really okay for an assassin to give away his base of operations? Sure, it isn't a secret or anything.
The locals all know where we live.
Well, I'm sure they'll see the light once they arrive.
We live in completely different worlds Oh, this? Yep, it's broken.
He has incredible potential.
I can understand why you want to see him grow up.
Didn't I tell you? But that makes him all the more dangerous.
This would be the best chance to Gon is my prey.
Touch him, and you'll suffer the consequences.
I know.
I've only known you for a short while, but I know your tastes.
So, Hisoka.
What are you going to do now? Wait patiently.
For the fruit to ripen Kukuroo Mountain? Never heard of it before.
Kurapika, do you know where it is? Hey, Kurapika! Huh? Oh, what is it? The mountain! He said something about Kukuroo Mountain.
Do you know where it might be? No, I don't We can look it up online.
Yo! Oh, Hanzo-san! I'm going back to my country.
It was a short, yet seemingly long acquaintance, but I had fun.
So did I.
If you ever visit my country, let me know.
I can show you the best tourist spots! See ya! Bye! Cloud-Hidden Ninja Hanzo A shinobi who tries to leave an impression Hey.
Sorry about getting so excited back there.
No, I also lost control.
Forgive me.
No, I only got mad because you were right.
I was using you to take out my frustration for winning by default.
But I'm over that now.
Since I passed, I'm going to make the best of it! The question is what to do next.
Yes, you're right.
I'm going to travel the world, gathering information and discovering new species, as an Exotic Game Hunter.
An Exotic Game Hunter Hey, what's that? Oh, this? You can use this to obtain all kinds of information.
Is there anything you'd like to know? I can look it up on the spot.
Oh Can you look up a Hunter named Ging? Ging Freecss.
Sure, hold on Satotz? Hey, who is this Ging guy? Huh? All information related to him is behind a tight security system that requires a bunch of different accesses.
He has some serious influence, even at the national level.
Huh? Really? Forget it, then Looks like your dad is someone really special.
Okay, let me know if anything comes up.
This is my e-mail address.
Bye! We should have asked him to look up Kukuroo Mountain.
That's right.
It's okay.
As Chairman Netero was saying, we are all Hunters now.
It's a bad idea to let other Hunters know what you're doing.
We can look it up ourselves.
Satotz-san! Gon-kun, you forgot this.
Oh, right Thanks! And do you have a moment? We'll be waiting in the lobby.
Okay! Forgive me, but I couldn't help but overhear your conversation.
I happen to specialize in the discovery, restoration, and preservation of ancient ruins.
When I first began, I was only focused on the glory derived from new discoveries.
But after watching a certain Hunter at work, I came to feel ashamed.
That Hunter would discover ruins, spend his own money to completely restore them, and take steps to preserve the ruins for future generations, thus ensuring that ordinary people would have a chance to see them.
I was more impressed by his dedication to his job than by the beauty of the ruins.
The work he did to preserve those ruins has been documented in manuals used around the world.
And this Hunter, Gon-kun, was Ging Freecss, the man you were asking about.
I wished to meet him, so I did some investigating.
However, quite frankly, he is an enigma.
I wasn't able to learn anything about him Really? Figures.
My goal is to become a Hunter like him.
My dream is to thank him in person one day.
That's all I had to say.
Sorry for interrupting you.
It's okay.
Thanks for everything, Satotz-san.
Bye! Oh Gon-kun.
Hmm? Oh, never mind Take care of yourself.
You, too.
Bye! First, let's look up Kukuroo Mountain.
Kukuroo Mountain There it is.
"Kukuroo Mountain.
A 3,722 meter-high mountain, in the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea.
" The Republic of Padokea? Never heard of it.
Where is it? Hold on.
I'll bring up a map.
This is the Republic of Padokea.
It should be fine.
It appears to be a stable country.
It allows ordinary tourists.
That's where we'll find Killua? By airship, it will take three days to reach When do we leave? Today! Right now! Yeah, no objection from me! Understood.
Then, I'll order tickets.
What's going on? We've been stuck in one place forever.
This won't do.
We'll be late for our flight.
Pops! Do something! I'm afraid I can't help this traffic.
And this is the only road.
In that case Yahoo! Hey, Gon! Do you realize how far away the airport is? I want to rescue Killua as soon as humanly possible! Fine, you win.
This reminds me of the Hunter Exam.
That's right.
This is nothing compared to the Hunter Exam.
Yeah You got that right.
Okay Race you to the airport! Ready Go! Gon and his friends set off for the Republic of Padokea.
Their destination is Kukuroo Mountain, where Killua's home is located.
Hey, Satotz That was a close call.
You were watching? That boy is a mystery I find myself wanting to help him.
I almost let the cat out of the bag.
About how the real Hunter Exam hasn't ended yet.
Next time: A x Dangerous x Watchdog! Fetch, doggie! That's it Roll over, doggie! Oh, yeah!