Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e22 Episode Script

A x Dangerous x Watchdog

This country allows ordinary tourists.
That's where we'll find Killua? By airship, it will take three days to reach When do we leave? Today! Right now! Yeah, no objection from me! Understood.
Then, I'll order tickets.
I'm from a family of assassins.
So they're all assassins.
And the family has really high hopes for me But I can't stand it.
Who wants to have their life planned out for them? Killua What's with the long face, Gon? We'll be in the Republic of Padokea by morning.
You'll see Killua soon enough.
Yep! We'll definitely take Killua back with us! A x Dangerous x Watchdog Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika have arrived in the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea, where Killua lives.
There it is.
The base for this family of assassins is on that mountain? It sure looks creepy Yes.
Once we reach our destination, we should start gathering information.
Kukuroo Mountain? In that case, you should take the scenic mountain bus tour over there.
The tour only runs once a day, but you'll have a guide to show you around.
Okay Thank you for taking the Lamentation Tour today.
We will be visiting Kukuroo Mountain, home to the famous Zoldyck family of assassins.
They obviously aren't tourists.
Yes Everyone? Please look to your right.
That is Kukuroo Mountain, where the Zoldyck family lives.
A forest surrounds the 3,722-meter mountain, and the Zoldyck estate is somewhere on that mountain.
But no one has ever actually seen it.
The Zoldyck family includes ten members: a great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and then, there are five children.
All of them are assassins! Then, let us approach the mountain.
That's really something.
This is the front gate of the Zoldyck estate.
Also known as the Door to Hades because no one who's entered has ever returned alive.
To enter, you must pass through the door beside the security checkpoint.
But the area beyond the gate is private property, so we can't proceed.
Hold on! This is the front gate? The mountain's all the way over there! Correct The Zoldycks own Kukuroo Mountain, as well as the surrounding land.
This whole area is their backyard? Hey, guide Yes? What do we have to do to get inside? Little boy, were you listening to my explanation? Uh-huh.
But If you go inside, you'll never get out alive! Assassins live inside.
It's all a sham.
Huh? A family of assassins that no one's ever seen.
Just a photo of their faces is worth a hundred million.
Seriously?! Damn! I should have taken a picture of Killua! It's just another case of rampant rumors masking a mundane truth.
Open the gate! I-I cannot do that.
The master would not be pleased.
Don't worry.
We're going to kill your master.
Ouch Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
Man Now Mike's going to end up eating between meals again.
Huh? Please He's only supposed to eat at assigned times.
Mike! Don't blame me if you get fat! What was that? Hey, boys! What are you doing? Get on the bus! You can leave.
We're staying here.
Huh? I see.
So you're young Killua's friends.
I'm happy to hear that.
I've worked here for twenty years, but this is the first time any friends have come to visit.
Since I work here, I shouldn't say this, but the place is rather lonely.
No one ever visits.
Though we do see a lot of those Well, a family of assassins is pretty unusual.
So I suppose it's the price they have to pay.
Anyway, I'm glad you're here.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
However I cannot let you inside.
Didn't you see the large arm of the creature? Its name is Mike.
It serves as the Zoldyck family watchdog.
It only obeys family, and will attack anyone else.
The beast still follows the order its master gave it ten years ago To kill every single intruder.
But technically, he isn't following the order.
Because he keeps eating them Anyway, I can't let you inside.
I wouldn't want to reduce young Killua's friends to skeletons.
Sir, how is it that you're safe? You go inside, correct? If you never needed to enter, you wouldn't have a key.
Quite perceptive of you.
But you're only half right.
I require no key to get inside.
This key is for intruders.
A key for intruders? For some reason, eighty to ninety percent of intruders attempt to use the front gate.
If I don't open the gate for them, they'll try to break it down.
Such troublemakers So we added a locked door to one side.
The intruders take the key from the helpless guard, and then Mike eats them.
A locked door That's it! As you just realized, I'm not a guard.
I merely clean up after Mike.
And the actual gate isn't locked! Exactly.
What? Hunter Vocabulary Lamentation Tours I've tried pushing and pulling, but it won't budge! Are you sure it isn't locked? You just aren't strong enough.
That's absurd! I've been using all of my strength! Just watch.
This gate's official name is the Testing Gate.
Anyone who cannot open this gate is unqualified to enter the Zoldyck estate.
As you just saw, the door closes automatically, so you'll want to run in, the second it opens.
You don't need to worry about Mike.
He has orders not to attack any who enter through the Testing Gate.
Still, this is getting tougher as I age But they'll fire me if I can't open the gate, so I need to keep in shape.
I should mention that each of gate one's doors weighs two tons.
Two tons? You're not supposed to be able to open that! Wait, what did you say? Gate one? Yes, have a look.
There are seven gates.
When you go up a gate, the weight doubles.
Doubles? The number of gates that open depends on the amount of strength you use.
Incidentally, when young Killua returned, he opened gates one through three.
Gate three? That would be twelve tons! Sixteen tons, Gon.
Do you understand now? This is what's required just to get in the door.
They live in a completely different world.
Hmm, I don't like it.
Mister, lend me the key.
I came here to see my friend, not to be tested.
You can consider me an intruder.
So let me borrow the key.
I'll use the intruder's door.
Gon! Hey It doesn't matter if you won't loan me the key.
I'll just climb the wall, if that's what it takes.
Don't be stupid, Gon! Didn't you see that monster? Its arm was bigger than your entire body! I won't accept this! Why would you test your friends? I'll never enter through that door.
You are absolutely right.
However, forcing your way through is impossible.
Mike will kill you.
I agree.
We have plenty of time.
Let's figure out a way to enter through gate one.
It's no use.
He's not gonna change his mind.
Indeed Unfortunately, I cannot lend you this key.
I will not feed young Killua's friends to Mike.
Well, please wait here for a minute.
Hello? This is Zebro.
Three of young Killua's friends are here to see him.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Yes, I understand.
I'm very sorry.
I apologize for disturbing you.
Yep, I got in trouble.
You called the mansion? No, I was speaking with the Zoldyck family butler.
All communication with the mansion must go through the butler.
It's very difficult to reach any of the family members.
Could you call him again? I'll talk to him this time.
Sure, I guess But you won't enjoy the experience.
Yes, this is the butler's office.
I'm Gon, one of Killua-kun's friends.
Is Killua-kun there? Killua-sama has no friends.
Yes, this is the butler's office.
How could you possibly know that?! Put Killua on the phone! I believe you said that you were Gon-kun? Yeah.
Let us pretend that Killua-sama happens to have a friend named Gon.
There is no proof that you are Gon.
If you put Killua on the phone, he'll recognize me! By your voice? That isn't a reliable test.
If you put Killua on the phone, he'll recognize me! That was a simple recording.
And there are many other ways to mimic a person's voice.
Next, you'll claim that he'd recognize you by sight.
There are only a few methods by which you could perfectly mimic someone's appearance.
But it still isn't impossible.
Additionally, it's possible that someone forced you to approach Killua-sama for sinister purposes.
As long as the threat exists, I cannot let you meet with Killua-sama.
The Zoldyck family practices the trade of assassination.
Naturally, it has made enemies.
As butlers, our duty is to guard our masters from their enemies.
I apologize, but please leave.
Hey! Gon! Gon! He's really pissed now.
He's going to climb over the wall What? Hey! Stop it, Gon! It's okay.
You two can wait here.
I'll go by myself.
I can't let you do that! I'll be fine! No, you won't! Both of you should calm down! I'm perfectly calm! Come down here, Gon! Don't be stupid.
Gon-kun, I'll give you the key.
You can go through the door.
Hold on, pops! We can convince Gon to stop! Really? But he appears to be a stubborn boy.
To make amends, I'll accompany you through the door.
Huh? It's possible that Mike may recognize me and decide not to attack.
Though I'm almost a hundred percent certain that he'll kill us all.
You can't do that.
I don't want to cause you any trouble.
No, I'm coming with you.
The result will be the same if I stay behind.
If I send young Killua's friends to their deaths, I'd never be able to face him again.
If you die, I will also die.
I understand now.
I didn't stop to consider your situation.
He's a good boy.
He's willing to quell his own anger for another person's sake.
He believes in his own strength, as well as in his friends.
He has a strong heart.
It's likely that Mike won't frighten him at all.
You must like animals, Gon-kun.
Just as I thought.
Did you grow up playing in the countryside? Yep! How did you know? Gon-kun, I'm going to open the Testing Gate again.
I want you to see Mike for yourself.
Hey Is it really okay for us to come in? Yes, you'll be safe because you entered through the Testing Gate.
Mike! Come here! Gon-kun, do you understand now? This is a trained hunting dog.
It's nothing like the wild animals you're accustomed to.
You must have expected to be able to communicate with him.
Until you saw his eyes.
Mike is currently memorizing the appearances and scents of humans he's never seen.
There's nothing else on his mind.
He's like a machine.
Gon-kun, could you fight him? No, I'm scared.
I don't want to fight him! He's such an honest boy.
Well, how long will you be here? Until we meet Killua! We won't leave before then! Then please come this way.
The Testing Gate And Mike Gon has seen that the Zoldyck family lives in a completely different world.
However, Gon had promised himself No matter what difficulties awaited him, he would find Killua in the end.
Next time: The x Guard's x Duty! So you know how to do math.