Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e23 Episode Script

The x Guard's x Duty!

In the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea, is a 3,722 meter-high dormant volcano surrounded by forest, Kukuroo Mountain.
The home of the famous Zoldyck family of assassins is here.
Visitors come, every day, hoping for a glimpse of the mansion that no one has ever seen before.
It is a very popular tourist spot in this nation.
Lamentation Tours Well, how long will you be here? Until we meet Killua! We won't leave before then! Then please come this way.
The x Guard's x Duty Gon and his friends have confronted the obstacles that they must overcome in order to meet with Killua.
What awaits them at their destination? Here are the servants' quarters.
It's getting late.
So you can stay here tonight.
Please come in.
Hey, I'm back! Oh, you rarely bring guests.
This is Seaquant.
He works with me here.
Good evening.
If you managed to win over Zebro, you must be special.
Well, make yourselves at home.
Though it won't be easy here.
You want to see young Killua? That's a riot! Sorry.
But we're dead serious.
Then let me give you a warning: Give up, and go home.
What was that?! Zebro told you about the Testing Gate, right? That should give you an idea of what this place is like.
We understand that it won't be easy.
But I'm not leaving.
Not until I see Killua! When Killua was in trouble, I wasn't there for him.
If I had been there, I could have stopped Killua! Killua is my close friend! We understand.
Then why not do some training here? Training? Hey, Zebro Listen to me, Gon-kun.
You three are allowed to work together to open the door.
With a little training, it should be possible.
How about it? I don't like the idea of being tested But if there is no other way We'll just have to do it! Yep! Then I'll need you to put these on.
How is this so heavy It weighs fifty kilograms.
Please wear it at all times, except while you sleep.
I'll make it heavier as you get used to it.
Please have some tea.
What the? The cups weigh twenty kilograms.
This teapot weighs forty kilograms.
All furniture and utensils in this house weigh over twenty kilograms apiece.
I see So this will serve as training.
It's useless.
They'll give up in two or three days.
What was that? Seaquant, I believe that your shift has already started.
Oh, that's right Sorry about that.
He isn't a bad person.
By the way, where's the bathroom? Through the door over there.
I'm guessing that the door is also Yes, it weighs five hundred kilograms.
Five hundred? What?! Get out! I can't hold it in! Kalluto-chan, open the door.
Kil, have you learned your lesson yet? It's no use, Mama.
He isn't even the least bit sorry.
We need to make him suffer more.
Milluki! Shut your mouth! Kil, stop being so stubborn and say that you're sorry.
Oh, right.
That friend of yours Gon, was it? He'd be better off just leaving, but it sounds like he wants to try the Testing Gate.
Gon is here Milluki! You're talking too much! Listen to me, Kil You didn't even tell me?! Don't yell at Mama! I told you to shut your mouth! I didn't think I needed to tell you, Kil Since it's impossible for him to open the front gate.
He'll do it.
What? Gon will open it.
Oh, that's nice.
But he'll still never make it here Gon will He'll do it.
He will definitely make it here.
Wait, Gon! You just watch.
Huh? Why? You need to let your arm heal first.
As long as Kurapika and I can open it, it doesn't matter.
Let us handle this! Okay.
Let's do this, Kurapika! Yeah! It's impossible No use It won't budge an inch.
Damn! But we just started our training.
If we work hard enough, we can do it! I wish I could share your optimism.
This will never work.
You kids need to wake up.
In that case, you should quit watching us and do your job! Gon is one of us.
And he wishes to see his friend.
It's only right that we should help him.
Okay, let's give it another shot! Yeah! Man, you can't just mindlessly push.
Match your timing.
You have to push both doors, with all your strength, simultaneously.
Or the gate won't ever open.
Match our timing And push both doors with all our strength simultaneously Okay! One! Two! Three! Leorio! Kurapika! It moved.
Hunter Vocabulary Testing Gate What? The Testing Gate? And? Oh, well I just wanted to let you know.
Very well.
He's always so cold.
Hey, why don't you try removing those vests today? Oh? Music to my ears! Yeah! Without them, we can definitely open the gate now.
Let's do this, Kurapika! Yeah! One Two Three! Damn it It won't move any farther.
One last spurt, Leorio Got it! Gon Why are you using your left arm? It's okay.
My arm's healed now.
Healed? Are you sure, Gon? Yep! Anyway, we have to push together, right? Right, let's push! Here we go! One! Two! Three! It's opening Ow It opened.
Yes! We did it, Gon! Uh-huh! Follow the path, and head for the mountain.
The mansion should be somewhere up there.
I'm ashamed to admit that even though I've worked here for twenty years, I've never been up the mountain.
Sorry that I couldn't be any help.
No, that isn't true.
You've both been a huge help.
Thank you for everything! Goodbye! Those kids are really something.
They might be able to make it to the mansion.
Won't happen.
They'll just get themselves killed.
Speaking from your experience three years ago? We were wiped out by an apprentice butler.
That made it painfully clear that I wasn't on their level.
So you decided to work here.
Sorry But the masters and servants are all monsters.
Once you step into their territory The Testing Gate opened? Yes, ma'am.
This is a critical time for Killua.
We cannot allow anyone near him! Especially not those unnecessary friends Do you understand? Yes, ma'am.
You're trespassing on private property.
I cannot allow you to pass without permission.
We called ahead.
And we came through the Testing Gate.
The butlers did not give you permission to enter.
What do we need to do to get permission? I said I was Killua's friend, but they wouldn't put him on.
I wouldn't know.
Because no one has ever received permission.
Then we'll have to trespass! I suppose so.
In any case, this is where I draw the line.
If you take one step beyond this line, I'll remove you by force.
Gon! Damn it! Leorio! Kurapika! Don't interfere.
Let me handle this.
Ow We don't intend to fight you.
We just want to see Killua.
It doesn't matter what your motives are.
I'm simply following my orders.
You can try all you want.
I'll never let you pass.
I will pass I'm going to see Killua! Welcome home, Killua-sama.
I made a friend Stop it.
Stay away! Cut it out! Don't you realize how futile this is?! Why don't you stop him? Aren't you his friends? What's the problem? I'm just here to see my friend.
I'm just here to see Killua! Why do I have to do this?! Hey.
Huh? I crossed the line.
Aren't you supposed to hit me? You're different from Mike.
You may try to hide your feelings, but you have a heart.
When I mentioned Killua, your eyes softened for a moment.
Please Help Killua-sama— Honestly What was that servant babbling about? She made it sound like we're being mean to Killua.
A worthless apprentice had the nerve to insult us! You must be Gon.
I heard about you from Illumi.
Killua knows that you're here.
I have a message for you from Kil "Thank you for coming.
I really appreciate it.
But I can't see you right now.
" Gon and his friends have finally made it inside the Zoldyck estate.
But now, they face their greatest obstacle yet.
A sad message from Killua, saying that he can't see them.
Next time: The x Zoldyck x Family! What is Killua to you? My big brother!