Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e24 Episode Script

The x Zoldyck x Family!

In the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea, is a 3,722 meter-high dormant volcano surrounded by forest, Kukuroo Mountain.
The home of the famous Zoldyck family of assassins is here.
Visitors come, every day, hoping for a glimpse of the mansion that no one has ever seen before.
It is a very popular tourist spot in this nation.
Lamentation Tours I have a message for you from Kil "Thank you for coming.
I really appreciate it.
But I can't see you right now.
" The x Zoldyck x Family Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio have advanced a little closer to the mansion.
Meanwhile I'm home.
Well, no one's around.
Welcome back.
How did work go? Fine.
Does that mean you dispatched your target? I'm sure you were watching me from a distance.
Mom's waiting for you inside.
I don't want to see her.
Did you need something? I wanted to say hello.
Are you new here? Yes.
While you were away, I was hired as an apprentice butler.
My name is Canary.
You can have this.
No, thank you.
But I appreciate the thought, Killua-sama.
Don't be so formal.
Just call me Killua.
I cannot do that.
I am a servant.
And you are my employer.
Tsk That's lame.
You were using the Shadow Step, right? Shadow Step? The technique where you move silently, so you won't be noticed.
It's one of the first assassination techniques we learn in the Zoldyck family.
Is that so? I must have learned it while growing up in Meteor City.
Meteor City? My hometown.
It's a city that has been erased from this world.
Huh, never heard of it.
You're allowed to dump anything in Meteor City.
That's why many members of the mafia and the Phantom Troupe come from there.
I'd like to visit some time.
When you visit, I can serve as your guide.
I'll teach you the Rhythm Echo.
Rhythm Echo? It's a technique that utilizes the Shadow Step.
You move at a certain rhythm, creating afterimages.
I see It appears we have intruders.
Many intruders.
Let Mike handle it.
The master has ordered that Mike be restrained today.
They wish to test my abilities.
We'll split up and look for their mansion.
Who are you? There is no need for me to answer that question.
You are trespassing on private property.
I cannot allow you to pass without permission.
Can you stop us? It's obvious that you stand no chance.
Well, if you don't resist, we'll spare your life.
If you take one step past this line, I shall use force to remove you.
What was that? You can stand back and watch, boss We'll take care of this.
Let's go! Don't mock us! Bitch! Get her! Do you wish to continue? After all that, she hasn't even broken a sweat Are you a member of the Zoldyck family? Hardly.
I am but an apprentice butler.
With your abilities, you're not even a match for the butlers, let alone the Zoldyck family.
A futile effort I'm telling you that it's useless! As a Hunter, I cannot allow a little girl like you to defeat me.
Prepare yourself! What? Die! I-I'm sorry! Please spare my life! Zebro-san You noticed my presence? Could you clean this up? Sure, that's my job.
Plus, Mike is starving.
Huh? H-Help! You already knew the Rhythm Echo.
Yes Forgive me.
You think you're stronger than I am.
Absolutely not.
Really? So, I don't have anyone to play with.
Will you be my friend, Canary? I apologize, Killua-sama.
Lame Let's be friends! Gon Hunter Vocabulary Canary Is she okay? Yeah.
She's only unconscious.
Wake up! Oh.
Morning, Bro.
What time is it? Don't be too arrogant, Kil! What? I feel really bad about stabbing you, Bro.
It was the wrong thing to do, Bro.
You're lying! You can tell? Tsk! Hello? Oh, Mama? Uh-huh.
Yep, I understand.
Kil, your friends are near the butler's office.
How about it, Kil? If I ask Mama, those three can become Milluki.
If you so much as touch them, I'll kill you.
Forgive me for not introducing myself.
I am Killua's mother.
This is Kalluto.
Why can't Killua come see us? Because he's in solitary confinement.
Solitary confinement? Kil stabbed me and his brother before he ran away from home.
That is the story he told us.
Kil returned because he regretted his actions.
And he voluntarily entered solitary confinement.
So we do not know when he will leave What? Father! What are you doing?! Don't do anything hasty! He's finally returned! I'm coming in.
One Kill Per Day That's enough, Mil.
But, Grandpa Zeno He isn't sorry at all.
I know that.
Kil, you can go.
Man, that hurt.
Bro, I'm not sorry.
But I do feel bad.
So I let you slap me around.
What was that? Kil, Silva wants to see you.
Dad? Okay.
Damn it! You always spoil Kil, Grandpa! That's why he's such an uppity brat He's special.
Mil, what do you think of Kil's potential? It's incredible, sure.
He's probably the most talented Zoldyck in history? Mama seems to think so.
I have to agree.
Considerable praise.
But he fails as an assassin because he's so moody.
Moody? A kid who wants to make friends can't lead the Zoldyck family.
In the end, he's just a crybaby.
Mentally weak.
That is true Right? Take me.
I'll kill anyone I'm asked to.
Oh, that's right.
The bomb I'll use next time is awesome, Grandpa! It's super-compact.
I attached it to a female mosquito, and it's triggered to explode when the mosquito sucks the target's blood.
But the problem is getting the mosquito to recognize the target Mil You're a bright boy, but that foolish nature of yours doesn't help.
Oh, why must Father be this way? Something has come up.
So I bid you farewell.
Please wait! We'll be staying in town for a while.
Please let Killua know.
Very well.
I shall tell him.
Who are you? Killua's friends.
Friends Kalluto-chan! What are you doing? Come over here! Yes, Mother.
I probably shouldn't say it, but these people creep me out And I bet they were lying about Killua's saying that he can't see us.
Gon, we can't go back yet.
How about we tail them? Sure, but if we do that, she'll take the blame.
Oh, right I will take you to the butler's office.
There is a phone that connects to the mansion.
If Zeno-sama is the one who answers Zeno-sama? Killua-sama's grandfather.
I heard that you've made some friends? Yeah.
What sort of people are they? What sort of? They're people I enjoy being with.
I see.
How was the Exam? It was easy.
Kil, come over here.
Huh? I want you to tell me more.
What did you do during the Exam? Who did you meet? How did you feel? You can tell me anything Okay.
I can't believe this.
Father didn't even ask me first.
Oh, Kil seems to be having fun with Papa I won't forgive them! And guess what Gon said next He didn't want his legs cut off, but he didn't want to surrender, either! He's so self-centered.
Sounds like an interesting boy.
And then his opponent pointed a blade at Gon's forehead, but Gon still Kil.
Huh? Do you want to see your friends? You don't need to hold back.
Tell me the truth.
Thinking back, we've never had a father-son chat before.
I was raised by my parents to be an assassin.
And I raised you the same way.
You and I are different.
I didn't realize that until you left home.
You are my son.
But you are your own person.
Live as you please.
If you get tired, you can come home.
I'll ask you one more time.
Do you want to see your friends? Uh-huh.
I understand.
You're free now.
But Promise me one thing.
Never betray your friends.
Understand? I promise.
I'll never betray them.
It's too late.
Those three left.
Return to your cell.
No way.
I'm leaving.
Kil! Out of my way.
Oh, Kil Your eyes are so cold now What were you thinking? Kil was finally home! For now, we'll let him do what he wants.
No! What are you saying? This is a critical juncture in the process of determining if he's qualified to lead the family! So you understand what's at stake.
Then stop griping, and keep your mouth shut! He'll come home one day.
Because he is my son.
Killua has been set free.
But Silva declares that Killua will return as an assassin.
Meanwhile, Gon and his friends head to the butler's office.
Will they be able to see Killua? Next time: Can't See x If x You're Blind! Eye for an eye.
Eye for a tooth? Tooth for a tooth!