Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e25 Episode Script

Can't See x if x You're Blind!

In the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea, is a 3,722 meter-high dormant volcano surrounded by forest, Kukuroo Mountain.
The home of the famous Zoldyck family of assassins is here.
Visitors come, every day, hoping for a glimpse of the mansion that no one has ever seen before.
It is a very popular tourist spot in this nation.
Lamentation Tours I understand.
You're free now.
But Promise me one thing.
Never betray your friends.
Understand? I promise.
I'll never betray them.
Can't See x If x You're Blind After a discussion with the father he admires, Killua leaves his home again, despite his mother's objections.
Gon and his friends are led by Canary to the butler's office, to attempt to meet with Killua.
Aren't we there yet? We still have a while to go.
How much walking do we have to do Honestly, I cannot believe this! Kil was finally home! But the men allowed him to leave again! And Father is just as guilty! He released Kil without permission! Really, this always happens! They never ask me before they act.
Do you understand, Gotoh? Yes, ma'am.
Th-This is a most critical time for Kil Why don't they understand? He's the one child I shall not give up! There it is.
That building? But it's still pretty far away.
Say, Canary.
Won't you get in trouble for bringing us here? They already know what I'm doing.
So I am prepared to take the consequences.
If there's any trouble, I'll take responsibility.
I'm merely serving as a guide for Killua-sama's friends.
Killua-sama, we've been waiting for you.
Gotoh, where's Gon now? You do know, right? Canary is bringing Gon-sama here, along with his two friends.
Really? They should arrive shortly, so please wait inside.
Yes, sir.
Let me know the second Gon gets here.
Yes, sir.
I shall notify you immediately.
Forgive me, Killua-sama.
Hey, we finally made it.
Please forgive the rude reception.
The lady of the house has asked us to treat you as official guests.
Is that better? Thanks.
Then this is not the primary residence? No, this place is for the butlers.
Well, please make yourselves at home.
I appreciate the hospitality, but we've come to see Killua.
Can you take us to him at once? That won't be necessary.
Killua-sama is on his way here.
Really? Yes, so please wait a little longer.
That's great news, Gon! Yeah! Now, then To simply sit and wait would be dull.
How about a game, to pass the time? A game? Which hand holds the coin? The left hand.
So I'll move more quickly this time.
Well? Which hand? Left again.
Then I shall try harder this time.
Well? Which hand? I'm not positive, but I'd guess the right.
You see I have known Killua-sama his entire life.
I dare say that I care for him as though he were my own.
In all honesty, I must despise you for trying to take him away.
Well? Which hand? Answer.
The left hand.
His lady mother could barely speak She must be heartbroken, having to watch him leave.
I cannot forgive it.
By the time Killua-sama arrives, a decision will be reached.
I shall test you in my own way.
You have no choice.
Canary! This is her punishment for having brought you here, against her orders.
I shall explain the rules.
If one of you answers incorrectly, that person is out of the games.
Should you all be disqualified, I shall tell Killua-sama that you left.
And that he will never see you again.
Killua is Silence! Your lives hang by a thread.
Now, answer my question.
Which hand? I couldn't see it Don't take too long.
You have three seconds to answer.
Hey After three seconds have passed, slit her throat.
Wait! Left hand! I pick the right hand! Me, too! One disqualified.
This is futile.
I can't see anything! Which hand? I choose the right hand.
I pick the left.
It was in my left hand.
Only one remains now.
Here I go.
One second! What is it? If you're trying to buy time, I'll kill one of your friends.
Leorio, lend me your knife.
Huh? Don't worry.
I won't use it for anything stupid.
That's it He's bleeding himself, to reduce the swelling.
Man, how long do I have to wait? Hey, Gotoh! Anyone around? What's going on? Okay! Now I can see.
Give me your best! Which hand? Left hand.
Not bad.
In that case Who now holds the coin? Hunter Vocabulary Waiting Time The person right behind me.
Gotoh, is Gon here yet? Killua! Oh! You're here, Gon! Along with Kurapika? I'm just an afterthought? Liorio! Leorio! It's been a while.
I can't believe you came.
What happened? Your face is a wreck! Yours isn't any better! Hey, Gotoh.
I told you to let me know as soon as they arrived.
What were you doing? Forgive me.
I had them participate in a little game.
A game? It was nothing more than a poor joke.
I apologize for any aggravation.
Did you enjoy yourselves? That was really good acting What? Did they try something? No, they were entertaining us.
Really? Well, whatever.
Anyway, let's go somewhere else.
Anywhere else, right now.
If we stay here, my mother will give us an earful! Yeah! Hey, Gotoh.
Listen up.
I don't care what Mother says.
Don't follow me.
Please take care.
Gon, let's go.
Once Killua leaves, you'll be lonely, huh? No.
We butlers feel no emotional attachment to our employers.
You're lying.
Gon-kun Well? Which hand? Isn't it your left hand? What? No way! Indeed.
It was a deception.
In this world, there are many things that are wrong.
Please be careful.
I am entrusting Killua-sama to you.
Bye, Canary! Took you long enough, Gon! Sorry about that.
Let's make ourselves scarce before more trouble comes.
Yeah, he's used that trick on me before.
Once you know the secret, it's so simple, it'll make you mad.
Huh? Really? I'm assuming this was what he did.
Which hand? It's your left hand, right? Huh? How? Hey, how did you do that? Gotoh held two coins.
Huh? But he only had the one.
Anyway, he hid a coin in his right hand, while flipping the other.
And then he let us see him grab the coin using his left hand.
But before he asked us which hand held the coin, he raised both arms, and he slipped the first coin into his sleeve.
That left the coin in his right hand.
You got it.
That really makes me mad.
Well, I'm fairly certain he only used the trick on the final turn.
Gotoh hates cheating, even if it's just a game.
That's even worse! What? You're here on a tourist visa? Uh-huh.
Didn't you pass the Hunter Exam? You could've just used your Hunter License.
It lets you stay in other countries for as long as you want.
That's what we said.
I already decided.
I'm not using the license until I've finished what I need to do.
What do you have to do? The tag that Hisoka gave me! I'll only take it back when you're able to punch me in the face, just like that.
Until then, I shall leave the tag with you.
I'll return it to Hisoka when I punch him in the face! Until I do that, I won't use my Hunter License.
I can't go back to Whale Island, either.
Hmm So, where's Hisoka? Uh Thought so I know where he is, Gon.
Huh? Really? How? He told me.
So that's what he said No, this was after the orientation.
But it's still related, right? I suppose so.
I've been itching to ask What did Hisoka say to you? He told me I have some information for you regarding the spider.
The Phantom Troupe? I do not recall mentioning the Phantom Troupe to Hisoka.
So either he overheard our conversation during the first stage, or he heard of it from another.
The spider is the Phantom Troupe's symbol, so those familiar with the organization refer to the Troupe as such.
I was interested in his information.
I see So that's why you swallowed your pride and accepted Hisoka's surrender.
After the orientation, I asked him about it.
I shall await you in Yorknew City, on September 1st.
September 1st? Then you've still got over half a year.
What's going to happen in Yorknew City? They'll hold the world's largest auction.
From September 1st through September 10th, there will be an auction for unusual items, rare goods, and national treasures from around the world.
The event attracts all manner of nasty folk who come looking to satisfy their greed.
It's the biggest gathering of money in the world.
So the Troupe will be there? They're a group of bandits.
They would not let this chance escape.
So on that day, Hisoka will be somewhere in Yorknew City.
September 1st.
Got it.
Then I shall depart now.
Huh? We managed to see Killua again, so I'm finished here.
I'll need money to participate in the auction.
So I shall search for a patron to employ me as a Hunter.
Really I guess I should go home, then.
You, too? I haven't given up my dream of becoming a doctor.
If I'm accepted to medical school, I can use this to pay the ridiculous fee.
I'll have to go back and start cramming.
Uh-huh, good luck.
Until we meet again.
Yes, that will be September 1st, in Yorknew City.
See ya.
Bye-bye! It's just the two of us now.
Hey, what do you want to do? You have to ask? We train, obviously.
Huh? Train for what? Shouldn't we have some fun? Do you remember what you just said? Think you can punch Hisoka in the face without training? You couldn't land a punch in ten years, let alone six months! Okay.
Here, I'll make it easy to understand.
This is Hisoka.
This is Hanzo.
Uh-huh If this is the gap between Hisoka and Hanzo, in terms of strength, the gap between Hisoka and you is this far! And I'm being generous.
Now I'm mad Then where are you? Me? Well, probably around here.
Yep I'm so humble.
Oh, Hanzo is stronger? What is it? You really are amazing! Cut that out It's embarrassing.
I don't know how to tell the difference in strength between my opponent and myself.
It doesn't matter.
I'm only estimating.
You probably have a general idea.
Once you have enough experience, your guess will become more accurate.
Besides, the stronger someone is, the better they are at hiding that strength.
So you shouldn't rely on this method.
Oh Well, in any case, Hisoka is strong.
You won't land a blow on him in six months through normal means.
Gon, do you have any money? Actually, I'm running out.
I don't have much, either.
But there's somewhere we can train and earn money at the same time.
Train and earn money? The Heavens Arena.
Heavens Arena Yeah, I'll explain later.
We should get moving.
Okay! After bidding farewell to Kurapika and Leorio, with promises to meet again in Yorknew City, Gon and Killua now head to a new stage, the Heavens Arena.
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