Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e29 Episode Script

Awakening x And x Potential!

Heavens Arena.
The 251-story, 991-meter building is a mecca for fighters.
When combatants win a fight, they may advance by one class, and receive a corresponding reward.
After reaching the 100th floor, you are assigned a private room.
After reaching the 200th floor, you receive the right to challenge the strongest fighters, the Floor Masters, in an intense battle of survival.
This is the best stage a warrior could ask for.
Only one thing can protect you from someone who uses Nen.
You must also learn to use Nen.
You must use Ten for defense.
Otherwise Your body will be crushed.
Awakening x And x Potential As the hour grows late, Wing's lecture has reached its climax.
But they only have until midnight.
Before that time, Gon and Killua must learn Nen.
Nen is a power that dwells within every person.
However, at present, only a few are capable of using that power.
Thus, they are treated as geniuses, leaders, psychics, mystics, or superhumans.
A power that dwells within everyone Yes.
And there are two means by which to awaken this power.
The deliberate way and the aggressive way.
Zushi underwent the deliberate method.
He was a quick learner, and he trained hard.
So he was able to master Ten in a very short time.
In about six months.
That's too long We need to learn Ten, and pass Hisoka's Nen barrier before midnight! Then you'll have to try the aggressive method.
Will it be fast enough? That will depend on you.
Can you learn to hold your aura within your body, before time runs out? That is the key.
I will now direct my aura toward you.
This is known as Hatsu, which I demonstrated earlier.
Naturally, I will restrain myself, since my objective is not to destroy your bodies.
However, this way is still perilous.
In other words, I will attempt to shock you into awakening.
I will give your sleeping body a jolt, so you can learn Ten more easily.
I say that your body sleeps because your body's openings, or micropyles, are closed, meaning that your aura flow is stunted.
Therefore, I will send my aura into your bodies, to open your micropyles.
[Micropyles] Numerous pores in the body, which release aura.
Under normal circumstances, you would spend a long time meditating and discovering your own auras, while slowly opening those apertures.
Even Zushi, a natural talent, required three months.
However, you two could do it in a week.
Or even sooner.
Which is why I find it unfortunate that we have such little time to work with.
I don't really get it But quick and dirty is always better.
This is a shady, highly frowned upon method.
You will be ignoring the correct procedure.
You could even die, if the person using this method were weak or evil.
But you aren't weak, and you aren't evil.
Right? That's why I want to know Shroud Force Null Act Why would you suddenly decide to teach us the true four major principles? Because I did not want to squander this opportunity.
If you were to challenge the 200s, with none of this knowledge, you would suffer greatly.
Up there, everyone knows how to manipulate Nen.
And they have a special greeting for any newcomer ignorant of Nen, a Nen attack.
In other words, they do what I am about to, but without restraint.
They don't care, even if people die Only those who survive are allowed to pass.
They are the chosen.
However, they pay a steep price.
That's why I wanted you to be prepared.
Now, despite my attempts to scare you, I have confidence that this will awaken your power! You have the potential.
As well as the ability.
Put your belongings down, take off your shirt, and turn your backs toward me.
It's so hot! And I can feel pressure, even though Wing-san isn't touching me.
This is it! That sensation Like something invisible and slimy, crawling across my skin.
Amplify this by millions of times, and it'd feel like my brother's Nen ? I'll begin.
Every micropyle on your bodies has opened.
Th-This is That is your aura, or life energy.
You can see it now, because the micropyles in your eyes were also opened.
It's like smoke.
Like steam, rising from the spout of a kettle.
It's rushing out from every part of my body.
It won't stop gushing out.
Isn't that dangerous? This is your life energy, so if it continues to escape, you will grow tired.
If you expend all your aura, you will collapse from fatigue.
Really? Listen to me.
You must concentrate on keeping your aura within your body.
Close your eyes! Use any stance that helps you to focus.
Then visualize your aura flowing like blood through your body.
From the top of your head, to your right shoulder.
To your hand, before passing through your legs, to the left side.
And now visualize that flow beginning to ebb and hovering around your body.
These boys are incredible.
I didn't need to tell them that a natural stance would be the most effective.
With minimal advice, they've already mastered the technique.
Magnificent And terrifying.
Slowly open your eyes.
How do you feel? I feel like I'm surrounded by some kind of warm mucus.
Yeah, like I'm wearing weightless clothes.
Continue to maintain those images.
Once you've assimilated them, you'll be able to use Ten while asleep.
Next, I will use hostile Nen against you! Previously, it would have been painful for you to stand within this.
Yeah, I understand your blizzard analogy now.
If you can fend off my Nen, you'll be able to break through his barrier! Here I come! Welcome to the 200s.
It appears that I needn't bother with the traditional greeting.
I can guess why you've come to Heavens Arena.
You intended to train before challenging me Yeah, but I didn't expect to find you here.
That saves me time.
You should avoid being overconfident in your ability to use Ten.
There is much to learn about Nen.
To be honest, at present, I feel no urge to fight you.
However If you manage to win a single match in the 200s, I shall accept your challenge.
Let's go.
Newcomers? Looks like it.
Seems that they can use it.
Indeed Welcome to the 200s! Please fill out the forms here.
Would you like to register for a match now? In this class, there is a self-service system by which you're permitted ninety days of preparation.
You may choose to fight on any day during that time.
Of course, you're free to fight every day, and you can also wait until the very last day to fight.
Once you've participated in a fight, you have another ninety days to prepare.
However, if you don't fight before those ninety days end, you will be disqualified, and your name will be struck from all records.
Does that mean we'll be fighting in this class multiple times? Yes, you need ten wins to clear this floor.
However, if you lose four times before ten wins, you'll be disqualified.
And if you win ten times, you have a chance to challenge the Floor Masters! The Floor Masters are the twenty-one strongest fighters here.
Each claims one of the floors, from 230 to 250.
Do you understand now? If you defeat a Floor Master, you become the new master of that floor! Th-That's not all! If you become a Floor Master, you earn the right to participate in the biennial celebration of combat, Battle Olympia! No reaction? Forget that.
Is there anything special about the top floor? That's what you want to know?! The champion of Battle Olympia gets to live on the top floor! It's an incredible honor.
A penthouse 1,000 meters above the ground Don't you get it?! But Killua's house is 3,700 meters above ground, right? A-And the champion always receives a prize of What do you wanna do, Gon? Now that I know the top floor's secret, I don't care anymore.
Yeah! I just want to fight with Hisoka.
Why are you kids even here? Well, then you'll need to win a fight.
But you're gonna wait a bit first, right? No I'm doing this! I have to find out how different these opponents are.
I'll need you to fill out this form, as well.
Okay! You want something? No, not really.
We're simply in line to register for a fight.
Oh, I get it.
Gon, these guys want to fight on the day you do.
I'm ready to go whenever.
There you go.
This boy has plenty of spunk.
Then Gon-sama will be in room 2207.
Killua-sama will be in room 2223.
We will let you know which day your match is.
Thanks! They must have gone through that greeting Four-Eyes mentioned.
If we'd gone in blind, we could've ended up like them.
Wow! This room is huge! Hey, are you listening to me? The bath is squeaky clean.
Whee I've never seen such a big bed! Look, Killua Hey, Gon! Your battle has been set for 3 PM, March 11th!! What? Tomorrow?! That's fast.
I probably won't be able to win tomorrow.
But that's okay.
I need the experience.
I need to discover what I can do with this power.
Okay, we have a thrilling match for you today.
First, we have Gon, who managed to zip straight to this class! His opponent will be Gido, who currently holds a respectable 4-1 record.
Listen to me, Gon-kun.
Ten is a purely defensive technique.
You have not improved your offensive capabilities.
Plus, you will still take damage from physical attacks.
A highly skilled Nen opponent will be able to penetrate your Ten, and deal a lethal blow.
So you should wait two months before you start fighting.
During that time, I will teach you as much as I can.
Sorry, Wing-san.
But I'm itching to fight right now! Good grief.
That boy is a real handful And Begin! Dancing Tops There they are, Gido's Dancing Tops! He uses numerous tops to attack his opponent! Here we go Battle Waltz! Clean hit! Oh, Gon gives up a clean hit and one point, right off the bat! He's off to a rough start.
Damn! I can use Nen to keep these tops spinning for hours, as my attack.
The attack pattern is so complex, even I don't know what will come next! Tops spinning into each other and attacking me That small top deals damage equivalent to a hammer! Gon has begun his first battle of the The 200s class is nothing like he expected.
Can Gon survive this predicament? Or not? Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Gido! A Heavens Arena 200s-class fighter who is Gon's first opponent.
He fights with Nen-controlled tops.
He may even turn himself into one, and spin into you! An enhancer, who plays while he fights.
Spin round and round Next time: Fierce x And x Ferocious! Don't be too reckless.
A real friend would support my reckless behavior.
That's just reckless.