Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e30 Episode Script

Fierce x and x Ferocious

Shroud Ten.
The ability to build up a shroud of Nen aura.
You can make your body harder, and considerably slow the effects of aging.
Null Zetsu.
A technique that nullifies your Nen aura.
It is effective for concealing your presence, and recovering from extreme fatigue.
Enhance Ren.
A technique to create an especially strong Nen aura.
This ability is crucial for increasing your power.
Act Hatsu.
The release of your Nen aura, after boosting via Ren.
These four elements are known as the four major principles, Four Major Principles and are critical to the mastery of Nen.
Sorry, Wing-san.
But I'm itching to fight right now! Fierce x And x Ferocious Gon is in his first 200s match, but he's been caught off guard by the unexpected nature of his opponent's attack.
He's been hit from behind by another top! Gon is in big trouble, after having been surrounded by Dancing Tops! Clean hit and knockdown! Two points! Gido has already earned four points! Can you continue? You bet! There are too many tops for me to track.
Damn What should I do? M-Master Is he using Nen? Yes, that is a form of Hatsu.
He's projecting his aura into the tops.
That allows the tops to move with more strength and speed than normally possible.
Manipulating a small object requires only a small amount of aura.
A large object requires a larger amount of aura.
Gido is also using Nen in other ways here.
Those tops couldn't be so strong were he simply using his aura to spin them.
It can only be accomplished because he cares deeply about his tops.
Objects respond well to those who are compatible.
I can't follow them with my eyes.
Nen is powering the tops! I can sense it.
Yeah, I can sense them.
My Ten is fading! Another direct hit! Gon is completely helpless! He's been knocked out of the ring! The score is now 6-0! He's dug himself a big hole! It won't work If I focus on sensing the tops, my Ten shroud will dissolve.
What should I do? A top was knocked outside the ring? But it isn't attacking me What's wrong? Can you continue fighting? Be quiet! I'm thinking right now.
If you're not in the ring within a ten-count, I'll rule you the loser! One! Now that I think about it, the Nen in this top didn't feel hostile.
What about the others? They're spinning around, bumping into each other.
Maybe the tops aren't actually targeting me? Four! Why are you standing outside the ring? If I stay in the ring, I'll get hurt! Five! Just as I thought This is like a game of sumo tops! It's impossible to command tops to move with precision.
It's likely Gido simply commands the tops to strike anything in their way.
They spin around, striking whatever happens to cross their paths.
Seven! In that case, I don't need to fear the tops.
I can ignore the tops, and attack him! Heh, you may have figured out my tops, but you still can't land an attack! There it is! Gido's special technique, combining offense and defense! Tornado Top! Tornado Top He lands a strong counter on Gon! Three points! The judge has awarded a critical hit and knockdown! Gido has nine points! Gon is on the verge of losing! I turn myself into a top to protect myself, while using my Dancing Tops to attack.
My strategy might be boring, but it's effective for racking up points.
There are a number of ways to defeat Gido.
You can attack him until he tires, and his Ten begins to fade.
You can use Hatsu that overpowers his defense.
Both methods require a large amount of aura.
However, Gon-kun doesn't know Ren, the technique to instantly generate aura.
Learning how to quickly create large amounts of aura, and how to channel it into attacks, requires endless training and combat experience to learn.
He'd need five more years before he could fight Gido.
I'm sure he's beginning to realize that now.
What should I do? What will it take to prolong this match? If he scores one more point, it's over.
But I want to keep fighting.
What can I do right now? That would be Gon! He released his Ten? That's reckless! But he didn't simply release it.
That's Zetsu The technique for concealing your presence! Your aura also disappears because your micropyles are sealed.
Any aura that normally escapes your body is also nullified, so he has no Nen protection! I didn't teach him Zetsu use! Did he learn it on his own, before we met? In that case, he wouldn't realize that this is Zetsu.
He must have learned it while attempting to track a beast or other target The boy certainly has incredible potential.
But why would he use it now, in this situation? Idiot! If you're hit by a Nen attack, without protection, you'll be totally messed up! I know that.
But in order to track the tops' complex pathing with only sensations to go on, I must focus all my senses Could it be that he never expected to win? He's risking his life Risking his life to train? You don't want to live, kid? Then I'll help you die! What?! Amazing! It's the first time Gon has managed to evade an attack! I can feel them I know where they're heading! This is all I can do right now Concentrate on dodging my opponent's attacks! I can still fight! Your right radius and ulna were both broken.
Fractured humerus.
Three broken ribs.
Twelve other minor fractures.
Four months before you're completely healed up.
You moron! Sorry.
An apology won't help! Do you have any brains in there? Didn't you see what happened to those who'd suffered the traditional Nen greeting? One wrong move, and you could have ended up like them! You're lucky not to be hurt any worse.
Man, why do you think Four-Eyes was training us? Still I had a feeling I'd be okay.
I took a few hits, but I wasn't in mortal danger, as long as he missed my vital spots Come in.
Four-Eyes! Uh, sorry An apology won't help! What were you thinking?! Didn't you see those who'd suffered the traditional Nen greeting? You could have ended up just like them! Oh, that's what I just told him.
Honestly I'm glad you weren't injured any worse.
Wing-san, I really am sorry.
No, I won't let this one slide.
Killua-kun, do you know when Gon-kun will have recovered completely? The doctor said it would take two months.
I understand.
Thank you, Killua.
In that case, I won't allow you to participate in any matches for two months! I won't allow you to train in, or study about, Nen.
If you don't abide by these rules, I will never teach you again.
Well? I understand.
I'll do as you say.
Give me your left hand.
This is a promise thread.
It will be a visual reminder of your promise.
Killua-kun, a moment, please.
Killua-kun, what is the true objective you two are pursuing? Well, we don't really have an objective.
Before running into Zushi and you, my plan was to earn some quick cash.
Gon's here to train hard, so he can defeat a guy named Hisoka.
That's it, really.
Looks like the others in the 200s want to reach the top floor.
Battle Olympia, was it? I'm not too interested.
Oh, Gon is Well, I'm not sure He said that he only wants to fight Hisoka.
But after seeing his match yesterday, I have a feeling he enjoys the thrills How long will this exchange continue? There are nearly fifty tops flying around the ring! Gon is evading the frightening whirlwind of tops! Gido has used up all of his tops, and can only watch with the rest of us! Not that way! There's nowhere to run You say that he was enjoying a situation that could have cost him his life? Yeah.
I know because I've felt the same way.
Although I take circumstances into consideration, too.
Once he's in the zone, he loses sight of everything else.
Oh! But he isn't the type to break a promise twice, so you needn't worry.
Perhaps I have It's too late.
Because Gon and I already know.
If you regret teaching us and decide to back out, we'll find someone else, or we'll learn it ourselves.
You don't have to feel responsible.
My brother and Hisoka can both use Nen, so Gon and I were bound to discover it eventually.
I understand.
And I mean to finish what I started.
There are many things I must tell you.
Zushi is waiting in my lodge.
You can train with him.
No, I'll pass.
Huh? I won't leave Gon behind.
If he keeps his promise, I'll start training when he does.
Tell Gon-kun this I will allow him to practice the other "Nen"! Tell him to practice "Ten" daily! Hey, Gon.
Master I may have awakened an incredible beast Master? What do you mean? You found the agency on your own, so you must be sharp.
But I can't recommend you to one of our valued clients.
I have no problem with your lack of experience.
Some clients don't mind greenhorns.
But it isn't experience alone that you lack.
What do you mean? I said that I have a Hunter License! But your exam hasn't ended yet.
I can tell.
What? Can you see anything? Eh? Next to me.
You can't see a thing, right? Once you've learned to see, return.
That's the bare minimum.
What does she mean? What is it that I cannot see? You can't see it, but you can sense it.
Why did you do that?! This? Well, I was just playing with you.
Fate had a hand in crossing our paths.
Consider this advice from a veteran You didn't notice when I stole this, and you didn't notice when I walked past you.
Bastard Return my Hunter License! Can a newbie who knows nothing of Nen defeat me? Nen? Wanna give it a try? Understand now? You still lack something.
I I need Enough power to fight on my own! Come with me.
I'll be your teacher.
The real exam has only just begun.
Gon's hidden potential begins to awaken.
And Kurapika has also encountered a new power that will help propel him forward.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce the Hunter Agency! A place that helps Hunters find work.
This place helps pro Hunters find work.
The receptionist must be a Nen practitioner, It was hard to find the office Kurapika visited.
who turns away those who can't use Nen.
You must be able to find the agency before you qualify as a pro Hunter.
Next time: Destiny x And x Tenacity! So who is Four-Eyes, anyway? Hmm, I wonder who the Floor Masters are.
C-Could it be?