Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e31 Episode Script

Destiny x and x Tenacity!

Shroud Ten.
The ability to build up a shroud of Nen aura.
You can make your body harder, and considerably slow the effects of aging.
Null Zetsu.
A technique that nullifies your Nen aura.
It is effective for concealing your presence, and recovering from extreme fatigue.
Enhance Ren.
A technique to create an especially strong Nen aura.
This ability is crucial for increasing your power.
Act Hatsu.
The release of your Nen aura, after boosting via Ren.
These four elements are known as the four major principles, Four Major Principles and are critical to the mastery of Nen.
Master? Master I may have awakened an incredible beast Destiny x And x Tenacity One month has passed since Gon was badly injured in his match with Gido.
In Heavens Arena, all eyes are focused on a certain upcoming match.
Gon, I got something good Oh, Killua, I was about to go looking for you.
Uh Are you really healed? Yeah! See? I'm perfectly fine! Okay, I get it.
Those injuries should've kept him out of action for four months, but he recovered in a month.
Man, what is your body made of? How to answer that You're weird.
Well? Weren't you about to say something? Oh, here.
Tickets? These aren't just tickets.
They're for Hisoka's fight.
As a 200s fighter, I got dibs on tickets.
The tickets to Hisoka's match are a really hot item.
There are even scalpers hawking them.
Oh So I've been gathering information.
It turns out that Hisoka's the real deal.
He has an 8-3 record, with 6 KO's.
Each KO has led to death.
But he's lost three matches His three losses were due to forfeits.
Forfeits? He reached the registration deadline, so he signed up for a fight, but didn't show.
Which means If Hisoka actually fights, he doesn't lose.
And he's only given up a total of four points.
One knockdown, three clean hits.
He's as strong as a Floor Master.
I'm in trouble Jeez.
You don't look like someone who thinks they're in trouble.
So, his opponent is some guy named Kastro.
Two years ago, he claimed the sole knockdown against Hisoka.
And of the four points scored against Hisoka, he's responsible for three.
He scored three points against Hisoka You could say they have a history.
Apparently, they both registered for the same day so they could fight each other.
You should have the chance to analyze Hisoka's fighting style.
Maybe we'll get to see Hisoka go all-out.
But is this okay? I promised Wing-san I won't allow you to participate in any matches for two months! I won't allow you to train in, or study about, Nen.
Of course it's okay! You'll just be watching a match.
It is not okay! Viewing a match counts as learning about Nen.
W-Wing-san Don't scare us.
Gon-kun, has your arm healed? Y-Yes! It's fine now.
He has unbelievable regenerative powers.
Since he's recovered, he can watch the match, right? No, I told Gon-kun to wait two months.
Gon-kun, you should spend one more month practicing "Ten," and recovering from your injuries.
Oh Okay, I understand.
Well, then it's fine.
Osu! Take care.
Oh, well You'll have to watch a recording, so I'll go and see it in person.
He's kept his promise.
He's only practiced "Ten" each day.
I can tell from the faint aura that surrounds him under normal circumstances.
Their auras flow like serene rivers.
Master? Hmm? Oh, never mind It's nothing.
This won't do I'm the one who's losing control.
Hello! I'm your announcer, Cocco! Today in Heavens Arena, we have Kastro versus Hisoka, the match you've all been waiting for! Just look at this crowd! The match doesn't start for another hour, but the arena is already packed! This is a promise thread.
It will be a visual reminder of your promise.
Two years ago, Hisoka was the winner of their match.
The audience is fired up to watch this match of destiny, as Kastro looks for revenge! Sporting an 8-3 record, with all three losses being forfeits due to absence, we have the deadly magician with the tendency toward absence, Hisoka! And opposing him, boasting a 9-1 record, one win away from the Floor Masters after nine straight wins since his loss to Hisoka, we have the martial artist, Kastro! Will he avenge his earlier loss, as he's predicted? Get ready for a battle between the two fighters nearest to reaching the Floor Masters! Oh? I expected some kind of macho gorilla Next up, we have an interview with Kastro, from a few days ago.
I wouldn't fight if I didn't expect to win.
You'll see that I'm not the same person I was two years ago.
Oh, he sounds confident We'll see if he can back it up.
Wh-What? There he is.
Was there something you needed? What? R-Ridiculous.
He was just sitting on the couch When did he move? Did he open the door and slip behind me, without catching my attention? No, that's impossible! I never took my eyes off the door until after he spoke.
He never had the chance.
How did he do this? W-Well, I was hoping for an autograph.
From me? You honor me, Killua-kun.
I keep tabs on all my rivals in the 200s class.
You're not with Gon? Oh, so you do know everything.
Are you here to scout an opponent? Nope, I just wanted a closer look.
And what do you think? You're pretty damn good.
Thank you.
Your Zetsu was quite impressive.
However, you should have concealed your presence before reaching this floor.
When an aura as strong as yours disappears, that would put most of us on alert.
You've been following up on me since I reached this floor? Pretty much.
Then I want to know How did you do that just now? Unfortunately, I can't tell you.
After all, I might have to fight you someday.
Don't worry.
I'm not interested in fighting here again.
Really? That isn't what your aura says.
That was a joke.
I'll answer your question when we fight.
I'll wait for you in Battle Olympia.
I'm sure you can get there.
I told you I'm not interested in fighting! Yes, it's finally time The long-awaited rematch between Hisoka and Kastro! I'm very grateful, Hisoka.
If not for the initiation you gave me back then, I'd never have become this strong.
You mean to imply that you're stronger now? Just so you're aware, I never used my full strength in any of the nine matches after my loss to you.
Those matches were nothing more than a warm-up for my defeat of you.
Begin! Here I come! A clean hit! Kastro has landed the first strike! What was that? Give me your best shot, Hisoka.
Kastro is the one to land the first strike! Hisoka has surrendered the first point, after failing to evade Kastro's swift chop! Again An illusion? I'm not the same person I was two years ago.
I won't hold back on my next attack.
You'll have my best shot when I deem it necessary.
Very well.
Then I hope you'll change your mind soon.
Again I was sure he dodged that! What's wrong? Will you just run around, rather than attack? Clean hit! And knockdown! What an amazing start! Kastro has been knocking his opponent around! The score is now 4-0.
However, are my eyes deceiving me? Have you still not changed your mind? Would you prefer to die ignorant? C-Can you fight? If I am not mistaken, you seemed to disappear That's right! He disappeared! That's what I saw! No, that is not an accurate description.
You were readying a kick from the front, when suddenly, you were behind me.
I suppose that would be more precise.
But that doesn't sound right Something is off.
Yes, I feel I'm missing something very basic here It's futile.
If you continue to run in circles, you'll never learn the truth.
Because I'm done waiting.
I'll take your arm with my next strike.
If you still will not attack, then so be it.
It seems you weren't good enough.
Tiger Bite Fist He's going to use his Tiger Bite Fist! Kastro's getting serious! Tiger Bite Fist? That technique can split a tree in two, when used by a master.
Meanwhile, Hisoka still hasn't figured out Kastro's ability.
Well, I don't really understand it, either.
At this rate, Hisoka's gonna die! Here I come! Go ahead and take it.
Not worried, huh? Or is this meant to be a trap? Either way, I'll take your arm! Your other one.
Hisoka's arm! Hisoka's right arm has been severed! You shouldn't assume that I'll act the way you want.
This was just part of the plan.
What crap.
Have we ever seen Hisoka in such a perilous situation? He's taken considerable damage! I understand.
Your ability is, in fact, a double.
You are correct.
A double? What does he mean? Then it wasn't an illusion! When Kastro attacked, there really were two of him.
What is going on here? Kastro has split into two? Cloned himself? Instead of disappearing, he's multiplying! Does he actually have a twin?! Is this your doppelganger? Indeed.
Doppelganger? Yes.
Master, what does that mean? It refers to a double, as in an additional you.
When you spot someone who resembles you, that's called a doppelganger.
Er, I don't get it When you encounter a doppelganger, you experience headaches and fatigue, which continue until your double is destroyed.
Some believe that the double takes energy from the original.
B-But Kastro-san isn't suffering at all.
He's really strong.
That's only a story.
Besides, he mastered this ability through training.
I listened to your warning, and I watched carefully, rather than run.
And it turns out my deduction that you disappeared was correct.
So why did I question that description? That's because I still sensed your presence beside me.
In fact, right before you disappeared, I felt a new presence.
You duplicate yourself before disappearing.
I'm impressed that you managed to figure that out.
I was able to successfully create a double with Nen.
My double goes on the attack, while I hide in the shadows.
As soon as you react, I dismiss my double, and attack.
So those fluttering clothes were meant to help him hide.
The most skilled Nen user would still experience difficulty in figuring out this trick, while in combat.
Naturally, my double is no mere illusion.
It exists as a second me until I send it away.
You know this after suffering an attack from my double.
In other words, you must fight both of my selves.
This is the true Tiger Bite Fist, completed through the mastery of Nen.
I call it the True Tiger Bite Fist! True Tiger Bite Fist Incredible! We have an upset in the making! Hisoka, the winner two years ago, is in deep trouble! Will Kastro be able to avenge his previous defeat? Next, I will take your left arm.
Will you continue to act disinterested? Hmm, let's see I think I have a little motivation now.
The fearsome double-user, Kastro, and the magician, Hisoka.
Their incredible battle will have an unthinkable end, but Gon knows nothing of all this yet.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Riehlvelt.
A 200s class warrior.
He uses his aura to move his wheelchair.
Fights with Nen and his custom wheelchair and dual whips.
He fights with two whips.
There's probably a secret behind them.
Next time: A x Surprising x Win! Gon, if you could clone yourself, what would you do? Play rock-paper-scissors with myself! Wouldn't you always end up tying?