Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e32 Episode Script

A x Surprising x Win

Shroud Ten.
The ability to build up a shroud of Nen aura.
You can make your body harder, and considerably slow the effects of aging.
Null Zetsu.
A technique that nullifies your Nen aura.
It is effective for concealing your presence, and recovering from extreme fatigue.
Enhance Ren.
A technique to create an especially strong Nen aura.
This ability is crucial for increasing your power.
Act Hatsu.
The release of your Nen aura, after boosting via Ren.
These four elements are known as the four major principles, Four Major Principles and are critical to the mastery of Nen.
Naturally, my double is no mere illusion.
It exists as a second me until I send it away.
You know this after suffering an attack from my double.
In other words, you must fight both of my selves.
This is the true Tiger Bite Fist, completed through the mastery of Nen.
I call it the True Tiger Bite Fist! A x Surprising x Win Kastro has used Nen to create a double of himself.
And his special attack, the True Tiger Bite Fist, has severed Hisoka's right arm.
Who will emerge victorious? What's this? Hisoka has covered his right arm with a scarf? Shall I demonstrate my powers of clairvoyance? Wow! His right arm has disappeared, and cards rain down! What does he intend to do?! Now, then I have cards here, from one to thirteen.
Pick a number from these, and picture it in your head.
Pick a number? Are you ready? Once you have your number, add four, and double the result.
After that, subtract six, and divide by two.
Finally, subtract your original number, and what do you have? Um Hey, did he say to subtract six? Jeez, I don't know! I already know your answer.
The answer is one.
He's right! How? Seriously? This is very strange Insane! A satanic magic trick! And he's incorporated his own injury into the trick! Why is he so calm? The trick is worth no points.
That had no effect on the match, but he's performing tricks! Hisoka is being totally bizarre again! You may keep this as a souvenir.
I will sever your left arm, so you can never mock anyone again.
Did you not hear me the first time? You may have it.
Your wish will be granted! Whoa! One of the Kastros is charging forward! Hisoka has sacrificed his one remaining arm! What is he thinking?! What? As expected, you attacked with your double.
Had you, yourself, attacked, I would have countered.
With this.
Huh? His severed right arm has been restored! This is another magic trick.
Can you guess the secret behind it? He's lying He's obviously employing Nen to accomplish this feat.
But what type of Nen is he using? What's wrong? Are you frightened? You're surprised because you don't understand my trick.
That's how magic works.
Your power to create a double is certainly magnificent.
But now I understand your ability.
I can also anticipate how you will attack with your double.
And I know how to counter that attack.
It's quite unfortunate.
You have the talent to become a skilled opponent.
That was why I spared your life.
Here is a prediction You will die, in a frenzied dance.
Silence! H-How did he pick me out? Doubles are created in the original's image, so they tend to be pristine.
But you can't recreate every effect of an ongoing battle.
Oh? Did you not realize this? What is going on here? This sequence of events is impossible to understand! Is this another of Hisoka's tricks? Don't bother.
I hit you in the chin, so you'll have difficulty moving for a while.
Meaning that you won't be able to evade my next attack.
What? Where did this attack come from? No, I don't have time for that I must use a double to block the cards! You can't create another double.
You need intense focus to create a double with Nen.
The only reason you were able to use doubles freely was because you had a normal state of mind.
Using Nen to replicate and manipulate something as complex as a human being is extremely difficult.
Just how difficult is it? By the time you've learned to use a double, you've forgotten how to use Nen for anything else.
I call that running out of memory.
You lost because you wasted memory space.
Kastro can no longer stand! Hisoka wins by knockout! Hisoka Good work.
Now, show me that injury.
I was never absolutely certain, but today's match confirmed it.
You are an idiot.
Why do you endanger yourself this way? Was that meant as a performance or something? Who knows? Well, I can't complain, since I'm getting paid.
I'll stop your bleeding first.
Hey, hey.
Please try to be gentle.
Yeah, yeah.
Just put away your aura.
I'll start with the left arm.
Here I go.
Nen Stitches.
Nen Stitches Okay, all done.
Blood vessels, bones, nerves, and muscles.
Basically, it's one hundred percent connected.
An excellent job.
Next, I'll do your right arm.
Hold it yourself this time.
I'm always mesmerized by your skill.
Perhaps I get myself injured so I can watch you work your magic.
Twenty million for the left arm.
Fifty million for the right.
Pay up.
I'll send the money to your account.
All right.
You can treat the rest of your injuries yourself.
You could provide better service.
You should be able to manage with your Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise.
Oh I should probably conceal this.
That way, they'll think my arms were healed during the match.
This is an ordinary scarf, with no special features.
I use Bungee Gum to attach it to my arm.
Then I use Texture Surprise to create a layer of skin.
He's so fast That was fast enough to fool a Nen master into believing the arm had actually healed, before he even knew what was happening.
Next, I'll do the left.
Bungee Gum Bungee Gum (Elastic Love) He molds his aura into a substance with the properties of rubber and gum.
It can stretch, swiftly contract, adhere to most substances, and be removed at any time.
By the way, I call this Bungee Gum because when I was a child, that was the name of my favorite chewing gum.
I didn't need to know that.
Texture Surprise Texture Surprise (Flimsy Lies) He combines aura with the power of his imagination, to reproduce the appearance of skin.
Essentially, it's a high-quality copy, so you can tell it's fake if you touch it.
However, Hisoka enjoys the thrill The name Texture Surprise comes from the stickers that were included with a popular snack a while back.
Like I said, I didn't need to know that.
But weren't you impressed by my application of these two abilities during the fight? Huh? You saw everything, didn't you? Well, yeah As a distraction, you sent thirteen cards flying into the air, while throwing your arm and a scarf so they'd stick to the roof and floor with Bungee Gum.
The aura from each was also tied to your right arm.
Additionally, you connected aura to the thirteen cards on the floor, and held the ends with your left hand.
Then, when you threw the ace of spades at Kastro, You may keep this as a souvenir.
the aura in your left hand was released.
And connected.
The thirteen aura strands stuck to Kastro.
But Kastro never noticed.
You employed one of the basic techniques, Zetsu, to help mask your aura.
However, there was a flaw Yes, someone trained in Ren, another of the basic techniques, could have focused the Nen in their eyes, to see through your plan.
That's why you used that twisted magic trick to throw him off guard, while you pretended to be reserving your strength.
It even worked as camouflage, convincing him that your lack of aura was a sign of confidence.
After meticulously confirming that your plan was working, you extended a thread of aura from your left hand, the same one holding the cards, and connected it to Kastro's chin.
Your preparations were now complete.
You'd already used Texture Surprise to alter the scarf on the floor to resemble human skin.
And so, when Kastro attacked your left arm, you activated the Bungee Gum between your right arm and the scarf on the floor.
Your arm was restored, and the scarf concealed the wound, leaving everyone convinced that your right arm was restored.
However, this performance actually helped Kastro to calm down.
It made no sense for a severed arm to reappear in a pristine state Kastro realized that I was using Nen, not magic.
But you didn't miss the subtle change in his psychological state.
Your power to create a double is certainly magnificent.
But now I understand your ability.
I can also anticipate how you will attack with your double.
And I know how to counter that attack.
It's quite unfortunate.
You have the talent to become a skilled opponent.
That was why I spared your life.
Kastro was about to recover.
Here is a prediction You will die, in a frenzied dance.
But then you pushed him over the edge.
Silence! H-How did he pick me out? But you can't recreate every effect of an ongoing battle.
You exposed the weakness of his doubles.
But had he stayed composed, he had a fair chance.
However Kastro couldn't bear the mental strain And he lost.
You realize that those two abilities are perfect for you.
As opposed to Kastro's doubles, if my opponent knows of my abilities, I lose nothing because they're so adaptable.
Well, I'm off.
Already? My job is done, so I'm not sticking around.
Since Nen Stitches can only do so much, don't overdo it until your arm's firmly attached.
Oh, that's right.
I came here for a reason.
I have new orders.
All Troupe members are to be in Yorknew City by noon, August 30th, not just those who find it convenient.
Will the boss be coming? Most likely.
This could be our biggest job yet.
If you skip this one, the boss might hunt you down himself.
How very scary.
Then, care to join me for dinner tonight? A pity.
Killua! How was Hisoka's fight? It was boring.
Did Hisoka win? I was lying.
It was an incredible fight.
I hate to admit this, but I have no idea how Hisoka won.
You couldn't tell? Gon, we need to learn more about Nen.
Yeah! He doesn't talk.
He doesn't talk about the past.
He has no interest in the past.
By tomorrow, I imagine he'll have forgotten Kastro's face.
He doesn't associate with others.
He's his own man.
Because he believes himself to be the strongest.
Oh, I forgot to remove this.
Spider I found some new toys to play with.
I suppose it's time to start the hunt.
Hisoka has been masquerading as a Phantom Troupe member.
To him, the Phantom Troupe is simply another target.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Kastro.
A 200s-class warrior.
He can use the Tiger Bite Fist.
He can create a clone of himself with Nen.
Combines release and incarnation techniques, Doubles are tough to deal with.
With this double, I can use the real Tiger Bite Fist! to duplicate himself.
The True Tiger Bite Fist! Next time: An x Empty x Threat! Ah Ah Achoo! Do I have a cold? I bet someone's talking about you behind your back.
Is it Mito-san?