Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e34 Episode Script

Power x To x Avenge!

Heavens Arena.
The 251-story, 991-meter building is a mecca for fighters.
When combatants win a fight, they may advance by one class, and receive a corresponding reward.
After reaching the 100th floor, you are assigned a private room.
After reaching the 200th floor, you receive the right to challenge the strongest fighters, the Floor Masters, in an intense battle of survival.
This is the best stage a warrior could ask for.
Today, I'll beat Killua-chan for my sixth win.
Tomorrow, I'll beat Gon-chan for my seventh win.
Then I just need to find three more chumps.
And I'll be a Floor Master.
I'll get all the wealth and glory to set me up for the rest of my life.
Move, and I will kill you Use Nen, and I will kill you.
Make a sound, and I will kill you.
If you understand, slowly close your eyes.
Do you know what happens if you break your word? If you know, slowly open your eyes.
Look at me in the mirror, and listen carefully.
Never show your filthy face to us again.
That's a promise.
Power x To x Avenge There are many who would use underhanded tactics to become a Floor Master.
On the other hand, Gon has concentrated on improving his Nen and growing stronger.
And tonight, he has his battle with Sadaso.
His eyes reflected his underworld affiliations.
I was overcome with despair.
The second he looked at me, I felt a difference in strength that made me realize my helplessness against him.
It was a mistake to underestimate him, and to assume he was some normal kid.
I'm gonna disappear because I don't wanna die Be careful.
You guys are next.
What should we do? I'm still in.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I'm this close to becoming a Floor Master.
Ten victories in the 200s win you the right to challenge a Floor Master.
Should you triumph, you get an entire floor to yourself.
And once you've earned the title of Floor Master, you can lecture, serve as an advisor, or start a new martial arts school.
You can live off the title for the rest of your life.
Will that kid try threatening us? The boy doesn't know my power.
As long as we're careful, we can handle him.
You're wrong.
It's irrelevant to me what your power is.
I can threaten you whenever I want.
Whenever and wherever I choose When you're sound asleep When you're taking a dump.
Got it? Now, listen up.
You have to follow the rules.
Without rules, we are the ones who would benefit.
Cheating really is a bad idea.
We'll have a fair fight.
Time has run out for Sadaso.
Gon wins by default! What? Again? What is Sadaso doing? June 1st June 2nd June 3rd June 4th Okay, Gon-kun is fighting Gido today.
Killua-kun will be facing Riehlvelt.
Are you feeling all right? Yes.
Gon-kun, this will be your second match with Gido.
So you shouldn't require much advice.
Do you have a plan? Uh-huh.
Um, Wing-san, actually I'm planning to use this.
I see Okay, today is the long-awaited grudge match Gido versus Gon.
In their previous encounter, Gon ended up in the hospital, but what will happen this time? Today, he's carrying a fishing rod.
How does he plan to use it? How does he intend to fight? Let's get this contest started! Points and KO system.
No time limit! Begin! Wow! Gon's already taken off! But Gido was also prepared, as he's already using Tornado Top! If Gon charges in, he'll be in the same position as before.
So he anticipated that.
I know exactly what you're thinking Once I've begun to spin, it's extremely hard to stop me.
Thus, the logical course would be a preemptive attack before I start.
What's wrong? If you won't make a move, I'll go first.
Shotgun Blues! Shotgun Blues He can dispatch his tops, even while spinning? This technique is nothing like Battle Waltz.
Every top will be aiming for you.
You can't avoid them all! Ren! What? He stopped them! Did you see that? Wow Incredible! He stopped the tops in their tracks! He clearly isn't the same person as two months ago! His Nen defense is far stronger now.
I can't win with my tops? Gon's reflexes are good enough to let him use his rod to knock down any tops that are stupid enough to come straight at him.
But he chose to use Ren to deal more psychological damage.
He must be pretty mad about how they used Zushi.
It's my turn now! Well, what technique will Gon use? If he's attacking with that fishing rod, I'd guess he'll try to snag me, to stop my spinning.
But it won't be that simple.
There he goes Straight for Gido! I knew it.
But that won't do you any good! Oh, his attack missed! What were you aiming at? What?! Unbelievable Gon pulled up the floor, with Gido on it! Wait! G-Gon has broken Gido's prosthetic leg.
Gido can no longer continue to fight.
If you're willing to do whatever it takes, I won't hold back.
And if you touch Zushi again, I'll smash your face in! Our winner is Gon! Gon was able to avenge his initial loss! His record in the 200s is now 2-1! Okay, it's my turn now.
All right, up next is our main event Killua versus Riehlvelt! Because Sadaso forfeited the previous match, this will technically be Killua's debut 200s match.
What will his strategy be? You're the ones who broke your promise.
I won't let you win now.
His eyes reflected his underworld affiliations.
An underworld dweller, huh? This boy may be a professional there, but Heavens Arena is my turf.
I'll show him that, on this square stage, I'm better.
Fight, Killua-san! Points and KO system.
No time limit! Begin! He disappeared? Behind me! Aura Burst! Aura Burst Wow, he's dashed out of harm's way! He uses the propulsion created by releasing his stored aura to control his wheelchair at will.
I moved too fast.
Whew, that was close Twin Snakes: Song of Defense! Song of Defense There it is! His Song of Defense Riehlvelt protects himself with two whips moving at ridiculous speed, while he awaits his opportunity to strike.
You planned to attack first and take the lead.
Too bad it didn't work Now that I've switched to this stance, you have no chance of winning.
Why not? That should be obvious.
A normal person can't even see the whips move! And this small ring offers no means to hide or escape.
Take this! Sorry, but I'm not a normal person.
What?! But Thunder Snake! True Twin Snakes: Thunder Snake I'm astonished, Killua.
You're the first person I've fought who could see my whips move.
So I have a present for you Together, my whips carry a one million volt current.
Enough to paralyze and incapacitate the largest of men.
Any fool who resists my whips will fall prey to Thunder Snake! I'm accustomed to electrical currents from the torture training I've endured.
It has no effect on me.
But that just means I can bear the pain.
It still hurts.
That's why I'm a little pissed.
If you fall from that height, you'll die! What do you want? P-Please catch me! Okay.
Just come to me.
Man, you realize how painful it is now, idiot? Riehlvelt has been knocked unconscious.
Our winner is Killua! Nice, Killua! You're up next.
You're fighting him in six days? Uh-huh, June 10th.
My win was only possible because of who I am If you're hit by those electric whips, you'll be knocked out cold.
What's your plan? Don't worry.
I have an idea.
Oh? In spirit, you were fighting even as you watched me.
I guess you prefer actual combat to being a spectator.
June 9th It appears that the damage Gido suffered in his match with Gon was so severe, he hasn't returned for today's fight.
Killua wins by default.
June 10th After losing to Killua, Riehlvelt's record stands at 5-3, leaving him no more chances.
As you know, after four losses, you're out of the contest.
You'll have to start over from the beginning.
He appears wary of Gon's speed, as he already has his whips out.
Meanwhile, Gon isn't carrying his fishing rod How does he plan to fight? Begin! Oh, Riehlvelt opened with Song of Defense! Riehlvelt is attempting to end the fight now! Oh, Gon is squatting? Amazing He pried a floor tile loose by himself! And then he threw it! Aura Burst! Whoa, he barely managed to escape! He left that escape route open on purpose.
What? However, Gon has already anticipated him.
When you try to escape, every fraction of a second counts.
And since there isn't time to change direction, you're forced to move forward And when you dash quickly, you're usually off-balance.
His only option is to stop the whips.
That's where you get him This is the switch? Let's see I'll turn the power to maximum.
S-Stop Switch Stop it! on! Just kidding.
Riehlvelt has fallen unconscious.
Our winner is Gon! Gon-san! Yes, that truly was impressive.
I can see the progress you've made from these last two fights.
Feel free to pick a time and place I shall be your opponent.
Hisoka has recognized the strength Gon demonstrated during his matches.
Their fight will soon begin.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Cocco.
A Heavens Arena commentator.
She's a Heavens Arena commentator.
Oh, the lady who's always talking? She knows how to get the crowd excited.
I wonder how many of her there are.
Uh, there's just one! Next time: The x True x Pass! Hey, Killua.
What does "yadda yadda" mean? You don't know? It means ya da and ya da.