Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e35 Episode Script

The x True x Pass

Shroud Ten.
The ability to build up a shroud of Nen aura.
You can make your body harder, and considerably slow the effects of aging.
Null Zetsu.
A technique that nullifies your Nen aura.
It is effective for concealing your presence, and recovering from extreme fatigue.
Enhance Ren.
A technique to create an especially strong Nen aura.
This ability is crucial for increasing your power.
Act Hatsu.
The release of your Nen aura, after boosting via Ren.
These four elements are known as the four major principles, Four Major Principles and are critical to the mastery of Nen.
Yes, that truly was impressive.
I can see the progress you've made from these last two fights.
Feel free to pick a time and place I shall be your opponent.
The x True x Pass Gon has obtained Hisoka's consent to fight him, so he continues to train hard in Nen to prepare.
Today, we will finally begin to train in Hatsu.
Act Once you master Hatsu, you will have learned the basic Nen principles.
After that, you will need to work on developing your individual Nen style.
Osu! Hatsu is the technique by which you control your Nen.
It is the culmination of Nen, and there are six distinct categories.
Enhancer Enhancers are able to strengthen objects.
Emitter Emitters can propel their aura.
Transmuter Transmuters can alter their aura's qualities.
Conjurer Conjurers are able to manifest their aura.
Manipulator Manipulators can use their aura to control objects and creatures.
Specialist Specialists are those with a special aura that doesn't fall within the other five classes.
The key is to find the power that suits you.
Enhancer Emitter Transmuter Conjurer Manipulator Specialist The power that suits you? Nen is linked to individual ability, with two areas of particular prominence.
The first would be your natural potential.
The second would be potential refined later in life.
Gon-kun, for example, was born with a flexible, springy body.
His acute senses were the product of a childhood spent in nature.
From the moment of birth, your Nen aura falls within one of the six categories.
While rare, it is possible for your Nen aura to later change types.
If you attempt to learn an ability that does not fit your inclination, you will find it very difficult.
Act Enhancer Transmuter Conjurer Specialist Emitter Manipulator This hexagon depicts the relationship among the six categories.
The closer a class is to your own, the higher your compatibility to learn it.
If you are born with an aura of the Enhancer category, you will find Enhancer abilities easiest to learn and master.
And the adjacent Transmuter and Emitter classes will also be easy to learn.
On the other hand, the Specialist class, which is furthest away, would be difficult.
To illustrate, I'll use skills that you've seen for yourselves.
Hisoka was able to change his aura into a rubbery substance.
This would be a Transmuter ability.
Gido used his tops and body as weapons by making them spin faster, which would be an Enhancer power.
However, since using so many tops as weapons also requires Manipulator skill, he wasn't as successful.
As for Kastro, his Tiger Bite was incredibly strong.
Had he mastered it, he would have been among the strongest Nen users.
I believe that his aura fell into the Enhancer class.
However, he focused his energy on the power to create a double, which is a Conjurer skill.
And he also required a Manipulator ability to control the double.
Both of those are relatively far from the Enhancer category.
So neither was compatible with an Enhancer type? Indeed, it requires a great deal of work and natural talent to learn an incompatible ability.
And as a result, he squandered most of his Nen potential.
So he made the wrong choice.
He was a great fighter It's a shame.
Well? Do you see the importance of understanding your own auras and inclinations? Osu! Given that, is there any way to learn which category your aura falls into? There is.
Water Divination, a Shingen-ryu technique for classifying your aura.
It's also used in Hatsu training.
You place your hands beside the cup, and use Ren.
The result will reveal your category.
The water's overflowing If the amount of water changes, that means you are an Enhancer.
This shows that my aura falls within the Enhancer class.
Okay, now it's your turn.
Gon's an Enhancer, too? The leaf moved! If the leaf moves, that makes you a Manipulator.
Okay, I'm last! Nothing's happening.
Indeed The leaf isn't moving.
Do I not have any potential? Not at all.
Taste the water.
Taste it? It might be a little sweet You're right.
Yes, it's a bit sweet.
Isn't this just water? It's just water.
But the taste changed.
Because of Killua-kun's aura.
And that means? You are a Transmuter.
Oh! A Transmuter? Now, you three know how your auras are classified.
Use the next four weeks to train hard, so the Water Divination results become more pronounced.
Osu! June 11th June 16th June 20th Hello? This is Gon.
Ah, I have been waiting Have you decided when we should fight? Yeah, July 10th.
That's the day! Okay.
I can hardly wait June 22nd June 30th July 5th Now, show me what you've accomplished with your training.
Killua-kun, you're first.
I'm done.
It's sweet! Wow, it tastes like honey.
Zushi, you're next.
Osu! This is the best I can manage That's fine.
But it won't be enough to pass.
You'll need to train some more.
Gon-kun, you're next.
Osu! Stop Stop, Gon-kun! The water increased with so much force, it cracked the glass.
Honestly You really are something.
I was feeling pretty good about this.
Gon-kun, Killua-kun.
Today is your graduation day.
Huh? Really? We did it, Killua! Yeah.
Master, what about me? You still need to train a bit more.
Keep at it.
You can do it! Osu And, Gon-kun Huh? I have something important to tell you.
Something important? Gon Freecss-kun, you have passed the Secret Hunter Exam! Huh? You've passed.
The Secret Hunter Exam? Correct.
You were able to pass.
What do you mean? You are required to learn Nen before becoming a Hunter, as professional Hunters are expected to be exceptionally strong.
One of your basic tasks as a Hunter will be apprehending evil poachers and criminals.
You must be strong enough to fight crime.
However, this power is highly destructive when used for wrongdoing.
Revealing the existence of Nen during the Exam would be dangerous.
Therefore, the test is only administered to those who pass the public Exam.
Oh, so you were going to teach us, or at least Gon, all along Yes.
I should mention that the head Shingen-ryu master is Chairman Netero.
The master has told me much about you.
That old man Killua-kun.
Please take the Hunter Exam again.
You will definitely pass next time.
Huh? Yeah.
You are more than qualified.
I guarantee it.
Yeah, if I feel up to it.
Hey, Wing-san Have you heard anything about the others who passed? Sure.
Hanzo and Kurapika have learned Nen from other teachers.
Pokkle is struggling with Ren.
Leorio has begun studying for the medical school exam.
Hisoka and Illumi already knew Nen, so they were qualified.
Then Kurapika and Leorio are working hard.
Now, Gon-kun, I have one warning for you.
When you fight Hisoka tomorrow, don't push yourself too hard.
All right? Yes, sir! Zushi, you will continue training for four more weeks.
Osu You should have more confidence.
You are progressing at an incredible pace.
You're a one-in-a-hundred-thousand talent.
One in a hundred thousand? O-Osu! However, those two are one-in-ten-million talents.
Osu! That doesn't make me feel any better, master But One day, I will definitely catch up! Hello, everyone! In the arena today, we have Gon versus Hisoka.
This is the fight you've all been waiting for.
As you can see, the stands are packed.
The tension in the air before the start of this match is almost unreal! How much longer? Get this thing started! Gon is the first to arrive! After four fights, he has a 3-1 record.
He's on a roll! You can do it, Gon! Don't you need your fishing rod? You can't catch Hisoka with your bare hands! And next, with a fiery display Hisoka appears! His lethal battle with Kastro is still fresh in everyone's minds.
His record is 9-3.
If he wins, he can challenge a Floor Master.
If he loses, he falls all the way down.
However, he has yet to lose when he steps into the ring! Will his undefeated record continue? Oh Don't look at me like that.
Schwing I'm getting turned on.
What a sinister aura.
Gon-kun, don't overdo it.
Points and KO system.
No time limit! One round! Begin! This is the match you've been waiting for.
The die has been cast! Who will make the first move? It's Gon! A clean hit! One point to Hisoka! Wh-What an intense exchange.
I never even got to sneak in a word! What's wrong? I still haven't moved a step from where I started.
Huh? Really? Damn! Just you wait! Okay, I don't have to try to hit him with every attack.
I can use some feints to get the same effect.
Hisoka's enjoying himself.
In terms of actual skill, there's an insurmountable gap.
But he still has a weakness.
Hisoka knows that he's stronger, so he won't retreat.
That gives Gon an opening! In that case, I'll try that! There it is! Gon's Stone Flip! He shattered the block to create a hail of rubble.
Gon Where is he? Gon has finally landed a solid hit on Hisoka.
However, he will soon receive a taste of Hisoka's true power.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Hisoka.
The reason Gon and Killua began studying Nen.
He reels in opponents with rubbery Nen called Bungee Gum, and uses sticky Texture Surprise A peculiar character, who does things to duplicate other objects.
like stick cards in his own wounds.
Schwing! Next time: A Big Debt x And x A Small Kick! Go, go, Gon! Gon Shot!