Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e36 Episode Script

A Big Debt x And x A Small Kick!

Shroud Ten.
The ability to build up a shroud of Nen aura.
You can make your body harder, and considerably slow the effects of aging.
Null Zetsu.
A technique that nullifies your Nen aura.
It is effective for concealing your presence, and recovering from extreme fatigue.
Enhance Ren.
A technique to create an especially strong Nen aura.
This ability is crucial for increasing your power.
Act Hatsu.
The release of your Nen aura, after boosting via Ren.
These four elements are known as the four major principles, Four Major Principles and are critical to the mastery of Nen.
Oh Don't look at me like that.
Schwing I'm getting turned on.
A Big Debt x And x A Small Kick Gon was able to land a solid punch to Hisoka's face.
Will he be able to win the match? Critical! Two points for Gon! Amazing! Gon managed to land a critical hit! He's come back to take a 2-1 lead.
Gon is on top! However, it appears that his punch hasn't dealt much damage to Hisoka.
I have to question the referee's decision The referee is entitled to award points as he pleases.
Huh? Some referees award points based on the amount of damage done, while some base scores on strategy and technique.
I believe the referee in this case was rewarding the fighter for using the stone block in his attack.
I see So, who are you? Okay! O-Oh For the first time in this fight, Hisoka has moved! And he's smiling ever so slightly.
Is he finally getting serious? What was that about?! I have no idea! How much have you learned about Nen? All of the basics.
I see.
You must be an Enhancer.
H-How did you know? You're so adorable You should do a better job of keeping a secret.
Shut up! How did you know? I used a method similar to the blood type personality test.
And it's just as unreliable.
I devised my own way of using personality to classify aura.
Enhancers are simple and earnest.
He nailed it.
He's right.
By the way, I'm a Transmuter, fickle and dishonest.
It fits.
He nailed it.
Emitters have short tempers.
Specialists are independent.
Conjurers are high-strung.
Manipulators are argumentative.
The two of us are quite compatible.
Our opposing personalities attract.
We could become very intimate.
But you should take care, because Transmuters are fickle.
It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash.
So Do not disappoint me, Gon.
He's fast! Wh-What a strong kick.
He sent that stone block flying all the way to the entrance! Fast, fast, fast! Hisoka is demonstrating his true power.
Critical for Hisoka! Add points.
His nonstop flurry of attacks has been scored as a critical strike.
He's regained the lead.
Gon appears to be confused Does he have no way to fight back? He's backing off.
Amazing Too amazing.
What's wrong? Attack me.
Forget it.
I'm brainstorming! I can just barely follow him by eye, but the rest of my body can't keep up.
At this rate, he'll beat the crap out of me! Very well.
Then I'll have to force you to come over here Gon, use Gyo ! Crap! Do you understand what is happening? Gon has been drawn toward Hisoka! This is my Elastic Love Also known as Bungee Gum.
It can expand and contract.
And attach and detach as I desire You won't be able to escape.
Critical and down.
Plus three points to Hisoka.
Hisoka hits him with a strong straight right! Gon is down! He turns his aura into a rubbery substance capable of attaching to other objects.
Bungee Gum.
Only Hisoka can attach and detach it.
Stand up, Gon Damn.
The score is 6-2.
Hisoka increases his lead.
Will his undefeated record continue? Stand up, kid! Hey, ref! You're helping Hisoka too much! You can do it! Can you fight? Of course.
Oh, Gon is standing But he's sustained significant damage! Okay, I have a question for you.
Huh? If you answer correctly, I'll give you a free hit.
What? When did I attach my Bungee Gum to your cheek? When did he attach his Gum? One When I elbowed you.
Two When I landed a clean hit.
Three When I landed a critical strike? When was it? Three! When you hit me with both hands! Wrong! The answer is four.
When I was giving you my aura personality analysis.
That's dirty! Damn.
If I had been using Gyo from the beginning Now, I have a warning for you.
Had you been using Gyo, you would have been able to notice my aura, and you could have avoided it during my aura personality analysis.
However, what about situations one, two, and three? Have you figured it out? I could have also attached my Bungee Gum while directly attacking you.
You only need to conceal your aura when you wish to catch your opponent off guard.
Normally, you use your aura while attacking.
It doesn't matter if your opponent sees your aura when you're landing attacks.
He's right.
If I can't dodge Hisoka's attacks, using Gyo to see his aura won't help! This is bad.
His power's far more difficult to handle than I expected! So you have to dodge all of Hisoka's attacks if you want to avoid his Bungee Gum.
But if you're able to defend No, defending won't work.
Even if you block, he can still attach his aura to the part you block with.
I can't escape.
What should I do? Okay, that's enough talk.
Let us prepare for battle.
If I can't escape, I'll go to him! Gon Gon! Good You're so good.
Those eyes.
That look.
That spirit I can't wait to break you.
But not yet More More! Until I can no longer bear to ruin you.
Rush! Rush! Rush! Rush! Once you've matured Rush! Rush! Rush! Rush! Until you've reached soaring new heights I must wait.
A vicious rush! Oh, not again! Hisoka draws Gon into another punch from his left fist! Good.
I managed to block that! I'm getting used to being dragged around by his Bungee Gum.
This isn't over.
It's not over yet! I'm scared But if I let my fear overcome me, I'll never be able to beat anyone else! Critical for both sides! Plus two points! Plus a knockdown for Hisoka! What? Total scores are now 9 points for Hisoka, and 4 points for Gon! I was never knocked down! I got right back up! I even blocked his attack! What? Something's wrong with this ref! Are you blind? Oh, we have another strange call.
In response to the ref's decision, the crowd has filled the arena with boos.
Fight! If he gets ten points, I lose.
I only have one point left.
He doesn't need to knock me down.
If I get hit by any attack, it's over! You must be more vigilant, Gon.
Look to the right.
Oh, sorry.
I meant my right.
Down, and clean hit! Plus two points.
The winner, by, TKO, is Hisoka! Huh? While you were complaining to the referee, I sent the aura on my left hand to the stone.
Total scores are now 9 points for Hisoka, and 4 points for Gon! Then I immediately activated Bungee Gum.
So It's really over? You've made incredible progress.
But you lack experience.
About ten more fights, and you should stand a better chance.
If we're in Heavens Arena, at least.
Therefore, I will not fight you here again.
Next time, we'll fight in the real world, without any rules to restrain us.
With our lives on the line.
He's so far away But he's not out of reach.
I need more training in Nen To find a power that's as strong as Hisoka's! With this victory, Hisoka has earned his tenth win and the right to challenge a Floor Master! Gon has fought bravely, and we wish him the best in his next match.
So that's all for now.
This is your commentator, Cocco, signing off! A referee is supposed to be completely impartial.
But given today's matchup, I thought it prudent to end the fight as quickly as possible, even if it meant lowering my standards.
So he's a technical ref.
What does that mean? If a ref believes that a fight may get dangerous, he'll award points like crazy, to finish it quickly.
You have to take that into consideration when placing a bet.
Man, I was certain that Hisoka would win 10-0 I have nothing to say to you about the fight with Hisoka.
You were the one fighting him, so I'm sure you understand best of all.
Understand what? What he learned from that fight.
Yes! Gon, what did you learn? A secret.
Gon-kun, Killua-kun You will need to master your own styles of Nen, as you continue down your chosen paths.
Yes! Yeah.
I'm glad I was able to meet you.
You've set a worthy mark for me to surpass! You think you can pass us? One day, for sure! Won't happen.
I can't wait to see you do it, Zushi.
Osu! Well, let's go.
Thank you for everything, Wing-san! Yeah, same here.
Thank you.
Take care, you two.
Zushi, until we meet again! Osu! Well, you finally accomplished your objective, right? Uh-huh.
Then we don't have any more business here.
Gon, what are you going to do? Go back to Whale Island.
Whale Island? Uh-huh.
I was able to return the favor to Hisoka, so I want to go back to the island, and show Mito-san my license.
It's been over half a year since I left I guess I'll come with you.
Huh? I'd like to meet Mito-san.
Really? Then let's go together.
Yeah, I'll just tag along.
Bye-bye, Heavens Arena.
Gon was able to land a punch on Hisoka and return the tag, as he'd promised.
Despite losing the fight, Gon was satisfied after meeting his goal.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Gon! Gon learned that he still has a ways to go, Me? Gon became my first friend, after we met during the Hunter Exam.
but he also met his goal of repaying an old debt.
He's fun to be around because his expressions are always changing, He's intent on getting stronger.
and you can't ever tell what he's thinking.
Next time: Ging x And x Gon! Hey, Killua, wanna come to my place? I-I-I can't do much, but thank you for letting me stay! You're stuttering.