Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e37 Episode Script

Ging x And x Gon!

He's so far away But he's not out of reach.
I need more training in Nen To find a power that's as strong as Hisoka's! Mito-san! Mito-san! Mito-san! Gon Gon! Mito-san! I'm home, Mito-san.
Welcome home, Gon.
You must be Killua, right? Ging x And x Gon Sheesh, you should have let me know you were coming home.
I didn't have time to prepare anything.
It's not a big deal, whatever is fine.
What are you saying? Your friend came all the way out here to visit.
No, it's okay.
Honestly, you should have said something first Are you listening to me? Oh, that's right Take a bath while I make something to eat.
And put out your dirty clothes.
I'll be doing laundry.
Okay, later.
Now! You have ten seconds! One.
Is she always like this? Four.
Pretty much.
Let's move fast! Seven.
Yeah, this is the life Okay, let's eat.
Wow! This looks delicious.
What are you doing? Offering our thanks.
What does that mean? All right Let's dig in.
Please help yourself, Killua.
Oh, right, Mito-san.
Look! This is a Hunter License.
Hmm It looks pretty normal.
Hey, what are you doing? Just kidding I would never do anything like that.
Man, what if it doesn't work anymore? Mito-san, I'm going to show Killua around the island.
Won't that take a while? Want me to pack some food for you? That's okay! We'll find something to eat in the forest.
Gon and his friend are rather late.
It's been a while since he was last on this island.
And he's brought his first friend along.
I'm sure they won't be back until it's late.
You're right Maybe I should take some food out to them.
Hey, Gon.
What are you going to do now? For now, I'll rest up here while I gather information The information I'll need before I go to Yorknew to look for my dad.
Oh What should I do? Huh? You should stay here and then go to Yorknew with me! Yeah, I'm coming with you.
That wasn't what I meant.
I was thinking you're sort of admirable.
There's nothing I really want to do I don't really have anything I want to do like you do.
Though there are plenty of things I don't want to do.
I don't want to stay in that house Or inherit the family business.
I guess I'm a little jealous.
Killua I think it's fun to be with you.
Wh-What's that about? Whale Island is a place for fishermen to stay during extended outings.
There aren't too many native residents.
There's one other kid here that's around my age, and she's a girl.
So you're my first friend who's the same age.
My situation was similar Stuck in that house all day.
I spent all my time learning how to kill.
You were my first friend.
Do you have fun when we're together? I guess, yeah.
Then let's stick together! We can travel around and see the world together! Don't you ever feel embarrassed saying that stuff? I'll be looking for my dad.
You'll be looking for what you want to do.
It'll be a blast! Yeah.
Doesn't sound too bad.
Okay! I'll help you look for your dad until I discover what I want to do! Okay! Oh, what's your mom doing? It's hard asking about my dad, but asking about my mom is even harder.
Since Mito-san raised me by herself, it would feel wrong to ask her that Is that how it works? At first, Mito-san told me my parents died in a traffic accident.
She was worried that I might end up like my dad if I learned he was alive and a Hunter And she was right.
When I found out about my dad, I kind of figured that my mom was probably dead.
That's pretty harsh! So I've always thought of Mito-san as my mom.
She's the only mom I have.
So there's nothing for me to ask.
I don't need to.
I see.
Man, I wish I had a mom like Mito-san She's the best! Though she does nag a lot.
That's nothing My mom starts crying the second I say I want to go outside! She actually goes into hysterics! Say What? How long will you be staying? Maybe a month? After that I'm going to look for my dad.
What's this? Something Ging left with me.
Huh? He asked me to give this to you when you became a Hunter.
My dad left this for me I'll tell you everything I know about Ging.
Ging is my cousin.
My oldest memory of him is of his back.
I was always running after him.
I think back then, I was three I have the feeling that I was always looking at his back.
At age twelve, Ging left the island to take the Hunter Exam, just like you did.
He suddenly said that he was leaving the island.
When I asked him why, he told me this "There's something that I want.
" He never told me what it was that he wanted.
We argued Actually, it was just me making a fuss.
But I never got to see Ging again before he left the island.
You were originally told that your parents died in a traffic accident, right? That was what happened to Mito's parents.
It happened right after Ging left the island.
After that, Ging's father went missing on a fishing trip.
Both of my sons ended up passing away.
Yes All that happened after he left.
Ten years later, Ging returned to the island.
When he returned, he came carrying you, and you were still a baby.
He just popped up, out of nowhere.
And he asked us to take care of you.
When I asked about your mother, he'd only say that they were separated.
I was about to agree to look after you, when I heard a loud, "Don't be silly!" I imagine everyone on the island heard it.
Grandma, you don't need to mention that! Anyhow, I knew we couldn't count on him to raise you.
So we don't know anything about your mother.
Mito even yelled, "Don't you ever come back!" while she cried Grandma! Anyway, Ging left this with us then.
This girl's tried to throw it away so many times That's because you always put it back where it was! If you wanted to get rid of it, you should have buried or burned it, rather than tossing it in the trash can.
Do you understand? That's it.
That's all I know about Ging.
Ging Ging, huh? Ging Ging Yeah, I'll use that.
Hey, Mito-san Tell me more about what Ging was like when he was little! Huh? Does it sound weird for me to use his name? Somehow, it feels more natural.
No, that isn't it.
You want to hear what Ging was like as a child? Yeah! Hey, did Ging have any friends his age? No, he didn't.
Ging and I were the only children around.
So I always wanted him to play with me, but he would always run off.
You were always getting lost.
Honestly, you only remember the embarrassing stuff! You followed Ging into the mountains, but then you didn't come back.
When Ging returned by himself, the whole village panicked.
And that happened several times.
But when we went to look for you in the mountains, Ging was always the first to find you.
No matter where you hid After a few times, people started wondering if you two were just playing pranks.
What?! I would never do that! Well, you always hid in places that were impossible to locate.
It was like you didn't want to be found.
Really? I guess so Oh, that reminds me of this other time.
Ging and I were Oh? I see.
So this is the box.
Huh? How do you open it? Yeah, I tried a bunch of methods, but it wouldn't open.
Mind if I use force? Go ahead.
Okay It's no use.
This is no ordinary box.
I should be able to twist open an ordinary steel box.
And since we don't know what's inside, we can't break the box.
It's not making a sound.
Your dad said to give this to you once you became a Hunter, right? Yeah, that's what I heard.
Once you became a Hunter I get it I figured it out! Gon, there's one thing we haven't tried yet! Huh? Something you have as a Hunter that you didn't have before.
Oh, I know! My Hunter License! But there isn't an opening for the card No, that isn't it.
I meant Nen There's another box inside.
These are just steel plates.
It appears nothing was connecting them.
What's wrong? Doesn't that design look familiar? This is I know! This is like the pattern on the promise thread Wing-san gave me.
Wasn't that designed to snap if Nen was used? I bet this pattern holds a power similar to Nen.
Maybe we're supposed to put the card in here now.
It worked! Bingo! A ring and a cassette tape And a memory card? Look.
That pattern is on the back of this ring.
You should take care before you put it on.
Really? You think that Ging might try to hurt me? Just to be safe.
Well, we can start by listening to the tape.
I guess.
Oh, can you copy it? Sure, why? Just to be safe.
Yo, Gon So you became a Hunter, too.
Anyway, I have a question for you.
Do you want to see me? It was the first time Gon had heard his father's voice.
Ging appeared to have read Gon's mind when he recorded his question.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Mito-san! She raised me.
Raised Gon and has been waiting on Whale Island To me, Mito-san will always be my mom.
for Gon to return.
I wish I had a mom like Mito-san Ging's cousin and childhood friend.
She's the best, though she nags a lot! Next Time: Reply x From x Dad! Earthquake, thunderstorm, fire, or Dad.
Which one scares you most? Mito-san.