Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e38 Episode Script

Reply x From x Dad!

Fearsome monsters Exotic creatures Vast riches Hidden treasures Evil enclaves Unexplored lands The word "unknown" holds magic.
And some incredible people are drawn to that magic.
They are known as Hunters! What's this? Something Ging left with me.
Huh? He asked me to give this to you when you became a Hunter.
My dad left this for me Reply x From x Dad The box that had been sealed with Nen contained three mysterious items.
One of them, an old cassette tape, gave Gon his first chance to hear his father's voice.
Yo, Gon So you became a Hunter, too.
This is my dad's voice.
Anyway, I have a question for you.
Do you want to see me? If you do, keep on listening.
If you don't, press the stop button.
I'm guessing that's a "yes.
" Then I'll ask you once more.
Are you prepared? Hunters are selfish creatures.
They're willing to sacrifice anything to get what they want.
If you're only slightly interested in seeing me, you should stop the tape now.
I'll give you a minute to consider it.
Well? I guess you really do want to see me.
But I don't want to see you.
I don't know how I could face you now.
After all, I chose my own desires over my parental duty.
I'm a bad person.
I'm guessing that by the time you hear this tape, at least ten years will have passed.
But one thing still hasn't changed.
I'm still me.
Bo! As you listen to this tape, I'm off doing reckless things.
If you want to see me, find me.
But as I said before, I don't want to see you.
If I sense you nearby, I'll make myself scarce.
Catch me if you can.
You are a Hunter, aren't you? Your dad isn't gonna be easy to track.
Oh, wait Ging's still there.
Oh, I forgot to mention something It's about your mother.
If you want to know more, keep listening.
If you're not interested Are you sure? Yeah.
But he might have left you a clue.
I doubt it.
That's what my gut tells me.
Besides, I already told you My mom is Mito-san.
I see.
Are you hungry? I'll go grab something.
Hey, Gon! The tape started moving all by itself! What?! There's aura around the tape player! It's Nen Nen is rewinding the cassette! Nen ? Is he nearby? No, he infused this player with Nen over ten years ago! So it would start rewinding, once it was stopped! Why? Beats me.
Now it's recording! I get it! He's erasing his message! What? It's not working! I can't stop it Damn! It still won't stop! I pulled the plug! Sorry, Gon.
I'll have to break it! Damn! No good! There's Nen protecting the player! It's finished.
Now it's recording! I get it! He's erasing his message! What? The other tape was also wiped.
Why would he go to all this trouble? I'm guessing he didn't want to leave any clues.
Clues? You can extract a lot of information from an audio clip.
Really? You can determine the speaker's height, weight, gender, age, facial features, chronic diseases, and state of mind.
From the background noise, you can also determine the location.
But he was more worried about something else.
Something else? Nen.
I wouldn't be surprised if there were a Nen user somewhere who could analyze data better than a machine.
Someone who would know everything about a person just from hearing their voice.
Oh, I get it.
Your dad's a tough nut.
Since the tape's useless now, we only have two clues left The ring and the memory card.
I doubt the ring will help, but the memory card could be important.
Yeah, it's smaller than a normal memory card.
Maybe you need a special machine to use it? Huh? You can't tell? This memory card only works with the JS.
The JS? A gaming console called the JoyStation.
It's three generations old.
You don't know anything, do you? If this island still has tape players, it probably has a console.
Is there a toy store here? Yeah, there is.
Okay, hold on.
Oh, where are you going? The toy store.
It's outside the port! Got it! Have a safe trip! So this is a JoyStation This brings back memories.
I used to play with these all the time.
There were a bunch of hidden gems for this console.
Then is this memory card one of those hidden gems? I don't see a title anywhere.
You've never played any video games, have you? That's unusual.
Really? That isn't a game disc.
It holds a game's memory data.
So you can't use it to play.
Yeah, you're supposed to put the disc in here.
But if you insert the memory card and power it on without a game inside, you can see which games are using that memory.
Oh, really It looks like there's only one game saved on it.
It's called Greed Island.
Greed Island? Anyway, there are a bunch of saves.
I doubt it will do any good, but I'll copy the data just in case.
Copying Greed Island.
What are you doing? Searching on-line.
We know the game's name.
So I'm looking for a store that sells it.
What? Not a single match? Does that mean it's out of print? There aren't any used copies An out-of-print game would still have some used copies floating around.
It's possible that this game isn't for sale.
What do you mean? It could be an indie game that was never for sale or was banned for some reason.
Anyway, I'll keep searching.
There we go.
This game was sold through legitimate channels.
"Greed Island.
A hunting game for Hunters.
" For Hunters? And what's with that price tag?! Five hundred, eighty million? It's five billion, eight hundred million! Huh? That's ridiculous! Only a hundred copies were produced.
That isn't very many.
It's practically nothing! The developers were cocky The number is way too low! But it makes sense.
The price is ridiculous, but Hunters can afford it.
That explains how they sold out.
Do the makers have any left in stock? Yeah, I guess we could ask.
The game you are inquiring about is no longer in stock.
Unfortunately, there are no plans to print additional copies.
I see, thanks.
That's a no-go.
I guess we'll have to find someone with a copy and ask them to let us have it.
Yeah, our best bet is to advertise on a reverse auction website and wait for someone to offer to sell us a copy.
But where will we get the money? If we pool our money from the arena, that's eight hundred million.
Then we need another five billion Not necessarily.
Huh? With these private deals, the seller holds all the power.
Typically, they'll ask for more than the original price.
So it'll cost even more? Maybe.
Well, we can post a want ad, just in case.
Yeah, but I doubt anyone will click it.
"Looking for the game Greed Island Price negotiable.
" Wh-What? We already have over ten thousand hits! So that's it They're trying to foist counterfeits off on us.
That should have been obvious, considering the price.
This plan is a wash.
We can't examine every single offer.
Besides, we can't even tell if it's the real game.
Then what should we do? If we dig more deeply on-line, we might uncover more information.
But I'm not too familiar with that stuff.
Is there anyone who knows a bunch about games and the Net? Oh, there's someone who knows a lot about both.
Huh? He might even own a copy of Greed Island.
What? Really? But I don't want to ask him Who is it? Oh, Gotoh? It's Killua.
Gotoh-san? Yeah, I'm doing fine.
Right now? Who cares where I am? If I tell you, my mother might find out.
Anyway, put Piggy on.
Piggy? What? Killua wants to talk to me? Screw that! Tell him I'm not here.
Don't lie! He never goes outside! Tell him if he doesn't answer the phone in ten seconds, I'll break all his figures! Fine, put him on.
Hey, Kil If you lay a finger on my collection, I'll kill you! I was just kidding, Bro.
You don't have to get so mad.
Bro? Well? What is it? I'm busy here.
Greed Island ? Yeah, I've heard of it.
I never expected you to ask me about a super-rare game.
You don't own a copy? No, I don't.
I wanted one, but I was five when the game went on sale.
So I didn't have any money.
There were over twenty thousand requests for a hundred copies.
Even though each copy cost five billion, eight hundred million Jenny in cash.
I tried looking around later, but I couldn't even find an owner.
It's a legendary game for all kinds of reasons.
So what's up? Are you looking for a copy? Pretty much.
It's impossible.
Forget it.
Even I had to give up.
Oh? You gave up because it was beyond your ability? That was in the past.
I have a lead now.
But considering the amount of effort and money, it's not worth it.
Ah, so tell me this lead you have.
What? I won't tell you for free.
Will you trade for a Greed Island memory card? What do you mean? I happened to get my hands on a memory card.
You can probably decipher the data and recreate the game, right? Are you telling the truth? I don't lie when I make deals.
Okay, I have two leads.
Hold on Don't say anything over the phone! Don't worry.
This information won't help anyone who might be eavesdropping.
The first lead is Yeah.
Yeah, I see.
Okay, got it.
I'll send you the memory card through the usual method.
I ended up trading the copy of the memory card.
Sure, that's fine.
It's just a copy.
In return, I got two pieces of solid information.
First, there's a website for Hunters, only accessible by Hunters.
We can probably find leads on Greed Island there.
Really? I'll have to use my Hunter License.
Stupid! If you use your home computer, they'll know your address! You'll have bad guys who want your license showing up on the island! Oh, that's right You have to use public computers for this stuff In a hotel or a Net café.
Well, I still don't know the address.
My brother promised to tell me, once he's received the memory card.
The second lead is the auction in Yorknew City.
What? Isn't Yorknew City Yes, the place where we're supposed to meet Kurapika and Leorio.
In September, the city will host the world's greatest auction.
My brother said it's probably a hoax, but there's a rumor that someone will distribute dozens of copies at the auction.
Maybe that someone is Ging.
Yeah, that theory makes the rumor more credible.
We'll need a crazy amount of money to buy a copy.
That's right I guess it really was our destiny to go to Yorknew City.
Battera, the tycoon, is offering seventeen billion for the game, and fifty billion for a memory card with a complete saved game.
This is truly legendary.
I'm going to end this legend Wow There's so much food! Is something special happening? You won't be back for a while, right? Mito-san Who knows when your next chance to eat will be? Fill up now.
Yeah! Let's eat! Mito-san! I'm going to find Ging! After I've met Ging, I'll return to the island.
Take care of yourself until then! Ging told Gon to find him, leaving behind a riddle.
In order to solve that riddle and meet his father, Gon leaves his home again and heads to Yorknew City with Killua.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Ging! I became a Hunter to find my dad.
Gon's dad, a Double Star Hunter.
He left a message box with Mito, By the way, what does your dad want? I'm going to find my dad and ask him! to give Gon after he became a Hunter.
Next time: Wish x And x Promise! Go to sleep, or you'll be late.
I don't need to sleep.
You should all get plenty of sleep.