Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e39 Episode Script

Wish x And x Promise!

There are six distinct categories of Nen users.
Enhancers are able to strengthen various objects' effectiveness.
Transmuters can use their aura to alter objects' qualities.
Somewhat akin to Transmuters, Conjurers are able to manifest their aura.
Emitters can propel their aura like projectiles.
Manipulators can use their auras to control objects and creatures.
Specialists are those with rare abilities that don't fit in the other five classes.
Begin by determining which category your aura falls within.
That is the first step to becoming a skilled Nen user.
Mito-san! I'm going to find Ging! After I've met Ging, I'll return to the island.
Take care of yourself until then! Wish x And x Promise As Gon and Killua depart from Whale Island, Kurapika was also preparing to begin his journey.
You remember me? Sure, we don't get many visitors here.
Since you were here, only one other person has dropped by.
This place is much harder to find than you realize.
You found the agency on your own, so you must be pretty sharp.
But I can't recommend you to one of our valued clients.
I have no problem with your lack of experience.
Some clients don't mind greenhorns.
But it isn't experience alone that you lack.
What do you mean? I said that I have a Hunter License! But your exam hasn't ended yet.
I can tell.
What? You can't see a thing, right? Once you've learned to see, return.
You can't see it, but you can sense it.
Why did you do that?! This? Well, I was just playing with you.
Fate had a hand in crossing our paths.
Consider this advice from a veteran You didn't notice when I stole this, and you didn't notice when I walked past you.
Bastard Return my Hunter License! Can a newbie who knows nothing of Nen defeat me? Nen? Wanna give it a try? Understand now? You still lack something.
Come with me.
I'll be your teacher.
The real exam has only just begun.
Today, we'll determine which class your aura falls within.
There's something forming in the water You're a Conjurer.
A Conjurer A type that specializes in manifesting their auras.
I see Ideally, I would have liked to have been an Enhancer.
Can't do anything about what you're born with.
You can still learn Enhancer techniques.
I'll spend the day expounding in further detail.
Let's say you have a 100% chance of mastering Conjurer techniques.
From that, these are your odds of learning the other techniques.
Enhancer 60% Transmuter 80% Conjurer 100% Emitter 40% Manipulator 60% Specialist 0% Hatsu It doesn't matter if you're a quick study, you can never completely master a different category.
The further a category is, the less likely you are to learn its techniques.
Why is Specialist 0%? Specialist is a unique category.
You can't learn Specialist techniques.
These are very distinct abilities that are genetic or naturally acquired by growing up under extreme conditions.
So why is it in this specific position? Because the adjacent categories, Conjurer and Manipulator, have the highest chance of becoming Specialists later on.
In that respect, your chances are better than most.
Remember what you said earlier? I I need enough power to fight on my own! You are correct to assume that the fastest means to your goal would be via Enhancer abilities.
The Enhancer category is the most efficacious for bolstering offensive, defensive, and healing capabilities.
However, as a Conjurer, you can only learn Enhancer techniques at about half of their original potency.
When you attempt to use an ability beyond your capacity, this creates strain, which can weaken you, possibly fatally.
In order to consistently come out on top, you need a stable power.
Will the stable power gained through mastery of Conjurer techniques put me on equal footing with master Enhancers? The brief answer is that it would be difficult.
Enhancers employ strong offensive and defensive abilities.
Conjurers usually suffer from an inclination toward one or the other.
On the other hand, this makes them incredibly strong under the correct circumstances.
Pop quiz time.
Is it possible to conjure a sword that can cut through anything? That is impossible.
Why? Because that exceeds the bounds of human ability.
Even if you completely master Conjurer techniques, you will still be unable to conjure some objects.
You could conjure a sharp, sturdy sword.
However, it would make more sense to just buy a good sword.
Because it wouldn't require any additional training.
Though with Nen, you can easily make the sword appear and disappear.
So conjured weapons aren't as effective as their physical counterparts, but you can't conjure anything omnipotent.
You will need to reflect on what it is that you wish to conjure.
Failure is not acceptable.
Because you will need an incredible amount of focus, imagination, and training to conjure a single object.
This is a surprise.
Learning Nen only took you half a year? So, what kind of employer are you seeking? I have some information for you regarding the spider.
I shall await you in Yorknew City, on September 1st.
I'm looking for someone who has a lot of influence on the Yorknew auction.
The nature of the job itself is irrelevant.
The Yorknew City auction Employers with a lot of influence generally post the more difficult jobs.
I doubt any of them will hire a Hunter with zero experience.
I see three of them Three employers who will decide based on the interview, rather than your record.
And they're only looking for bodyguards.
I'll give you descriptions, so make your choice.
The first one is a gun fanatic.
Specifically, he's looking for a Midget Corp.
Golsnake 55, Limited Edition, Series #001.
The second one is a collector of fine china.
Wants Lord Corp.
commemorative plates from 1655 and 1657 The third one collects human trophies.
Skin covered in snaking dragon tattoos, jellied infant skulls, etc.
A fascinating hobby.
Well, take your pick.
Chains? Yes, when I heard about conjuring, that was the first thing that came to mind.
Chains, huh Why's that? Because there's evil running loose that needs to be chained down to hell.
Really, now? I have a feeling that you're really chaining yourself down.
What do you know? Hey! Wait up! I'm your teacher! I'm not finished talking! Hold it right there! Didn't you hear my explanation? Conjuring ordinary chains is pointless! And conjuring unbreakable chains is impossible! On September 1st, Yorknew City will host the world's greatest auction.
That's where the spider Where the Phantom Troupe will appear.
What a fearsome heartbeat It plays a terrible melody of rage You want me to introduce you to an employer with connections to the Yorknew auction? Yes.
Just like the last person who walked in.
Huh? I got the same request twice today.
That's amusing.
The boy I just passed? You know him? What? No.
He is interested in the auction, too Why is his heartbeat so full of rage? That twerp will only make your dinner taste worse.
We're more than willing to take you on a date.
We'll give you the best night of your life.
Unfortunately, I am not on a date.
I'm in the middle of a job.
A job? This is my employer.
I am his bodyguard.
Bodyguard? That's a riot.
This babe is a bodyguard? I'd like you to guard my body.
I don't guard ugly men.
Watch your mouth, woman! Just shut up and Instant Lover.
Every person I kiss becomes my slave.
Please command me, mistress! Beat them up for me.
Yes, I would love to! What? Tsk, he got away.
Man, I'll have to find a new employer.
Such a splendid moon There he is! Surrender! Return the corpse samples you stole! Don't you interrupt my work or this splendid moon.
Enough fooling around! Hands in the air! Tsk, I was on the verge of another masterful poem.
But you've ruined the moment.
"A splendid full moon and pursuers as clumsy as baboons could be.
" Damn, that's horrible.
I know, Eliza.
If this job works out Yeah, don't worry.
I can take care of you along with all of the dogs.
You don't need to worry, Eliza.
Just bear with me a little longer.
Yeah, it'll be fine.
You can count on me.
I was sent here by the agency.
My name is Kurapika.
Please wait in here.
I apologize for the wait.
Everyone has arrived, so we will now explain the contract.
I'll start by stating the requirements.
I won't ask whether you have a License.
I'm only interested in whether you can obtain the items we request.
There's one month before the auction begins.
Before then, you must find one item from the list we will provide, and bring it here.
These are the data cards.
Lock of hair of the famous actress Sara.
Right arm of a mummy from an Egyptian tomb.
An ichthyosis patient's scaly skin.
Skull of a one-horned creature.
The eyeballs of a Kurta.
Hmm? What's wrong? You look pale.
Ah, Kurta eyeballs? A-rank obtainment difficulty.
"Preserve the scarlet hue immediately following death.
Preferably with the head included.
" I've heard rumors that when Kurta get excited, their eyes turn scarlet Shut up.
Not another word.
I'll say it again.
You need only find one item from the list.
If you are successful, you will be hired, to begin training as a bodyguard and a collector.
Best of luck, then.
I will pass this test.
First I need to curry their favor, and win their trust.
The man talking was, most likely, not the actual employer.
That only illustrates the distance between the boss and me I shall reduce that distance to zero, until the employer feels that he can trust me with his secrets There are two things that collectors always want.
The first is any item of extreme rarity.
The second is colleagues to whom they can brag about their collection.
He must have connections to other human parts collectors.
Collectors who share their disgusting acquisitions, a network of the lowest scum.
I'll worm my way in, so that I can eradicate them all.
Hmm? The door won't open.
I forgot to mention one thing.
The barest minimum requirement is that you be strong Strong enough to leave this mansion alive.
Kurapika pursues his quest to avenge his brethren and to punish the Phantom Troupe.
He prepares to step onto a new battlefield.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Mizuken! He's Kurapika's teacher! The person who taught Kurapika Nen.
He's classified as an Emitter.
I guess Nen users are fated to meet Nen teachers.
It seems he wasn't able to earn Kurapika's respect.
That's what happened in our case.
Fate had a hand in crossing our paths! Next Time: Nen x Users x Unite? Hey, Gon Let's go break some of Milluki's figures.
Unite for evil?