Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e40 Episode Script

Nen x Users x Unite?

There are six distinct categories of Nen users.
Enhancers are able to strengthen various objects' effectiveness.
Transmuters can use their aura to alter objects' qualities.
Somewhat akin to Transmuters, Conjurers are able to manifest their aura.
Emitters can propel their aura like projectiles.
Manipulators can use their auras to control objects and creatures.
Specialists are those with rare abilities that don't fit in the other five classes.
Begin by determining which category your aura falls within.
That is the first step to becoming a skilled Nen user.
There's one month before the auction begins.
Before then, you must find one item from the list we will provide, and bring it here.
If you are successful, you will be hired, and begin training as a bodyguard and a collector.
The man talking was, most likely, not the actual employer.
That only illustrates the distance between the boss and me I shall reduce that distance to zero, until the employer feels that he can trust me with his secrets I will pass this test.
First I need to curry their favor, and win their trust.
Nen x Users x Unite? Hmm? The door won't open.
I forgot to mention one thing.
The barest minimum requirement is that you be strong Strong enough to leave this mansion alive.
Dowsing Chain The Guiding Ring Finger Chain That's impressive.
He used a chain to catch the bullets? Three with guns.
Six with swords.
Two more with swords above.
You guys did a good job of concealing your presences, but you're too weak.
I don't even need to use my Nen Now I understand.
So that's what's going on.
He's the one.
Stop them.
I'll give you three seconds.
One Two Okay.
I get it.
Wh-What's going on? They really were made from Nen.
I could tell when I landed a punch, that I was hitting aura shaped like a human However, I didn't realize it was his Nen.
How did you know? You were always careful to stand next to others for camouflage.
But when I observed from above, everything was clear.
You were the only person not under attack.
I realized something was wrong when assailants appeared on the second floor.
After I jumped on the chandelier, they just stood there, swords swinging in a futile attempt to reach me.
I assume they received the following order: Attack the nearest enemy.
The assailants were given simple instructions, so their attacks were also simple.
However, it would take a skilled Nen user to control eleven human-sized auras simultaneously.
A Nen user who would most likely be a Manipulator.
Given the size of auras involved, the Manipulator had to be within a few meters.
Which meant that the Nen user was inside this room.
You nailed it.
My name is Shachmono Tocino.
I'm actually a Hunter.
I work for the boss here, so I will have seniority over you.
Now that everything's clear, could you drop the knife? Judging by those chains, you must be a Manipulator Well, I hope you won't hold a grudge.
I was just following orders from the boss.
"Test them by trying to kill them.
" But I never expected you to pick up on me so fast.
Well, the four of you together should be able to escape this mansion.
Good luck.
Four? Is there another plant in the room? I'll assume that was meant as a diversion.
But either way, it was a mistake.
I shall determine if there are any other plants, before we all start becoming paranoid.
You are a plant.
Th-That's ridiculous! What makes you say that? Your chain just started swinging.
That is dowsing.
Huh? What's that? Dowsing was originally a technique for locating water or metals underground.
But it was also used in divination.
I've heard of the technique being employed as a lie detector.
That still doesn't provide concrete proof that I'm a plant.
He's probably right.
Your heart began to pound as soon as he pointed at you.
If you were innocent, your heart rate would have slowly increased, due to the stress of being wrongly accused.
But your heartbeat immediately sped up, before gradually slowing down.
The typical melody of a liar Coming from both of you.
I'm convinced.
Both of them accuse you.
That's two of the remaining five.
Wait! Hold on! That doesn't make it true.
It's possible that three out of five are applicants and two are fakes.
I can confirm that he is not a plant.
Excuse me? I think you meant "she," not "he.
" And it appears that you are not a plant, either.
My point is that we can't trust you! You two could be working together.
A-Anyway, this is a waste of time.
We won't get anywhere by standing around.
No other choice, then.
I will have to settle this matter on my own.
"Everything that comes into contact with my fist will completely burn.
" Huh? This is my special power Great Haikuist! Great Haikuist Wandering Haiku Poet Damn it all to hell.
It didn't burn very well.
That was a failure.
That was a haiku, the prized literary art of my homeland.
When I read a haiku, it happens.
There's your explanation.
Back to the subject at hand.
"Any person who responds untruthfully to my question will burn.
" In other words, liars will burn in hell.
Here is my question.
Are you a plant? No.
What about you? I am not.
And you? No.
Are you a plant? Yeah, that's right.
Think carefully before you answer.
Are you a plant? Give me your answer! My answer is yes.
I'll reward you with some information.
My name is Squala.
I don't have an official license, but I'm a Hunter with Manipulator skills.
I've used my Manipulator abilities to instruct something to follow a certain order.
You managed to unmask me, but that doesn't mean you'll be able to escape alive What was the something, and what was the order? This wouldn't be much of a test if I just told you.
Even if you torture me, I won't talk.
Huh? This is my power, Instant Lover.
I am also a Manipulator.
Anyone I kiss becomes my slave.
M-M-Mistress Take that, and that, and that.
And that And that! More! Please step on me more Now, answer my question! What did you use your Nen on, and what was your command? Talk, quickly.
If you don't answer, I'll stop treading on you! I'll talk! I'll talk! I am just a l-lowly dog trainer That is A fearsome power.
I used my Nen on the dogs that run around this mansion.
For example, the Maltese were told to nip at a target's feet, to slow them.
That's when the St.
Bernard is to use its large body to smother the target.
At the same time, the Dobermans will rush in and finish off the target If the target still escapes, the bulldogs will— That's enough Release the Nen you used on them! A-At once! So the dog tamer has been reduced to a pet, huh? Don't say that I only did it to make him talk.
If I wanted a man as a pet, I'd be more picky.
That reminds me, I never did catch your name.
I'm Basho.
As you've already seen, I'm a Conjurer.
I am Baise.
It appears you can hear heartbeats.
What category do you fall into? Well, I'm sure you'll find out soon enough.
Playing coy, huh? What about you? I'd like to know your name.
Would you tell us? I refuse.
We do not know if we'll be working together.
Yeah, that's true.
We cleared the first test, escaping the mansion, but the real test has just begun.
We must locate one of the designated items, or we can't get the job.
If we're all interested in this job, we're bound to run into one other again.
What is your opinion of this group? This particular group looks promising.
More promising than him, at least.
I will not require him for a while.
Put him away for now.
I trust you can handle that, Squala.
Y-Yes If I find one of the objects and earn the contract, I will have passage to the Yorknew City auction.
Yes, I absolutely must attend! The Phantom Troupe will be there The band of thieves that slaughtered my fellow Kurta.
Our eyes burn a deep scarlet.
Those thieves were willing to murder to obtain those eyes, considered one of the world's top seven beautiful things.
I will never forgive that act.
I shall track them down and utterly annihilate them! Hmm, so this is Greed Island.
Looks like the memory card that Kil found is the real deal.
You can probably decipher the data and recreate the game, right? You bet I can.
I'll strip down the code, and clear the entire game.
I'll put an end to the legend, winning fifty billion Jenny in the process.
Oh, right.
This was a trade I have to tell Kil the URL for the Hunter-only website.
If I break my end of the bargain, he might start talking about breaking my precious figures again.
There it is, Killua.
Yeah, we're almost to Yorknew.
We'll see Kurapika and Leorio there.
I can't wait! You're jumping the gun We still have two weeks before we're supposed to meet.
Oh, you're right.
It's been six months since we saw them, so I'm getting excited! Six months ago, I'd never have dreamed that we would come to Yorknew for a reason like this.
Until we meet again.
Yeah, that'll be September 1st, in Yorknew City.
The auction begins on September 1st.
We'll have to gather as much information on Greed Island as possible beforehand.
Yep, there might be information about Ging.
He left a memory card with his message.
There must be a connection.
Anyway, once I get the URL for the Hunter website from my brother, we can check it out.
This is it.
My brother sent the URL.
Great! Let's get started.
Yeah! Driven by their various goals, Gon and Killua prepare for September 1st.
What will they discover when the Yorknew City auction begins? Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Melody! She's a Music Hunter! Has acute hearing.
She can read your state of mind by your heartbeat.
Able to determine a state of mind by listening to the heartbeat.
She must have incredible senses.
Hey, Killua.
Did you eat my chocolate? Female.
Your face says you're lying.
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