Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e41 Episode Script

Gathering x Of x Heroes!

This is it.
My brother sent the URL.
Great! Let's get started.
Yeah! Gathering x Of x Heroes As Kurapika obtains his ticket to face the Phantom Troupe and avenge the Kurta, Gon and Killua also prepare for the auction in Yorknew City.
This is the website for Hunters? Yeah, I've heard that Hunters worldwide post information here.
Worldwide? Wow Please swipe your Hunter License, and enter your license code.
Put the cursor on the bartender.
What kind of information would you like? Wow! There's so much! Select the game category.
There it is.
Greed Island.
It will cost twenty million Jenny.
Twenty million So they won't give out the information for free.
Well, we don't really have a choice.
Deposit twenty million I can feel aura coming from the monitor! I guess only Nen users can enter this site.
Okay, now listen carefully.
Greed Island is a game created by Nen practitioners.
Apparently, there were multiple creators, but no one knows their objective.
They put Nen into all hundred copies of the game.
When you start the game, the Nen activates, pulling the player inside the game.
Inside the game? Only Nen practitioners can play the game.
And as long as the player stays alive within the game, it will continue to run, even if the console is unplugged.
It will stop if the player dies.
One person who owned the game hired fifty Hunters to give it a shot, but none of them ever came back.
I hear that you can return if you find a save point.
Is that true? This information is from the Hunter website.
It's gotta be accurate.
At the Yorknew City auction, seven copies of Greed Island will be up for sale.
The lowest starting bid is 8.
9 billion Jenny.
The price has shot up! That's 3 billion more than the retail price! Difficulty of obtainment is G-rank.
Huh? The game is considered a legend, but there are plenty of copies.
If you have enough money, it's relatively easy to procure.
Hmm, a G Lower than I expected.
The message is that if I can't even get a simple game, I'll never be able to find you, Ging.
Still, the money is a big problem.
Hey, can we participate in the auction? They're starting at 8.
9 billion! That's out of our league.
No, I mean by selling stuff.
Selling? That's it! We can look for treasure, and then auction it off.
Okay! We can start with the 800 million we earned at Heavens Arena, and go from there.
Yep! First, we'll start with online flea markets and auction websites.
And see what we can dig up.
We'll increase our money, and get ourselves a copy of Greed Island ! Yeah! Yay! How much do we have left? Combined, we're at 10.
84 million.
Damn Initially, we were making a profit.
That's why I said we should only use trustworthy public sites.
I couldn't help it! Only the risky sites are profitable.
It isn't working Now, show me what you've brought.
The hair of the famous actress Sara, and a DNA test to validate authenticity.
The right arm of an Egyptian mummy, taken directly from a pyramid.
The scaly skin of an ichthyosis patient.
The skull of a one-horned creature.
Okay, all four of you are hired.
I'm Dalzollene, the head bodyguard.
It's a pleasure.
I'll need you to start working immediately.
Your mission is to escort the boss to a Yorknew City hotel room.
A private aircraft will take you to Lingon Airport, just outside Yorknew.
The trip between airport and hotel takes approximately ninety minutes.
A special car has been prepared.
You four will provide the outer ring of security.
Any questions? Do you know who might be targeting the boss? That question isn't worth an answer.
What do you mean? The boss is an important figure in the underworld.
There are plenty of people with reasons to hold a grudge.
Let me rephrase since you didn't understand the first time.
Regardless of grudges, do you know anyone who might actually commit to an attack? If we can identify a few candidates, we'll know their motives, styles, and circumstances, and we can prepare accordingly.
That will facilitate protecting the boss.
You said that your name is Kurapika? You are the one who doesn't understand.
Our job is to protect the boss, no matter who, when, where, or how they attack.
That's all you need to know! Don't bother building a mental profile.
If anything comes too close, it's hostile.
I'll introduce you to the boss.
Come with me.
Excuse me.
What's that? It's a little too realistic.
Yes, that is an actual human being.
He was once a fellow bodyguard.
He ignored my advice, and let himself be deceived by false information, placing not only the other bodyguards, but the boss in danger as well.
So he was punished.
You are replacing him.
Let's go.
Boss, I've brought the new bodyguards.
Please enter.
This is the boss, Neon-sama.
Nice to meet you, everyone.
Anyway, I was pretty surprised when we were introduced to the boss.
No kidding They called her an important figure in the underworld, so I was expecting someone intimidating, but she turned out to be a cute little girl.
Pakunoda, how's it going? Long time no see, Shalnark.
You, too, Phinks.
You sure took your time getting here.
Oh? I believe I'm right on schedule.
You're supposed to arrive ten minutes ahead of time.
Same to you guys.
Bonolenov! Kortopi! You guys are going with us, too? Yo! Haven't seen your faces in a while.
I'm here, chief.
What's our target this time? Give us our orders! Don't be in such a rush, Uvo.
Feitan's group won't arrive until evening.
We'll wait until everyone's here.
You have no patience.
Damn, half a day of waiting.
Oh? Is that Shizuku? Hello.
Has the other new addition arrived yet? No idea You should ask Machi.
This is for September.
Huh? So many? Yeah, Rotfelli-sama and Trinc-sama would like their fortunes told.
That just sucks.
I told you to stop increasing my workload.
I apologize.
Both of them are friendly with your father.
And what's Daddy doing? He had to attend a meeting.
He's probably off playing golf or hunting.
Daddy? This is Neon.
What? No! You can't fool me! No.
No! Huh? Fine, you have to keep your word.
If you break another promise, I'll quit.
Yay! I get another piece of treasure! A sweet deal.
Okay Since that's settled, I'll get this over with.
Angelic Auto Writing Lovely Ghostwriter I hear she's an incredible diviner.
Thanks to her father's connections, she's made clients of some very important people in the underworld.
No, it's the other way around.
Other way around? I'd say that the father has used his daughter to increase his standing in the underworld.
That's why he is frightened of losing her.
Afraid that his enemies might strike back at his daughter.
Okay, all done.
Excellent work.
Say, tomorrow's auction starts at night, right? I want to do some shopping beforehand.
Very well, I shall accompany you.
How many years has it been since all thirteen Troupe members gathered, Feitan? Three years, two months.
However, two members have since changed.
#4 and #8 are now different people.
Machi, will #4, Hisoka, actually show up today? No idea.
Don't ask me.
Wasn't he your responsibility? I was only supposed to tell him to come.
I don't like Hisoka.
Why does the chief let him do as he pleases? Because he has skills.
Skills, huh? His Bungee Gum is quite impressive.
It would be difficult to counter.
What's your point? Are you claiming that the chief is afraid of Hisoka? I won't let that statement stand.
That's not what I meant.
You're all being too generous.
He's nothing special.
Talk is cheap, as always.
Nobunaga, this is what happens when I keep quiet and let you yap.
You were talking as much as I was, Franklin.
And so it begins.
Ignore them.
They're just playing around again.
Anyway, why is the chief calling everyone together? We're thieves.
There's something he wants us to steal.
Well, I know that much.
Yes, we've arrived at the hotel.
However, one of the lady's fortunes concerned me "An underground chamber where everything costs extra.
That is where you will sleep.
Never descend stairs that you didn't first ascend.
Do not compete with others at numbers.
" There were three other poems that begin with this verse.
Meaning that all four clients received the same fortune.
The only thing connecting them is that they will be attending the underground auction this year.
So the fortune is saying that their lives are at risk, should they participate? I'm assuming that "sleep" is a metaphor for succumbing to illness or death.
I understand.
I will pass the fortunes on to the clients.
One more thing.
The lady never remembers the fortunes she's told, and she cannot tell her own fortune.
Does it make sense to let her participate in the auction? No! Bring her back immediately! However, I will need a proper explanation, or she'll never listen.
If she throws a tantrum, we won't be able to stop her.
In any case, don't take her to the auction site.
Send some bodyguards to place bids.
I understand.
Neon He's not coming.
The sun's about to rise.
Damn Hisoka Next time I see him, I'll tear him apart.
Oh, dear That sounds quite gruesome.
How very scary.
Hisoka, you bastard! You're late.
Man, I thought you weren't going to come.
You asked me to come Had I broken my promise, I would never get to see your Nen Stitches again.
Chief, everyone's here.
Chief, what are we stealing this time? We shall take the underground auction's treasures.
Which ones? Ancient texts? Because the chief likes books.
No, I'm thinking games.
There will be multiple copies of the most expensive game ever for sale.
Wouldn't it be logical to take precious metals and gemstones? Everything.
We're taking everything that's up for auction.
Are you serious, chief? The underground auction is run by gangs from across the world.
If we do that, we'll be making enemies of them all Are you frightened, Uvogin? I'm thrilled! I'm shaking with excitement Give us the command, chief! Right now! You have my permission Kill them.
Kill every person who interferes.
Good work.
I have your next assignment.
You must win the three items on this list at the underground auction.
Money is no object.
The complete mummy of Princess Corco.
A tissue used by the actor, Son Remarch.
Complete with DNA validation.
And The eyeballs of a Kurta, also known as scarlet eyes.
Also, we've received information that there will be an attack on the auction.
Prepare for any unexpected complications, while focusing on the primary objective of obtaining these items.
They're coming.
They are definitely coming! Kurapika awaits his chance to avenge his brethren.
The Phantom Troupe, a band of murdering thieves.
The sun has risen on the first day of the auction, where all sides will soon clash.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Neon! She's the Nostrade family head's daughter.
Has the Nen ability to tell others' fortunes via poems.
She likes to collect human trophies.
Her Nen ability is called Lovely Ghostwriter.
The most important member of the Nostrade Family.
I would try to tell my own fortune.
But she can't do that.
Next time: Defend x And x Attack! Hey, Killua, are you better at defending or attacking? What do you think? Hmm, attacking? Bingo.