Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e42 Episode Script

Defend x and x Attack!

They're coming.
They are definitely coming! Defend x And x Attack September 1st.
The day Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio had chosen to reunite in Yorknew City.
On this morning, Gon and Killua were visiting the Yorknew market.
Wow, there are so many people! But this market's purpose is to swindle people who have come for the auction.
What? This isn't the auction venue? Obviously.
Yorknew's dream auction is held once a year in the world's largest auction house.
They say that, just during the ten days of official bidding, tens of trillions of Jenny exchange hands.
Tens of trillions? Yeah, an item sold for ten thousand can be turned around for a hundred million the next day.
You can make a fortune instantly.
It's where dreams come true.
Wow Well, that's why a lot of underworld auctioning happens at the same time.
That's awesome Anyway, do you think Kurapika and Leorio will show up? They promised to meet us here.
I'm sure they'll come.
They might try to contact us.
Hey, you have to buy a phone! It's standard Hunter gear.
Ah, that's true.
Hey! Welcome! This one's great It's the hottest current model! Super-thin and no bigger than a credit card.
It has GPS, which comes in handy for meeting with people.
Don't bother.
Hmm? That feature doesn't work in many countries, and it isn't even waterproof.
That model is for people who only make calls.
Leorio! Yo! I would recommend this Beetle 07.
It's a little heavy and pricey, but it includes a translator for the two hundred languages used worldwide.
What? Seriously? Go with this one.
I'll buy one, too! Yeah! Two, please.
Two will cost four hundred thousand.
Four hundred thousand? That's expensive, pops! Thanks, Leorio! But, damn, 110,580 Jenny apiece, huh? It's a new model, so that's a fair price in this market.
Still, talk about overkill.
I've never seen a cell phone purchase greeted with applause before.
But you really saved us.
Just so you know, that was nothing.
The serious dealing only starts when the seller tells you to leave.
He's the last person you would find at an auction.
No kidding.
So how are you guys doing? What do you mean? You've trained and gotten stronger, right? What?! You returned the tag to Hisoka at Heavens Arena? And you have to be pretty good to make it to the 200s How strong have you gotten now? Hey, did you learn Nen, Leorio? Yeah, you bet.
Awesome! Really? Why would I lie to you? It's the ability to build up a shroud of aura, one's own life force That's Ten, one of the four major principles for learning Nen.
Eh? There's more to it? Figured as much.
Greed Island ? What's that? A legendary game.
We're trying to get a copy at the auction.
But why a game? I think this game holds a clue to finding my dad.
Huh? The game holds a clue to finding your dad? What do you mean? Well, it's a long story.
Anyway, the problem is the cost.
How much are we talking? The lowest starting bid is How much do you have? We made some bad investments, so we're down to 5 million.
Listen up, kids This event is held at Southern Piece, the world's finest auction house.
The money you have won't cover the entry fee.
But the game has a low difficulty rank on the Hunter site's treasure list.
Really? Because you only need money to get a copy.
It always comes back to money.
This world runs on money! Well That just means that a real treasure can't be bought.
If you can't obtain an item like this with ease, you can't be considered a pro Hunter, right? I don't need you to tell me that.
But first, we need money We'll need some starting funds.
Let's find a way to make some money in Yorknew! Yeah! A simple fool.
Leorio's probably also an Enhancer.
Damn! What's wrong?! I created a complete duplicate of the program.
Why aren't any events being triggered? Did Kil somehow trick me? No No way.
He isn't capable of creating a fake game, and he's not stupid enough to lie over a deal.
Was he tricked when he obtained this card? I want to know the answer.
I'll do whatever it takes to uncover this secret No matter how much I have to pay.
I have 12.
7 billion left.
I'll need at least twice that amount to guarantee a winning bid Dad, I want to make a deal.
I'll kill fifteen people, so lend me 15 billion.
Got it.
Autopilot engaged to Lingon Airport.
I think I was ten The last time I went outside.
Huh? Swap? What does that mean? "Swap.
" An auction technique.
Slang for the exchange of goods.
Also see "Bind.
" What's a bind? "Bind.
" The seller names a condition besides money as their price.
The winning bid will be the one that comes closest to meeting that condition.
Condition? No idea what that means.
So that's it There's another kind of auctioning Tonight, at 9 PM, the mummy of Princess Corco will be auctioned off.
Ivlenkov, Tocino, and Baise, you'll handle the bidding.
Will three people be enough? Each group of bidders is limited to three people.
You cannot bring weapons, recorders, or communication devices.
All on-site security is handled by the Mafia that runs the auction, so there's rarely any trouble.
All it takes is one wrong move to turn every Mafia member, worldwide, against you.
This auction is built on trust.
Which is why the Mafia don't use security cameras.
The unspoken rule is that any grudges and the like are left outside.
Which means that if anything does happen, their testimony will decide everything.
Their words are treated as gospel.
So it's imperative to make a good impression.
Don't start any petty fights.
Avoid talking to anyone outside this group.
What about the rest of us? Basho and Linssen will cover the rear entrance.
Kurapika and Melody will take the front entrance.
Squala and I will guard the lady.
And with that, the mission begins.
Come on down! Let's have some conditional auctioning fun! Here's what's up for bid.
A diamond worth three million.
Comes with the appraisal of the store where I just bought it.
Arm wrestling will decide the winning bid.
The first person to beat this boy wins the diamond.
You must pay a 10,000-Jenny entry fee.
Now, let's start the auction! Yeah! It's mine! I'm in! Count me in! Okay, don't push Form a line.
Adjust your strength to match the opponent.
Every now and then, pretend to be struggling.
Okay, you're first! You need to pay the entry fee up front.
Here you go 10,000 Jenny.
Thank you, step right up! Okay, clasp hands.
Just follow my instructions.
Are you ready? You get a single round! Ready Go! Uh-oh! Will he do it? You almost have it Hang in there! Oh, so close! Damn, I lost to a little kid Next, please.
Ready Go! I get it.
So this is how conditional auctioning works.
But to reach 8.
9 billion, we're going to need 889,999 wins.
Damn And you lose! Next, please.
You lose! He's beaten a hundred and fifty people! He's gotta be running out of steam.
He looks tired, and he's sweating hard.
Don't lose before I get my turn! I feel bad about tricking everyone.
I'm even breaking out in a cold sweat at the idea of making so much money so easily.
Okay, next person, please.
Well, we have our first female challenger! All right! Get him, girl! Go easy on her, muscle boy! How old are you? Where are you from? Huh? You're no fun.
Let's have a fair contest.
Oh, yes.
Ready Go! Oh, too bad! You lose! Good job, girl! Thank you very much.
Oh, you're welcome.
A pity.
That was your full strength, wasn't it? Yeah I wonder who she is The world champion arm wrestler? Well? I lost.
He's strong.
That little boy? I sort of wanted that diamond.
You should've used your left hand.
Yes, why didn't you use your stronger hand? Oh, right He extended his right hand, so I did the same.
I'd like to challenge him again.
You can't.
No time.
We have our job.
Besides, buying and bidding would be wrong.
We're thieves.
If we want something, we take it.
No way! I'm going! Can you hear me? I'm ready to give up Yes, her tantrum— That is, her crying exhausted her, and she's asleep now.
I don't know what will happen when she wakes.
I vow to obtain the items she desires, but her goal is to participate in the bidding personally.
So she'll be disappointed when she wakes up and realizes that she missed her chance.
Very well.
I'll adjust my schedule and head over personally.
For now, just be sure to get that mummy princess, so we can get Neon in a good mood again.
It's me.
How's it going? Nothing unusual.
No changes visible from the outside.
We'll notify you if anything happens.
Still, they're being quite thorough.
Only Mafia security are allowed within five hundred meters of the auction house.
If they didn't do that, the surroundings would be crawling with thugs.
They're practically announcing that unwholesome practices are going on.
I suppose so.
Will the Phantom Troupe really show up? Hmm? That's the same sound I heard earlier.
You see, I happened to see you leaving the Hunter agency.
When you walked past me, your heart was playing a melody of rage.
May I ask you a question? Yes.
Scarlet eyes.
Exactly what do they mean to you? Why do you ask? No real reason.
Curiosity? When you saw the image on the data card, your heartbeat was even more fearsome.
It played a melody of boundless fury.
I suppose that I can't lie I am a Kurta.
Our eyes are normally brown, but they're red when we're excited.
So I wear black contacts to avoid discovery.
I am searching for the eyes taken from my brethren.
I'll do whatever it takes to return their eyes to them.
Will you report this to Dalzollene? I will not.
I do not wish to be killed.
You could read my intention? A heartbeat is always honest.
When you began to confess your true nature to me, your heartbeat was calm, but frigid.
The heartbeat of one who is prepared to kill.
Your heart said that, though you would hold no grudges, I was fair game if I talked.
Why did you take this job? Why do you ask? I'll probably lie.
I'll know if you're lying by your eyes.
I'm also a pro Hunter A Music Hunter, I suppose.
I'm looking for a certain musical score.
You aren't lying, but you are concealing something important.
Well, let's just say that you're correct.
I'm looking for the Dark Sonata.
A solo said to have been composed by the devil.
There are four versions For the piano, violin, flute, and harp.
If a human plays or listens to the piece, it's said that disaster will befall them.
Isn't that just a myth? I doubt something like that could exist in reality.
I've heard the flute version.
One movement alone turned me into this.
My friend who played the piece died, their entire body like this.
That friend learned a single movement from someone who said never to play the music.
That day, we were drunk and giddy.
My body was destroyed, but I gained this ability in return.
However, I wish to restore my body.
I'm willing to do anything.
I don't want anyone else to end up like me.
So I'll find the score and destroy it.
I chose this job because it will be more efficient to work from the underworld.
It's time.
The underworld auction is about to start.
It's time.
The Phantom Troupe prepares to bare its fangs.
How will Kurapika, now a Nostrade Family bodyguard, deal with them? Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Basho! A Hunter hired as one of Neon's bodyguards.
Watch for his Great Haikuist technique, which manifests any haiku he recites.
His hobby is writing haiku, a form of poetry from his home.
I'll try one.
"This segment is a test of the heart and soul.
" Too many syllables! Next time: A x Shocking x Tragedy.
Shocking! Shocking? Shocker!