Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e43 Episode Script

A x Shocking x Tragedy!

Tonight, at 9 PM, the mummy of Princess Corco will be auctioned off.
Ivlenkov, Tocino, and Baise, you'll handle the bidding.
What about the rest of us? Basho and Linssen will cover the rear entrance.
Kurapika and Melody will take the front entrance.
Squala and I will guard the lady.
And with that, the mission begins.
A x Shocking x Tragedy The Nostrade Family has learned that someone plans to attack the underground auction run by the Mafia community.
Kurapika and the other bodyguards have begun their assignments.
Everyone's here These are mostly Mafia leaders.
We even have some head honchos here.
I'm surprised.
Why? It's only an auction They could send an agent.
Their honor's on the line.
For each winning bid, five percent goes back into the Mafia community as a commission.
Does that act as a bribe? Like, the more they bid, the more they'll receive? Yeah, that's how the Mafia flexes its financial muscles.
So this is a chance to improve their standings.
But some gangs have gone bust because they overbid.
It's about to start.
Okay Welcome, everyone.
So, I'm skipping the formalities.
My Ambidextrous Automatic Weapons Double Machine Gun Get down! Black Balloons! Guard me.
Thankless Heroes Eleven Black Children Is he using Nen bullets?! That means he's also an Emitter! He'll break through my Nen barrier, and pierce my body Each bullet packs an incredible punch! Run! Inform the boss— Baise, you go ahead That was way too fast I didn't get to do anything.
All yours, Shizuku.
Let's go, Blinky.
Suck up the bodies, blood, body parts, and all their possessions.
Grab the chairs, too.
Shizuku's Nen ability is always entertaining to watch.
Oh? Someone's still alive.
Wh-Who are you? Doesn't matter.
You're all dead The community will destroy you.
Your family! Torture you Cut you up.
You'll taste hell! Family? What's that? I'm having difficulty hearing clearly, but there's a real commotion inside the building.
Something must have happened.
Contact the leader! Got it.
I'll contact Linssen and Basho.
You two head inside! Wha What? There's no one here.
Where did they go? Search the place! Hey, what happened to the merchandise? Underground Head underground, now! It appears that everyone in the auction house has disappeared.
What? The whole place is in an uproar.
It's out of control.
What about the merchandise? Melody is heading underground, to the safe.
I-It's empty The goods for today's auction have been stolen! Who did this?! Damn! Where'd they go? Split up and search, fool! Send word to every gang Quickly! Okay, understood.
We'll catch those thieves.
I'll head over.
Rendezvous with Linssen and Basho behind the building, in Central Park.
Squala Yes? Just in case, leave five dogs behind.
Listen up! Don't take your eyes off the boss! Don't let anyone in the room until we return.
All roads are sealed.
The only remaining escape route is by air! If you see any suspicious aircraft, contact me.
Make sure not to kill them.
The community has offered a substantial reward to the gang that captures the thieves.
You must take them alive! There wasn't any merchandise? No, the safe was empty.
According to the auctioneer, the only one who knew the situation, everything in the safe had been moved a few hours earlier.
Exactly as though they expected this to happen.
Don't you find the timing too perfect? We have a Judas among us.
We have a Judas among us.
You're saying that one of us is a traitor? There are no traitors.
Besides, Judas wasn't a traitor.
It's said that Judas sold Jesus out for thirty pieces of silver.
But how much would a traitor ask from the Mafia? Consider the merits What would the traitor gain by selling us to the Mafia? Money? Glory? Prestige? Do you truly believe that any of us cares for those things? It's unlikely You see? Besides, something else here doesn't add up.
Huh? Assuming there were a spy, the response was too tepid.
If they had foreknowledge that Class-A bounties would appear at the auction, they would have increased security.
The auction goers were all uninformed and unarmed.
That's true.
I believe that someone provided information that wasn't explicit.
However, a Mafia community leader believed that information.
I don't get it Who told who what? Whatever.
So what do we do? Did you ask the auctioneer where the merchandise was moved? Yeah, but he swore on his life that he didn't know.
Feitan tortured him, so he wasn't lying.
He had the worst luck of them all today.
Did you get the names of anyone who might know? You bet I did.
The auction is run by the Mafia community heads, who lead gangs in each of the ten districts around the world.
They're called the Ten Dons.
This is the only time that all ten gather in one place, to discuss business and issue orders.
Their commands are carried out by a special force, the Shadow Beasts.
This squad consists of each don's best combatants.
I see, then Since the Shadow Beasts weren't guarding the auction house, the Mafia didn't know we were coming.
That makes sense.
Then how did they move the merchandise? That's right I heard that a single Shadow Beasts member turned up at the safe.
The twenty-five square-meter safe was packed with items ready to be auctioned off.
The Shadow Beast walked in, then walked right back out, empty-handed.
But the safe was emptied.
It was a man in sunglasses, calling himself Owl.
He must possess a Nen power similar to Shizuku's.
Surely they noticed after five hundred people disappeared That they're facing Nen users.
Can we let loose? Naturally.
Put on a show for the pursuers.
That will draw them out.
I can't wait Up there! It's them! They're in a hot air balloon! The balloon is moving toward the Gordeau Desert! We're in pursuit! Hot air balloon? Not an airship? Then what became of the hundreds of guests? It's possible that we aren't dealing with an ordinary band of armed thugs.
Contact the Ten Dons.
Ask them to immediately dispatch the Shadow Beasts! Hurry, they're headed for the Gordeau Desert.
Okay! Roger that.
Come down here! We'll even let you decide whether you'll be drowned or buried! There's a whole crowd I don't have to suck them up, do I? No, they don't matter.
Hey! Stay out of this.
I'll handle it Wait! Are you the ones who kidnapped the guests? Yeah.
Well, you do have guts.
Who's your leader? Bastard.
His philosophy is to be the strongest of them all An ordinary gun wouldn't even scratch him.
Physically, he's the strongest.
It's like watching a gorilla stomping ants.
Oh? More of them.
They came all the way here, merely to be killed.
Just watching isn't any fun.
Let's play cards.
I agree.
Boss! That wasn't enough to warm me up for the Shadow Beasts.
Ow A rifle? How annoying.
Trying to take me out from afar? Yeah! Bull's-eye! That's enough! Don't get too cocky, monster.
This super-bazooka is strong enough to take out a tank.
You'll be blown to smithereens! How sad You're comparing me to some little tank? Die! Did I get him? That kinda hurt None of you will escape! It appears the enemy can use Nen And he's ridiculously strong.
The advance force was obliterated.
Guns are ineffective against him.
Impossible See for yourself.
His aura is unbelievable.
As is the number of corpses.
Who is that guy? He's tearing through people like scraps of paper.
We're supposed to capture him? I won't be part of that! I agree.
I don't see how we can win Indeed.
However, we cannot abandon our mission and back off.
But Wait.
I suddenly hear an additional heartbeat coming from somewhere I am Worm, a Shadow Beast.
Which group do you belong to? We're bodyguards for the Nostrade Family.
I see.
It seems that you can use Nen, but don't bother.
These aren't ordinary thugs.
To them, taking lives is like breathing.
Y-You could say they're professional killers.
And a pro knows his trade best of all.
Rabid Dog.
I'm Leech.
I-I'm Porcupine.
We Shadow Beasts will see to them.
These are the Shadow Beasts The Mafia community has unleashed the Shadow Beasts on the bandits who attacked the auction.
Kurapika still has yet to realize that they are facing off against the Phantom Troupe.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Baise! A Hunter hired as one of Neon's bodyguards.
Her Nen ability is called Instant Lover.
She uses her charms to get close to men, With Nen, she makes anyone she kisses her slave for 180 minutes.
pretend she's into them, and kiss them! Be careful, you men.
Next time: Buildup x To A x Fierce Battle! Excuse me, do bananas count as snacks? Does chocolate count as a snack? That's always been a snack!