Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e44 Episode Script

Buildup x To A x Fierce Battle

I am Worm, a Shadow Beast.
Which group do you belong to? We're bodyguards for the Nostrade Family.
I see.
It seems that you can use Nen, but don't bother.
These aren't ordinary thugs.
To them, taking lives is like breathing.
Y-You could say they're professional killers.
And a pro knows his trade best of all.
Rabid Dog.
I'm Leech.
I-I'm Porcupine.
We Shadow Beasts will see to them.
Buildup x To A x Fierce Battle After the Phantom Troupe's raid on the auction, Uvogin has single-handedly annihilated the Mafia pursuit.
Now, they watch the arrival of the secret weapon dispatched by the Mafia's Ten Dons, the Shadow Beasts.
Man Not one of them put up much of a fight.
Uvo! Yeah? Here they come.
Hey, don't interfere.
I still haven't gotten to enjoy myself.
Jeez Let Uvo handle it.
Care for a round, Feitan? He's going to fight the Shadow Beasts by himself? The Shadow Beasts, huh? Where did you hide the merchandise? What happened to all the guards and guests? We killed them.
So where's the merchandise? If you don't answer me That stung.
Now you can't escape Make your choice.
Do you want to die underground, at my hands? Or on the surface, at the hands of the other three? Idiot.
Here he goes.
Uvo's getting serious Four.
You're the one who can't escape! Big Bang Impact: Fist of Destruction I-I don't believe it! I've never seen a Nen user of this caliber before.
That's A spider tattoo.
Then he's Spider Poor chap.
Not much left of him.
Uvo's Big Bang Impact packs a powerful punch.
Honestly He's just throwing a straight right, with a little added Nen.
Okay, who's dying next? The Phantom Troupe, huh? He sounds pretty confident.
You're the one who will die next! Fool.
Nice I like reckless opponents.
But you're still going to die! I can manipulate my body hair at will.
I can even turn it into hard spikes, yup.
You throw a strong punch, but it's meaningless if you can't connect, yup.
They managed to damage Uvogin's iron skin with nothing but body hair and teeth.
Must be skilled Nen users.
I'm impressed.
No way! Sorry.
Want a hand, Uvo? Keep out of this! Damn it It's futile.
You can't shake off thousands of spikes once they've penetrated your skin, yup.
Then I'll use you as my fist! Since I can manipulate it at will, I can relax certain sections of my body hair as necessary, yup.
We've got Muscles on the ropes.
That's bull.
You're damned tough.
Did it finally kick in? My fangs secrete a tranquilizer that's meant to instantly incapacitate you Bastard Everything from the neck up is unaffected, so you can still feel pain and fear.
So sit back and enjoy.
If he were using a lethal poison, this fight would be over.
I'm sure he likes to torture opponents.
I keep numerous leeches of all sizes within me They'll enter your body through your wounds, and deposit their eggs in your bladder.
These spotted leeches are a gift from me to you.
You're totally disgusting! Most people die from the excruciating pain of hundreds of millions of leeches as they hatch inside their bodies.
I thought that uglier usually meant better-tasting.
Why are you surprised? You aren't the only one who can use his teeth.
Everything from my neck up is all I need to defeat you.
They're going to lose The Shadow Beasts will lose.
They're going to lose The Shadow Beasts will lose.
Defeat us? Heh.
You can't bite me when I'm all the way over here.
A bullet? No It's a fragment of Leech's skull that he bit off! He's going to do the same to me? But it won't work My body hair will repel any projectile, yup.
Huh? You can't repel sound projectiles, can you? Oh, you can't hear me anymore? He used sound to defeat a Shadow Beast.
They're all crazy You idiot! Give us a warning first! What if our eardrums had burst? Sorry about that! But that would've given my plan away.
Besides, you guys had plenty of time to cover your ears before the sound reached you.
That's true.
Wait, Kurapika! What are you doing? Shouldn't that be obvious? I'm going to capture him.
It's impossible! You saw what he's capable of! You're going to get yourself killed! Kurapika! I really don't care.
I hear tremendous rage and hatred.
He's completely lost control.
Kurapika! He will definitely get himself killed.
I cannot leave him in this state.
Stop, Kurapika! Wild Flower.
The perfect song to relax you.
Has everyone calmed down? Let's cool our heads, and devise a plan together.
Y-Yeah What kind of abilities do the other members possess? I bet they're all ridiculously strong Melody Hmm? Thank you.
I've cooled down now.
However, I still must capture them.
Leader, I can make this happen.
What? Let me go.
After witnessing that incredible show of strength, you still believe you can defeat him? Of course.
I understand.
Bring the car, so we can leave at a moment's notice.
Shizuku! Would you suck the poison and leeches from my body? Your vacuum will do the trick.
Blinky can suck out poison, but nothing alive.
What? Then what am I supposed to do? Let me see.
This is a spotted leech It takes one day to migrate to the bladder, before laying its eggs and dying.
So? The eggs will hatch shortly after, exiting through your urinary tract.
It will cause enough pain to kill you.
Hey, don't joke around However, they require a specific ammonia level to hatch.
If there isn't enough, the eggs don't hatch, and they can be excreted harmlessly.
So, until this time tomorrow, you should drink beer non-stop, and be sure to urinate frequently! Don't scare me like that Shizuku, can you take care of the poison? Yes.
Someone go to the city and get lots of beer.
I'll go.
Make sure they're ice-cold! Don't get too greedy! Okay, get that poison out of me.
Huh? Did you see that? Yeah.
Those chains came from nowhere, to wrap around his body.
Is it a new Shadow Beast? Uvo can't move because of the tranquilizer, and the leeches are still inside him.
Then that's that Let's go and save him.
Good grief.
He's so much trouble.
I have a trace for now.
I used In to conceal the thread.
So as long as they don't use Gyo to spot the needle, I can follow them anywhere.
Okay, let's find them before they notice it.
This is our chance to finish the remaining Shadow Beasts.
Franklin, we're counting on you to bring back lots of beer.
Man, the chase sounds more fun Let's go! Indeed.
The spiders We'd need all the remaining members just to stand a chance Understood.
Chains Hey, driver You think these chains can hold me? If you don't kill me now, you'll regret it later.
Shut up.
Don't you understand? This is a golden opportunity.
Stop wasting time, and just I told you to shut up! Kurapika, watch Watch the road! How can he be this strong? Even if my body weren't paralyzed, I'd still be having trouble He's put enough Nen into these chains to keep a master Enhancer in check? Chain Jail.
Chain Jail: The Restraining Middle Finger This power can only be used on the spiders A power to capture and restrain the Phantom Troupe.
I've sworn to use this ability for no other purpose.
I've applied the condition that, should I use this technique on one who is not a spider, I will die on the spot.
A self-imposed restriction.
A self-imposed restriction, and a covenant with myself.
A self-imposed restriction.
A covenant with myself.
The proof of my resolve.
Look out, Kurapika The risk is high.
Watch the road! But the stronger my resolve, the stronger my Nen! Kurapika has captured a member of the Phantom Troupe, his sworn enemies.
Armed with resolve and the willingness to risk his life, an intense battle is about to begin.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce the Shadow Beasts.
A fighting force formed by the Ten Dons.
A fighting force serving the Mafia community's There are ten members, Ten Dons.
So who are they? all named after animals and insects.
Owl, Worm, Rabid Dog, Porcupine And Leech— Next time: Restraint x And x Vow! Killua, don't run in the hallway.
Limbatics counts as walking.
Promise to follow the rules!