Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e45 Episode Script

Restraint x And x Vow

Chain Jail.
Chain Jail: The Restraining Middle Finger This power can only be used on the spiders A power to capture and restrain the Phantom Troupe.
I've sworn to use this ability for no other purpose.
I've applied the condition that, should I use this technique on one who is not a spider, I will die on the spot.
A self-imposed restriction, and a covenant with myself.
The proof of my resolve.
Restraint x And x Vow After using Chain Jail to capture Uvogin, Kurapika and his fellow bodyguards flee by car.
We have cars behind us.
Someone check it out.
Indeed Think it's them? Kurapika, floor it! It's a tail! A tail? But who? Could it be? A thread! Probably made of Nen.
There's something on his left thigh.
Damn! They noticed it.
That was faster than expected.
Don't worry.
We've almost got them! Whatever Why are we all stuffed in this tiny car? It's just a little longer.
Fun Fun Cloth: Convenient Magic Kerchief What the hell? Hey! Let me out, damn it! You guys really are good.
Given that you were fast enough to open the door and escape in moments.
I'll need to take care.
Nobunaga had an unlucky position Anyway, you have an interesting ability.
Let me out, damn it! You can shrink anything merely by using that cloth? That would be quite handy for theft.
With that thing, you could fit all of the treasure in your pocket.
Meaning that he's the one who took the treasure from the auction house.
And so, you can also restore everything to its original size.
I believe the boss said he's named Owl.
His friends have arrived to help.
Yes There are quite a few of them.
Who are these guys? Are they really Phantom Troupe members? Yeah, definitely.
But they look so weak.
One, two, three Huh? What's wrong? There are ten total Shadow Beasts, right? Uvo took care of four, so this should be the rest.
That is strange.
The chain user grabbed Uvo, before escaping by car.
Does that mean the chain user isn't a Shadow Beast? Well, we'll know once we ask them Should we keep them all alive? No, we require only Owl.
Then I'll handle that.
Those damned kids are talking smack.
Let's show them how scary the Shadow Beasts can be.
Did you hear that? Shalnark, you just stand there and watch.
I'll take three.
Shizuku can have the other two.
Got it.
Don't get cocky! Keep your cool! Don't underestimate their strength! Shut up! We lost them.
But what was it that I just saw landing on the roof of their car? Probably one of the remaining Shadow Beasts.
This is our chance to hurry back to the city.
Roger that.
We'll switch the location to pattern C.
And we don't want Muscles here putting up a fight, so we'll need muscle relaxants and sleeping gas.
I hope those will work Move, and you'll get cut.
Okay, all done.
What about the bodies? Just leave them.
No point hiding them now.
Okay, let's free Nobunaga before we start torturing this guy.
Hold on.
We're taking Owl in the car with us, right? There's no room, so let's leave Nobunaga as he is.
Screw that! Let me out! I don't want to be cramped, either.
Come on! Hey, can you release the car alone? I know you can hear me! You're really making me mad! Th-That's impossible Let me out, already! Too bad.
So much for that Hey! What's going on? You bastards were making a fool out of me! Troupe members aren't supposed to snap at one other.
Shut up! Anyway, this ability could come in handy for our job.
Shut your mouth! I'm cutting this guy to shreds! No.
He's going to tell us where the treasure is Feitan's going to use his skill at torture.
You just have bad luck.
Damn it! Hey, wake up! You understand what's happening here? Where did you put the stolen merchandise? What time is it? How long have I been asleep? It seems that you don't grasp your current situation.
I'm asking the questions here! Incredible mental fortitude He's well aware that he's about to be tortured, but the aura around his body remains firm.
That iron body is built on a rock-solid spirit.
That is why his aura is so strong.
The product of countless battles.
I'm asking the questions here! Incredible mental fortitude He's well aware that he's about to be tortured, but the aura around his body remains firm.
That iron body is built on a rock-solid spirit.
That is why his aura is so strong.
The product of countless battles.
Can I move? No I won't recover for a while.
I had dinner around 8.
Judging by my stomach, it's around midnight now.
Let's make a deal.
I'll spare your lives, so let me up now.
Wh-What is he saying? Is he insane?! He's serious.
I think.
What? Are you crazy? He's the one who should be begging for his life.
Let me make something clear.
We're after the auction merchandise that was stored underground.
If you guys don't know where it is, I have no business with you.
What? Wait a moment.
You didn't steal the merchandise? The safe was empty when we arrived.
The Shadow Beasts had already taken it all.
I guess they didn't bother telling grunts like you.
I don't think he's lying Then he's serious? When he offered to make a deal, he wasn't bluffing? Everyone makes mistakes We haven't stolen anything yet.
So take these off, and pretend you didn't see anything.
If you do that, you get to live! What about the guests? Guests? The guests who were in the auction hall.
Some of our colleagues were there.
Answer me.
I see.
That's too bad We killed them.
It was part of our plan— How many lives do you think you took to carry out that plan of yours?! Stop, Kurapika! Stop it! If the merchandise is in safe hands, we don't need him.
We'll hand him over to the community.
So, no deal? Oh, did you find out what became of the merchandise? Shut up! Ask Feitan! Did he tell you where the merchandise is? It was no fun I'd barely gotten started, but he gave in.
Oh, so that's it.
Ah, I just remembered.
I was supposed to meet someone today.
I'll be heading out.
Sure, go ahead.
As long as you return by 6 PM tomorrow.
Up to some mischief, Hisoka? But of course.
Damn "Let us meet at the agreed upon place.
" Where's Shalnark? He just called.
He's succeeded in locating a Mafia comms room.
This is Dalzollene of the Nostrade Family.
We've captured one of the bandits who attacked the auction and wish to hand him over.
Really? How did you manage that? I can provide further details later.
That's impressive The Shadow Beasts never stood a chance.
The Shadow Beasts never stood a chance? Yeah, they were completely wiped out.
Wiped out Well, where are you right now? Okay, got it.
Move quickly.
Yeah, we'll bring our best people.
I gave him three canisters of muscle relaxants.
The Mafia will be here soon.
I'll watch him until then, so get some rest, everyone.
You move fast.
He isn't using In.
No need for concern.
I have no interest in fighting you now I'm not here for idle chat! Tell me about your organization.
Really? I love idle chat.
There are thirteen spiders, identifiable by their numbered spider tattoos.
Members can change at a moment's notice.
An applicant defeating a standing member replaces them.
If the Troupe loses one for other reasons, the boss selects the replacement.
The Troupe focuses primarily on stealing and killing.
Sometimes, they perform philanthropic work.
I already know all of that.
Two or three years ago, I replaced the man who was #4.
For what purpose? So that I could fight the boss.
The boss? Why would you want that? Because he is strong You wished to test your strength? Perhaps.
But It turns me on Thinking about fighting the boss But I've never had the chance.
He never lowers his guard.
At a minimum, two others always accompany him.
And when a job ends, he vanishes.
Without a trace.
So I reached a conclusion that benefits us both.
Would you not agree that reaching our goals alone will be difficult? What are you trying to say? I can tell you the Troupe members' abilities.
There are seven whose powers I already know.
Interested in teaming up? Yeah, we're on floor B2.
You haven't killed him yet? No.
This way.
We couldn't get a needle into him, so we used paralytic gas.
You clean up nicely.
Huh? I couldn't believe my ears when I heard you'd been kidnapped.
Blinky, time for work.
Suck out the poison paralyzing Uvo.
Okay, all done.
Damn! I'm gonna make that chain user pay Wake up, everyone! Where is he?! He ran away.
You were too loud.
We're heading back.
Our job here is done.
We also dealt with the Shadow Beasts.
And we got our treasure.
No! Tell the boss I won't go back until I settle up with that chain user.
Uvogin has been freed.
Kurapika, invited by Hisoka to team up, is not yet aware of this.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Dalzollene.
Leads Neon's bodyguards.
He's the leader of Neon's bodyguards! A cruel, impatient man who disposes of any who fail to follow orders.
Must be a drag taking care of that selfish brat! It's a drag for me, taking care of you.
What are you on about?! Next time: Chasing x And x Waiting.
Hey, Killua, let's play Drop the Handkerchief.
I'll drop it, and you sit and wait.
You can't play that with two people!