Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e46 Episode Script

Chasing x and x Waiting

Tell the boss I won't go back until I settle up with that chain user.
Chasing x And x Waiting Hisoka, who joined the Phantom Troupe for a chance to fight the leader, Chrollo, has proposed that Kurapika, who seeks revenge on the Troupe, join forces with him.
Well? It's your call.
Will you work with me? Or will you fight alone? Go ahead.
It's me.
Kurapika, it's terrible The man we captured has escaped.
Escaped? On his own? No, some Troupe members disguised themselves as Mafia and came for him.
What about the leader? We've been unable to reach him.
We're heading toward pattern B.
Return immediately.
I understand.
Hisoka, I have a question for you.
Do you know what became of the Scarlet Eyes? Unfortunately, that was from before I joined.
The boss sells every item after admiring it for a while.
The Scarlet Eyes should be no exception.
That is all I know.
But keep this in mind.
A spider will not stop moving until you crush its head.
I asked if you wanted to team up, but I was not suggesting that we fight side by side.
Merely that we exchange information, in a give-and-take relationship.
If it ceases to be beneficial to either party, there will be no further obligation to cooperate.
Simple enough, yes? What do you say? I'll be here tomorrow, at the same time.
So, what do we do now? The leader is probably dead.
And we haven't completed the mission Shouldn't we report this to the boss? That little girl's our boss in name alone.
It was someone else who hired us.
Light Nostrade, her father.
He gave the orders, and the leader received them.
But the leader was the only one who knew how to contact him.
It seems we have no choice but to report what's happened to the boss.
Boss Boss.
What time is it? It's 2 AM.
Huh? What about the auction?! It's been called off.
Huh? Called off? Why? The auction was attacked by thieves.
Huh? Baise, Ivlenkov, and Tocino died during the attack.
What? We can't reach the leader, so he's probably done for.
No way.
What about the mummy? Was it really stolen? I wanted it so much The Mafia community moved the merchandise to a safe location.
Oh, that's great! So when is the next auction? We don't yet know.
What? Why not? In any event, the leader handled all communication, so we don't know anything.
We cannot act until we have orders.
I don't know anything about that.
So, ask Daddy.
His number's on my phone.
Squala, make the call.
Huh? Why me?! You're the most experienced member left.
You should be the leader.
No way! Out of the question! I'm not the leader type.
Perhaps we should take a vote, to be fair? We need to make the call quickly.
I vote for Kurapika.
He was the one who apprehended the bandit, and he has shown excellent judgment.
I believe he would make the best leader.
No objections here.
I vote for Kurapika.
That's that You make the call.
I understand.
As the interim leader, I'll call Mr.
This is only until we confirm what's become of Dalzollene.
Any final decision will be Mr.
Nostrade's to make.
I never expected to get a chance so soon It would be inappropriate for me to call him directly, so would you provide an introduction, boss? Sure.
Then, I'm putting him on now.
Hello? Is it true that Dalzollene has been killed? Yes.
I find that hard to believe.
He is a Nen user.
He's trained to withstand ten gunshots without sustaining injury.
He was killed by a group of outlaws known as the Phantom Troupe.
The spiders? I had an opportunity to see them in action.
One of them stopped a bazooka rocket with one hand.
I am Kurapika, the interim leader.
Could you please issue us our orders? First, I'd like to hear your opinion as interim leader.
I believe we should get your daughter out of Yorknew City immediately.
If anything unexpected happens, we would be unable to protect her.
I agree with your assessment, but my daughter also has a say.
I want to respect her wishes when possible.
My top priority is her safety.
I understand.
I'm on my way now.
I should arrive by tomorrow evening.
I shall do my best to persuade Neon.
You will be the new leader, Kurapika.
Here is your first order.
Keep an eye on Neon until I arrive.
Your father will arrive tomorrow night.
Really? Yay! I'll get him to buy me lots of clothes.
You are to wait in your room until then.
What? I want to see the casino Stay here with the boss.
Huh? S-Sure I'll be downstairs, investigating.
Here we go! That building you were in is owned by a dummy corporation for the Nostrade Family.
Can you get a list of buildings the Nostrade Family owns in this area? Of course! I can also see if anyone's checked in using the Nostrade name.
Here, I brought more beer.
Oh, thanks.
You should get a Hunter License, Uvo.
You can get all kinds of information from this website, as long as you have the money.
Unlike you guys, I dislike the idea of money.
If there's something I want, I take it.
How splendid You are the model thief! Here we go.
They own two other buildings.
And there are three hotels where members are staying Well, this should be a short search.
I appreciate it.
Wh-What was that for?! Well, I'm off, then.
What about the beer? You guys can finish it.
Make sure you dispose of the body.
Try to make it quick.
Uvo! Huh? Don't get careless.
Family members? I'll start with them.
Look at this.
What's that? A list of buildings owned by the Nostrade Family? There's a list of Family members I didn't know this information was available.
This website can only be accessed by pro Hunters.
With this information, they can locate this room.
A website for pro Hunters Then if one of the enemies is a pro Hunter We're in big trouble.
We need to take the boss and find a different room.
Eh? In the same hotel? It's faster and avoids needless movement.
But we cannot use fake names.
We'll have Melody or Basho register the room.
Make sure everyone, especially the boss, stays inside.
Got it.
Don't check out of this one.
Kurapika? What about you? I'll stay here.
Huh? You can't mean to I-I don't think that's a Family member.
He's a bodyguard for the boss' daughter Daughter? Yeah She's a strange one who collects human body parts.
Eyeballs and organs Oh, and she's an incredibly accurate fortune teller.
Fortune teller? She has a long list of Mafia clients Some community elders basically worship her.
After all, our boss made his fortune by using his daughter's power.
Hey C-Cut me some slack? I told you everything I know.
Please spare me! Someone who can see the future She knew the attack would happen? The boss was right.
There weren't any traitors.
Currently, we have a 3,000,000 diamond and 2,400,000 Jenny in leftover cash.
And we also have the 2,750,000 Jenny from the arm wrestling.
That gives us a total of around 8,000,000.
We need to turn this into at least 9 billion, the minimum opening bid for Greed Island I don't see how we can manage that through legitimate channels.
I wouldn't call that arm wrestling legitimate.
All the challengers toward the end were half desperate losers trying for revenge.
That's fine.
That was my goal.
Huh? We want as many people as possible to embellish the tale.
What do you mean? The arm wrestling was meant as bait.
Bait? To draw out the moles.
Moles? Why do we want moles? Pipe down now.
I'll explain everything.
Come on down! Let's have some conditional auctioning fun! We have a diamond worth 3,000,000.
The winner will be determined through arm wrestling.
The first person to beat this boy wins the diamond.
You must pay a 10,000-Jenny entry fee.
What? He's just a kid.
I'll give it a shot.
Don't bother.
That kid beat five hundred people yesterday.
Huh? Over twenty ended up with broken arms.
Seriously?! The stories are spreading nicely.
In that case Move.
Oh, do we have our first challenger? No.
Huh? I already know that my man can't beat your kid.
I was watching yesterday.
Then what do you want? Interested in making some real money? Meaning? I know where you can make big bucks instead of the pocket change you're getting here.
You can make hundreds No, thousands of times more.
Are they moles? Yeah, looks like we landed a big fish.
Huh? Fish? Don't you mean moles? Stop talking.
It doesn't matter! Here we are.
Oh! I can feel the bloodlust.
The arm wrestling competition here accepts all comers, and it pays out.
The spectators bet on each match, and the winner receives ten percent of all bets placed.
We're talking billions bet on each match.
That would mean millions with each win! You could win even more I'll be taking fifty percent of your earnings as my commission.
Fifty percent? Isn't that a little high? You can't participate unless I enter your name.
Besides, you can bet your own money.
You'll get great odds with that kid, and earn back your stake a hundred times over.
That's right! I'm in! Go, Gon! Huh? Well? Any other challengers? Got one right here! This kid's up for the challenge.
Very well.
Sorry, but the arm wrestling is canceled! We'll be doing some conditional auctioning now! Why was it canceled? U-Uh, I don't know.
To win, you must play hide-and-seek! Hide-and-seek? We'll start by passing out flyers! Examine the pictures on the flyer.
Those seven people are your targets! Hey, that girl with glasses was Yep, she arm wrestled me.
Hey, are they the ones responsible for what happened last night? Yeah, you mean the attack on the auction? In order to win the bid, you must capture and deliver a target to us.
For each target brought in, you will receive a nice sum of 2 billion Jenny! There is no time limit.
It doesn't matter if the target is dead or alive.
Please contact us once you've captured one! Two billion each? If we catch them all, we'd have 14 billion! It'll cost you 5 million Jenny to participate! We're joining in, right? Yeah Yeah, that's right.
I'll fax you the information.
Search the Net for information.
We'll pay for anything concrete.
We need to hurry.
There's no rush.
They won't be able to catch our targets.
Huh? After all, the Mafia's having trouble handling them.
What do you mean? This conditional auction is nothing but a bounty hunt.
In other words, the Mafia is admitting that, alone, it can't capture these targets.
You have a point They were willing to suspend everything to track them down.
I just heard that the underground auction was attacked last night.
The underground auction?! Was it them? That's why there's a reward for their heads? Yep, they must be nuts to steal from the Mafia.
And we already know who would be crazy enough for that.
The Phantom Troupe! Oh, right What's Kurapika up to? Yeah, he should be in the city, but he hasn't made contact.
I'll call him.
He isn't answering.
Is he working? Working? I heard that he's been working as a bodyguard.
Probably for some VIP He's trying to track down the Scarlet Eyes, so it must be someone in the underworld.
What if he was guarding that person at the auction house, and got caught up in the attack? He wouldn't have been caught up in the attack.
If the Troupe attacked, he'd be actively tracking them down.
It's possible that he's already captured two or three.
I hope you're right Alone? I'm impressed.
Where do you want to die? I'll humor any requests.
I'd prefer a deserted wasteland, with no one nearby.
Since I'll have you screaming at the top of your lungs.
Uvogin has come to avenge his capture and restore his pride.
And Kurapika has been waiting for the chance to exact revenge upon the Phantom Troupe.
Their battle is about to start.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Squala.
One of Neon's bodyguards.
He's one of Neon's bodyguards! He can control dogs with Nen.
A Manipulator who controls his pet dogs.
He's a Manipulator.
He's actually dating Eliza-san, Neon's maid.
Meow! Woof! Next time: Condition x And x Condition.
Explain the difference in thirty words.
A condition is a rule.
A condition is a covenant with yourself!