Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e47 Episode Script

Condition x and x Condition

Alone? I'm impressed.
Where do you want to die? I'll humor any requests.
I'd prefer a deserted wasteland, with no one nearby.
Since I'll have you screaming at the top of your lungs.
Condition x And x Condition Uvogin seeks to unleash his rage upon Kurapika.
And Kurapika intends to avenge his brethren against the Phantom Troupe.
An inevitable battle is about to begin.
Yep, there they all go.
All of these are leech eggs? That's disgusting Sorry about the wait.
I've got a question for you.
Who are you? You're no ordinary Nen user.
I can sense a special intent behind your Nen.
Before I can answer your question, I need you to tell me something.
Do you remember the people you've killed? A little.
I can remember the people who made an impression.
So you want revenge? Who are you trying to avenge? The Kurta.
Never heard of them.
A small clan, with Scarlet Eyes, that lived in the Lukso Province.
Five years ago, you attacked us.
Scarlet Eyes? What's that? The name of a treasure? Sorry, doesn't ring a bell But five years ago, I was definitely a member.
When you kill a completely innocent bystander, what are you people thinking? What do you feel? Nothing at all.
Scum! You will atone through death! Fools like you are the reason I never get sick of killing.
Wanna know what I enjoy most? Denying those who come in search of revenge! Those chains are dangerous.
I don't know what kind of trick he used on them, but they hold an abnormal amount of Nen.
Which means Strike first to win! Got him.
That's a surprise After taking that punch, he still has the strength to attack? But his left arm is useless now.
What? Unscathed? Impossible Considering the amount of Nen in those chains, he must be a Manipulator or a Conjurer I would guess the former.
But only an Enhancer should be able to block my attack.
What is he? Was that punch the best you've got? That wasn't even funny.
Don't worry.
That was twenty percent of my strength.
This time, I'll use half! Here! Damn! Here! Damn, he keeps darting around.
But I'll regret not using that chance to chain you up? Stop making excuses, and give me your best shot.
You're wasting my time.
Okay, kid.
I'll give you all I've got! That's an incredible aura.
A smoke screen? His presence has disappeared.
He's using In! This time, I crushed your arm.
No one can withstand a full-strength Big Bang Impact.
But I'm impressed.
You reacted immediately.
I'm guessing you noticed the slight shift in the smoke.
I am impressed, as well.
I didn't think you knew how to use In.
Striking the ground to raise a smoke screen was intended to conceal both your physical body and your presence.
However I, too, can use In.
N-No way! You can see them? So you can use Gyo.
These chains were fortified with a Conjurer's Nen.
Meaning I can use In to render them invisible.
So you kept the chains out to trick us into thinking they were real? Precisely.
I pretended to be a Manipulator using Nen-controlled chains, so my enemies would only be alert to the visible chains.
And my bluff just paid off.
While you were making empty threats, my chains were already wrapped around your body.
You've been captured.
Damn But how? He has an Enhancer's defensive power And the Nen in his conjured chains is incredibly strong Has he fully mastered both Enhancer and Conjurer techniques? That's impossible.
Act A Nen user can only fully master their innate category.
Conjurer Enhancer I see you're having trouble understanding.
Let me illuminate you, before sending you to the other side.
Those eyes I remember now.
There were a bunch of them, in the middle of nowhere.
The boss really liked those eyes.
They were pretty strong! Then, you're a survivor? I'm getting fired up Let's see which is stronger, your grudge or my power! Bastard Is that all you can think about? You'll never be able to break these chains! Why? What's wrong? When my eyes turn scarlet, I become a Specialist.
What was that? When I am a Specialist, I wield full control over every category of Nen.
Enhancer Transmuter Conjurer Emitter Manipulator And this is my power Absolute Mastery Emperor Time Emperor Time! Chains? Yes, when I heard about conjuring, that was the first thing that came to mind.
Chains, huh Why's that? Because there's evil running loose that needs to be chained down to hell.
Really, now? I get the feeling that you're actually just chaining yourself.
What would you know? Hey! Wait up! I'm your teacher! I'm not finished talking! Hold it right there Didn't you hear my explanation? Conjuring ordinary chains is pointless! And conjuring unbreakable chains is impossible! Ignoring me? Man, you're so stubborn.
It's impossible to conjure unbreakable chains.
But it's possible to conjure something very close.
Really?! Yeah, you only hear what you want to hear.
What do I need? A condition and a condition.
A condition and a condition? Yes, determine a condition in other words, a rule and swear to always follow it.
The stricter the rule, the stronger the power it will enable.
Normally, Nen is additive.
(Attack + Nen) x Condition Difficulty But a Nen technique with conditions is multiplicative.
Your strength will increase exponentially.
Come up with a rule for your chains.
One that you are prepared to follow.
But let me warn you This technique is very volatile.
It's a double-edged sword.
If you break the rule you set, you could lose your Nen.
My objective is to find my brethren's Scarlet Eyes and to capture the spiders.
I want chains that are unbreakable by the spiders, the Phantom Troupe.
The spiders will be my only targets.
So the rule is that you will use these chains solely for that objective? That's a little weak.
Don't get ahead of me.
Using the chains exclusively on spiders is only the prerequisite.
Then what is your rule? I'll stake my life on it! Hey, Kurapika When your eyes are scarlet, your aura spikes.
Could that mean Let's try water divination again! A Specialist? You have full control over every other category? That is correct.
Holy Chain: Healing Thumb I can use enhanced self-healing to completely recover a broken arm.
I shattered that arm, but he healed it instantly.
There were a number of reasons why I chose you to be my first target.
While you fought the Mafia and the Shadow Beasts, the other spiders stayed out of it altogether.
That told me you preferred to fight alone, and that they trusted that your strength would prevail.
I prefer to fight one-on-one.
That made you a perfect target.
An Enhancer who was confident in his offense and defense.
You met every condition I required for my first target.
Because then I could test if my Chain Jail would be effective on the rest of the Troupe.
Chain Jail forcefully activates Zetsu upon any Troupe member it ensnares.
It also paralyzes them.
So that's why I can't muster any aura Zetsu nullifies aura.
Meaning you'd need to use physical strength alone to break these chains.
Damn! If the Troupe member with the most physical strength cannot break the chains, the others will certainly be unable to escape Chain Jail.
His forced activation of Zetsu here is bad Aura is the basis of all Nen.
If it's sealed off, you can't use your power.
A technique for sealing Nen This guy thought everything through.
It looks as though my enhanced fist is slightly stronger than your physical brawn.
That's valuable information.
Then I can beat every Troupe member barehanded, provided I've chained them.
Tell me everything you know.
Where are the other spiders? Kill me.
What abilities do they have? Kill me.
It makes me sick The sensation left on my hand.
The grating sound of each strike.
The smell of blood! It all throws my senses into disarray How can you do these things, yet feel and think nothing at all?! Answer me! Kill me.
This is your last chance.
I just placed a conditional bond on your heart.
If you break the rule I set, the bond will activate, crushing your heart.
Judgment Chain: Arbiter Little Finger The rule is that you must answer my question honestly.
Abide by that rule, and I shall allow you to live a bit longer.
Where are the other spiders?! Die, fool.
I spent too much time in that state It's me.
Kurapika, what's going on? Why didn't you call? Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm glad to hear that What about on your side? The boss is safe.
She's asleep in her room.
Right, the boss' father won't arrive until late tonight, due to weather complications.
I see.
I understand.
A chain user He's either a Manipulator or a Conjurer.
Uvogin is a dominant fighter.
But in a one-on-one fight, he is most vulnerable to those two categories.
Many Conjurers give special powers to the things that they create.
Some of those abilities could render Uvo helpless.
And a Manipulator could manipulate Uvo himself.
I should have tagged along! Damn! If he fails to return by dawn, there will be a change in plans.
Shalnark senses the danger, as Uvogin fails to return.
Their leader, Chrollo, prepares to terminate the chain user.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Uvogin.
A Phantom Troupe member.
A member of the Phantom Troupe.
He has a giant body.
A master Enhancer, His special attack is a Nen-infused straight right, with the Troupe's toughest, strongest body.
Big Bang Impact! Next Time: Very x Sharp x Eye.
So sharp, it's like a razor.
Ooh, sounds great!