Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e49 Episode Script

Pursuit x and x Analysis

Yeah, this looks real.
There's a video attached.
We have two targets.
A man and a woman.
I'll leave now, so let's meet there.
Got it.
Let's go, Killua.
Pursuit x And x Analysis After a tip about the Phantom Troupe, Gon and his friends move out.
There, they encounter Machi and Nobunaga.
However, the two aren't just waiting around to be caught.
Was Uvo really killed? Probably.
Uvo was more than just a dumb brute.
I know that.
Even if he were fighting a difficult opponent, he had the wits and experience to prevail.
Hello? I'm the one who submitted the request.
You're late! Where are you? Stop looking around I can see you.
It's the couple behind your boyfriend? I'll wire the money to you now, so please confirm receipt.
For real? Let's go! Hurry! But Uvo didn't return.
Has he ever been late without informing us? But remember what he said? He wasn't coming back until he settled up with that chain user.
That's why I said probably.
I never said he was definitely dead.
Just a hunch? Just a hunch.
Well, you're usually right.
Okay, we should decide our next move.
How do we catch those two? It's impossible.
We aren't strong enough to handle them.
What was that? We won't know until we try! And why are you saying this now?! Quiet They'll notice us.
But it's still true.
I knew it as soon as I saw them.
My dad once had a hit on a Troupe member.
Huh? What? One of the few times I've ever heard him complain.
Said the job wasn't worth the price.
That's considered the greatest compliment a target can get.
That was when he told us to stay away from the Troupe.
It's been a few years, so I thought we might stand a chance They're really that strong? Would it help you to picture two Hisokas sitting there? That is definitely not something we can handle.
So, why do you think they're here? Aren't they on a date? Huh? Really? No, they noticed that other couple behind them.
They're paying close attention to their surroundings.
At first, I thought it was just caution because the Mafia is after them.
But in that case, they wouldn't be sitting in a public place.
They aren't worried at all.
They're waiting for someone to find them.
Acting as bait, to draw out their prey.
We're being watched.
They aren't amateurs.
Yeah, I can't tell where they are, but they're focused on us.
Is it the chain user? No idea.
If it is, we'll follow the boss' orders to go wild.
I believe the boss wishes to recruit him.
Machi The boss only told us to find him and bring him back.
Have you forgotten the unspoken rule? Alive or dead.
By any means necessary.
Right? You're free to interpret the boss' orders as you like, but you can't force me to agree.
I haven't said anything yet.
You're the one forcing the issue.
The atmosphere changed.
I've got a really bad feeling Did they notice us? It's okay.
They haven't noticed us yet.
Are you sure? Besides, I can't use Zetsu like you guys to mask my presence.
If we used Zetsu, that would attract their attention.
They aren't trying to sense Nen.
They're trying to see if there's anyone in this area who looks or acts suspicious.
So you'd better wipe those looks off your faces.
Act normal.
Sorry, that was a bad idea.
Let's make it clear, then.
Are we going to take him dead, or alive? Fine.
Her? Yes, she is Nostrade's daughter.
Her name is Neon.
According to the online Hunter information, the chain user is one of her bodyguards.
As for her other bodyguards, we have pictures and names for these five.
And this girl is responsible for Nostrade's success? Most likely.
This information comes from the Hunter website, so it should be accurate.
I see Now I understand what happened.
It was wise to switch rooms.
The Phantom Troupe is definitely using the pro Hunter website.
If you'd moved any later, Neon might have been in danger.
I'm grateful.
Looking ahead, the first step is to get my daughter home.
Is that okay, Neon? Well, I don't have a choice.
The auction was canceled, so I don't have any reason to stay.
I really wanted to go They'll hold another auction next year.
Cheer up.
And I promise I'll recover the items you wanted from those bandits.
Really? Yes, I promise.
Have I ever broken a promise? Have you ever kept a promise? You make a good point I believe your names are Melody and Basho? Yes You'll take Neon back to the house immediately.
To be on the safe side, use simple disguises.
Okay, Neon.
Return to your room and pack.
All right, let's get down to our real business.
The auction will resume tonight.
The time and location haven't changed.
The community must demonstrate that they will not allow anyone to intimidate them.
The Ten Dons have vowed to recover the stolen merchandise.
The stolen merchandise? As I told you earlier, the man we captured claimed that a Shadow Beast had taken everything before they arrived.
Yes, that's correct.
The Shadow Beasts appear to be wiped out.
Nine bodies have been recovered so far.
The final member, Owl, was the one carrying the merchandise.
He was probably captured by the Troupe.
The Ten Dons understand how frightening Nen can be.
If the Troupe has someone who can use Nen to compel confession, they wouldn't even need torture.
It's believed that the merchandise Owl took has fallen into the Troupe's hands.
So, as I was saying, with the Shadow Beasts destroyed, the Ten Dons are hiring professionals to handle the Troupe.
Professionals? To the Mafia, murder is a tool, not our trade.
Considering our opponents, it would be better to leave it to the experts.
We'll have them crush the Troupe for us, while avoiding further losses.
However, it's also a chance to make a name for ourselves in the community.
We cannot allow those hit men all the glory.
So, Kurapika I want you to join those hit men.
Take care of the chain user for me.
Got it.
They're on the move.
What should we do? As I told you, we can't beat them in a fight.
We'll find a way We have to.
We can't leave empty-handed.
Then listen carefully.
Gon and I will tail them.
We absolutely cannot let them spot us.
We'll use Zetsu.
Wow I can see him standing here, but I can't sense him.
Gon, I need you to make me two promises.
If they see us, we give up immediately and escape.
If I judge that further pursuit is impossible for any other reason, we give up.
Got it? Uh-huh.
The signal to stop will be one phone call.
Make sure your phone's on vibrate.
If they split up, we follow the woman.
Leorio, contact Zepile, and keep an eye on the auction for us.
Got it.
I'm guessing you've never tailed anyone before? Um Well During the Hunter Exam, I trailed Hisoka.
Really? Without his noticing? Yeah, I was on his tail for a whole day.
Wow, not bad.
Ow Why did you hit me? Uh, it seemed appropriate.
Well, then you should have no problem.
Be sure to stay out of their field of vision.
Okay, let's go.
Yeah! The targets have passed the plaza and entered a side street.
Okay, confirmed.
Do they know we're here? It's okay.
We're using Zetsu, so they shouldn't notice us unless something's really wrong.
But they're on constant guard against pursuers, so stay vigilant.
You, too.
Tsk, he's telling me to be careful? I'm the one who has to be alert to any change in their movements.
It's okay.
They haven't noticed us.
When they realize we're here, they'll react in some way.
They can try to conceal it, but their faces or behavior will betray it.
I've been put through life-or-death shadowing exercises since I was three.
I won't fail and lose sight of them! Are we being followed? Most likely, I'd guess.
I'm impressed.
I can't sense a thing.
They must be quite skilled.
Crap, they're moving toward a deserted area.
They must realize by now that they're being followed.
Then is this a trap? No, they don't know our exact locations.
Or maybe they don't know they're being followed and are heading back to base.
That would make this a huge success.
Is this a trap? Or their hideout? Which is it? If it's a trap, we should run immediately.
If it's their hideout, we should continue.
They're acting calm We continue! Our stalker isn't taking the bait.
It probably isn't the chain user.
Why not? I can sense multiple people tailing us.
But the chain user works alone.
How can you be sure? He's a member of the Nostrade Family, right? Yet he managed to defeat Uvo on his own.
I'm sure because the Mafia hasn't taken any action.
If the Mafia were responsible, they would use Uvo as a chip against us, dead or alive.
Had they killed him, the news would probably be on the Net by now.
Since there's nothing, the chain user probably defeated Uvo alone, without reporting it to the Mafia.
Why would someone who works for the Mafia operate solo? It was probably a personal grudge.
You're using "probably" a lot.
Shut up.
I doubt that someone seeking revenge without Mafia backup would team up with anyone else.
Thus, the chain user is operating alone and unrelated to the group now pursuing us.
Your theory has a lot of holes.
Then what do you think? Indeed I suspect that there's a link between this tail and the chain user.
You just know? I just know.
Man People who act on instinct shouldn't criticize theories.
Well, Killua? They're waiting for someone or trying to lure us out.
One or the other.
Do they know we're following them? Right now, it's fifty-fifty.
But they don't know our location.
They want to draw us out because they don't know where we are.
They're inviting us to show ourselves.
What do we do? They may be waiting for someone else.
Hold your position and wait.
Gon, I'm hanging up.
Pay close attention.
If they give any kind of reaction, we'll run for it! Escape as soon as I ring the phone.
Got it? Yeah, got it.
Phinks here.
Oh, what's up? I wanted to see how you were doing.
We're being followed, but they haven't made a move.
And we can't locate them, so this will take a while.
Oh, then would you like some helpful info? Hmm? What do you mean? The stones were a distraction? This'll get him! He stopped me with ease With one hand! Yo.
Phinks, why are you here? Weren't you heading out with the boss? This is the fourth floor.
To fool the enemy, you first fool your allies.
The boss got me good again.
I wondered why there were so many Zetsu masters around.
Stalking the stalkers? Mustache-guy and the woman didn't know? They fooled us! Okay, kid.
I have a few questions for you.
Boy, do you know the chain user? Huh? A Nen user who uses chains to fight.
We're looking for him.
He asked you to follow us, right? I don't know who that is.
We were following you for our own reasons.
I just need one moment With an opening, I can escape! Well? Well, indeed If he's lying, he's really good.
I can check.
Question 1 Why were you following us? Answer concisely.
Lying will only make the situation worse.
The Mafia has put a huge bounty on your heads.
Websites are offering a lot of money just for information on your location.
Question 2 Who taught you to shadow people? Well, mainly, I was using Zetsu, a Nen ability, to conceal my presence.
I'm trying to become a pro Hunter.
Who taught you how to do that? A Shingen-ryu master.
Question 3 Do you know a Nen user who fights with chains? Chains? He would be a Conjurer or Manipulator.
Does your master have chains hanging from his right arm? Or perhaps it's you? I don't know.
My master is an Enhancer, and he only taught me the four major principles.
I see Well, nothing we can do, if you don't know.
Time for the last question, then.
You have two choices.
Consider carefully before you answer.
Do you want to die now or later? Make your choice.
You have three seconds to answer.
It's useless.
Don't try anything foolish.
Yes Understood, we'll head over.
Boy, your friend surrendered.
I'll ask you once more.
Do you know the chain user? My answer is the same.
I don't.
I see.
How about you? Any guesses? Welcome to our base.
They stand inside the Phantom Troupe's hideout nerves mounting to their limits.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Machi.
A Phantom Troupe member.
A Phantom Troupe member.
She's a Transmuter.
Transmutes aura into Nen threads that she controls.
She can turn her aura into Nen threads.
Her special technique is Nen Stitches.
She can put your body back together! Like this! Next time: Ally x And x Sword.
Snatch! Bam! Look! I caught it! That's one of Milluki's miniature bombs! Ka-boom!