Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e50 Episode Script

Ally x and x Sword

Play dumb.
That's right He likes Gon, so he'll bail us out.
Idiot! Oh Oops.
What is it? You know someone here? Ah! No It's that girl! Oh? You know them, Shizuku? Nope, never seen them before.
Huh? Oh, I remember It's the arm wrestling kid.
Who was that? Two days ago, you lost to that kid at arm wrestling.
Lost? I lost? That's a lie.
I would never lose to a kid.
Well, you were using your right hand Why? I'm left-handed.
Don't bother.
Once Shizuku's forgotten something, she'll never remember.
Never mind I was mistaken.
Thought so.
Oh? You actually beat Shizuku? Yeah.
Never would've imagined she was a Troupe member.
Okay, I'll challenge you.
Ally x And x Sword One more time.
Ready Go.
One more time.
Ready Go.
Hey When it comes to arm wrestling, what's my rank among the spiders? Seventh or eighth? You're not weak, but you're not strong, either.
And the strongest was this guy called Uvogin.
But apparently, he was killed by the chain user.
We already said we don't know who that is! Kid! If you speak without permission again, I'll kill you.
One more time.
Ready Go.
He was an Enhancer.
Simple-minded and straightforward, he loved a good, all-out fight.
But he was fussy about time.
He'd get into fights with Franklin and me when we were late.
He'd beat the crap out of me in an unarmed brawl I've known him since before the Troupe was founded.
I know him better than anyone.
He would never Uvo would never lose in a fight! He must've been caught in some dirty trap! I will make his killer pay.
I'll find him, no matter how many I have to kill.
The chain user bears a strong grudge against us.
The Mafia's Nostrade Family hired him recently.
A grudge against the Troupe? Recently hired You might not know him directly, but you may have heard stories of him! Think hard If you have any guesses, spill them! I don't know anything.
But even if I did, I would never tell you! I thought you were a bunch of heartless monsters, but you'll mourn the death of one of your own? Why couldn't you spare Spare a fraction of that grief for the people you've killed?! You're getting too cocky.
Gon! Another step, and I'll cut you up.
Answer the question.
Do you know who the chain user is? I already said I have nothing to tell you! Feitan Stop.
Stop what? Stop what you're about to do.
You know what I'm about to do? You're going to break his arm, right? I'd start with a finger Peel off a nail.
Doesn't matter where you'd start.
Just stop! Why are you giving me orders? I have no reason to listen to you.
Hey, quit it, Nobunaga.
Have you forgotten the rules? Troupe members aren't allowed to start serious fights.
I know! If there's a dispute, we flip a coin.
Heads! It's heads.
Let him go.
So, what do we do with them? They haven't told us anything about the chain user yet.
If they don't know anything, we can let them go.
Well, Pakunoda? I checked on the trip here.
They really don't know anything.
You're sure? Yes.
They have no memories of the chain user.
Seems your instinct was off this time.
That's odd Well, if Pakunoda says so, it must be true.
Hey, Gon! Did they do anything to you on the way over here? No, they just asked me a few questions.
Thought so Then they learned what they wanted without our realizing.
What was it? And how? Sounds like they really trust Pakunoda's judgment.
She must possess a skill more convincing than mere instinct.
They have no memories of the chain user.
Memories? How about you? Any guesses? The power to scan someone's memory! By touching them? That would explain everything.
And we're in trouble.
When she scanned us before, I had no idea who the chain user was.
But now, I have an image in my head.
If she checks again If they have nothing to do with the chain user, we can let them go? Yeah, there's no point in keeping them here.
No, we can't be sure they're completely unrelated.
It's possible they're being used.
If the chain user typically conceals his chains, they wouldn't realize he was the chain user.
We shouldn't release them until they tell us who they're working for.
Assuming they're working for someone else, it wouldn't be the chain user.
Because he operates alone.
Then you agree with Nobunaga.
Rather than use a couple of kids, we can find the information we need through the Nostrade Family.
Since we know the chain user's a member.
That's true.
Our target is the chain user.
We should ignore everyone else.
There you go.
You kids are lucky.
No, not yet.
I won't let him leave.
Kid Join the spiders.
Team up with me.
No way.
I'd rather die than join you guys! He really hates us You're an Enhancer, right? What if I am?! I knew it! Hey! We're keeping them here until the boss gets back.
I'm going to recommend we recruit them.
Are you serious? The boss will never agree to that.
Well, it's your call.
But you have to watch them.
You can't blame us if they escape.
He reminds you of Uvo? Yeah, he wears his emotions on his sleeve.
And when he's angry, he forgets about consequences.
Most of all, he's strongest when fighting for someone else.
He did like to fight alone.
But he was strongest when he'd team up with Nobunaga to fight a horde.
Uvo never admitted it, but he preferred having someone to protect.
Then, he was stronger with someone holding him back.
Well, I guess you could say that.
Shizuku is always so uncharitable On the other hand, Nobunaga's skills are superior for duels.
You could even say that they're really only effective one-on-one.
Whenever they had assignments to fight together, they always complained.
But in truth, they seemed to enjoy it.
Okay, that's enough reminiscing.
Let's get down to business.
Here's a list of Nostrade Family members taken from the Hunter website.
These five are particularly important.
They serve as bodyguards for the daughter of the boss.
And they're the ones who captured Uvo.
But Uvo said that the chain user wasn't on this list.
Since we don't know the chain user's appearance, we'll have to find someone who does.
Oh, that's the guy I killed.
Cross out the top left guy.
Move around in pairs, and search for the people on that list.
Then we'll meet back here at 10 PM.
That's all.
Nobunaga's staying here, right? What should I do? You can team up with whoever's left.
Ow I was a fool.
If I'd made a move, Hisoka wouldn't have hesitated to kill me.
That murderous aura I was frozen in place.
If Gon had suffered a lethal blow, would I have been able to move? That's impossible.
Your only concern when you meet someone is whether you should kill them.
You're wrong "Never fight an enemy you can't beat.
" I drilled that into you You're wrong! Scary You look like you want to kill me.
Let me warn you first.
Step into range, and I'll cut you down.
Killua! I stand no chance against him.
I have to think of a way to escape No windows.
One exit.
How can we get him to move away? Is Leorio okay? I hope he was able to find Zepile-san.
Killua, are you okay? Yeah.
Hey, Zepile-san taught us welding, exposing What else was there? I forgot.
Side-stomping, maybe? I don't think that was it Gon I'll act as a decoy.
Use that chance to escape.
What are you talking about? Seriously.
Forget it.
You're smart enough to know how much stronger I am.
There won't be any chances.
I already know that! This room only has one exit and nowhere to hide.
He can see everything we're doing.
We're facing someone who can watch us without creating an opening.
He's probably an iaido master.
With his shodachi, his range is at least two times mine.
If I take one step too close, he'll strike a fatal blow.
But that's the point! You can't do it.
Shut up! I won't know until I try! Killua, what are you thinking? I'll stop his shodachi, even if it kills me.
Use that chance to run away! Huh? What was that for?! Don't be so selfish! Don't talk about dying like it's nothing! What?! You did the same thing earlier! I'm allowed to do it! But you aren't! Huh? You can't use logic against an Enhancer We can't escape unless we're prepared to die, stupid! You have no idea what I was thinking Who's the selfish one?! Yes, I've no idea Because I'm stupid! You kids are hilarious! Hey, I'm not gonna hurt you or anything.
Just behave yourselves.
I know you're serious.
Don't throw your lives away.
Wait until the boss gets back.
If he won't give his approval, you can leave.
But if you try to escape, I'll kill you.
Don't make me draw my sword.
If I pull it out, you'll die I remember now! It was side-stepping! Welding, exposing And the last one was side-stepping! Do you remember now? Yeah, I sure do! See? How could we forget something so simple? Huh? Now that we've figured that out Let's go! Are you serious? You're going to die.
I'm not skilled or merciful enough to control my strength.
Fools! If the exit is blocked Make your own! The wall Tsk, which one do I chase? We're on the fifth floor.
The kid with slanted eyes is already close to the stairs.
So the black-haired kid! Now he has nowhere to run.
Am I an idiot? They can break through walls to escape! The slanted-eyed kid is below.
I'll have to follow the black-haired one.
Where is he? The walls are intact So is the door.
Killua, are you there? Yeah, I'm here! That's it! That last hole was a decoy! He broke it before hiding in the nearby room, waiting for me to pass, before stepping into the hallway.
We can beat him together! His presence disappeared Zetsu? Does the idiot want to fight me? An advanced application of Ten and Ren.
En! En Normally, you shroud your body in aura that extends a few millimeters from your body.
But with En, you extend that aura as far as necessary.
You can sense anyone who steps inside your En.
Inside it, you can even count the leaves as they fall.
You can conceal your presence and approach, never making a sound.
But step within my En, and I'll swing my sword.
Come to me.
Man, I wanted to beat him up.
That was impossible.
He'd have fought you off and killed you.
One hundred percent guaranteed? We don't have a chance only knowing the basics of Nen.
What is it? You finally sound like yourself again.
It's my job to say crazy stuff.
Your job is to stay cool and stop me.
So I'm counting on you! You're so selfish.
Well? What do we do next? That depends on what you want to do.
I want to defeat those guys.
Well, that matches our original objective.
But we'll have to improve our Nen to do that.
Nen has the potential to give us the power we'd need to stand a chance.
And the fastest way to learn more would be to ask Kurapika.
Huh? Why? Because Kurapika is the chain user who defeated one of them.
Huh? You didn't realize it? Is that really true? I'm pretty confident.
If it's true, we have a chance.
Because we learned Nen around the same time Kurapika did.
We need to learn the techniques appropriate to our abilities.
And most importantly, we need the strength to fight the Troupe.
And Kurapika is the key to finding those answers? Yeah.
At the same time, a new storm brews at the heart of Yorknew City.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Franklin, A Phantom Troupe member.
a member of the Phantom Troupe.
He's an Emitter.
An Emitter.
His attack Double Machine Gun fires Nen bullets.
Transforms hands into machine guns that fire Nen bullets.
Retool your fingers for an extra punch! Next time: A x Brutal x Battlefield.
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