Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e52 Episode Script

Assault x And x Impact

The calendar loses a precious component.
The remaining months gather to mourn.
The mourners play a melody, while the eleventh moon quietly rises.
Assault x And x Impact We will be making an emergency stop.
Please watch your step.
Did something happen? We are currently evaluating the situation.
Beats me.
It's me.
Are they here? Yeah, it's gotta be them! They're the only ones strong enough to fight a whole crowd alone! Hey Hey! Damn! Figure out how many enemies we're up against! Listen up! Do whatever it takes to stop them! Do not let them near this building! They're late Our escort isn't here yet? Their names are Melody and Basho.
All traffic in Yorknew City has been stopped.
They're probably stuck.
It's dangerous for Neon to be here! Isn't there any way to evacuate her? The ambulance we requested is on its way.
Please wait a little longer.
Ambulance? Yes, that's right.
Something's wrong here.
The man who entered the building with Neon and then called for a doctor Boss.
Kurapika, don't take one step away from my daughter until the ambulance arrives.
Got it? But my assignment is to kill the Phantom Troupe.
At the time, I thought that Neon would already be home.
But instead, she's unconscious here, exposed to the Troupe.
I absolutely must ensure Neon's safety.
Stay here for the time being.
I'm begging you.
What a pity They aren't putting up much of a fight.
Well, I guess it was stupid to expect more— Damn They're crazier than I've heard, launching a frontal attack with ten people.
Man When did this place turn into a battlefield? Where is the patient? There's nothing to prove that you aren't a Phantom Troupe member.
One funny move, and I'll blow your head off.
Follow me.
Please allow me to check you all.
What's that? Bastard Currently, all trains have been stopped.
For your safety, please wait patiently.
I'm not getting any reception down here.
And we don't know when the trains will start moving again.
That settles it We'll have to run.
You were hired to be an assassin, so stop hiding in this room, and go fight.
Or did you get scared once the Troupe showed up? Oh, actually I requested that Kurapika stay here.
I understand that he's been hired by the Ten Dons, but I was worried about my daughter.
I don't intend to sell you out.
But you're being paid well, so I expect you to do your job.
I agree that I must do something.
I could at least patrol this building.
Yes, I suppose.
But you must come immediately if I call.
My daughter's safety comes first.
How long do we have to wait? Hey, what's going on outside? I can hear explosions nearby! When will the auction start? Explain what's going on.
P-Please wait a little longer.
Tell us whether the auction's still on or not! Everyone here is a gang leader or a big shot.
They're endangering themselves to prove that they aren't afraid of the Troupe.
Return my phone! I've no idea what's happening outside.
I need my weapons, too! As you already know, weapons are banned.
What if they get inside? Are we supposed to fight with our bare hands?! It's becoming chaotic here The auctioneers and handlers will lose control of the situation very soon.
Hello? Oh, Kurapika? Huh? Whew, we finally got a hold of you.
Is this Gon?! Yep, can you talk right now? Uh, sorry, I'm in the middle of something.
I'll call you back.
Wait! Can you give me one minute? I have something to tell you.
Killua and I ran into the Troupe.
Actually, they caught us.
What were you guys thinking?! Do you realize how dangerous they are? Let me talk.
I thought I knew, but after we met them, it became painfully clear.
They're strong.
Right now, we have no chance against them.
That's why we need your assistance.
We want to help.
That's ridiculous.
I won't help you get yourselves killed.
Don't you want to know where their base is? I have my own sources of information.
Do you know all of their powers? Enough! Just stay away from the Troupe! You're the chain user who killed one of their members, right? They're looking everywhere for you.
If you won't treat us as friends or equals, we'll do whatever we must to help! Kurapika One of their members cried in front of us.
He said that he couldn't forgive whoever killed his friend.
I got really mad after seeing that.
I couldn't let that go.
We want to stop them! Please, Kurapika I'll call you back.
If you won't treat us as friends or equals We want to stop them! Here they come! Don't let them escape! I can feel the heat! Someone's coming! Does he have a gun? Who's stationed here? I-It's no use.
They're too strong.
We don't stand a chance How strong are they?! This strong! Damn it! Aw, he broke.
I need to find my next machine.
Are you okay? I found the corpse of one of the assassins! Someone's already inside the building! Damn it.
It's hopeless! Hey, don't run away! Fight! Man, what's going on? It's me.
Where's our backup? What are you doing? They should be there any moment.
We'll be arriving shortly You can't mean The two thousand men that were supposed to assemble here have all been wiped out? Now what? There are Troupe members inside the building.
It's me, Bean! Get the Ten Dons on the line.
It's urgent! The intruder must be a member of the Troupe.
Their objective is to steal the rest of the merchandise and avenge their comrade.
He said that he couldn't forgive whoever killed his friend.
That's what I wanted! Hey! Enough already! Give us the weapons we handed over! But the rules state that To hell with the rules! Do you understand our situation?! I know you've got professional assassins wandering around this place! If you're gonna depend on those freaks, you might as well let us fight! My name is Zeno Zoldyck.
The famous Zoldyck family of assassins! The Ten Dons called in these monsters? At the moment, one bandit has infiltrated this building.
He has killed a number of the assassins that your people hired.
Even if you were fully armed, it would take me seven seconds to kill the lot of you.
The enemy is capable of a similar feat.
If you understand, shut up and wait.
It's a different story if you want to die Well? A single strike from behind.
His presence was only exposed for a brief instant, and barely any trace remains.
I suppose I'll have to use En.
It's an exhausting technique.
Let's start from the roof and head down This building's radius is one hundred meters.
Will you be okay, old man? Fool, if I wanted, I could handle three times that.
This job is hardly worth the pay You're late, Kurapika! Hurry back right now.
Stay at Neon's side! Right, I'm on my way.
Damn! We meet again.
You remember me? How could I forget? You killed one of my people.
It was difficult.
Careful, old man.
He can steal your techniques.
This could be hard, fighting one on two.
It takes a quality knife to scratch me.
Looks to be a mid-era Ben's knife.
That shape It's poisoned? You okay? I'm just fine.
Just fine? A tenth of a milligram will completely paralyze a whale.
So you can steal other people's Nen? You must be a Specialist.
I would consider you a threat if you could freely use the powers you steal.
However, you must take risks to take those abilities.
A technique that strong must have its drawbacks I would guess you must clear four or five conditions before you can steal an ability.
The old man's a difficult opponent.
It will be difficult to clear those conditions while you fight us.
Meaning that you won't be able to steal our abilities while we fight.
Proven by your need to use a poisoned knife as a deterrent.
Correct again.
I have no choice.
Silva, I'll need your support.
Once I lock him in place, kill him, even if you have to kill me with him.
He focused his aura into his hand.
He has incredible potential.
I won't be able to block that attack.
Skill Hunter: Bandit's Secret A mantle A Conjurer ability? This could be difficult Even if it's a stolen ability, I can't attack recklessly without knowing what it's capable of.
That would be an ordinary fighter's reaction Dragon Head: Long-Tou Xi-Hua Dragon Lance I see now His power is to seal other people's abilities in that Conjured book letting him use them freely.
In return, when he uses another ability, he must hold that book in his hands at all times.
The mantle is also a Conjured item.
He has shown no signs of taking the offensive, but he's trying to close the gap between us.
So it's a defensive tool that can be used to close the distance and counterattack.
Which means I have no reason not to fight from a distance.
Then I wait for my chance, and grab it.
This old man is incredible.
He managed to read my mind in a flash.
I'm guessing I can't capture him alive.
When he shuts the book, the ability he withdrew also vanishes? In any case, he's quite talented.
He dodges each of my old man's attacks at the last second, leaving me no opening to attack.
He's physically stronger than before.
Since we don't know what abilities he has, we can't finish him off without being willing to risk our lives.
Now! Kill him! A thundering boom resounded through Yorknew City.
Kurapika had no idea that the shock wave would lead to an unexpected development.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Shalnark.
A Phantom Troupe member.
A Phantom Troupe member.
He's smart, knowledgeable, and calculating.
With his sharp mind, His Nen ability places an antenna on targets, he's tasked with gathering information and data analysis.
letting him control them with his cell phone.
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