Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e53 Episode Script

Fake x And x Psyche

Now! Kill him! Fake x And x Psyche Hey, what's going on?! Below us! There was a huge explosion below us.
Enough waiting around I'll see what's happening for myself! Everyone, please calm down.
I finally managed to contact the Ten Dons.
They wish to speak to you directly.
The auction will proceed, so please remain calm.
Please enter the auction hall on the tenth floor.
An underground chamber where everything costs extra.
That is where you will sleep.
Never descend stairs that you didn't first ascend.
Do not compete with others at numbers.
I'll be fine.
This is the tenth floor.
I'll be safe as long as I don't go down any stairs It's all good.
Her fortunes are one hundred percent accurate.
Her fortunes won't come true if you heed the warning.
So I'm okay Yo, everyone all right? First, I apologize for taking so long to make contact.
There's been a lot of chaos, but it's all cleared up now.
We've dealt with the Phantom Troupe's leader.
It's only a matter of time before the rest of them are finished.
We're letting the professionals handle the hunt so you can enjoy the auction.
Tonight, we'll be watching the auction live, so let us see some furious bidding.
As you all just heard, the Ten Dons will be watching a live feed of the proceedings.
Please concentrate on the auction.
Illumi? Yeah.
Where is my client? Right here.
Oh, were you fighting? Is he still alive? Just in the nick of time That's a relief.
Well, relay a message.
I've killed the Ten Dons.
Tell him to write the money to my account as agreed.
Up we go Good grief.
It seems we both get to live another day.
Aren't you supposed to kill me? We were hired by the Ten Dons.
Now that they're all dead, you are no longer our target.
Really? That's surprising.
You won't get another chance like this.
Do you believe that we kill for pleasure? We don't do this for fun.
I refuse to work for nothing or die for nothing.
Did you know that I hired Illumi to assassinate the Ten Dons? Of course.
But that's irrelevant.
We simply do the job we're hired for.
I see.
Say, can I ask you something? If you and I were to fight one-on-one, who would win? Most likely, I would win.
Unless you decided to actually try to kill me.
Honestly, you're a cheeky kid.
So he could tell? What a drag I couldn't steal their powers.
So you want us to wait at L Hospital? Yeah, it's more dangerous here than anticipated.
We'll send her over by ambulance.
She's just unconscious, so you shouldn't have to worry.
But she'll be much safer at a hospital.
Make the preparations.
Looks like you had fun, boss Yeah.
I'm a little tired now.
You were up against the Zoldyck family.
I wish I could've seen how those two fought you.
Fighting would be more fun than watching.
Kortopi, everything ready? Of course.
I can't make living copies, but I can provide static copies.
Good enough.
Then we'll stick to the plan.
Also Don't touch the ambulance that girl is in.
Will we really be safe on the trip over? If they planned to attack the ambulance, they would've done so on its way here.
And you shouldn't have to worry about stray bullets anymore.
It's the moment you've all been waiting for.
We will now begin the auction! Allow me to introduce our first item of the night I was concerned for a moment.
But all's well that ends well.
And none of the leaders were hurt.
We did well.
Allow me to introduce the next item.
An executioner's blade made of pure gold, taken from the Yulu Museum of National Treasures! Let's start the bidding at 20 million! I hear 50 million I'll put him on autopilot now Next, we have the fabled sacred jar of the Rai Dynasty, Inspirational Blue.
The last pristine piece left in this world.
Um, Inspirational Blue is Over here.
Kortopi, this one is next.
Here, make a copy.
Gallery Fake: Divine Left Hand, Demonic Right Hand Here comes Inspirational Blue Let's start the bidding at 100 million! Hey, there.
Aren't you going to participate in the auction? What do you mean? The leader of the Troupe was killed.
Why wouldn't they proceed? Impossible.
It can't be We're just mopping up leftovers now.
They're called pros for a reason.
While your useless ass was busy fussing over an ambulance, the Zoldycks got the job done.
So you're not needed any longer.
Just stick with your little fortune girl.
Run off to the hospital or the hotel.
Or will you lick the boots of that old fraud who failed to score any points— I won't believe it.
Not until I see a body! This is the boss? He's young.
Cocky son of a bitch.
Hey, don't touch his head.
We're going to show his face on the Internet.
We found the other members' bodies! Okay, I'm on my way.
A total of five bodies? Try to identify them.
DNA, teeth, fingerprints, disease Try everything you can! You can dismember them, but don't touch the heads.
Once we have their identities, we'll kill their parents, siblings, relatives, and lovers! We'll make sure no one ever tries a stunt like this again! Now, everyone It's time for our last item tonight! One of the world's seven most beautiful items, the Scarlet Eyes! With the Kurta Clan's extinction, only thirty-six pairs exist.
This particular set has a particularly brilliant red hue.
Then, let's start the bidding at 100 million! Boss? It's Kurapika.
I apologize.
I predicted incorrectly.
I have 200 million! The leader of the spiders is dead.
The auction is proceeding as scheduled.
What? The Scarlet Eyes are currently being auctioned.
Should I bid on them? Of course! You must win them.
Is there a limit as to price? No! Bid as much as it takes! Win the Scarlet Eyes! I understand.
I hear 300 million! Anyone else? Do I have any more bids? Yes, the skinhead who was in the room with the assassins put up a fight.
Zenji? Damn him I didn't expect to spend this much, damn it.
Curse that pig.
No matter This means that the community receives more money, which will benefit my reputation.
As long as I have Neon's fortunetelling, I can easily make back that money.
It's not a problem.
Well done Good job.
That's right.
This is an investment in my trek to the top.
In order to succeed, I must keep Neon happy.
She is my trump card.
She always will be.
As long as I have her I can throw money at anything.
You're from the Nostrade Family? Congratulations on your winning bid.
Is this the item you wanted? Yeah.
You think you can just walk away? Tsk Stop! I'll blow your head off! Move.
Don't be Just stop.
I don't care who I kill right now Even if it's you.
Who is that guy? Yeah, I'm getting into this! How about another? Seriously They were drinking while we were captured? Oh, you're back? Come and drink with us! Are you an idiot? We're underage! And aren't you underage too? What's your point? In my country, you can drink once you're sixteen.
I see.
Really I had no idea that happened.
I'm amazed you escaped alive.
The Phantom Troupe's that dangerous? Back there, one of the tricks you taught us came in handy.
If the exit is blocked Make your own! I get it.
I'm glad I was able to help in some way.
Experience can sometimes blind you.
A con artist's knowledge might come in handy against the Troupe.
Exactly! There's more to being a con artist than you'd think.
I haven't just been drinking myself senseless here I've been learning a lot from Zepile.
And tomorrow morning, we'll hit the auction.
You guys are coming, right? I'd like to, but I have to find Kurapika and learn about Nen from him.
Kurapika? You got through to him? Yep, but we're waiting for him to call us back.
Hold on.
Did you say you need to learn about Nen from him? I did.
Why? He just learned about Nen recently himself, right? But Kurapika managed to defeat a member of the Phantom Troupe.
Seriously? Yeah.
He must know some secret about Nen.
Some strength that doesn't require experience or power.
Yay! Thanks, Daddy! They're beautiful Are you feeling better now? Uh-huh, I forgive you! Really? I'm glad to hear that.
Good work.
My daughter is doing well, so we'll head back to the hotel.
Tomorrow, we need to buy the actor's used tissue.
And that will end the auction.
I'll be leaving the morning of the day after tomorrow.
But I want you to accompany my daughter as she shops.
Kurapika We can handle the remainder of the auction and shopping.
You should get some rest.
Yes Thanks, I think I'll do that.
Is he really okay? Hello? Kurapika? Yeah.
You said you wanted to stop the Troupe, right? That won't be necessary now.
The spider is dead.
Huh? What do you mean? Kurapika?! Oh, a shame.
I'd hoped to provide some comfort.
The Mafia community was nothing special.
We didn't even need Nobunaga.
Shut up! What'd he say? The Troupe's dead.
What?! Seriously? He hung up.
I have no way to find out any more.
Kurapika is now drowning in an indescribable emptiness.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Kortopi.
A Phantom Troupe member.
A member of the Phantom Troupe.
Beware of Gallery Fake, his ability to A Conjurer.
conjure a copy in his right hand Uses his right hand to copy what his left touches.
of what his left hand is touching.
I might be a fake.
What? Note: He can't conjure living copies.
Next time: Fortunes x Aren't x Right? My horoscope was horrible today.
Oh, there's a Choco Robo here.
Lucky! So much for that horoscope!