Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e54 Episode Script

Fortunes x Aren't x Right

Fortunes x Aren't x Right? Ready, go! Kurapika! This is great.
Huh? The spiders are dead, so you can finally focus on your main goal.
You have to find the eyes of your people.
Gon Yep.
If there's anything we can do to help— Hey! You did it first.
I was getting revenge! But I didn't do it on purpose.
You did it deliberately! Why are you so upset? We sold that piece for 355 million Jenny! It could have sold for more We got a decent price! No, we could have gotten over 400 million if we'd sold at a different time.
We had bad luck You sure take this seriously.
It isn't like you would've gotten anything if we'd gotten a better price.
That's not the issue here.
If we run with the money, we'd each get a 170 million cut! Are you really friends with Gon and Killua? I was joking.
Hello? Oh, Kurapika! It's been a while since we were all together last! Yeah.
Where's Zepile-san? He wanted to validate our check and find more hidden gems to sell.
Anyway What? You've got this intensity about you You seem a little more intimidating now.
Really? You don't seem to have changed much.
And you're more annoying, too! Oh, I heard that you defeated a member of the Troupe.
Having only just learned Nen, how did you manage that? If you're looking for advice on catching the spiders, then stop.
That's not the only reason.
We want to master Nen.
Because we'll definitely need Nen in the future.
Then you don't want my advice.
It won't do you any good.
Why not? My power can only be used against the Troupe.
Huh? Restraint and vow? Yeah.
Nen is strongly affected by your mental state.
The stronger your resolve, the more power you receive.
However, you also incur a big risk at the same time.
In return for Nen power, I vowed to use it against the spiders alone.
I established a rule for myself.
What's the rule? If I use my chains on one who isn't a spider, I will forfeit my life.
Huh? What do you mean? There is a Nen blade pointed at my heart.
If I break the rule, that blade will pierce my heart, killing me.
This is the rule that shows my resolve.
Restraint and vow.
My power is the product of pure hatred.
It only works on the spiders.
I'm telling you because I trust you.
Don't tell anyone else.
Why Why would you tell us something so important?! I'm not sure.
With their leader's death, I must have relaxed.
It'll be fine if we keep our mouths shut.
It's too dangerous.
One of the surviving members can read minds.
If they find out, Kurapika won't be able to beat them! But she didn't learn anything last time.
That's because we didn't know Kurapika was the chain user.
Then we just have to stay away from them.
They've already checked you, so they think you're clean.
But there's also a guy called Nobunaga.
He's especially dangerous.
He's looking for Kurapika, and he's still trying to chase us down.
Is he aware that you guys know Kurapika? No Then it's okay! As long as no one around the mind reader knows Kurapika, then you're safe.
Well, I've also been in contact with Hisoka.
What?! Hisoka? He knows that I am the chain user.
We made a pact, but his target, the leader of the spiders, is now dead.
So I don't know what he'll do.
What do you mean? We're leaving? I mean exactly what I say.
We're departing tonight.
We'll take the rest of the treasure tonight.
That will be the end.
It isn't.
What else is there? We have to find the chain user.
You seem obsessed.
Yes, I am.
We're going to scatter without avenging Uvo? Uvo will be bored in the next world if we don't send the chain user to join him.
Cut it out, Nobunaga.
The boss has issued an order.
Yeah, and an order from the boss is absolute.
But is that really an order from our boss, Chrollo? Nobunaga, watch yourself Shut up! I'm talking to Chrollo! Before I can answer your question Nobunaga, I need you to answer my question.
Nobunaga, I need you to answer my question.
What's your date of birth? Huh? What day were you born? September 8th, 70.
Blood type? B.
Name? Nobunaga Hazama You already know that! The hell is this about?! What do you want next? No, that's enough.
Write all of that on this sheet of paper.
Why didn't you tell me to do that in the first place? Huh? What's this? A one hundred percent accurate fortune written in verse.
The ability to see the future.
I stole this power from Nostrade's daughter.
One hundred percent accurate? Each of the four verses predicts what will happen in that week.
The calendar loses a precious component.
The remaining months gather to mourn.
The first moon, having missed his opportunity, continues to pursue the eleventh moon alone.
The chrysanthemum withers and falls, to lie on the ground beside bloody Scarlet Eyes.
But the spider does not stop.
Even after losing half its limbs.
This is the fortune his daughter gave me yesterday.
Is the precious component of the calendar Uvo.
That girl didn't know anything about Uvo.
In other words, she predicted our attack on the Mafia auction.
And there were fans of her fortunetelling among the Ten Dons.
I get it.
That explains why the merchandise had already been moved the first time we attacked.
What does Nobunaga's fortune say? The pen writes by itself.
I don't know what was written.
Ask Nobunaga.
Well, Nobunaga? Next week, five of us will probably die.
Which five? No idea I can't interpret this.
I kind of understand the second verse.
The spider loses half its limbs.
The spider would be us? Yeah.
And the limbs would be the members, so half would be six.
That means five more after losing Uvo.
The same line was in my fortune.
Let me see.
Boss, can you tell my fortune? The calendar loses a precious component.
The remaining months gather to mourn.
You join your ally as an offering, to keep him from being lonely.
You will find eternal rest in a room filled with black merchandise.
Beware solitude above all.
You have the most to fear when you are alone with another.
I thought so.
I'm going to die next week.
Seriously? Yep.
Because I only got two verses.
And Pakunoda and Shalnark will die, as well.
How do you know that? It seems the numbered months here refer to Troupe members.
November is the eleventh month.
Uvo was member #11.
The chrysanthemum is the flower of September.
It blooms in August, the eighth month, and it withers in June.
This refers to members #6, #8, and #9.
And since the word "falling" is used, it implies death.
I'm not certain to whom "Scarlet Eyes" refers.
It isn't one of us.
I'm guessing it's the chain user.
Scarlet Eyes I remember now.
The clan whose eyes turned red.
Then there was a survivor? So it seems Will he also die? Hard to say.
It could just mean that he's covered in blood.
Nobunaga, this means we'll suffer serious casualties if we fight the chain user! We'll lose half our members.
You and I have abilities that can be easily replaced, but Shizuku and Pakunoda have rare powers.
The Troupe can't afford to lose them.
Today is Saturday of the first week.
If we return home today, we won't run into the chain user next week.
The advantage of being able to predict the future is that we can avoid undesirable prophecies.
If we leave this place without fighting the chain user, this fortune is one hundred percent certain to not come true.
Nobunaga, you and Uvo were the Troupe's attackers.
To die is just part of your job.
I believe that you both chose that role voluntarily.
Yeah, that's right Shizuku, Paku, and Shal collect intelligence.
They provide our support.
You could say they're our lifeline.
Isn't it your job to serve as their shield? Yeah, it is! Wait You should tell some of the other members' fortunes.
Perhaps we could gather additional clues for avoiding the prophecy.
What do we do? Now that we know Kurapika's secret, it's dangerous to wait around.
If Nobunaga captures either Gon or me again, we probably won't be able to escape.
But we have Kurapika with us now.
We should take them out before they have a chance to recover and escape.
We know where their current base is.
If we take too long, they might get away.
We need to move fast.
They could be making an escape as we speak.
We don't have time for too much thought.
The woman you mentioned is certainly a threat But since their leader is dead, I'll do as Gon says, and focus on recovering my brethren's eyes.
Seriously?! Yeah.
You're sure about this? Kurapika's made up his mind.
We can't force him to change it.
Sorry, Killua.
Thank you for the valuable information.
It's from Hisoka The dead bodies were fakes.
Kurapika? The dead bodies were fakes Huh? You mean the dead bodies of the Troupe members? Yeah, the dead spiders were fakes! It would be possible for a Conjurer to accomplish that.
Damn! Why didn't I realize this sooner? The situation's changed.
What now? We're here to help.
Hello? Kurapika, it's me.
Melody? What is it? The community has called off the hunt for the remaining Troupe members.
What? We've learned that they came from Meteor City.
The Troupe comes from Meteor City? The Ten Dons gave the order directly.
The reward has been rescinded.
The reward has been rescinded? Seriously? The Troupe comes from Meteor City.
Makes sense That explains why their identities are still unknown, and why the cops haven't been able to catch them.
What's Meteor City? A city populated by people who, as far as society is concerned, don't exist.
There's a city like that? Yeah.
Officially, it's unpopulated, but it's said that ten million people live there.
It began as a dump over 1,500 years ago.
People began to live off the garbage that was dumped there.
You're allowed to dump anything there.
From garbage to weapons, and even people.
And the residents will accept anything left there.
I've heard that Meteor City residents share a bond thinner than that between strangers, stronger than that between family.
Actually, there are those who provide Meteor City with weapons and precious metals under the pretext of garbage.
That would be the Mafia community.
What do you mean? But the Mafia is hunting the Troupe! In return, the Mafia recruited people from Meteor City.
People who didn't exist, as far as society was concerned.
Perfect for committing crimes.
The Troupe destroyed the normally intimate relationship between the Mafia community and Meteor City.
But the Mafia has decided to prioritize that relationship.
A red-eyed customer will visit your shop, half angel, half death-bringer.
You would do well to sell the calendar's secrets.
He will be especially pleased to learn the eleventh moon's secret.
The customer will return on a hot day, leaving you alone with a man bearing St.
Peter's cross.
The false fourth moon will be torn away from the calendar.
Only six pages remain.
What does your fortune say? Let me see.
I don't recommend it.
It'll give you a shock.
Just let me see it.
Very well.
Look at this, everyone! "A red-eyed customer will visit" "The calendar's secrets" That would be our secrets, right? Hisoka, what is this? Lemme see! A red-eyed customer will visit your shop, seeking to make a trade.
The customer will use the sword of law upon you, taking the calendar's secrets with him.
The eleven-legged spider grows homesick, losing five more legs.
Do not leave your temporary shelter, for you are one of the remaining legs.
Hisoka Did you sell him out? Sell out Uvo?! Hisoka's fortune changed when it was passed to Pakunoda.
What could that mean? Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Bonolenov.
A Phantom Troupe member.
A member of the Phantom Troupe.
His face, body, and powers Responsible for guarding their base.
are covered by bandages.
When he removes the bandages, strange holes appear.
Spin, spin, spin! Next time: Allies x And x Lies.
My Highness.
Your Highness? His Highness Killua! Yeah, yeah.