Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e55 Episode Script

Allies x And x Lies

Did you sell him out? Sell out Uvo?! I'll take that as a yes Outta my way! Hold on Let's hear his explanation.
Explanation? What is there to explain? Calm down.
Didn't the boss tell us that prophecies can be avoided, depending on our actions? Hisoka, explain what happened this week.
I cannot.
What?! All I can say is that the first verse was true Nothing more.
You hear that?! Move! Just hold on.
Hisoka, why can't you explain? If I were to tell you the reason, I would be telling you precisely what I cannot say.
Thus, I cannot say.
It isn't that I won't.
I cannot.
That's all I can let you know.
If you cannot accept my answer, then in order to defend myself I'll have no choice but to fight.
Allies x And x Lies After seeing Hisoka's fortune, Nobunaga suspects Hisoka of betraying them, and draws his sword.
Forget it.
You're impossible to deal with.
As if, you fool! What? Nobunaga, stop talking for a bit.
Huh? Did the boss do that? Probably.
Hisoka, I have a few questions for you.
If you're unable to answer, just say so.
A red-eyed customer will visit your shop, seeking to make a trade.
The customer will use the sword of law upon you, taking the calendar's secrets with him.
In the fortune, what are the calendar's secrets? The powers of the Troupe's members.
Of how many members? Seven.
No, eight.
The boss and Uvogin, Shizuku, Machi, Franklin, Pakunoda, Shalnark, and I add up to eight.
So until yesterday, you didn't know of Kortopi's ability? That is correct.
What is our opponent's power? I cannot say.
What about his appearance? I cannot say.
What is your relationship to him? I cannot say.
I understand.
The red-eyed customer, the chain user, has two abilities at the very least.
One would be the ability he used to capture Uvogin.
The other would be the ability that prevents Hisoka from speaking.
seeking to make a trade.
The customer will use the sword of law upon you, taking the calendar's secrets with him.
Since the fortune uses the phrase "sword of law," the latter must be able to compel you to follow set rules.
"Do not lie to me.
" "Do not give out any information about me.
" Something like that.
I would also assume that he placed something inside Hisoka's body.
A red-eyed customer will visit your shop, seeking to make a trade.
The customer will use the sword of law upon you, taking the calendar's secrets with him.
The first half of the verse mentions a trade, but the second half only describes what the customer took.
This suggests that the sword of law would attack Hisoka.
In other words, he traded the sword's attack for our secrets.
Oh, so lovely The sword that can restrict Hisoka's speech is powerful indeed.
You are magnificent I absolutely must be the one to kill you.
Let's review.
We're up against the chain user.
He's either a Manipulator who used real chains to defeat Uvo, or a Conjurer who used Nen chains to defeat him.
Is there a difference? A big difference.
A Conjurer could walk around unarmed.
That's a huge advantage.
I see.
Conjurers have to exercise their imaginations, but it's easy to conjure something you're familiar with.
The problem is the power that's restricting Hisoka.
Since it's the sword of law, it must involve rules he has to follow.
Yes, it's very likely that two are the commands the boss mentioned.
Also, he's probably barred from attacking the chain user.
And I'd imagine that he'll die if he breaks those rules.
How amusing.
There is no sword of law in my body That fortune was my own creation.
I only revealed the powers of two members.
Not eight.
It was a risky gamble that would have turned the entire Troupe against me, if the boss hadn't figured that out.
All to keep the spiders in Yorknew City, to allow me to fight the boss.
Should we leave Yorknew City, it's hard to say when I'll see the boss again.
What about Hisoka's second verse? "The eleven-legged spider grows homesick, losing five more legs.
Do not leave your temporary shelter, for you are one of the remaining legs.
" If he leaves our temporary shelter, this base, then Hisoka will die.
What does the homesick part mean? It refers to our desire to go home.
If we return home, half of us will die.
I get it.
Uvo, Hisoka, Shizuku, Pakunoda, Shalnark.
One more for half the members No one else's fortune predicted their death? Then it has to be Feitan, Kortopi, or me.
We didn't get our fortunes told because we lacked the data.
I am staying here.
There's something I wish to do before I die.
I will not be leaving our temporary shelter.
Boss, what should we do? Leave or stay? Stay.
Huh? Why not? You were the one who wanted to capture the Phantom Troupe.
It'd be pointless now.
But why? With the reward gone, you'd be taking a big risk for nothing.
Yeah, but capturing the Phantom Troupe would be worth it! You're getting your priorities mixed up.
Have you forgotten why we're here? Greed Island.
Exactly! The Southern Piece auction begins in two days.
We need to build up our war chest! Actually, I have a great plan to get the game.
What's your plan? It's a secret right now! Stop being coy, and spit it out You're strangling me! I'm going to die! Anyway, I'll work something out for the game.
So for now, let's stick to the Troupe.
Do you really have a plan? Yep, but it's not guaranteed to work.
How likely is it to work? Huh? What percentage do you think your plan has of working? Seventy percent.
Seventy? M-Maybe more like sixty So it's a fifty-fifty deal.
That sounds much better than trying to earn six billion in two days.
Okay, have it your way.
I'll let you handle the game.
But we can't deal with the Troupe alone.
We only move if Kurapika helps us.
Boss, where are you going? Shopping.
I told you earlier.
Basho and I will accompany you.
Can you watch over things here, Squala? Sure.
I'm saved! Guard the Scarlet Eyes well.
With these guys helping, I should be fine.
I'm off, then.
Yeah, see you later.
How did it go? I couldn't get a straight answer.
The community didn't have any updates regarding the auction today.
You should tell them that the Troupe is still alive! Then the Mafia might rethink it.
No, nothing will change.
The community values its relationship with Meteor City.
It's safe to assume that they will not attack the Troupe further.
Really? But that wasn't the information I wanted.
My only concern is whether the auction will proceed as scheduled You're not planning to intercept them, are you? That's crazy How can you confront them without Mafia support?! You have it wrong, Leorio.
I never had any help from the Mafia.
Kurapika, let us help.
We're willing to do anything.
Turn him down The reward was rescinded.
I know.
I want to stop the Phantom Troupe.
That hasn't changed.
Turn him down Turn him down! You'd be risking your lives.
Come on, that's what he wants to hear.
Okay, let's put together a plan.
He agreed?! First, we'll need someone to watch their base, and to provide updates.
I can do that.
The target is the woman named Pakunoda.
You can ignore everyone else.
Be very careful.
Don't worry, I won't push my luck.
I'll need a driver to accompany me.
Leorio, could you handle that? Huh? Y-Yeah It'll be fine.
You'll be safe if you're with Kurapika.
Hey, Killua Don't make it sound like I was scared or something! Kurapika, what about me? I need you to act as a decoy, to throw the enemy off.
Got it.
Hold on! Isn't that a dangerous role? He'll have to face the Troupe members again! That depends on our strategy.
Strategy? What strategy will we use? A very simple one.
While the enemy is occupied with Gon, I'll capture Pakunoda and escape by car.
That sounds a little shaky There are too many uncertainties for me to devise a concrete plan.
I'll let Gon decide his strategy.
But I'll need you to draw their attention for at least half a second A full second if at all possible.
One second, then? Yeah.
Draw their attention away for one second.
Can I do that? Gon.
You are the key.
Can you handle it? I'm not sure.
I'll need to think about it.
We have six hours.
If the auction proceeds as scheduled, the spiders will make their move before then.
Hey, why are you accepting our help now? Because the risk I'm taking has increased.
I have to eliminate Pakunoda immediately.
No matter the cost.
He's So this is why Kurapika seems so different His resolve is even stronger.
Kurapika, put a Nen blade in me! A Nen blade? Gon, weren't you listening? Kurapika will die if he attacks anyone who isn't a Troupe member! Keep your voice down! Then why is there a Nen blade in Kurapika's chest? Kurapika isn't a member of the Troupe.
What I'm about to tell you will increase my risk further.
Hey, Killua I'll start with the conclusion.
It is indeed possible.
The five chains have different abilities.
Two of the chains are for attacking spiders.
The first is Chain Jail.
The binded target is forced into a state of Zetsu.
This power is for capturing the spiders.
And this is my Judgment Chain.
I point a blade at the target's heart, then state rules that they must follow.
If a rule is broken, the target dies.
As you've figured out, I pointed a blade at my own heart.
At first, I devised the rule that I would die if I attacked anyone besides a spider with my chains, and I set a blade pointed at myself.
But that was when I realized something.
Would using them on myself be considered a violation of that rule? It was possible I would be an exception, but I didn't know for sure.
That's why I adjusted the rule.
I can only use Chain Jail against the spiders.
Meaning that I can use my Judgment Chain on those who aren't spiders.
But first, a condition must be met.
A condition? This chain can only be used when my eyes are scarlet.
You can make your eyes scarlet now? I had to work at it.
It took a while before I could deliberately turn them scarlet.
I mastered the power in my middle finger by vowing to never release this chain, and to always risk death.
The power in my pinky was resolved by my unique nature.
When my eyes are scarlet, I become a Specialist.
And I can use any ability I've learned at full strength.
I'm not sure what that means, but you should be able to use your Nen blade on me, right? Yes.
Go ahead.
You can choose the rule to set.
I accept your resolve.
Can you make three of those blades? You can rescind the rule once our mission is over, right? Killua! Leorio! We had a little talk.
And since we're working together We should share the same fate.
What do you say? The answer to both questions is yes.
But you three are wholly mistaken.
I never had any intention of using my blade on you guys.
Then why endanger yourself by telling us your secret? Gon, I wanted No, I wanted to thank all of you for your resolve.
Even if one of you ends up revealing my secret, I will have no regrets.
I have good friends That's not fair, Kurapika.
You're actually putting more pressure on us this way.
That was my goal.
Oh, I get it now! That isn't remotely funny! Well, I'll head out, then.
Can't waste any time.
Be careful, Killua! Yeah, I got this.
You will find eternal rest in a room filled with black merchandise.
Beware solitude above all.
You have the most to fear when you are alone with another.
On a dark day with very little light, you will face two choices within a small room.
You must choose between pride and betrayal.
While the death-bringer hovers near.
Do not make any phone calls.
When it matters most, you will be unable to reach anyone.
It would be unwise to answer the phone, for the death-bringer will come calling one time in three.
Let's break into groups.
We'll spend the next week operating in these groups.
Avoid moving alone.
Shizuku, Pakunoda, and Machi.
Kortopi, Phinks, and Feitan.
Nobunaga and Shalnark are with me.
Bonolenov, Franklin, and Hisoka will stay here.
Boss, can I ask a question? Some kids know about this place.
Kids? Well, they didn't have anything to do with the chain user.
But I'm still worried.
Yeah! I forgot! Boss, I want to recruit that kid.
Wait, that wasn't why I mentioned them! Explain.
I see He does sound interesting.
However, it doesn't sound like he'll join the spiders.
We can convince him! Just meet with him.
Boss, don't listen to him.
So, Machi, why the concern? Um It's just a hunch.
Instinct, huh? You have sharp instincts.
It's possible that there's something important about those kids.
To be safe, we need more fake bases.
Kortopi, can you make ten more? I can do another fifty.
And the instant anyone enters a fake base, I'll know.
My copies function as En.
Something isn't right Am I in the wrong place? No, that's impossible.
It can't be! There are more buildings now! As rain comes pouring down, the operation to capture Pakunoda commences.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Feitan.
A Phantom Troupe member.
A member of the Phantom Troupe.
He enjoys torturing people? A Transmuter.
He's a nasty fellow! A negative, cruel person who enjoys torturing others.
And he's interested in Greed Island.
Don't try to talk like he does.
Next time: Beloved x And x Beleaguered.
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Bow! Pomeranian.
Bow! Gon.