Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e56 Episode Script

Beloved x And x Beleaguered

That is most likely a Conjurer's work.
Yeah, that's gotta be it.
These buildings weren't here yesterday.
This has to be Nen.
Man, these guys are really crazy They have someone who can conjure entire buildings! It's safe to assume that they're rigged somehow.
That tells us they're still using this place as their base.
The problem is that these buildings create too many blind spots.
I can only watch twenty percent of the area at a time.
However, if you move around too much, you could run into one of them.
I'd like to avoid that.
I mean, I have no idea what I'd do if I heard their voices behind me My heart is pounding.
Voices? Huh? Oh, never mind.
I read you.
For now, return to your original position.
I'll call you back in five minutes.
Hello? Melody? How's it going on your side? We're still shopping.
Let me see that one.
This might be harder than regular bodyguard work.
It's not too bad Basho's about to snap.
Let's go back to the other store.
Yes, I know.
Beloved x And x Beleaguered You've already told me everything that Uvo knew about the chain user? Yeah, when we were investigating the Nostrade Family using the Hunter website, Uvo pointed to three members at the top.
It was late night on the 1st when we realized they were the daughter's bodyguards.
And I met that daughter yesterday.
And that's when you stole her power.
And here is an updated list of bodyguards.
There are two new members.
They already have new information up? Seven bodyguards Perhaps more.
That's a lot of people to guard one girl.
He must love his daughter.
He probably cares more about her ability.
Her father achieved his current status by using her power.
There are many who resent his advancement.
But why did she come to Yorknew City? For the auction, I'd imagine.
Boss? Shizuku, Pakunoda Yes? Nice Actually, I'm an idiot.
Damn, what's wrong with me? If I'd stopped to consider why their boss' daughter is in Yorknew City, we could have found the chain user sooner.
It's safe to assume that this girl came to Yorknew City for the auction.
I was too focused on her fortunetelling to give any regard to that.
According to the website, this girl also collects body parts.
Body parts The Scarlet Eyes! Yes.
The chain user joined the Nostrade Family for a reason.
He knew that the Scarlet Eyes would be sold at the auction, and that Nostrade's daughter would be interested in them.
The chain user desires two things.
To exact revenge upon us, and to recover his people's eyes.
Shal, were we able to steal the Scarlet Eyes? Sorry, I'm not sure.
I had the auctioneer running on autopilot throughout the auction.
Kortopi, do you remember copying the Scarlet Eyes? I copied them.
Your copies function as En.
Can you tell where the copy is? If I'm touching the real one.
Found them.
Got it.
There's something of the same shape approximately 2,500 meters in that direction.
Is the chain user there? We should hurry.
The En effect will fade in a few hours.
Do you have a map? Here.
North-northwest Hotel Beitacle.
Boss Let me go.
Very well.
But I shall accompany you.
Yes, sir.
Paku, Machi, Shizuku, you're coming, too.
Shal, you'll switch with Kortopi.
Hello? Oh, Killua-kun? Yeah, who are you? One of Kurapika's colleagues.
Could you look to your left? Hang up, and then whisper a command to me.
Raise your right hand.
Her ears are super sharp! We can use this to our advantage.
What? Didn't we already try this place before? Hotel Beitacle is one of the places where the Nostrade Family is staying.
Yeah, but when Shal checked the website, they'd already checked out.
They probably checked into that hotel under a different name.
They're being cautious.
The rain keeps me from hearing what's being said, but people are talking over there.
Judging by the footsteps, five or six, including women.
They're heading in the opposite direction from those ruined buildings.
That's amazing.
Gon and I have trained hard, but I can't hear a thing.
This happens to be my power.
Kurapika must be getting desperate He actually asked me for help.
Huh? He wants to do everything himself, right? Oh Yeah, that's true.
Are you an assassin? I used to be.
How did you know? Your footsteps.
You're right next to me, but they're estinto.
Es-what? Estinto A music term meaning barely audible.
Oh, I'm in the habit of moving without making any sound.
You have the quietest step I've ever heard.
Your technique is impressive.
I can see why Kurapika would rely on you.
Well, I'm not too thrilled about this.
Oh? Really? Stop.
They're one hundred meters around the next corner.
You can pick out their footsteps? Everyone's are slightly different.
Oh I'll take a look.
Killua? The woman's here.
She's with her buddies.
There are six, moving together.
That topknot guy's here, too.
One more thing.
There's one person that wasn't there yesterday.
He's probably the leader.
Can you describe him? He's wearing a black coat, with St.
Peter's cross on the back.
He has combed-back black hair.
I can't see his face.
And they're too alert! I'm too afraid to circle around in front.
Let me speak to him.
Where are you now? In front of the Motoba Building.
They're walking west, on Continental Street.
There's a station nearby.
Can you make it onto their train? It depends on the circumstances.
If it's busy, I can manage.
Leorio, take us south.
Okay! Melody's in the same car as they are.
This train's headed toward Castor.
I'm in the last car.
Castor The auction site's that way.
So is our hotel Yeah.
I know, Eliza.
I'm sick of this job! I should be happy I get to spend time with the dogs? Well, it beats taking care of that spoiled brat, I guess.
I'm fond of Neon-sama, but she's too active for me.
Look at this, Eliza! It's so cute! Well, hang in there a little longer.
I'll find a better job soon enough Who's there? Room service.
Leave it in front of the door.
Okay, let's eat.
Man, I seriously need to find a different job I don't have the energy for this.
But I need a job that will support Eliza and these guys That's hard to find Huh? Don't worry.
I'll figure something out.
They got off? They got off at Liber Station.
They're headed toward the Saloma Department Store exit.
That's not good.
The hotel's that way.
Seriously?! They know we switched rooms? Damn, this isn't funny! We need to escape fast! I have to bring these.
The station's over there.
Shouldn't we get closer? No.
If we get any closer, they might sense my animosity.
Gon, the range I should stay at is the distance from here to the station entrance.
I must attack from this distance if I don't want to be noticed.
It will take approximately 0.
5 seconds to land an attack.
That's more than enough time for them to evade it.
Unless they're distracted Spiders! They're on the move.
Descending slowly.
An elevator.
Are they going out? We should hurry, boss.
We'll apprehend him as a group.
Stay close enough to provide assistance.
Pakunoda, once we capture him, get the information on Uvo.
Got it.
After that, Nobunaga, he's all yours.
Go! They're running toward the hotel.
They're fast! Can we get there faster by car? It's rush hour.
They might be faster on foot.
Kurapika! Wait here until I contact you.
Wait, Kurapika I have a good idea.
Kurapika! Melody and I are at the station entrance.
Those six ran off to the northwest.
Yeah, I'm following them! Wait, you're running after them? That's dangerous! They'll notice you! Stop it! Hey! The bastard hung up on me Wow! What's that? They're ninjas Target moving forty kilometers per hour, in a 2:00 direction.
He got in a vehicle.
I was going to wait until I found another job, but that's no longer an option.
I'm quitting today! Leorio, where's Gon? He ran after Kurapika.
I was told to wait, but I can't just sit around.
I'm driving to Hotel Beitacle, but I'm stuck in traffic! Fine! We're going after Kurapika! Seriously These people just do whatever the hell they want! We're being followed.
When did that happen? Oops.
I was too focused on chasing the target.
Is the chain user behind or in front of us? Nobunaga, Pakunoda, and Kortopi, pursue the target ahead.
Roger that.
Did you see them? I only caught a silhouette.
I couldn't see their faces, but one is in the alley.
Another is behind the dumpster.
Keep using Gyo.
Yes, sir.
Spiders Come and get it! Stop it, Kurapika.
We can't fight three of them, if they know we're here! Okay, then it's all or nothing.
Gon?! Sorry! I'll stop following, so can you let me go? Him again? This is the boy he mentioned? The other one's here, too.
Show yourself.
What do you want? The Mafia who put a reward on us are gone.
Wh-What? Really? Why? What do we do, boss? Tie them up.
Phinks? It's me.
I need you to come to the Beitacle Hotel.
Shouldn't we just kill them? No, I trust your instincts.
If they're connected to the chain user somehow, we should keep them alive.
I wouldn't trust my instincts I have a question for you.
How can you kill people who have nothing to do with you? You look pretty hostile, considering that you just surrendered.
Why, indeed? Because they have nothing to do with us? No.
On second thought, it isn't that simple.
How to verbally express our motives I'm not fond of it.
But oddly enough Or perhaps it's not that odd.
Is that the key to understanding myself? What's he talking about? Head to the hotel, and wait for Phinks and the others.
If they try to escape, kill them.
Now that they're on the alert, we have to keep our distance, or they'll notice us.
Make sure you're concealing your presence.
Damn! You must be patient.
I understand! You don't understand! Your reckless pursuit exposed them to needless danger.
Do you know why they let themselves be captured? If you're caught here, no one will be able to stop the Troupe! I'm sorry Humans have to lower their guard at some point.
It's an endurance test.
We must wait.
Where's Squala? He isn't answering his phone.
It isn't the chain user.
He was on the list.
Get out.
I'm pretty good at my job.
I've survived some tight spots.
There's a sort of gut instinct that works only in those times.
And mine tells me that this is where I'll If you move an inch, I'll cut you down.
I have a few questions, so answer them honestly.
One of your fellow bodyguards uses chains, right? Where is he now? What are you talking about? Who are you people?! Do you realize that I'm with the Nostrade Family Answer the question.
I'll break your left arm next.
Hey! I told you not to move.
Stand perfectly still, and answer her questions.
What happened to Uvogin? I'm talking about the huge man you captured.
What? He escaped! I don't know what happened after that! Where are your fellow bodyguards? They already went back to the island.
I was on my way back! You shouldn't lie It's the truth.
Why would I lie in this situation? Let me ask you one more time.
Where is the chain user? I don't know who you're talking about.
None of the bodyguards uses chains! One last question.
Is there someone for whom you care deeply? I wouldn't have chosen this job if there were! So her name's Eliza She's pretty.
If If you lay one finger on Eliza— I warned you not to move Twice.
Did you get any data on the chain user? Naturally.
It's too much trouble to explain, so I'll shoot the information into you.
With my Memory Bomb.
Recollection Bullet Recollection Bullet Memory Bomb If you're concerned, I'll stop.
Are you stupid? Hurry up.
I see So that's what you look like, Kurapika-san.
I won't forget your name and face until I kill you! The Phantom Troupe has finally identified Uvogin's killer.
Kurapika races to rescue Gon and Killua.
The final battle draws near.
Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Nobunaga.
A Phantom Troupe member.
An Enhancer.
An iaido master, who can use En An Enhancer.
He likes Gon and Killua, in a four-meter radius.
He focuses aura in his sword, to strike down foes and wants to recruit them into the Troupe.
with a single blow.
Single blow? Low blow! Next time: Initiative x And x Law.
The keyword is dark adaptation.
Do you know? Look it up in a dictionary.