Hunter x Hunter (2011) s01e57 Episode Script

Initiative x And x Law

We didn't learn what happened to Uvo, but we have the chain user's name and face.
We still don't know his abilities.
All right.
We'll be waiting in the Hotel Beitacle lobby.
It sounds like we got the chain user's identity.
He has three remaining allies.
Let's go.
Let's go.
What do we do? There isn't any point in capturing Pakunoda now.
If I were Kurapika, I would switch targets.
If I wanted to crush the Troupe, I would target the boss.
Melody's listening in on the conversation, so they should know where we're going.
It's a question of when he'll attack.
We'll need to confer before we move.
The first instant will decide it.
Any slight delay could cost us our lives.
Initiative x And x Law Wait here.
They're too alert They'll be watching anyone who walks in.
I hope Kurapika and Melody arrived before us.
Hey! Do you realize what time it is?! Idiot! It's Hotel Beitacle! How many times do I have to repeat myself? Leorio! What are you looking at, eh? Should I get rid of him? Ignore him.
Don't look at him.
Eh? This ain't no show! Damn, my future's dark because of the failures working for me! Listen up! This once, I'll close my eyes like nothing happened.
One more mistake, and you'll get it good! Now listen.
Seven on the dot.
You'd best be at the hotel by then! That's a message! Seven on the dot! Use darkness to our advantage! I can escape these threads instantly by dislocating my fingers.
I'll need 0.
7 seconds to attack.
I'll have plenty of time! It'll take a few seconds before their eyes adjust to the dark if the lights suddenly go out! It's time for our last song.
This request comes from Kicchomu-san.
Three more minutes! Paku and the others are here.
Oh? What's this? You got caught again? I get it You changed your minds and decided to join, right? We didn't know that the reward for you guys was rescinded.
So you screwed up again while stalking us? Didn't learn your lesson, huh? But this must be fate at work.
Two more minutes.
Well, let's be friends.
No way.
We were only following you for the reward.
I wouldn't even want to look at your faces.
Smart! Now we won't seem suspicious when we close our eyes.
I agree.
Well, boss? They've got guts, right? Their sass reminds me of Uvo.
That's probably because they're kids.
They know no fear.
Anyway, describe the chain user for us.
First things first, Paku.
Check these kids again.
Okay, what do you want to know? What are they hiding? Damn, that's a smart question.
Straight to the point, and he can learn all kinds of information from it.
Well, there's only one minute left in this week's broadcast.
One minute! We have to buy time! It's no use.
Your power lets you draw out memories from those you touch, right? We aren't hiding anything, and we know no— I'll know the truth soon enough.
Shut up.
Even if we did know something, we could think about something else, and hide it from you! Yep, there you go.
You seem to be confused.
I draw out the purest essence of human memory.
I'm not browsing through the images in your mind.
My question will stimulate your memory, stirring up the dirt collected in its depths like throwing a stone into a pond.
The dirt represents your pure, unaltered memories.
And I simply scoop them up.
It's impossible to deceive me.
I'll see you next week.
This is JFN, and it's 7:00 PM.
Here it comes! Now, it's time to ask my question.
What are you hiding? I can see them! And they can't see us! The kid on the right is free? I can't see! This was their plan? I won't let go of the other one! Gon! To break the thread, I'll have to kill her! I can't pull out my hand She trapped it with her muscles! You're mine.
Once you reveal your presence, I can sense you.
Using the dark was meaningless.
Killua! Give up.
A pity Well, it was a good shot.
It came from the entrance? The guy with the radio was working with them.
Forget him! We only need these two.
Our eyes will adjust shortly.
Wait, where's the boss? The boss is gone Shizuku, hold this guy for me.
Paku, are you okay? He broke my left hand and a molar We underestimated them.
Anyway, this is going to shock you.
These kids are— Wait! Pakunoda, this is for you.
Discuss their memories, and I'll kill him.
Hey, what's going on? We missed him because he was disguised as a receptionist! And, wait the boss should have been able to evade a chain attack from that distance.
But the abrupt plunge into darkness delayed his reactions.
This was all planned out! radio trapped blackout seven o'clock chain user plunge into darkness distance true why But I was only able to learn keywords what are you hiding? planned out keyword sacrifice seconds fragments boss missed him such as "blackout" and "seven o'clock.
" And there's one more question If these kids knew the chain user all along, why didn't my previous questioning trigger any memories? He must have been hiding his powers from his own allies! From all that, we can surmise that he is most likely intelligent, quick on his feet, secretive, and level headed.
He probably isn't bluffing.
He was prepared to sacrifice a few seconds to leave this message.
Which means the message must be true.
His ally can read human emotion by listening to heartbeats.
That ally is the reason he left this message behind.
If I talk, he'll sacrifice his own allies and kill the boss.
But that also means that these kids are valuable as hostages.
We have a chance to rescue the boss.
Paku But Paku! Don't say a word.
Got it? Machi, focus on your threads.
I'll take him for you.
Kurapika pulled it off.
Since he left us a message, he'll contact us again.
Until then, these kids are valuable hostages.
I am the head, and you are the legs of the spider.
Natural law dictates that the legs blindly follow the head.
However, this simply represents a chain of command.
It doesn't apply to my life or death.
If I happen to die, one of you can replace me.
And there may come a time when a leg has more importance than the head.
Make the right call.
My orders are top priority.
However, I am not your top priority.
Our goal is not to keep an individual alive, but the spider.
Never forget that.
What should we do in this situation? If I tell everyone the chain user's powers and weaknesses that I learned, we can defeat him.
With ease.
But that will probably lead to the boss' death.
Uvo must have faced a similar decision.
He died for the spider.
Died? What did that fortune from the boss say? On a dark day with very little light, you will face two choices within a small room.
You must choose between pride and betrayal.
While the death-bringer hovers near.
Two choices Would it be considered betrayal to speak? Or would it be considered betrayal to lie? It is the spider that must be kept alive.
Right I'm thinking too hard.
Paku, don't worry about it too much.
Just keep your mouth shut.
Hurry, Phinks! The boss has been captured! Boss We still need you.
Even if it means I must betray the spider.
It's okay.
A number of the enemies were injured.
They won't move until reinforcements arrive.
What are you looking at? Nothing.
I didn't expect the chain user to be a woman.
Did I say that I was? You shouldn't let appearances deceive you.
Anyway, you should watch what you say.
Since it may be the last thing out of your mouth.
You won't kill me.
You left your precious friends behind.
I'm not so composed that I will ignore your taunts! Kurapika! That's enough.
The girl's fortune didn't mention this.
Therefore, this event isn't significant enough to matter.
You bastard! Kurapika! If you kill him, I'll kick your ass! Do you need further explanation? I consider this situation the same as an afternoon coffee break.
A peaceful outing.
Calm down, Kurapika! We're on equal footing now! Nothing has changed.
Equal footing? You are sorely mistaken.
First of all, you've made the wrong assumption.
I have no value as a hostage.
If you insist on babbling He isn't lying.
Everything he says is true.
There you go.
This is reality.
You people are the ones on the ropes.
What do you mean? His heartbeat is normal.
He isn't shaken by any of this.
He isn't worried or frightened of death.
I can hear that he's accepted death.
I can hear that he walks with death every day.
How is he capable of producing such a sound? No more! I can't take any more of this! I don't want to listen to you or him! Melody He truly believes that he has no value as a hostage.
But the fact remains that he is the leader.
What are you What are you people? The spider.
The lights went out.
The boss was taken in that instant.
Here's the message from the chain user.
Why didn't you go after him immediately? Machi and Paku were injured.
So? He has allies who are pro Hunters.
So? Read between the lines! It proves we can use these kids as hostages.
If we give chase and let them escape, it's over! The boss has probably been captured by those chains that Uvo couldn't break.
It'll be difficult for him to escape on his own! Probably? The lights went out! By the time our eyes adjusted, the boss was gone.
We weren't in any condition to move.
Okay, we can assign blame later.
For now, we need a plan.
Five years ago, were you the leader when the Troupe slaughtered the Kurta of the Scarlet Eyes? Answer me! Are those the chains you used to kill Uvo? What were Uvo's last words? I don't remember.
You're lying.
Am I right, miss? I can relate.
I feel the same way.
I have nothing to say to you.
Kurapika, he's trying to provoke you! Don't fall for it! Damn Damn! Damn! That proves it.
I'm quite surprised.
The chain user has an exploitable weakness.
I can use this.
It's the boss.
Hello? I have three demands.
The chain user? The general rule is that my demands are absolute.
If you don't obey, I will kill your leader immediately.
First, do not follow me.
Second, do not harm your two hostages.
Third, put that Pakunoda woman on the phone.
Can I ask you something first? It's about the second demand.
The two hostages put up a struggle, and we had to break a few bones.
Then we're done negotiating.
What is it? Sorry, I was lying.
Both of them are unharmed.
This is your last chance.
Do not fool around.
Put Pakunoda on the phone.
Ow! Hello? You are the only one allowed to hear what I say.
Move away from the others.
Did you make contact with a man named Squala? Yes.
Are you aware of a woman named Melody? I am.
Then this will be quick.
Listen carefully.
You are forbidden from communicating with your comrades.
No talking, gesturing, writing, signaling, or making eye contact.
None of that is allowed.
You must come alone to the place I designate.
If your heart rate changes even in the slightest, I will kill the hostage.
Understood? Now give the phone to someone besides the previous man.
I'm here.
I'm going to meet with Pakunoda alone.
The rest of you must return to your hideout.
All ten Troupe members must be there.
If a single one is missing, I will kill the hostage.
Understood? Yeah.
Put Pakunoda back on.
You're to come to Lingon Airport.
You have until 8:00.
And you must come alone.
Don't hesitate, Pakunoda.
Bring everyone.
He'll put his friends before his mission.
Hey, Paku! Wait! Let Paku go by herself.
We're returning to the hideout.
Orders from the chain user.
What's your point? If we disobey, he'll kill the boss! Are you an idiot? If that happens, we kill the chain user.
And that will be the end.
It's what the boss would tell us to do.
Nobunaga, you insult the spider.
We have to follow Pakunoda now.
This is an absolute necessity! I concur.
There's no point in letting Paku go alone.
If we continue to follow his orders, the fortunes will come true.
I agree with Nobunaga.
We should follow his orders for now.
I agree.
For now? How long do we listen to him? Until half our limbs are gone? Shizuku, what do you think? When there's a fight, we flip a coin.
He's broken the rules.
But I'll side with Nobunaga.
I don't want the boss to die now.
I don't want Paku to die, either.
I'm sure Paku feels the same way.
That's why she left without a word.
I don't believe this Talking to you is pointless.
I would love to kill you right now, but following Pakunoda comes first.
Wait! Take one more step, and I'll cut you down.
Go ahead and try.
Troupe members aren't allowed to fight.
Aren't you on Nobunaga's side? That's what my heart says.
But the rules are absolute.
If we reject the rules, we reject the spider.
And we also reject the boss.
I don't want to do that.
It's him.
I'll take it.
Hello— Put one of the hostages on the phone.
You little Here.
Are they all together? They are right now.
But they're talking about going after Pakunoda Watch your mouth, kid.
Hello? You have thirty minutes to return to your hideout.
You can try trickery if you want, but your leader will die.
I'll call again shortly.
We won't be able to follow Paku now.
Damn it! The boss will die if we ten aren't together? He's pretty smart to use the hostages as messengers.
This is the perfect chance to fight the boss.
But if I leave, the boss will die.
There you have it.
Lend me a hand.
I've known you a little longer than Chrollo.
Kurapika's revenge has come to fruition.
And his confrontation with the Troupe has reached its final stage.
Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Brush Your Teeth.
Unripe Fruit Coming up, we have Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! It's Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia! Gon and Killua's Hunterpedia Today, we introduce Pakunoda.
A Phantom Troupe member.
A Specialist.
Her power lets her see memories A Specialist.
by touching people and objects.
Her rare ability shows her the memories of the people or objects she touches.
She can conjure those memories or her own into bullets to shoot.
Memory Bomb! Next time: Signal x To x Retreat.
What are you doing, Killua? Time to retreat.