Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e19 Episode Script

Unease x And x Sighting

I have a duty to fulfill I must give birth to the King! I am the Queen! Unease x And x Sighting After using Accompany, Gon and Killua were transported to Ging's student, Kite.
After Gon remembered having met Kite years before, he felt that Ging intended for this meeting to occur, and his interest in Kite grew.
Hey, what kind of work do you do, Kite? Biological surveying.
I focus on discovering and researching new species.
Oh, have you heard of the Camp Tiger? Camp Tiger? They can use fire.
They use branches that have been ignited by lightning as live kindle.
Other than certain Magical Beasts that walk on two legs, they're the first of their kind: animals that eat their meat cooked, not raw.
Wow, they're really cooking it.
They really are using fire! Hey, what else is there? Oh, yeah You said the thing that attacked me was a Chimera Ant? Yes, a Chimera Ant.
Under a class-1 quarantine.
Normally, no one would be allowed near such a dangerous insect.
Did you discover them? No, I specialize in larger creatures.
But currently, I'm investigating these insects.
Something has been bothering me But it appears that now, I'll have to move to a different location.
I must make a call, but I'm not getting any reception here.
A call? I'm working with others.
Seven of us are working as a team.
I guess I must wait for their arrival.
Once they're here, I'll introduce you.
They're amateurs, but they're still skilled Hunters.
Oh? Ah, speak of the devil.
Kite, who are these kids? My friends.
They dropped by for a visit on their travels.
Oh, it's a pleasure to meet you all the way out here.
I'm Spinner Clow.
Call me Spin! Nice to meet you.
I'm Gon Freecss.
Nice to meet you, Spin.
Freecss Wait, is this Yes, Ging-san's son.
Really?! And you? Not you, too? No, not me.
My name is Killua Zoldyck.
Zoldyck Um, forgive me if I'm wrong, but are you part of the famous family of assassins? Yeah, but I quit.
Additionally, they are both pro Hunters.
So you should show some respect.
Wow! Man, that was a shock! We've been conducting biological surveys with Kite for three years, but this is the most incredible organism we've ever seen! Yeah, no kidding I don't think we finished our introductions.
I'm Monta Yuras.
But call me Mon.
Nice to meet you, Mon.
I'm Stick Dinner.
I handle the cooking.
Know why? Because my name is Dinner.
Nice meeting you.
My name is Banana Kavaro.
Good to meet you.
We have two others on our team.
Where are Podungo and Lin? They're both headed toward the area of the sighting.
They always move so fast.
Oh, and you were right, Kite This looks just like the claw of a Chimera Ant queen.
We ran some computer analyses, and the result was a 99% match.
Can I see it? Sure.
This is a Chimera Ant claw? It's as big as a human finger.
Does that mean there are huge ants? We don't know.
Maybe one mutated and grew really big? That's possible, though it may also belong to a completely different species.
Regardless, we just don't know right now.
That's why we're investigating.
It all started with the wonkiest little thing His name was Won! He was a Kakin official.
What's Kakin? Right here.
It's this wild land, in the middle of the Azian continent.
We had just completed a biological survey they had requested when Magnificent.
You've completed two hundred years' worth of work for this agency To be honest, I regret that I am unable to pay you a bonus.
Don't say that, Won-san.
We enjoyed ourselves.
In lieu of that, I'll be sure to recommend you to other friendly nations.
We appreciate it.
Oh, that's right! I'm going to ramble a bit.
I believe part of a very strange species was brought to the Southern Piece auction There's suspicion that it's from an unidentified organism, so the seller couldn't list it in the catalog, but since they'd have to donate it to a government agency otherwise, they hoped a licensed Hunter would buy it from them for a high price.
Here you are.
Well, Lin? Th-This clearly belongs to an unidentified organism, yes.
F-From what I can see, it resembles an insect's leg B-But no known insects have l-legs this large.
And the claw exhibits traits not found among insects A leg typically has two claws, but this has six.
It almost looks as though the tarsi evolved into something like fingers? Yes, and this part is spiny, so it could be the tibia.
If we take a sample and study it further, we'll learn more.
Could you give us a small part? Since Won-san referred you to us, we cannot refuse.
Let's look into this, then.
We'll send you any results, once we have them.
Chimera Ant Where did Lin and Podungo go? Somewhere south of Yorknew City.
The person who found the insect leg apparently lives in a city by the ocean.
Sorry you won't be able to catch your breath, but we should hurry after them.
Hey, can we come with you? Hmm? Sure.
Yes! Glad to have you.
Having two pro Hunters with us is reassuring.
And this is Ging-san's son and one of the Zoldyck family! Oh, sorry It's no big deal.
Anyway, you kids are already pros at your age? We weren't born with the talent Talent, talent Guess I have a talent for saying "talent," huh? In this brief period of time, they've become friends.
Good Hunters are well-liked by animals.
And also blessed with good friends.
Gon might be the real deal He'll find you soon, Ging-san.
Not enough Not enough I need more, bigger food.
It's been days No, it's been months since it last rained here.
The weather is unusual this year.
It's possible that this is affecting the wildlife in some way.
So the insect with the large leg could have been a mutation influenced by those conditions.
But why would it have grown larger? In order to survive, right? If it's bigger, it'd have a better chance of securing food.
But that would mean it'd need more, as well.
Being larger doesn't always aid survival.
I believe that this is related to the Chimera Ant's unique nature, not to the environment.
I agree.
Because they reproduce in a way not found in any other organism.
What do you mean? They reproduce through a special process known as phagogenesis.
Phagogenesis? What's that? Phagogenesis When a Chimera Ant queen eats other organisms, she is able to pass traits on from those organisms to the next generation.
And she can also eat multiple species to pass on a mix of genes to her offspring.
With each feeding, she lays one to five eggs.
The first generation of births has no reproductive capability, so they become worker or soldier ants.
They work in service to the queen and her eventual successors.
Those successors are the king and queen of the next generation.
The queen is thus always looking to consume the genes of strong organisms, so she can pass them to her offspring.
And she may consume any species she particularly likes to extinction.
To extinction?! Yes, her voracious appetite can drive her to consume her own weight many times over, in a single day.
That's why Chimera Ants are under a class-1 quarantine.
So if she sets her eyes on you, you're finished? Judging from the size of that claw, her length is at least two meters.
That thing could devour a human in no time.
Yes, you are correct.
Stay back! Go away! B-Big Brother Reina, stay close to me.
Take that! It's okay now.
Thank you! You can count on your big brother.
I'll always keep you safe! Yeah! Okay, let's go home.
Hey, my brother was amazing! There was a big snake, but he was like, "Stay back! Go away!" Whack! Come now, don't wave your spoon around.
It's bad manners.
But that's what he did.
Yes, yes.
I know.
That was very brave.
If a big snake showed up, your mother might be too scared to move.
You're truly a young man, Kurt.
Yeah, I guess.
You're already nine And a reliable big brother.
You must continue to look after Reina.
I'm counting on you, Kurt.
I'm counting on you, Brother.
Yeah, you can count on me! I'll keep you both safe forever! This area is about to hatch.
Soldiers, hear me! My duty is to give birth to the King.
In order to give birth to a strong king, I require large quantities of highly nutritious food.
Search out the best food you can find! This area will also hatch soon.
I require a large nest in which to birth a strong king.
I also need time to rest, free from concerns of outside disturbances, during the pregnancy.
In order to give birth to a strong king, I need strong soldiers.
Are you okay? Uh-huh, thank you Hey, Brother When I grow up, I'm gonna marry you.
Let's wake up early tomorrow and go fishing at the river.
We can cook some fish to surprise Mom.
Uh-huh, I can't wait.
This is enough fish for a feast.
B-Big Brother Big Brother! Reina, it's okay.
I'll Your big brother will protect you! I promised Mom! I'll keep you safe! Go away Go away! This is delicious, and very nutritious The ultimate food.
I need more of this species.
They're the ones I mentioned on the phone, Gon and Killua.
Oh, I'm Lin Koshi.
N-Nice to meet you.
My name's Podungo Lapoy.
Glad to have you on board.
Glad to be here, Lin-san, Podungo-san.
Let's get down to business.
Where was the leg discovered? On the beach over there.
A-According to the locals, it washed up on sh-shore.
There's a forest right behind us It'll be difficult to find the Chimera Ant if it ran in there.
We can't be certain that it's still alive.
We don't even know if it ended up on the same island its leg drifted to.
Let's find out, then.
Here, remember this scent.
I'll help, too! Huh? His nose is as sharp as a dog's.
He can't find anything The scent may have disappeared.
It was raining.
I couldn't find anything, either.
That means the Chimera Ant isn't here.
It may have washed ashore elsewhere.
In which direction do the currents flow here? It's complicated The direction is reversed between day and night.
And it also changes with the seasons.
I've even heard it's different on certain days.
So it'll be tough to pinpoint a location It's too early to give up.
Let's split up and search.
You're right.
No luck Continuing to search blindly is pointless.
Let's return to Yorknew City.
We may be able to find a new lead.
Her length is at least two meters.
That thing could devour a human in no time.
A voracious appetite Phagogenesis.
Your Majesty Oh, you can speak? So that I may fully receive, understand, and execute your orders.
That pleases me.
I assign you to be a squadron leader.
I am most grateful.
I already have your mission.
Lead all the soldiers here on a mission to capture my food Capture more of those highly nutritious organisms for me.
At once! A Chimera Ant has been born with human genes.
Kite's worst fears have been realized.
Next time: Very x Rapid x Reproduction.
My name is Gon Freecss.
My name is Killua Zoldyck.
What's your name?