Hunter x Hunter (2011) Season 2 Episode Scripts

Season 2

1. Bid x And x Haste
2. End x And x Beginning
3. Invitation x And x Friend
4. Reality x And x Raw
5. A x Hard x Master
6. Strengthen x And x Threaten
7. Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors
8. Strategy x And x Scheme
9. 15 x 15
10. Pirates x And x Guesses
11. A x Heated x Showdown
12. Guts x And x Courage
13. Bargain x And x Deal
14. Chase x And x Chance
15. Insanity x And x Sanity
16. Victor x And x Loser
17. Ging's Friends x And x True Friends
18. Reunion x And x Understanding
19. Unease x And x Sighting
20. Very x Rapid x Reproduction
21. No x Good x NGL
22. Evil x And x Terrible
23. The x Fight x Begins
24. Kite x And x Slots
25. Inspiration x To x Evolve
26. A x Fated x Awakening
27. Light x And x Darkness
28. Promise x And x Reunion
29. Duel x And x Escape
30. Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness
31. Compassion x And x Strength
32. Interest x And x Curse
33. The Strong x And x The Weak
34. One Wish x And x Two Promises
35. Date x With x Palm
36. Friend x And x Journey
37. Grudge x And x Dread
38. A x Lawless x Home
39. Carnage x And x Devastation
40. Infiltration x And x Selection
41. Combination x And x Evolution
42. Tracking x And x Pursuit
43. Ikalgo x And x Lightning
44. Power x And x Games
45. Check x And x Mate
46. Doubt x And x Hesitation
47. Resolve x And x Awakening
48. Knov x And x Morel
49. Return x And x Retire
50. Komugi x And x Gungi
51. Taking Stock x And x Taking Action
52. Confusion x And x Expectation
53. Charge x And x Invade
54. Outsider x And x Monster
55. An x Indebted x Insect
56. Divide x And x Conquer
57. Duty x and x Question
58. Revenge x And x Recovery
59. Insult x And x Payback
60. A x False x Rage
61. Strong x Or x Weak
62. Fake x And x Real
63. Defeat x And x Dignity
64. Pose x And x Name
65. Centipede x And x Memory
66. Breakdown x And x Awakening
67. Great Power x And x Ultimate Power
68. Zero x And x Rose
69. Hostility x And x Determination
70. Unparalleled Joy x And x Unconditional Love
71. Formidable Enemy x And x Clear Objective
72. Magic x to x Destroy
73. Anger x And x Light
74. Flash x And x Start
75. Deadline x To x Live
76. The Word x Is x You
77. This Person x And x This Moment
78. Homecoming x And x Real Name