Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e02 Episode Script

End x And x Beginning

You're really sure? You won't tell them? Yes.
Right now, they should be spending every second training.
Tell them we'll meet again.
So long.
Oh, one second Look after Kurapika.
He acts calm, but he can be rash.
He's smart, but doesn't always think things through.
It looks like he's opened up to you, so could you act as a brake? Yes.
You're very soothing.
You have the most pleasant heartbeat I've heard in this city.
It's soft, expansive, and very warm.
You would make an excellent doctor or teacher.
You're well suited to such careers.
I recommend a career change.
Well, I'll think about it.
I need to get serious about this End x And x Beginning #16 has won Greed Island for 27.
8 billion! Thank you very much! That bastard's serious about buying every copy.
And he's aware of my budget.
Only one copy left.
Damn I'm going to win this auction! What? He left? We'll see him again.
He said to keep training hard.
What? He didn't have to worry about that Weren't you happy that Kurapika was leaving Yorknew City? Sure, but he left without telling us.
It's from Zepile.
He said that you'll see him again.
What? Zepile-san's gone, too? Yeah, and he recovered your hundred million, as promised.
He really did Now you can buy back your Hunter License.
Yeah Zepile-san really is special.
Man, that Hunter License is a real gem.
The pawn shop forked over a hundred million on the spot.
In a proper auction, you could probably add two zeros I know! I should become a pro Hunter so I can sell the license I could live off the interest alone.
And forget about debt! Okay, then let's get crackin'! And start prepping for the Hunter Exam! #16 wins Greed Island for 60.
2 billion.
Thank you very much.
That's insane.
And he won all seven copies.
But it cost him half of his wealth.
Recently, an unknown party stole a copy of Greed Island won at auction for 30.
5 billion by Mr.
But, not to be discouraged, yesterday he won another copy for 27.
8 billion, and another today for 60.
2 billion.
He must have some reason to go so far for this game.
I've heard that upon clearing the game, you receive a treasure map.
Or a giant dragon appears to grant your wish.
All kinds of rumors are flying around.
Thank you! I'm going home.
Battera was able to acquire all the copies of Greed Island.
He's also seeking players, but today's the deadline! There's already an amazing line outside the venue.
I apologize for keeping everyone waiting.
We will now begin selecting the players.
As everyone already knows, you must be able to use Nen for this game.
The test will proceed as follows.
First, we need each applicant to demonstrate their Nen.
We will then make our decision.
The judge will be the pro Hunter, Mr.
Tsezgerra! The Money Hunter Tsezgerra! If he's involved This game must pay big dividends.
Let us begin the test.
One at a time, come up and show me your Ren.
A shutter and curtain will block any view of the stage, so other applicants cannot see what's happening.
The moment we've chosen thirty-two players, the test will end.
Please step this way to take the test.
That's our only explanation? Would the first applicant please step in.
They only gave us a minimal explanation and left everything unknown.
But the others are already moving like it's the natural response.
They must know.
Those guys aren't going to answer any questions.
Our task is simple.
Deduce all we can from the information provided, and then do our best.
I'm certain they're judging us on the entire process.
Approximately two hundred are in the hall.
About a hundred have already lined up.
At least fifty are watching from the sidelines.
And twenty haven't moved an inch.
Which group chose correctly? Next, please.
Something's wrong Ten people have gone in, but no one's come out! Does that mean they all passed? This is bad.
Should we get in line? Those guys are hopeless They don't stand a chance.
Huh? I'm talking about the ones still in line and those waiting nearby.
Especially the ones standing next to the line.
They're probably waiting for someone to return, so they can ask what's inside.
If you did some research and used your head, you'd see there's no rush.
In other words, you can't send in new players.
That is why I must be careful when selecting players.
I get it! This time, they aren't choosing thirty-two players! Exactly.
It's been over ten years, and no one's cleared the game.
And new players can't begin if old ones are still alive.
Meaning that they have to save a few spots in case any extraordinary players appear.
I'd guess they'll choose around twenty this round Personally, I'd say that those in line or standing nearby have no shot.
Anyone worthwhile either got in line at once, or figured out the trick and stayed in their seats to focus, like we did.
Wouldn't you agree, kid? Gon? You realized what was going on? Well, it was just a hunch.
I thought it was only natural that the hosts would want to test everyone here.
That's true.
You win, kid.
Yeah, I'm impressed.
Not many people can stick to their ideals.
The steeper and more dangerous the path, the greater the need for both wit and ignorance to move forward.
Next, please.
My name is Puhat.
Nice to meet you.
People who act smart usually fail.
He can hear you.
But he's right.
I was too focused on logically deducing the best method.
I'm heading over.
Yep, good luck.
If I want to advance, I'll have to take risks.
Because I've chosen a dangerous path! Listen to me Never take risks.
Act only when success is guaranteed.
Otherwise, wait.
Waiting is our most crucial job.
If victory isn't assured, revealing your strength is the most foolish move to make.
That's how my old man operates.
But I'm no longer an assassin.
I'm a Hunter! Let me see your Ren.
Can I show you my Hatsu instead? That's fine.
You're free to show me anything that demonstrates your power.
Prove that the Ren I saw previously didn't represent your true power.
Then, I'll get started.
He changed his aura into electricity! In theory, it's certainly possible But it's unbelievable that he learned this from scratch in four days! Well? Need to see more? No, that's enough.
You pass.
Yes! However, this technique could not have fully developed overnight.
You'd require years of torturous training, exposing your body to strong electricity.
Who are you? Strong electricity? From birth, I've been exposed to electricity.
Family reasons.
Seven people That guy was right.
The people who passed are those who moved immediately or waited in their seats.
Well, I wonder if Gon will be okay.
Killua! Good, you got chosen.
Of course.
Was that boom your doing? Uh-huh.
Honestly Those kids are scary.
Well, allow me to congratulate you.
The twenty-one people here have earned the right to play Greed Island.
Upon clearing the game, you will receive 50 billion Jenny.
The details are in the contract, so read and sign it before you depart at 5 PM.
Cheers! You've made it past the first stage.
Could you look at this for us? What is it? A contract? Looks like it can be summarized in three points.
First, you can't file any claims if you're injured or die.
Second, any items that you bring out of the game belong to Mr.
Third, if you clear the game, you will receive a I don't see any problems.
Yep! So once you sign it, you're good to go.
That second point seems important.
"Anything that you bring out of the game.
" That's why he's paying the big bucks.
Anything? Like what? I'm willing to hand it over.
I'm not looking for items.
I just want to get closer to Ging! See ya.
Good luck on your exam, Leorio.
Yeah, you guys be careful.
Next time we see you, you'll be a doctor.
Wouldn't that mean we won't see each other for at least four years? We plan to clear the game much more quickly.
I don't intend to fall behind.
Now, then Before we begin, let me explain a few things.
The individual game copies are not independent.
It doesn't matter which console you start from.
You will all arrive at the same place.
Consider it a virtual area accessible from any spot on this planet.
Fizz I will now hand out memory cards.
You will head immediately into the game.
But first, we must decide the order.
Order? Only one may enter the game area at a time.
We will decide the order now, to forestall bickering inside the game.
Then let's use rock-paper-scissors.
Yes! I'm first! Oh? You're the boy who had a save file.
Damn, I'm 17th! Do you want to use it? Don't worry.
Your initial destination is always the same, regardless of your save.
Ging This game is a message from Ging to me.
I'm going to trust him! I'll use my own card.
Then put the ring on, and start the game.
Wait in the starting area until I get there.
Once you see a "Now Playing" message, the next person can begin.
Welcome to Greed Island.
You must be Mr.
Gon Freecss.
I will now explain how the game works.
Would you care to listen? Sure.
In this game, two magic spells are available to anyone wearing a ring: Book and Gain.
Place the hand with the ring in front of you, and say, "Book.
" Book.
In this game, your task is to collect certain cards.
That book is for storing the cards you've collected.
Please look at the first page.
Each slot is labeled with a number.
You can only place cards of the same number in these slots.
These are your "restricted slots.
" Please flip ahead a few pages.
Wait, there aren't any numbers! Yes, you may place any card inside these slots.
These are your "free slots.
" There are 100 restricted slots, numbered 0 to 99.
Then, you have another 45 free slots.
To clear this game, you must fill the 100 restricted slots.
I just need to collect a hundred cards? Yes.
Specifically, you must transform one hundred items into cards and put them in your book.
Transform them? For example, if you obtain a sword, it will become a card the moment you get it.
If you wish to use a card as the item, you must use the spell "Gain.
" Gain However, once you've used Gain to return a card to item form, you can never transform it into a card again.
If you want to make it a card again, you must reacquire the item.
Do you understand everything so far? Yeah, basically There are two other cases in which you cannot transform an item into a card.
The first is when you reach the item's maximum card transformation limit.
Card transformation limit? Yes, every item in this game has a card transformation limit.
For example, if an item has a transformation limit of three, and three players have already transformed the item into a card, the fourth to find it will be unable to change it into a card.
In the second case Huh? If you don't place the card into your book within one minute, it will automatically revert to an item.
In this case, as well, you can never transform that item into a card again.
Do you understand? Yeah, kinda Finally, the most important note I can't remember all of this If a player dies, their book and ring are destroyed and the book's contents are lost.
Does it matter anymore if you're dead? That concludes my explanation.
You'll need to learn everything else about the game by playing it.
Uh-huh, got it.
I wish you the best of luck.
Please take those stairs.
Loading save data.
I have a message from Ging Freecss.
From Ging? I'm glad to see you've made it, Gon.
My friends and I made this game.
Enjoy yourself.
But if you expected a clue to my location, you're out of luck.
I just wanted to show off this game to you.
It doesn't matter what brought you here.
Because you won't be able to leave until you obtain a specific item.
So play away.
Gon has finally stepped foot inside the legendary game Greed Island.
A new adventure is about to begin.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! The descriptions on cards are written in the Hunter language, but we'll translate them into Japanese for your convenience.
Rock A normal rock found on the ground.
Does decent damage when thrown.
Gain! G.
Tutorial Continue! Next time: Invitation x and x Friend.
Thanks, Gon.
Thanks, Killua.
Thanks, Gon! Thanks, Killua! You're embarrassing me!