Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e03 Episode Script

Invitation x And x Friend

A field of green.
Stretching as far as I can see I'm being watched.
Someone's out there Invitation x And x Friend Anyway, I have to wait for Killua.
Yo, sorry to make you wait.
Do you feel something constantly watching us? Yeah, eyes this persistent can only be a human's.
So everyone's noticed.
Well, they can't be too good if we can sense them from here.
Just ignore it.
We're being watched.
Killua! Sorry.
I don't see any nearby towns.
Yeah, but everyone headed in the same directions.
They either went this way or that way? Huh? How did you know? Because that's where we're being watched from.
But we still don't know why they're watching us.
Well, let's go.
Regardless of who's watching, we should start by gathering information.
So, how did it go? Hmm? Your save data.
How many cards were inside? There weren't any cards inside.
Huh? For real? But there was a message from Ging.
What did he say? To enjoy the game.
Enjoy the game? But this doesn't really feel like a game.
What do you think about the rules? I still don't know enough yet.
What was that? Was it Nen? This must be your first time playing this game.
I wonder if you're right.
Since you're carrying a book, you must be a player.
Well, sure.
You can't fool me.
I know you're new to this game.
Steal Reveal all free slots of one target player.
(Can only be used on a player who's been encountered within the game.
) [LR][NORM] I can use the Steal card.
Casting Steal.
Select target player.
What is he doing?! Zefespa Grecoloas Killua Gon Killua-kun and Gon-kun, huh? How do you know our names? How indeed? You have zero chance if you don't know about the spell cards.
View Killua's free slots? Yes No No cards in Killua's free slots.
Steal card was consumed.
And that confirms it.
They're total newbies who just arrived.
And they're kids.
Adhesion Complete data of one target player's restricted slots will be available at all times.
(Effect lasts until player leaves the game.
) [SR][ATK] I don't wanna waste this spell on them.
Trace Current location of one target player will be available at all times.
(Effect lasts until player leaves the game.
) [SR][ATK] Trace should be good enough.
Trace on! Attack, Killua! You can't run from spells in this game! Killua, are you okay? My attack worked! What did you just do to me? This kid's dangerous! Return Warp to a city of your choice.
(Must be a city you have visited.
) [LR][NORM] Return on! Take me to Masadora! Shizuku, Kortopi Do you have a moment? Play the game? Yes, would you like to join me? Once we get home, there's nothing for us to do.
You really want to clear this game? Actually, clearing it isn't my goal.
Then this relates to Troupe business? More or less.
Killua, how are you holding up? Hmm? I don't feel any different.
But I'm still worried.
He definitely did something to you.
No point in worrying about it now.
Hey, was he using Nen when he said, "Trace on"? No, it's probably some magic that only works in the game.
Magic? What kind? Beats me.
Well, we'll find out eventually.
Look, there's a town! Welcome to Antokiba, City of Prizes Are those the prizes? Wow, all these are prizes? Looks that way.
Oh, Killua Look.
"Antokiba Monthly Tournaments Schedule.
" There's a rock-paper-scissors tournament this month.
September: Rock-Paper-Scissors Prize: Sword of Truth The prize is a Sword of Truth.
Is that an important item? Probably.
Look over there.
And over there.
Should we participate? Of course.
Then let's try to win all kinds of prizes.
We should also gather information.
Welcome! If you can finish this within thirty minutes, you don't need to pay! In addition, you'll also receive a Galgaida as your prize.
Galgaida One of the island's three greatest delicacies.
Delicious, despite its appearance.
The roe is said to extend your life.
Good boiled or grilled.
Okay, begin! Hey, chef.
Do you know how to use magic? What's that? Who's the most knowledgeable person in this city? Knowledgeable? What's that? This guy doesn't know anything.
He's probably just an in-game character.
Oh, no! You did it! Here is your prize, Galgaida.
" What does that mean? Is this your first time seeing a card? Galgaida One of the island's three greatest delicacies.
Delicious, despite its appearance.
The roe is said to extend your life.
Good boiled or grilled.
The left number is the item's card number, and the sequence on the right ranks how difficult it is to obtain.
There are ten ranks, from SS to H.
F would be the third easiest.
The number next to the rank is the item's maximum transformation limit.
Oh, which means this item card Is nothing but junk.
I've never seen him around.
That's brutal.
He's one of the players who entered with us.
Hey, what happened? His body suddenly exploded.
From the inside.
We've only been inside the game for a few hours, and someone's already dead.
And this corpse has a very real presence.
Hard to believe it's a game.
We're risking our lives here.
He disappeared? He probably went back to the real world.
Game over.
Hey, Killua.
Was the magic used on you earlier I don't know.
Don't worry.
There's no such spell in this game.
Spell? As you just said, it's something like magic.
He died from another player's Nen.
Nen ? Does that mean the players are trying to kill each other? Why? Player hunting.
Player hunting? I can explain later.
Anyway, are you interested in teaming up? We know of a sure way to clear this game.
Huh? If you're interested, follow me.
My allies are waiting ahead.
What do we do? Sounds suspicious.
And we're already off to a bad start.
As I recall, on your way here, another player used an attack spell on you.
Have you been watching us? Yeah.
And I wasn't the only one.
Lots of people keep an eye on the starting point.
If you come, I'll explain why.
I can also tell you about the spell that was cast on you.
You're being very nice.
There must be a catch.
We have no choice.
This game is difficult, unpleasant, and frightening.
Once you realize that, you'll be more willing to accept our offer.
Well, it's your first time playing, so you could use the information What makes you think it's our first time? We could be returning players.
This proves that you're beginners.
An experienced player would react by summoning his own binder.
Because you need spell cards to defend yourself.
Then the spell cast on Killua Could only be stopped by another card.
Even when you aren't carrying any cards, you should still summon it.
It's an important bluff.
Hey, how do we obtain spell cards? The easiest method would be to go to Masadora, City of Magic.
Masadora? Return Warp to a city of your choice.
(Must be a city you have visited.
) [LR][NORM] Return on! Take me to Masadora! Killua, we should go with him.
I'm worried about the spell on you.
Okay? Sure Is this everyone? Yeah.
Everyone else turned me down.
Let's get started, then.
Another player was just killed.
He arrived with the rest of you.
His stomach exploded.
It was the Bomber.
The Bomber? The victims aren't killed by spells.
No spell in this game is capable of injuring people.
Which means that you won't be harmed or killed by any spell that's been cast on you.
There are forty different spells.
The one cast on you was an inspection spell.
Either Trace or Adhesion.
Trace Current location of one target player will be available at all times.
(Effect lasts until player leaves the game.
) [SR][ATK] In short, once the enemy uses these on you, Adhesion Complete data of one target player's restricted slots will be available at all times.
(Effect lasts until player leaves the game.
) [SR][ATK] he will then know everything about you.
I get it.
That's why Some players wait near the starting point in order to cast these spells on new players.
As soon as a player obtains a valuable card, they'll show up and steal it.
In some cases, they kill their target.
Like the guy who just died? I won't be that easy to kill.
No, he was killed by something else.
There is a violent faction hunting players.
This was done by one of them The Bomber.
Bomber In this game, there are three ways to acquire item cards.
Do you know what they are? Find them yourself.
Trade with other players.
Steal them from other players.
Yes, those are the three ways.
However, the number of players stealing from others has recently increased.
That's due to the card's difficulty to obtain and the card transformation limit system.
Players who can't obtain cards themselves choose to take them from others.
If those players resist, they're killed.
When they die, their ring disappears, and their cards are lost.
However, it increases the transformation limit of that type of card.
If you kill a player, you can't take his cards.
That rule was meant to keep players from killing one another.
But now, it's backfiring.
It's been over ten years since the game's release.
If no one can find a way to beat it, the killing will only continue.
That's why we're trying to end this mess.
We're recruiting allies to clear this game.
We need your help.
How do you plan to obtain cards? Which method will you use? I assume you mean to use all three methods, but 3 will be the primary method.
What, so you'll still use force? No! We won't use violence to reach our goal.
You'll use spells.
Am I right? Correct.
There are certain spells for taking cards, and there are cards that defend against those spells.
We'll focus on monopolizing these cards.
We're going to use the very card transformation limit that's frustrated the players.
This is the only way to clear the game.
I have met many players, and they all reached the same conclusion.
Even if you search for cards, they'll be taken from you eventually.
Because this game is based on players taking cards from each other.
We will ensure that we can take cards from other players, while mitigating our risk of losing cards.
You're leaving out something important.
Upon clearing the game, how will you split the reward? You were hired by Mr.
Battera, right? So you knew who we were when you invited us.
Battera also hired us to play this game.
That means the reward will be 50 billion.
We'll split it among everyone who helps.
Currently, we have fifty-three players.
It'll take two months to collect the remaining spell cards, and one month to get the cards we need.
We can finish in three months.
Of course, if you join us, we'll remove any spells cast on you.
I'm in.
I don't like the idea of splitting the 50 billion.
But I like the three month schedule for clearing the game.
What about you? I have a question.
If I obtain an SS rank card on my own, what's my cut? Naturally, you'd receive 500 million for a card of that rank.
Okay, I'm in.
What about you two? Killua, sorry.
Hmm? What? I'm out.
I'm playing this game on my own.
You heard the leader.
I have to pass.
Hey, Gon! Wait up What about you? We'll need you to first exit the game, so the spells placed on you can be removed.
Once you're back in the game, wait by the starting point.
We'll come get you.
If you have any cards in your free slots, give them to me now.
Why? When you leave the game, the cards in your free slots disappear.
I believe your data automatically saves when cards are put in or removed from restricted slots.
Yes, but your data disappears if you don't return within ten days.
If you don't return before then, we'll assume that you gave up.
Got it? Don't worry, we're being joined by an ally.
We don't know if anyone's watching.
Let's get started.
Leave Send one target player off the island.
[SR][NORM] I'll be using the Leave card.
Hey, Gon Will you explain what that was about? Sorry, Killua.
I couldn't take it anymore.
I still don't get why you're apologizing.
But this means you'll be stuck with that spell for a while.
Oh, that's why.
It's not a big deal.
But you're playing this game to help me find my dad You're wrong.
I'm playing this game because Anyway, why were you so mad? Because they had nothing but bad things to say about the game Ging made, like how it's based on killing and stealing.
I want to do what Ging said, and enjoy the game.
When I first started, I knew it wouldn't be easy.
That was because I thought all the players enjoyed playing the game.
People have died.
But it's the player mentality, not the game, that scares me.
They're willing to hurt others to get cards.
Really? I think it makes sense.
Killua, you really mean that? That's why this game is meant for Hunters.
But Killing is wrong.
I agree with you on that part.
But what if two players have a fair fight with predetermined rules, and the winner gets to take a card? Th-That's acceptable.
See? When that guy cast a spell on me and when those guys carry out their plan, they're just following the game's rules.
Though it does still feel lame.
Well, forget about them.
Let's enjoy this game.
Killua Hmm? Thanks.
I'm glad you came with me.
No I'm glad I got to know you! Cut it out, stupid.
You're embarrassing me.
Why? I really mean it.
You've got it backwards.
Gon, I should thank you.
I'm the one who's glad that I got to know you I understand.
So that's why.
Such a beautiful thing, the friendship and innocence of two young boys.
I feel like messing with them.
Gon and Killua have reaffirmed their friendship.
But who is the girl watching them? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Return.
Return Warp to a city of your choice.
(Must be a city you have visited.
) [LR][NORM] This travel card lets you instantly warp to a city you've visited before.
Return on! Mito-san's place.
It only works for places inside the game.
Huh? Continue! Next time: Reality x And x Raw.
If you polish a raw diamond, you can make it shine! Hey, a shooting star! Shiny.