Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e04 Episode Script

Reality x And x Raw

Championship Finals, round 7! Ready Go! First comes rock Rock Paper Scissors! Killua wins! Yes! Congratulations.
Here is your prize, the Sword of Truth.
Look, Gon Sword of Truth Sword that cuts through anything false.
Has been used in trials to determine criminals.
Breaks if used to cut something true, but will regenerate if left in scabbard for a day.
This is card #83.
It goes in a restricted slot.
Okay, that's one down.
Score! Reality x And x Raw The problem is how we protect the card.
We don't have any defensive spell cards.
Wait, kids! H-Hand over the Sword of Truth! Do as I say, and I won't be rough with you.
No way, stupid.
W-Wait! Book! Book! Hmph, you're bluffing.
I know that you just started this game.
You have no defensive spells, and all you would have in your restricted slots is the Sword of Truth.
This is Thief! Thief Steal one random card from a restricted slot of one target player.
[SR][ATK] This spell card lets you steal one random card from another player's restricted slots! Take this Thief on! Attack Killua! Haven't you been training at all, Mister? Next time, I won't return your card.
You must be an amateur.
I'm impressed you got into a game for Hunters.
But that was very educational.
An attack spell won't kick in until you finish the chant.
Th-That only works against weak players! Precisely.
If you want a card, you take it from someone.
Only fools would participate in tournaments.
Understand, boys? I'm so pissed! Just forget it.
Those guys were obviously pros.
At least we didn't waste too much effort.
Damn it! Then I'm gonna start getting spell cards! That means our next destination will be Masadora, City of Magic.
No objections! That's our base.
We'll begin assigning roles.
You will collect spell cards for us.
You've probably heard that there are forty different spell cards.
We need you to obtain one of those cards, Prison.
Prison All slotted cards on target page are immune to theft or destruction via spell card until removed from their slot.
(Can only target pages 1 - 11.
Free slot pages cannot be targeted.
) [DEF][CONT] This is one of the strongest defensive spells.
We could certainly use another one of these.
In order to protect Breath of Archangel.
Breath of Archangel? A super-rare SS card that no one's ever been able to obtain.
How can you be certain no one's gotten one before? List Reveal number of card holders and number of cards for a target item.
[LR][NORM] There's a spell card called List.
When you cast it, you can learn the maximum transformation limit of any card as well as the number of current card holders.
I see.
The card is very difficult to obtain because you must have all forty spell cards before you can trade for one.
But spell cards are extremely useful in this game, so players tend to use them up.
However, we've been able to collect all forty spell cards.
We would prefer to trade them in for a Breath of Archangel at once But then you'd have no cards to protect it.
That's why you need a copy of Prison.
At any rate, to carry out this plan, we'll need you all to memorize the forty different spell cards.
Those four Galgaida cards netted us 120,000 Jenny.
They were pretty valuable.
We don't need to worry about money now.
Let's buy some food and water, so we can start for Masadora! First, we'll need a map.
Map of Island A blank map that automatically fills in locations as the owner visits and gathers information about them.
Map of Island A detailed map showing cities and important locations, as well as useful information such as hot spots! The one with information costs 650,000, while the blank one is 20,000.
Which one should we get? The 20,000 one.
It'll be more fun to fill it in ourselves.
You're so positive, it's painful.
This doesn't tell us anything.
Then let's ask.
Head north for eighty kilometers.
After you pass the mountain, you'll reach a lake.
If you follow the lake north, you should reach Masadora.
If we hurry, we can go eighty kilometers in a day.
Assuming you survive.
The mountain is crawling with bandits.
And once you pass the mountain, you'll encounter hordes of monsters.
Bandits? Monsters? Now it sounds more like an RPG! I wanna see these monsters! Let's hurry up! All right! Off we go! Please wait! I beg you! What? Please let me join you! Oh, sorry.
Wh-Why not? You'd be a nuisance.
Little brat You dare call me a nuisance? If I chose to, I could mop the floor with you, with one hand behind my back.
That does it.
I was just going to tease these boys a little, but now I'm going to ruin their lives.
Hey, hold it right there! Please! I'll try really hard not to get in your way! Okay, I have most of the information we need.
Then, can you tell us what you found? All right.
I'll start with number one.
I tried a hundred different people in this city, and they all gave the same response when faced with an unusual question.
This is typical behavior for in-game characters.
Number two.
Rock A normal rock found on the ground.
Does decent damage when thrown.
This card is real.
This one is a copy Kortopi made.
Kortopi's card didn't transform.
I believe that means the game's program didn't recognize Kortopi's card.
Number three.
Shizuku's vacuum works in this world, but it won't work on any items with special abilities.
I think that's because the game was programmed so Nen couldn't be used to collect cards.
So? However, the above three points indicate another possibility.
This game isn't taking place in a virtual world.
It's based somewhere in the real world.
What do you mean? If the players actually entered the game, their spirits would detach from their bodies and enter the console, leaving the bodies behind.
Sending them physically into the game would be unnecessary.
And separating spirit from body should require more than standing before a console and using Hatsu.
It's more logical that the players are actually warped elsewhere.
Thus, Greed Island isn't a real game.
It's a trap that sends players who use Hatsu here, to this island.
That makes sense.
But what does it mean? Do you remember the reward for clearing this game? Let's see What was it? You can select three item cards from your restricted slots, to take back to the real world.
That means these items can be used outside the island.
If this game takes place in the real world, it should be possible to remove the treasure without clearing the game.
I understand.
At the moment, we only know about a few items.
It would be ideal to learn all of the cards.
So our first objective is the spell card God Eye.
God Eye Grants the user the effects of Analysis and List on cards 001-099 at any time.
(Effect lasts until player leaves the game.
) [LR][CONT] Now we just need to find Phinks and Feitan.
Another cheap map? But he was carrying a lot of spell cards.
Well, let's split up for now.
In one week, we'll meet in Masadora.
It's a contest to see who can kill more players.
Okay, be sure to take their cards first.
Hey, what should we do about her? Just ignore her.
Once the bandits show up, we'll have a chance to ditch her.
Isn't that kind of mean? What are you talking about? Tsezgerra let her pass, so she must have strong Nen.
She should be able to escape if it gets hairy.
I didn't think she'd keep up this long.
They have considerable physical strength.
For a couple of kids, anyway.
Let's take them.
Please help us! We beg you! Huh? A disease is going around the island.
It starts with a mild fever, grows to a high fever, and eventually leads to death.
All we can do is use medicine to keep the fever in check.
But the medicine will only work for a week.
It's also incredibly expensive, and we've run out of money We've all fallen ill, so we're unable to do any bandit work.
Is it contagious? That's just a scenario.
My son only has two or three days to live! Could you spare us any money? This is an in-game event, right? Yeah, if we give them money, they should provide us with items or information.
Uh, how much do you need? That's all we have left.
So they know everything about us.
Um, I have enough to cover 80,000 Jenny.
Ah, could you shut up for a moment? I'm gonna kill that brat.
Got it.
We can give you 80,000 Jenny.
Really? Thank you so much! You've saved my son's life! I'm c-cold.
So cold Oh, no! If his body gets any colder, he'll die before we can get him the medicine! If only we had some children's clothes! Some children's clothes! Um, I can give him my clothes.
That'd really be okay? You're like angels! Words are not enough to express our gratitude! Nah, we don't need thanks.
How about some information or items? We got nothing? We lost our clothes, and now we're totally broke.
Damn, they're mocking us! What was that about? But once we get past this mountain, we'll find lots of monsters, right? Yeah.
If we beat them and turn them into cards, we can sell them for lots of cash.
We finally get to start fighting! Time to see what you've got.
I wanna see what you accomplished during your secret training.
This area is rocky Let's go! Yeah! There are tons of them! Gon's punch did no damage? So no amount of punching will take one down.
And there are so many.
In order to disable it with a single attack Bingo! The eye is its weakness.
Gon, aim for the eye! Got it! They're moving around too much, but they're doing reasonably well.
Weaker than they looked.
The card reverted after we left it alone for a minute.
We can do this.
The monsters come with weaknesses.
If we stay calm and think, we'll be fine.
Let's head for Masadora, then.
Yeah! Huh? Gon! I'm okay! That didn't hurt.
This one's weak.
But it's fast! Let's catch it.
Damn! Watch the trajectory, not its current location.
With observation, you can learn an opponent's pattern of motion.
Your eyes are sharp, but you aren't using them properly.
It got away from us.
Well, it won't take very long to reach Masadora if they're all this weak.
Don't be stupid! What if you encounter a monster that's both strong and fast? Bubbles? It's gone It's loud and generates a shock wave, but it doesn't do any damage.
When you touch them, the red ones don't pop.
The white bubbles pop when they make contact with a human aura.
The red ones pop when they make contact with anything else.
To catch that horse, you must identify which bubble is which, then switch between Zetsu and Ten.
That's still too difficult for them.
Still These boys are These boys are just wasting their potential! They're raw stones that'll shine like diamonds with a little polishing! But at this rate, they'll run into stronger players or monsters, and it'll be game over! This one looks tougher.
That's it I've had enough! Gyo! Keep your eyes on it! Use Gyo! Don't you know how? See that? The armor's just a puppet, so attacks won't work against it.
Here it is! I got the card! So you can use Gyo.
Why didn't you use it before? Uh, well Yeah So you forgot.
Why are you just standing there? Gyo! What do you see? The number 1.
Listen up.
If I lift my finger, you use Gyo.
And then you holler out what you see.
If you ever sense anything suspicious, use Gyo.
Got it? Wait, why are you ordering us around? The number 5! Correct.
Drop and give me two hundred push-ups.
Huh? It's your punishment! Get to it! What the hell? Why should I? Got a problem? You bet! Who do you think you are? Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet.
I'm the pro Hunter Biscuit Krueger.
I first learned Nen forty years ago.
I'm going to use my wealth of knowledge and experience to coach you boys.
You should be grateful.
Forty years ago?! You're an old hag! As it turns out, the young girl following Gon and Killua is a highly experienced pro Hunter.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we'll introduce the card God Eye.
God Eye Grants the user the effects of Analysis and List on cards 001-099 at any time.
(Effect lasts until player leaves the game.
) [LR][CONT] That's the card Shalnark wants.
If you use this spell, you get a description of a given card, number of holders, and total number of cards in existence.
I want one! Continue! Next time: A x Hard x Master.
My master is Wing-san! My master is— P-Pow! Another bump on the head