Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e05 Episode Script

A x Hard x Master

I'm the pro Hunter Biscuit Krueger.
I'm not big on formalities, so call me Bisky.
In return, you must obey every word of what I teach you.
No way.
And no, thanks.
We're not desperate enough to beg a total stranger to train us! Say something, Gon.
We have Wing-san.
Right, right.
We already have a master, and we don't need anyone else to teach us.
Wing? You mean that little boy with messy hair and glasses? The one who never tucks in his shirt? Do you know him? Do I know him? Wing's one of my students.
Seriously? That's awesome! So he's become a master now Time really flies, huh? Does that mean you're pro Hunters? Oh, just me.
You've passed the secret exam? Yep.
That really takes me back I'd love to serve as an examiner again.
Well, I'm essentially your master's master, so you shouldn't have any problems with my teaching you.
A x Hard x Master Wow! You've been an examiner! Assuming that she's telling the truth.
You're a stubborn little boy.
I like to see that in kids.
You said that you weren't desperate, right? Book.
That card Marimo-chi A super-fast ball-like creature about as hard as rubber.
Deals little damage, but can be annoying if it smacks you in the face.
Look carefully.
Its difficulty to obtain is ranked D.
It's a normal card that doesn't go in a restricted slot.
The problem is that there are many people who could have effortlessly obtained this card, while you two could not.
If you run into someone who's stronger and has evil intentions Sit down Pretend that we're chatting.
There's an enemy behind me.
Three kids? I'll cut them apart.
Don't probe for him.
He'll notice.
How did you sense him? He let a tiny bit of bloodlust escape.
The enemy saw a bunch of kids, and he relaxed for a second.
Doesn't that mean he's weak? He immediately concealed his presence again.
It was only the slightest bloodlust, and he quickly concealed it, so he's pretty good.
We couldn't even sense his presence, let alone locate him.
What should we do? He's fast on the uptake! This boy's bright.
What do you think? We three should move together.
Why do you say that? I'm guessing he decided to use caution because there are three of us.
If we stick together, he'll be less eager to attack.
I agree.
Well, you're right.
But that's not what we're going to do.
If I go off on my own, the enemy is one hundred percent guaranteed to attack me.
I'll go south.
You boys, go north.
Walk five hundred meters without concealing your presences.
Aim for that pillar.
Once you get there, use Zetsu, then rush back immediately! Okay, stalk the stalker— Huh? Fine, then! Be that way! Damned hag I've had enough! Bye-bye.
Yeah, get lost! We didn't want you around! Come on, Gon! Let's go.
Oh, they're acting.
So long, stupid! That woman really is something.
Huh? I was on full alert, so I'd be ready to react at a moment's notice.
But I didn't realize what she'd done until my cheek began to sting.
Let's hurry back.
I just cut your hair With my Scissor Hands! When I eat the hair I cut, I can learn things about the owner's body that they don't even know about themselves.
Muscle tone, potential for disease, genetic strengths! I will learn everything about your body before I begin to toy with it Age fifty-seven?! And she looks like this? What's even scarier is how honed her body is.
I can see her physical appearance conceals the strength she's achieved through intensive training.
My fighter's spirit insists that I challenge you to a duel.
I guess you aren't a total deviant.
Very well.
You're lucky.
If I'd used my Nen, you would be dead.
During that battle, what did you see first? The guy being flipped through the air.
Same here.
Her opponent wasn't weak by any means.
She's just that strong! If he were an in-game character, he'd have a D rank in terms of difficulty.
It would have been an instant game over for you boys.
That makes the second time I've seen you barely escape death.
How long will your good fortune last? Bisky-san Just call me Bisky.
If you insist on an honorific, call me Bisky-chama! I'll just call you Hag.
Why are you here, Bisky? Well, I'm here to clear the game, but I'm mainly after a jewel.
A jewel? There's a jewel that can only be found here.
Blue Planet A gemstone with an incomparable blue shine.
Its composition matches no known minerals, so it's named for its otherworldly nature.
It goes in restricted slot #81 Blue Planet.
What about you boys? We're here to clear the game, obviously.
Actually, my dad made this game.
Oh? I'm looking for my dad, so I thought this game might contain a lead.
Who's your dad? Ging Freecss.
Ging?! You know him? You bet I do! He's famous.
Chairman Netero once said he was one of the top five Nen users Bisky, if you'd be willing to postpone your treasure hunt, please teach us Nen! You've finally come around? I'm a lot tougher than Wing.
Are you ready? Yes! What about you? I'll be fine.
Take out all your cards.
I'm going to give you a chance.
You must evade their attacks for two weeks! If you're successful, I'll let you escape.
If you're knocked unconscious or can't stand I will kill you.
I just have to avoid their attacks, right? It doesn't matter what I do to them? Sure.
But there's one rule.
You aren't allowed to leave this crater.
If you break this rule, you lose, and I'll kill you.
What about us? The same rules apply.
If you leave, or fail to defeat him after two weeks, you'll be punished.
You're the Bounty Hunter Binolt, right? Yeah.
There's a bounty on his head, as well.
He's a brutal murderer.
Begin! Why are you standing around? He's trying to heal up! Are you going to let him? If he weren't injured, I would have lost my eye! We can't get close to him Should I use this? But while I charge up, he won't stay still.
Gon, let's make this a battle of attrition.
Attrition? You get some rest.
I'll keep an eye on him, and use these to attack.
We'll switch every six hours.
Rocks? That's a good idea.
That's exactly what I need If I can rest like this for a week, I'll be more or less recovered.
Once I'm healed, I can finish them off.
He's using the rock as a shield! Correct! You boys can't beat him in a drawn-out fight.
Makes sense.
Damn! They have too much stamina! I won't have any time to rest! Binolt may be injured, but making him uncomfortable in half a day is still impressive.
They're conscious that their lives are on the line in this fight.
Not bad at all.
These boys are raw gems! That rock-hard conviction in his eyes.
That hidden, bottomless potential.
If properly cut through training, he can be completely transformed Like a diamond! And this boy is a cool, calm blue.
He may look fragile, but with the right amount of heat, he can achieve semi-permanent strength Like a sapphire! Why does my heart skip whenever I see something waiting to be polished? I'll train them well! What? A forest of rocks.
It impedes their enemy, while concealing their presences.
This won't take two weeks.
They'll finish it in a day.
Game over, pops! Stop, Killua! Why did you stop me, Gon? We still have plenty of time.
Let's continue until we're both able to take him alone.
Huh? Stopping now would be a waste.
Because we're on a roll.
Fool It's my turn.
I'll slice you up! Sure, but let's wait until tomorrow.
You should get some rest.
You've been slowing down.
If it takes both of us to beat a single injured, exhausted man, we won't stand a chance against any of the rest.
You won't be able to fool their acute antennae now.
Binolt, your potential pales in comparison to theirs.
Oh, my wallet's missing.
Really? You had it a moment ago.
Excuse me You dropped this Day two He's slowing down.
No, we're getting faster.
Practice pays off that much more when you're fighting an equal for your life.
Damn Damn! I never I never wanted to live this way! That's why I was against this! You're the one who said this would be a shortcut.
Now it's my fault? Look at my clothes They're dirty now.
I wasn't looking for a reward I wasn't expecting any gratitude I just That's enough.
There's no way I can defeat you.
Kill me.
Why? We won't kill you.
You've helped us make a lot of progress.
Thank you, Binolt-san! I only wanted to lead a normal life.
Go on.
Once I leave, I'll turn myself in.
Gon You're flawless, a perfect gem.
But that pure nature could be your undoing.
Well, let's head for Masadora.
Osu! The number 9! Too slow! Give me three thousand push-ups.
Damn Masadora's about seventy kilometers away.
That's a three-hour trip, at most.
Seriously? Oh, there it is! City of Magic Masadora Let's find a department store now! They're only selling cards Sorry for the wait.
Let's return to that rocky area.
What?! Gain! These are the cards you bought? Yep.
We'll head back to Masadora now.
However, we'll go in a straight line! Huh? A straight line? You can't mean Yep! It's time to dig! The rock isn't as hard as I was expecting.
Yeah, this should go pretty smoothly.
This is rough No more Hold on.
If you're going to rest, sit properly.
Huh? Starting today, you must always sleep in this position.
Don't let go of the rope.
There's a chance I might cut the rope, so keep a portion of your brain alert while you sleep.
My old man put me through this kind of training all the time.
Ow! Okay, when it falls, you have to put it back up.
Gon, your head I'm good I'll be making them bigger.
Gon I'm good! Ow! We've run into a really hard rock.
Can we dig it up? I don't think a shovel will work.
I can probably break it with a Nen punch.
What's wrong? Killua, what were you doing with your aura while digging? I wasn't doing anything unusual.
Think of the shovel as part of your body! I see.
If we shroud the shovel in aura, our digging will be stronger! Wow! The rock's as soft as pudding! Okay! Let's keep on digging! They've learned a new application of Ten, Shu! Surround Once we reach Masadora, they'll have completed the first stage.
How will Bisky's grueling training transform the two boys? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we're introducing the card Blue Planet.
Blue Planet A gemstone with an incomparable blue shine.
Its composition matches no known minerals, so it's named for its otherworldly nature.
It's one of the reasons Bisky is playing the game.
She's going through all this just for a stone? That hag has weird taste Continue! Next time: Strengthen x And x Threaten.
Strengthen! Ahem! Don't threaten! Ahem!