Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e06 Episode Script

Strengthen x And x Threaten

All right! We made it through! Good work! I think we've gone five kilometers today.
At first, I thought it would take years, but at this pace Masadora! Take two! Okay! Let's return to the starting point now.
Again?! Strengthen x And x Threaten Next, we'll work on obtaining monster cards.
You have the requisite physical strength to defeat every enemy here.
What you lack is the ability to come up with a plan of attack as you fight.
In other words, the ability to strategize.
The ability to strategize.
I'm not going to say a single word, so devise your own means to defeat the monsters.
Still, the people who made this game really were special The game's programmed in such a way that you're guaranteed to get stronger as you progress.
And, most likely, all for the purpose of making him stronger.
Yes! I got the Marimo-chi! Nen battles require one to fight against many different enemy types.
The ability to think on your feet is the most critical technique.
First, get used to thinking all the time, until your thinking is tied to your reflexes.
This game is a training program to help you achieve that.
The hardest monster in this area is the Bubble Horse.
If they clear that hurdle, they'll complete the second stage! Zetsu! Caught it! I got a Bubble Horse! Way to go.
Yep! When it comes to analysis and physical strength, Killua's stronger.
But Gon makes up for it with his concentration and recovery speed.
They make a perfect team! Okay, we'll now begin to work on your defense.
Is that That's right, Gon.
This is the technique you've been using.
Ten Ten, Zetsu, Ren, Hatsu, and Gyo Zetsu Ren Hatsu Gyo are combined in this technique.
Ko! Ko You focus all of your aura into one part of your body, then attack.
This gives it far greater power than your regular attacks.
I'm going to attack with my fist.
You must block my attacks.
You may not dodge.
You've figured it out? That's right If you use your aura to block normally, you'll take considerable damage.
So what should you do? We should use Ko, too.
You're half right.
Ko against Ko.
As long as you and your opponent are similar in Nen capacity, you'll escape unscratched.
However If your opponent hits you in a place where you weren't using Ko, you'll be destroyed.
Then we should use Ko on our entire body.
Though it's contradictory.
This technique combines Ten and Ren.
Ken You defend yourself by shrouding your body in much more aura than usual.
It isn't as strong as Ko, but it's far more practical.
Gon, use Ren.
To sustain that for a prolonged period is called Ken.
Now protect yourself from my punch! So slow.
You must have relaxed when you saw how slowly I was moving.
If you'd stopped using Ken, your face would have been smashed.
That was the power of Ko alone.
When I add the speed and power packed by a normal punch, it becomes many times stronger.
Even dozens of times stronger.
I'll start by going slowly, but you won't get any warning.
Keep using Ken, and try to withstand my attacks.
Gon! Hmm, that was almost two minutes I had no idea it could be this hard to keep up my Nen.
You need to be able to sustain Ken for at least thirty minutes, or you won't stand a chance.
Okay, we're through! Learning to use Ken! Good, that was thirty minutes! Over the past month, you've become a lot tougher.
The number 3! Bingo! Killua was slightly faster.
Gon, give me a thousand push-ups.
Okay, we'll begin actual combat training today.
Ken! In your current state, your attack power is 50, defense 50.
So if you fight each other while using Ken, you won't be able to deal much damage.
What should you do? Use Ko! You fool.
What if he hits you where you aren't using Ko? Use Gyo? Correct! From your current 50-50 state, at the moment of attack, you shift your fist to 70 POW, and the rest to 30 POW.
You can use Gyo to alter your POW depending on the situation.
This is Ryu! Ryu Let's get started Right hand to 70 POW, rest of your body to 30 POW! It doesn't have to be precise, so try it out.
Left leg to 80 POW, rest of your body to 20 POW! Head to 60 POW, rest of your body to 40 POW! Do this for thirty minutes, three times a day.
Add it to your current training menu.
Also We'll begin sparring now.
Use Ryu the way I just taught you.
You can start out slow.
When you're on the defensive, determine your opponent's attack power before defending with Ryu.
With that said Begin! I'll go first, then.
Right leg, 55 POW.
Right leg, 60 POW, I think Left hand, 60 POW.
Right fist, 80 POW! Left elbow, 80 POW! If they keep this up daily, for two months, they'll be able to fight at full speed while using Ryu.
After that, it'll be time for the final stage.
Okay! Time for a break! Thank you very much! Osu! It's been two weeks.
They've made a lot of progress It appears you're ready for the final stage.
The final stage? Yes, you will begin training in the individual categories.
Bingo! A draw.
You're free to train solely in your own category.
In the case of an Enhancer Enhancer Mani.
You'd want to focus on your Enhancer skills, while training the nearby categories of Transmuter and Emitter in a balanced fashion.
Then you'll master your own category faster.
Bingo! A draw.
Good job, Killua.
Same to you.
Then, let's get started.
Osu! Today, we'll be training in the Enhancer category.
Level 1 is smashing rocks.
Crush them like this.
Smash a thousand with a single stone in a day, and you clear the level.
And begin! This is pretty tough.
All I'm doing is changing the stone to 100 POW at the moment of impact.
But my Nen is weakening as I go.
Oops, it crumbled If the stone in your hand breaks, it's over.
Damn! Damn, I failed! What are you talking about? You did well.
Okay! Let's do Transmuter training next.
Now, now, don't rush.
You're only allowed to train one category per day.
Bingo! A draw.
Again? These days, we keep getting draws.
That just shows that you've both grown accustomed to using Gyo.
But if there's no winner, it's no fun.
Okay, then we'll decide with rock-paper-scissors.
The loser does a thousand push-ups! Sure.
First comes rock Rock, paper, scissors! One more time! I win! Damn! Hey, boys Have you heard the theory that rock-paper-scissors began in martial arts? Huh? Palm Paper represents a palm attack that wrecks the opponent's organs.
Fingers Scissors represents a finger jab, targeting vital points.
Fist And rock represents a punch with the fist to deal external damage.
Evil Fist Long ago, when martial arts were mistaken as purely destructive and banned as an evil art, martial artists trained by playing this game.
And that's how rock-paper-scissors came to be.
You really are old That's it! Eh? Evil Fist.
Now, everyone.
We have a total of 133 cards from This is the product of your hard work.
You have our thanks.
Of the remaining 10 cards, we've located 7.
They're as good as ours.
However, Tsezgerra's group has also obtained an equal number of restricted slot cards.
The final hurdle will likely be a showdown against their group.
But I believe we have more, and better, spell cards! Gentlemen, our victory is near! Can I say something? These five years have been so long, yet so short There's something I must tell you.
I am the Bomber.
What? The Bomber? H-Hey, what are you talking about? Now, now Hear me out.
I've placed bombs on all of you.
What was that? How did you do that?! Don't mess with us! Stay calm and listen.
Good grief.
You ruined the explanation I'd planned.
This is my power Little Flower.
Fistful of Gunpowder Little Flower As you just saw, I can blow up anything I grab with my hand.
But it isn't very strong.
He's still alive.
However, if the bombs on your bodies explode, you will die.
A bomb? Where is it? I will now tell you how to disarm the bombs.
Let's start with how I set them.
That was by touching the place on the target I wanted to explode, and saying a certain keyword.
The keyword is "Bomber.
" It was the Bomber again.
Listen Beware of the Bomber.
In order to disarm the bombs, you must touch my body and say, "I caught the Bomber.
" However, I also have the Little Flower ability.
I can use this to stop anyone who tries to touch me.
You must be very careful as you attempt to disarm the bombs.
That's all.
They're armed.
This is the ability Countdown.
Sound of Life Countdown Why am I telling you so much about my powers? That's the condition for arming the bombs.
Then you've been waiting for the day when all the cards and members were gathered.
Now, I have a proposition.
I will trade your lives for those If you agree, I will use an alternative method, and simultaneously disarm all the bombs.
Do nothing, and all of you will die when the counter reaches zero.
You should discuss this amongst yourselves.
I'll be waiting for you at Mr.
Battera's old mansion.
I don't care who comes, but come alone.
Are you insane? If we just catch you now and disarm the bombs, it's all over.
Do you think you can escape alone?! Calm yourselves If you get too excited, the countdown will accelerate.
Because the counter is linked to your heartbeat.
What? Book! Crap! I pray we meet again! Leave Send one target player off the island.
[SR][NORM] Leave on! He escaped outside the game! We have to follow him Wait! If we leave, the cards inside our binders will vanish! Then what do we do? Calm down! It would be unwise to chase him down! Have you forgotten why we teamed up? Because we aren't strong fighters! Does anyone here think they're strong enough to defeat him? It would be impossible.
Given his Nen abilities, he must be powerful.
If all of us attacked him together, he could use Little Flower to defeat us all.
Damn, we were so close! First, we must reach a consensus.
Do we hand over the cards? Or do we fight? Please give him the cards I beg you.
Jispa's running out of time That's a surprise.
I was expecting Nickes to come.
I'm surprised, too.
I didn't expect you to be alone Sub and Bara.
They're the other bombers.
Now give me your ring.
What's wrong? I can't turn it over yet Actually, we still haven't reached a decision.
And Nickes has requested the Breath of Archangel card to save Jispa.
Screw that! As it stands, neither side can win this! Eh? You don't realize how hysterical they are.
If they can't make a decision before time expires and they explode, you'll lose the data in their rings! But I can— But you can convince them? Are you trying to bargain with me? When striking a bargain, you have to demonstrate just how calm and insane you are.
W-Wait If you kill me Don't worry.
If you kill a player outside the game and take their ring, the restricted slot data will not vanish.
Well, I doubt you have any of the cards.
A gift.
Puhat! You won't get another chance.
Okay? Leave The spell card! Leave! I need to exit, so give it to me.
Hell, no! Leave is a valuable card.
We can't waste any! Okay, then If I don't return, it won't be possible to disarm all your bombs simultaneously.
What? I'm also a bomber.
There are three of us.
Well, Genthru's the main one, and we're just extras.
When the three of us join our right thumbs and say the keyword, the bombs will be destroyed.
That's the alternative method.
Whatever I'll take my time returning via normal means.
You guys will be dead soon.
Wait! Hold on! Please use this.
You should have done that in the first place, scum! We'll need Leave cards when the deal is made.
Have three ready.
Got it? Twelve hours before Genthru revealed himself as the Bomber, a single boat attempted to invade from the outside.
So it does exist in the real world.
That's gotta be Greed Island.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Leave.
Leave Send one target player off the island.
[SR][NORM] This takes us back to the real world? That's nice.
If you're going out, leave the free slot cards.
Stupid onliner! Huh? Continue! Next time: Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors.
See ya here next week! Rock, paper, scissors!