Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e07 Episode Script

Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors

So, then Where are we on the island? Let's steal an Accompany card and go.
Uninvited guests? I'm getting nervous Just so we're clear, you didn't wash up on shore, right? After all, if you'd let the waves carry you, it would be impossible to reach this island.
This guy's strong.
Who are you? Are you supposed to be our tour guide? I'm one of the designers of this game.
The name's Razor.
I mainly handle the Emitter spells, including all movement via spells and dealing with external threats.
Eliminate Send all trespassers on Greed Island to a random location on the Azian continent [LR][SP] This is a special spell only usable by Game Masters.
Sorry, but you'll have to leave.
You're more than welcome to visit via official channels.
From there, if you defeat me, you can receive an item.
Should you decide to play, we'll probably get to fight eventually.
Sounds good We'll come back.
Through the front door.
Eliminate on.
Hmm, those were some strong Nen users Evil Fist x And x Rock-Paper-Scissors As Gon continues to train, he discovers a hint to developing a new technique, and that is First comes rock! Rock Paper Rock! I see.
Here comes the next one! First comes rock! Rock Paper Paper! Bisky, how do I make my Nen fly? Train more! So paper is an Emitter technique? Uh-huh.
And Scissors is a Transmuter technique.
I wanna be able to cut through rock.
I understand.
That's a reasonable fighting technique.
But such a childish idea.
You know how it takes time to focus Nen in my fist? I was trying to think of a good way to spend that time.
And when you were talking about rock-paper-scissors, it hit me.
Because I like rock-paper-scissors.
Trusting your instincts is important.
Your gut plays a big role in techniques that require multiple Nen categories.
The key is that it should feel right to you.
Ah Ahem.
Well, this is all I can manage right now, but if I charge it up, it's pretty strong.
That's awesome, Killua! You're like an electric eel! That's a horrible comparison! He can already change Nen into electricity at such a young age? Frightening And very tragic His childhood must have been a living hell.
It's a miracle that he can smile now.
Indeed They make a great team.
Well, let's take a break, then.
It's a little early, but we can have a party.
A party? What do you boys do back home to celebrate? Celebrate? In the outside world, it's almost New Year's.
Time flows at the same speed inside the game as outside.
Oops! The deadline to apply for the Hunter Exam is coming up! And our training was just starting to get fun I believe you're required to apply before the end of the year.
We need to hurry.
How do we get outside? I'm guessing there are spell cards to leave the game? In that case, let's head to Masadora.
Agreed! Well, let's find a place to have a drink.
We can't There's no time.
We can ask around the stores.
How to leave the island? That'll be 3,000 Jenny.
If you go about fifty kilometers west, you'll reach the island's only port.
You must defeat or bribe the chief of that port to receive a ticket that will transport you outside.
How big of a bribe are we talking? Depends on how the chief's feeling.
Ah Your other option is to use a Leave spell card, but that's a rare one.
What do we do? Let's head for the port.
If it's a rare card, we could buy a bunch without finding one.
Passage Ticket Voilà.
Well, I'll go pass the test real quick, and then hurry back.
There are monsters called Kiriko that live beneath a cedar tree on the mountain behind Dolle Harbor.
If you tell them you're my friend, they'll take you to the exam area.
See ya.
Then let's get back to training.
Osu! Welcome.
Is this where I started? No, it's not The girl looks similar, though.
Well, that's not so unusual in games.
You are leaving the island, right? Please select a destination.
Do you know Dolle Harbor? Yes, I do.
Then send me there.
When you leave this island, the cards in your free slots will disappear.
Is that okay? Yeah, it's fine.
Then we shall await your return.
I'm back in the real world now? Doesn't feel that way.
Oh, it doesn't work out here.
Once I submit my application, I'll head for that cedar tree.
First, I should shower and change into fresh clothes.
Okay, train while you run! When you can form the numbers from 0 to 9 in one minute, you'll clear this stage.
That hurt! What are you doing? Aren't you Your other friend isn't here? What's that machine on your shoulder? Did something happen? We were fooled by the Bomber.
Will you listen to my story? So he was the Bomber The others are waiting at our base for the Bomber to disarm the bombs.
They believe the terms he gave them, even though it was probably a bluff.
Can't anything be done? If they're prepared to accept casualties It's impossible.
The first people to attack will be the ones who die.
Who would volunteer for that role? True Jispa was our group's strongest fighter, and he was defeated in an instant.
At that point, our loss was assured.
And allowing him to leave the game was a fatal mistake.
We indulged in a moment's victory cheer before we could verify each member's cards and assign roles.
That's when he caught us off guard.
It's embarrassing to admit, but I was so distracted, I didn't notice him using Leave until it was already too late.
You were probably focused on understanding his explanation.
We were thrust into that situation with no warning.
Given our mental state, there was no action we could have taken.
But why are you telling us this? Because, of everyone I've met on this island, you are the ones I believe I can most rely on.
If you run into any other players, please tell them about the Bomber.
Once everyone knows how his ability works, they should be able to protect themselves.
And if possible, I would like you to avenge us! If not, could you at least promise that you won't let him clear the game? Yeah.
Sorry I'll use what time I have remaining to tell as many as I can about the Bomber.
Return on.
Bunzen! Just kidding The truth is that they were the only players I could find using Magnetic Force.
Even a pig can climb a tree if you give it enough praise.
Every thousandth of a percent counts when it comes to deactivating someone's Nen.
Well, Nickes probably left to meet with the bombers.
If the mass disarmament turns out to be a mass explosion I should get started.
You're finally here.
Now give me your ring.
Jispa's dead.
That's nice.
Your ring.
Disarm everyone's bombs first! Hell, no.
I have to enter the game with your ring, and confirm that the cards really are all inside.
I'll disarm the bombs after that.
I'll give you one more chance.
Hand over the ring.
Sub, put it on.
If you put on a second ring outside the game, you'll overwrite the data.
Now, let's head back inside together.
Wait, what was your name? Migamura, Samingadura, Interaminga, Zenberarubura.
Spirits of the forest, remove the tainted Nen that resides within me.
Now, then What horrors will come of this? I borrow power from the forest spirits, to use my Conjurer ability to create a Nen beast, capable of consuming other people's Nen! It's huge! The Bomber's Countdown must be a particularly strong technique.
How'd it go? Has he disarmed the bombs yet? Book.
They're all here, all right.
We did as you requested Disarm the bombs! But of course.
I'm a man of my word.
But first, hand over three Leave cards.
Okay, we have a deal.
Sub Bara Let's do this.
I released you from your terror.
Th-That wasn't the deal Why should I keep a promise I made to a bunch of scum? Release was the signal to explode, not disarm.
Leave on! At least now, I don't have to worry about exploding.
But until Genthru reverses his ability or dies, this thing won't disappear.
I have a troublesome partner now Hey, stop moving! The Bomber thinks he killed us all.
I'll let him believe that Until I make my move! Bisky I think we should drop by their base real fast.
They already ran out of time.
Besides, he didn't even tell us exactly where it is.
And even if we did know, we don't have a spell card that could take us there.
I know.
But some of them might have survived the explosion Doubt it.
If the Bomber's strong enough to place bombs on all his targets without anyone noticing, he wouldn't have made that kind of mistake.
However If we continue to play this game, we'll probably run into the Bomber.
Given that, we may need to visit their base soon.
We need spell cards.
Let's go to Masadora and sell our monster cards to buy spell cards.
Yeah! Hey, Bisky How long do you think it'll take me to master my special technique? You're just starting to develop your Nen.
It's hard to predict when your power and speed will peak.
Oh But it shouldn't take too long before you get the form down.
Really? How long? Let's see Hopefully, you'll have it ready by the time Killua returns.
All right! I'll finish my technique and surprise him! You two are lucky! We just received a huge shipment of spell cards.
These are the spell cards they'd gathered.
We bought sixty between us, so there are lots of different types.
Prison All slotted cards on target page are immune to theft or destruction via spell card until removed.
(Only targets pages 1 - 11.
Free slot pages cannot be targeted.
) [DEF][CONT] An S-rank card There are only ten in the whole game! What do you think? Should we save it? Or use it now? I don't know what to do! Shh! You're too loud People will get suspicious! If only Killua were here I can smell Gon on you.
I'd like to see him again We'll take you to the exam site.
I need to zip on over and breeze through the exam, so I can hurry back to Gon.
But the exam won't begin for a few days.
Oh, right.
In the meantime, you can tell us about yourself and Gon.
I'll start with the story about when he came to visit my home.
You're making steady progress.
You're on track to have your special technique ready.
This is a safe place to practice.
Since we'll be able to spot anyone before they're in attack spell range.
I can sense people watching from Masadora, just like I sensed people watching us at the start point.
But we have plenty of defense spells now.
Well, just to be safe, I used a Blackout Curtain card.
Blackout Curtain Block one instance of enemy Steal or Fluoroscopy.
(Does not stack when used on target already under effect of Blackout Curtain.
) [DEF][CONT] But no point in worrying about spell cards.
Just focus on training hard.
Osu! Okay, one minute's up.
It didn't work.
I can't reach it That was just fine.
You're in far better shape than a Transmuter would be! Be patient, and start by focusing on maintaining your aura in a sphere for extended periods of time.
Osu! The longer you can maintain the sphere, the stronger your Ten.
Once you've trained long enough, you'll be able to maintain an aura sphere for two to three days! You should be able to reach that stone before the day's out.
You're right! I reached it! That was fast! This proves he's been hard at work on his Ten and Ren every day.
Then, we'll go back to practicing the basics.
Osu! Gon continues to train with Bisky, to master his special technique.
Killua has temporarily left the game to retake the Hunter Exam.
The two boys are working hard toward their goals.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Blackout Curtain.
Blackout Curtain Block one instance of enemy Steal or Fluoroscopy.
(Does not stack when used on target already under effect of Blackout Curtain.
) [DEF][CONT] With this card, other players can't see inside your binder.
You can see inside my binder whenever you want, Killua.
What?! Continue! Next time: Strategy x And x Scheme.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, Gon-kun! Hey, hey, hey, hey, Killua-kun! Hey, hey, hey, hey, show me what you've got!