Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e08 Episode Script

Strategy x And x Scheme

Once someone comes out, follow their directions.
It's been fun.
Good luck.
Yeah, thank you.
Is this Mikhail's residence? Go do some shopping at Dick Sakura, by the station.
At check out, give the cashier this card.
Please come this way, sir.
Strategy x And x Scheme There are more people this time.
I wonder if there's anyone I know.
Last year, you had your way with us.
But that won't happen again.
We've undergone some hellish training.
Our teamwork is perfect now.
Thank you for coming! This year, 1,489 applicants have made it this far, but the Phase Two examiner has asked me to trim that number to about 300.
As for the exam There are two hours before lunch.
Defeat five people before then.
Grab their tags when you defeat them, and see me when you have all five.
I'll wait on the other side of the door.
Got it? As soon as I shut the door, you may start.
Every stage of the exam should be like this You've gotta be strong to be a Hunter.
Oh, you're here! Killu— Sucks for you.
I'm the only one passing this year.
He's totally out of our league So that's what it takes to become a top Hunter This will be the last time I attempt the Hunter Exam We finally have our first applicant.
That took an hour and a half.
What happened to everyone else? They're all asleep.
It took me a while to collect all their tags.
Is there going to be a second stage? That won't be necessary.
He's demonstrated his skill.
Killua, denizen of the darkness He's returned much stronger.
Applicant 1219, Killua-kun.
You've passed the Hunter Exam! Welcome back, Killua.
How was the exam? I passed it in no time, naturally.
Yay! Sorry to interrupt your celebration, but look at these spell cards.
Wow There's even an S-rank card! How much can we sell it for? Oh, let's go ask around! No, we should use it wisely.
So what should we do? Well, I guess it's safe to hold on to it.
With all these defensive spells, we don't need to worry about it getting stolen.
Have you tried any of these? Just Blackout Curtain.
What? If you have all these cards, you should use them Start by using this one.
You can choose a player you've met before, and talk to them.
Contact Communicate with one target player (encountered within the game) via your Book.
(Connection maintained for a maximum of 3 minutes.
May only be broken by player who used this card.
) [LR][NORM] Who should we talk to? We won't know until we see who's available.
Contact on! Oh, I see a lot of names.
Hey, Gon When did you run into him? Huh? Chrollo Lucilfer Chrollo? Who's Chrollo? I haven't seen Chrollo inside the game.
Does that mean you guys passed each other without noticing? Huh? What are you talking about? That doesn't make sense.
Kurapika sealed his Nen.
Yeah, and you have to use Nen to enter the game.
Who's Kurapika?! That only leaves Let me in on this! I get it.
So that's what's going on.
Hey, Shal Stop laughing, and explain what this is about.
Sorry about that.
Chrollo Lucilfer This probably isn't the boss.
He hasn't purged the Nen from his body.
Purging Nen? It's very doable.
Seriously? Of course! If you can place Nen on others, it's not unreasonable to think Nen can be removed, as well.
Does that mean Chrollo has removed Kurapika's Nen, and entered the game? Why would he be here? I'm not sure, but we should probably let Kurapika know.
I'll leave the game real quick.
You can use a spell card to leave.
Save it.
I can be out and back in four hours.
I should have realized this sooner Yorknew City Greed Island This island is directly east of Yorknew City.
East is the direction to go.
You will find one who awaits you.
I see.
So the boss came here to find someone to purge that Nen.
The boss arrived the same way we did, but then Razor kicked him out.
That was when he realized this was Greed Island.
But since the boss can't use Nen, he can't enter the island via the usual channels.
So he must have hired someone to come to this island for him.
He had them use his name as a hidden message to us.
The one who can purge this Nen is on Greed Island.
Change in plans again Let's bring everyone else here.
Yes, we'll all start looking for this Nen exorcist.
I have a small correction.
You're Hisoka! It was my idea to use Chrollo's name.
Because I didn't know you could enter any name you like until I was already inside You should praise my initiative.
Since I helped you understand Chrollo's message.
Ah, so that's what this is about.
I'm dying to kill you right here and now, but I'll let the boss do that.
Well, if anything comes up, use Contact to get in touch.
If I learn anything new, I'll let you know.
So the boss hired Hisoka He probably didn't have much choice, but it's still weird.
And his reward is probably a duel, once the boss is cleansed.
But now, it's only a matter of time until the boss comes back! I doubt it.
I would know at once if Nen I placed on a spider had been removed.
So when you chose your power, you knew something like this might happen? Of course If you're able to place Nen on others, it only makes sense to assume that one can also remove Nen.
Well, now you know.
What you do from here is up to you.
Thanks for taking the trouble.
You have my gratitude.
Did you need anything? What am I What am I supposed to do this month? Tell me What should I do? It'll be fine.
Let me handle What could you possibly know? You have no idea what's going to happen to us now! Neon I need Neon! Restore Neon at once! Damn! Why did this happen? I wonder what's wrong Why did it stop working? See ya.
Looks like it's not the real Chrollo.
Oh Kurapika was pretty calm about it.
Like he wasn't concerned or just didn't care.
Well, it sounds like you got worried for nothing.
Now it's time to focus on yourselves.
Osu! Start with the basics We're not going to train.
It's time to start beating this game! It's said the legendary King Great White Beetle lives only on this tree! There's only one way to capture it! Hit the tree hard enough to shake it out.
First comes rock! Rock, paper Rock! Wow! It's raining bugs! Found it.
Difficulty rank A! King Great White Beetle A legendary insect that releases pheromones which attract other insects to start a massive colony.
Can only leave the colony for brief evening walks.
That's three King Great White Beetle cards! You could've gotten more if you'd thrown a real punch.
Well, I didn't want to damage the tree.
There is no such girl in this mansion.
Even if there were, it would be impossible for you to bypass all the traps and find her.
Found her.
She was in a hidden room, four floors underground.
What? Curse you! Got an A-rank Gold Dust Girl! Gold Dust Girl A girl who releases golden dust.
One bath a day will net approx.
500 G.
Very shy and quiet.
The guard was a rank F.
Next, let's head to the City of Gambling, Dorias! Wait, wasn't today supposed to be the monthly contest in Antokiba? We'll be passing through, so let's give it a go.
Our winner is the Killua and Gon team.
A Paladin's Necklace! Score! Paladin's Necklace When a player wears this, all spells targeting player will be reflected.
Can also dispel curses placed on any card touched by player.
I don't understand this description.
We can ask one of the shopkeepers.
When you wear this necklace, you can reflect all attack spells.
And if you touch cards under the Transform Change one card in your possession into any other card in your possession.
(Card will now count against the limit of new card type.
If limit has already been reached, nothing will happen, and the Transform card will be destroyed.
) [SR][NORM] Fake Change Fake into any card type from 001 to 099.
The new card can be placed in a restricted pocket.
But it will not count toward Book completion, and cannot be transformed into an item.
It also will not count toward card limit.
[SR][NORM] effects of Transform or Fake, you can restore them to their original state.
Wow If we wear this, we won't have to worry about losing any cards.
Memory Helmet Memory Helmet A player will always remember everything seen or heard while wearing this item.
Unfortunately, helmet is very large and heavy.
Witch's Love Potion.
Witch's Love Potion If player kisses a pill before feeding it to a target, target will become beholden to player.
Each pill will remain effective for one week.
Each bottle contains 500 pills.
Risky Dice.
Risky Dice A 20-sided die.
One side says Bad Luck, while the other nineteen say Good Luck.
If player rolls Good Luck, something good will happen.
But if player rolls Bad Luck, something bad will happen to cancel out everything that was good.
King Great White Beetle.
King Great White Beetle A legendary insect that releases pheromones which attract other insects to start a massive colony.
Can only leave the colony for brief evening walks.
Gold Dust Girl.
Gold Dust Girl A girl who releases golden dust.
One bath a day will net approx.
500 G.
Very shy and quiet.
Paladin's Necklace When a player wears this, all spells targeting player will be reflected.
Can also dispel curses placed on any card touched by player.
Paladin's Necklace.
A total of six different restricted slot cards! Piece of cake! Piece of cake? Not in the least.
This was only possible because you underwent that grueling training.
Another player has used Contact to reach you.
It's been a while, Gon.
Who are you? You don't remember me? Do you remember the player who took the Sword of Truth from you in Antokiba? What do you want? Up for a trade? I have #66, Witch's Diet Pill, and #17, VIP Multi-Pass.
You can talk it over with your friends.
What do you think? Another player has used Contact to reach you.
It's Tsezgerra.
You again? Interested in trading your Breath of Archangel for our Patch of Forest? It's an SS-rank card.
No way.
I've already said I won't deal with you people.
What if I throw in a Clone? I'm telling you that there's no deal here.
You already have ninety-two different cards.
All that's left are the cards monopolized by other players, yes? Actually, we have ninety-five And you probably have many items that you haven't used Gain on yet.
It's possible that Breath of Archangel is the final card you need.
If we give that to you, we'll lose.
Stop playing dumb.
I know that you're monopolizing both Breath of Archangel and Night Jade.
This game isn't over yet.
I see.
Good luck, then.
But we'll never let you have these cards.
What if I offer three cards? We'll give you Patch of Forest, Patch of Forest The entrance to an enormous forest known as the Mountain God's Garden.
Many species exist only in this forest.
All are friendly to humans.
Hidden Hollow Upon entering and exiting hollow, player will be transported to a desolate location.
However, player can return to original location without spending any money.
Hidden Hollow, Palmtop Dragon As the name implies, this dragon fits on your palm.
Willingly obeys its master.
If raised lovingly, it can learn to speak.
and Palmtop Dragon.
And you only have to give us Night Jade, not Breath of Archangel.
We'd be giving you one SS-rank card and two S-rank cards, while you'd only give up one A-rank card.
I believe this deal is too good to pass up.
Give us some time to discuss this.
Just to be clear, this is our final offer.
We won't accept any further negotiation.
It's gotta be a trap.
That offer's too good.
Tsezgerra is a careful man.
He wouldn't try to pick a fight.
But at the same time, he would never make a losing deal.
Breath of Archangel An angel who can cure any mortal injury or terminal disease with one breath.
However, angel will appear only once.
Meaning that he thinks he can obtain a Breath of Archangel.
Does that mean they've assembled all forty spell card types? It's possible.
So they're waiting for Gain to be used on a Breath of Archangel.
Night Jade A jewel blessed by the devil.
When the holder is in danger, peril will be shifted to another.
On the other hand, Night Jade is a card that we monopolized through hard work.
If one of the cards were to be destroyed, one of our jade jewels would automatically turn into a card.
Which means the A-rank Night Jade is much harder for them to get than the SS-rank Breath of Archangel.
This is a gamble.
Witch's Love Potion If player kisses a pill before feeding it to a target, target will become beholden to player.
Each pill will remain effective for one week.
Each bottle contains 500 pills.
VIP Multi-Pass Present this pass to gain entry into any location.
Contains 1000 passes.
See ya.
That was uneventful.
Kind of disappointing.
I was so nervous But now we've gathered seven types, in three days! We're making decent progress.
Okay, let's keep this up.
Are there any other events in the city for getting restricted slot cards? Hmm I think there are Prizes from the slot machines? Should've expected as much from Dorias, the City of Gambling.
You have a 0.
01% chance of winning.
That's one in ten thousand tries.
So it all comes down to luck.
Pretty risky.
I know, Gon! Use that dice! This is it If we get Good Luck, we can win! But if you get Bad Luck, something bad will happen that cancels out everything good that's happened.
There's only a one in twenty chance of getting Bad Luck.
There! Next, we try the slot machine! Awesome! One try! Rainbow Diamond A diamond that glitters like a rainbow.
If this diamond is presented when proposing, you will never be turned down.
A Rainbow Diamond! Score! That's what I thought This die is the key to winning in this city.
But if you roll Bad Luck, it could be scary.
Don't worry.
It can't kill me Oh, no! A slot machine exploded! I knew something was wrong.
That guy hit the jackpot five times in a row.
And he was acting weird He kept rolling a funny-looking die.
Yikes, his face is mush Anyway, let's make the trade.
Yeah, we want to get cards of rank S and above as quickly as possible.
As for cards rank A and below Roll.
S-Spare me This is only your third time.
You'll be fine.
I-I know someone who got Bad Luck on the first roll and died! If I roll Bad Luck, I'll be hit for every Good Luck that the other players rolled! Not my problem.
Or would you rather die right now? Come on See? It's pretty rare to get Bad Luck.
Now we use the Lottery card.
We want #75, Lucky Alexandrite.
If you obtain one, we'll set you free.
C-Come on Lottery on! Well? #76! So close! Your luck sucks.
Okay, one more time! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Time for Motarike-kun to show us what he's got! No good, huh? Hey, Gen.
Should we make the first move? I already told you that combat should be our last resort.
It's too early for that.
No, we're trying to stay one step ahead of them.
Though, once we commit, further negotiation will be impossible.
What do you have in mind? Tax Collector's Gauntlet When equipped, player has the ability to cast Levy.
But each cast will destroy a random card from player's restricted slots.
(Cannot use Levy if restricted slots are empty.
) We use Tax Collector's Gauntlet, combined with Risky Dice.
I understand.
We use this to steal eight cards from them immediately But it's definitely dangerous.
If someone rolls Bad Luck, they'll probably die.
But this job is too important to leave to them.
We can do this! We've come this far.
Let's clear the game.
Hey, Gen What are you up to? I've told you this many times.
When taking a risk, we three share the danger.
It's Tsezgerra.
Have you reached a decision? Okay, you have a deal.
I can do this One more time! I said I can do this, so I'm gonna do it! Okay, let's move on to the next city! Gon's team has begun working to beat the game.
The story is nearing its climax.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Lottery.
Lottery Change this card into a random item card.
[SR][NORM] When you use this card, it changes into a random card.
That's why it's effective to use with Risky Dice.
Continue! Next time: 15 X 15.
Hey, Killua, is this fifteen? What did you think it was? One five.
Cute, huh