Hunter x Hunter (2011) s02e09 Episode Script

15 x 15

Staff of Judgment If player names a target, while raising staff toward the sky, disaster will befall either player or target, depending on which has done more evil.
Elder's Growth Pills Each pill taken helps player grow 1 centimeter.
Each bottle contains 100 pills.
Not recommended for those under 20.
Fledgling CEO If you warm this fledgling egg in your hands 3 hours a day, it will hatch in 1 to 10 years.
The feelings you put into warming it will speed the process.
Yes! Halfway there! That makes fifty types! Genthru and his men have a plan in mind, as they prepare to trade with Team Tsezgerra.
Let's get this over with, then.
Okay, trade complete.
No, hold on.
I cannot accept this.
This is an unfair trade.
What? Don't complain once it's done! We gave you three cards! What more do you want? Wait a second That isn't what I meant.
I'm saying that it's unfair to you.
It's too skewed in our favor.
I dislike the idea of benefiting from charity.
And it will continue to bother me, even if we clear the game first.
So I have a proposition.
Right or left.
I'll give you one of these cards.
One is worthless, but the other is Breath of Archangel.
Good Luck Okay! Levy on! Crap! Return on.
To Masadora! Let's go after them! Wait! First, check your cards! I lost one of the #80 cards we were monopolizing.
As well as a #65.
Hey, what did you lose? I lost #42 and #53.
I lost #29 and #24.
They got me good! I lost two of the #85 cards we were hoarding.
All the ones they took were restricted slot cards And they took both card types that we were monopolizing.
Damn! They must have used Risky Dice.
We're not with them! They used items to change our faces! Anyway, we have to pursue them! No! Hey, is Genthru the Bomber? U-Uh, we don't know.
But he went like this with his hand and blew the head off the guy I was with.
A power clearly meant for murder.
So he's a fighter.
It would be unwise to fight them head-on.
But they took at least five different card types from us! They could have completed their collection! List on! #2! Currently, 0 players own #2, Patch of Shore.
Currently, 0 cards in play.
We're still okay.
They haven't found #2, Patch of Shore, yet.
Our immediate priority is to find #2 before they do! We still have our voucher for Breath of Archangel, so we can still beat them.
Right, let's find it first, then.
Accompany Warp all players within 20 meters of caster to city (must have been visited) or player of your choice (must have been met inside the game).
[SR][NORM] Accompany on! To Soufrabi! We did it A big success.
The Risky Dice and Levy combination paid off.
That puts us at ninety-three types.
No, we used one up to change those faces, so it's ninety-two.
The important thing is that we took the cards they were monopolizing.
And for two of the others, we're just waiting for someone to use Gain on them.
The biggest obstacle is #2.
But we know that it's in Soufrabi.
All right, we'll go after #72, #21, and #9 in that order.
Then we'll make for Soufrabi, to find #2.
For #75, we simply need to find someone with it, then take it.
I think it's time we began thinking About the three restricted slot cards we want to keep, and how we want to spend the 50 billion.
Hey, Killua Something's been bugging me.
Huh? Aren't there hundreds of players? Isn't it weird that we've been able to turn all our items into cards? What do you mean? Even B-rank restricted slot types have a thirty-card limit.
The players here before us should have already collected them.
That's true.
But you can also see it this way.
Fewer than thirty teams in this game are capable of making real progress.
Oh, I see.
Most players aren't worried about getting restricted slot cards.
They're just struggling to find a way out of the game.
It would suck if you got to Masadora, and there weren't any Leave cards.
Yeah, that's why I get it Huh? If you guys got to Masadora, but there weren't any Leave cards, what would you do? Well I'd save money until a Leave showed up.
Okay, then what if you acquired a super rare spell card while waiting? Sell it and buy more spell cards until a Leave came in.
Really?! I would save it Wouldn't it suck if all the cards you bought ended up being worthless? If you saved it, you might be able to trade for a Leave— See? Need a Leave? Want to go back to the real world? We've gotten four restricted slot cards for three Leaves.
Okay, that makes a total of fifty-four types.
Score! So the cards that wouldn't fit in our binders reverted to items.
We're running out of free pockets.
Then we should organize them now.
We three have a total of 135 free pockets.
We should each leave around 5 pockets free.
You keep the spell cards, Killua.
Bisky should also have a few defensive ones.
Wait! I have to use spell cards? No way! I don't know how they work.
The hell? Then learn how they work! Okay Book.
We've been deliberately avoiding other players, but we'll have to take risks to obtain the rarer cards.
Well, let's get what we can ourselves, then negotiate aggressively with any players we come across.
Sound good? Yeah.
Yep! See ya.
Hold on.
This is worthless.
It's a transformed Fake.
Sorry about that.
I gave you the wrong one.
Here's the real one.
Man, you can't lower your guard around any of these guys.
No kidding Still, that necklace is quite useful.
Hey, this necklace can remove curses, right? Only from spell cards.
Oh, so it won't work.
Did you have an idea? I was wondering if a curse was behind the disease that all those villagers were suffering from.
Villagers? Oh, those people The ones who took all your money.
But it won't work since they aren't cards.
It's worth a shot.
Will you trust us with your lives? You freely gave us everything you had.
We will trust you! Sick Villagers Villagers struck by a contagion passing around the island.
Healthy Villagers Healthy villagers who recovered from the contagion going around the island.
It worked! Thank you very much! This treasure has been passed down for generations.
Please accept this token of our gratitude.
Awesome! Lucky Alexandrite Owner will enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences, for better or for worse.
Lucky Alexandrite! Score! Another player has used Contact to reach you.
Yo, this is Kazsule.
I'd like to talk to you.
Could we meet in person? About what? Some people are close to clearing the game.
Huh? It's a team of three, led by someone named Genthru.
Genthru! Thanks for coming, everyone.
Much appreciated.
Team Kazsule As I mentioned via Contact, Team Asta Team Genthru is close to completing the game.
Team Hanse I just checked the ranking, Goreinu and they're currently at ninety-six types.
Team Yabibi We must figure out a way to stop them.
Can I ask something? What is it? How do you check the ranking? Well You don't know how to do that? If we answer all their questions, we'll be here till dawn! Just cut to the chase.
Now, don't be so mean We're all here to exchange information.
They could have information you don't, Asta.
That's impossible.
Those kids are amateurs who don't even know how to use the Trade Shop.
In the Trade Shop, there's a ranking that lists players and their total restricted slot cards.
If you pay a fee, you can even learn the numbers of their cards.
But getting a player's name from the ranking still won't let you use Contact or Fluoroscopy on them.
Not until you actually meet them.
Don't you feel smarter now, boys? In other words, if we know the members of a team, we can determine how many cards they have.
And Team Genthru is only missing #0, #2, #9, and #75.
#75 There's a solid theory that #0 appears in an event after the other ninety-nine are collected, so they only need three.
We propose to find one of those three types before they do and monopolize it, to prevent them from clearing the game.
There's gotta be something else.
We could deluge them with spell cards.
They already have a Paladin's Necklace.
So Levy is the only spell that will work.
Levy Take 1 card at random from every player within 20 meters of caster.
[SR][SP] And they can block Levy if certain conditions are met.
It's safe to assume that Genthru is willing to reveal that they have ninety-six types Prison All slotted cards on target page are immune to theft or destruction via spell card until removed.
(Only targets pages 1 - 11.
Free slot pages cannot be targeted.
) [DEF][CONT] because their pages are protected by Prison.
That's possible Genthru was collecting a bunch of spell cards with the others who tried to recruit us.
It's a reasonable assumption.
We could always take their cards by force.
Would you be willing to lead the attack? We don't know what kind of abilities they have.
Finding a card type to monopolize is the most practical option.
I assume no one has objections.
Then let's get to business.
We'll need everyone here to cooperate.
I'm fine with the proposed plan.
But I have a problem with these members.
Hold on, Asta.
I followed your condition Have over fifty types of cards.
These six teams met that condition.
I also said that they had to be people who could contribute.
I don't see how these kids can contribute anything.
You're the one being uncooperative.
You've got a smart mouth.
Then show me some proof that you can be useful.
We know Team Genthru's abilities.
We have one of the three cards they're missing.
Still dissatisfied? No, that's good enough.
So tell us what their abilities are.
What about you? Show us some proof you can be useful to us.
We have seventy-one types of restricted slot cards Significantly more than you.
I'll give you an A-rank card in return for the information.
You shouldn't have a problem with that.
I have a problem.
We can obtain A-rank cards ourselves.
So give us two S-rank cards or equally valuable information.
Otherwise, we won't tell you a thing.
Don't get too cocky, brat! Did you hear that, everyone? These kids won't be any help.
They want two S-rank cards from each team.
That's ten cards they'd take.
Don't be a fool.
I'm only taking cards from your team.
Huh? I'm fine with giving information to the other four.
I'll let them decide what to offer in return.
But I won't tell you anything until you meet my condition.
You are a stupid brat Throwing a tantrum because I didn't baby you, huh? Stop this, both of you We don't have time to fight amongst ourselves! I haven't agreed to team up with them yet! It's fine, Asta Give them two cards.
We need to move on.
What?! I have no problem with giving them cards! But that kid's trying to pick a fight! You're the one picking a fight! Hey, let's leave.
I don't want to team up with these people! Come, now Though I admit I'm a bit peeved.
But given the circumstances Genthru has these two abilities, Countdown and Little Flower.
So it's best to keep your distance from him.
Seriously? He got me Same here.
He touched me when we were making a deal.
Me, too Sounds like a bunch of them might be victims.
A chance! Isn't there any way to disable his technique? Yep, there is You have to touch Genthru and say, "I caught the Bomber.
" Stupid! Why did you tell them? We could've gotten more cards out of them! That would have started another fight.
The bombs can't be armed until Genthru explains how his ability works, so if you keep away from him, you should be safe.
Did you know there are two ways to cast spells? Yep, I did.
A spell card is used up the moment you say its name aloud.
But it's possible to keep reusing a spell.
Huh? For example, you know how a list of players you've met appears if you put Steal in your binder? If you remove the card without pressing the select button, the spell card isn't used up, so you can keep reusing it.
I never tried that.
You can buy all B-rank restricted slot cards at stores.
You simply need to buy from the same Trade Shop over fifty times.
If you become a frequent customer, they'll start making you offers.
Do you have two Skeleton Glasses cards? Or Emerald for Beauty and Mystery Pond? Is that enough information to satisfy you? I'll give you another card if you're not happy.
Nope, that's enough, thanks! I'm up next, then.
I'm Goreinu.
Nice to meet you.
Thanks, everyone! That was very educational.
The question now is which card we should try to monopolize.
It's probably impossible to monopolize the #75 we have.
Each team can only obtain one, and the limit is twenty, which is too high.
You obtained #75? That's impressive.
List on! #75.
Currently, 6 players own #75, Lucky Alexandrite.
Currently, 6 cards are in play.
So five other teams each have one.
Monopolizing this one will be impossible.
What about the other two? List on! #9! List on.
No good.
There are three teams with #9.
No one has #2, Patch of Shore We can make it work! Guide Post On.
I know where to find it Soufrabi.
I've been there before! I have an Accompany card here.
Okay, let's go.
Accompany on! To Soufrabi! This is Soufrabi? It's a pretty big city Soufrabi Let's head in and snoop around.
Search every room, one by one.
Some characters may not give you information until you visit multiple times, so pay attention.
Okay! Hey! I found someone with information.
Fast! The pirates rule this city There's a legend about an underwater cavern called the Sea God's Grotto located somewhere in this area.
Patch of Shore is the entrance to it.
A few years ago, having heard of the legendary cavern and its treasure, fifteen pirates arrived in this city.
Razor and the fourteen devils The city fishermen were all tortured and killed.
The pirates murdered anyone who knew about Patch of Shore.
If you get rid of the pirates, I'll tell you what I know.
When we visited a few months earlier, we couldn't find a single clue.
This must be information only available at certain times.
Maybe an event that only occurs at this time frame? Razor and the fourteen devils It's possible that the event was triggered by the number of players here.
Huh? There are fifteen pirates.
And it just so happens that there are fifteen of us.
So the event won't start until you have a party of fifteen or more? But how would a game character know that? Oh, Accompany! Yes, a group of fifteen or more must reach Soufrabi with Accompany.
That's probably the trigger for this event.
Brutal Huh? Oh, nothing.
Let's go to the pirate's base! Gon and his friends stand before some unpleasant looking pirates.
Will the fifteen allies be able to obtain Patch of Shore? G.
Tutorial Coming up, it's the Greed Island Tutorial! Today, we introduce the card Tax Collector's Gauntlet.
Tax Collector's Gauntlet When equipped, player has the ability to cast Levy.
But each cast will destroy a random card from player's restricted slots.
(Cannot use Levy if restricted slots are empty.
) If you turn this card into an item and equip it, you can steal random cards from others.
And you can keep reusing it! Clunk.
Continue! Next time: Pirates x And x Guesses.
Go! I can't say that!